Jun 23 2011

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This is another of my paintings. These two young girls could be paddling in the water in Dollymount or Portmarnock. We always had to get the train to Portmarnock and there was a big long walk to the beach. The sand dunes were gigantic compared to Dollymount. The sweet shop and the chipper were very handy to the beach in Portmarnock. We weren’t allowed to run along the beach or get into the water without any clothes on, it was kind of posher than Dollymount. And there wasn’t as much driftwood for to light a fire with either. But us kids didn’t really care one way or the other as long as we were allowed to run wild around the place. On our way home from Portmarnock the Ma’ would have two or three little ones asleep in the pram. And the Da’ would always doze off on the train back to Connolly Station. We’d all be knackered from the sea air by the time we got to the bus stop for Cabra. We were all so brown from the sun that we looked like something out of a Tarzan film as we walked up Killala Road and home to bed. Great days and greater memories.

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