Apr 16 2011

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Do you remember when this came up on the screen in the Picture House years ago? Kids nowadays don’t know what a Picture House is. They go to the Movies instead. And instead of bringing a bag of Nancy Balls or a bag of Bulls Eyes they have to have Nachos with melted cheese and a bucket of popcorn washed down with a can of Coke. The cost for one child into the pictures now is about the same price as twenty kids when we were young. And another thing, you only get to see one picture. Whatever happened to the small film and the cartoons or Billy Panama with his Yo Yo every Sunday afternoon on the Cabra Grand? All the balconies are gone too. Where does a fella bring his moth now to impress her on their first date? Do you remember when the ould fella used to sit down in the seat beside you and put his hand on your leg and you’d roar out ‘Brownie in the row’. He’d leg it out of the place and you and your pals would roar laughing in total innocence of what he was really about. You don’t see kids queueing up outside the picture house anymore on a Sunday afternoon either. We used to collect old newspapers and bottles to get our money for the pictures. Where have all the fellas and girls gone that  used to sell the blackmarket tickets all along O’Connell Street on a Sunday night?

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