Jul 03 2011

Light a Penny Candle

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This is the inside of the Church of the Most Precious Blood in Cabra West. I was baptised here and made my First Holy Communion here as did most of my brothers and sisters. Some of them were even married here and my parents were brought here on the day of their funeral. As a young child I was brought here to ten o’clock Mass and later on went to the Sodality here and also confession. The other day I attended ten o’clock Mass in this church. I sat at the very back so that I could observe the other people, mainly older retired people and the priest up on the altar. It was an interesting experience as I sat there remembering and recalling how so much of my younger life revolved around this fine edifice. I thought of all me old school pals who were often marched here from nearby Finbars school and remembered that most of them like me will turn 60 this year. How the years have flown so quickly. I sat in the pew trying to recall all the old neighbours who came here every Sunday and the men and women who would call in on their way to and from work to say a little prayer or light a candle. So many memories came flooding into my poor head that I nearly got a headache. I especially took this photograph from a low position to remind me of what it must have looked like for me as a small child coming in to mass with all the brothers and sisters so many years ago. After the mass was over I went up and lit two candle. One was for all those people who look in on this website and especially those who live so far away from Cabra. The second candle I lit was in memory of my parents and their good neighbours who are no longer with us. I do this every time I go into a church that has candles. I love going into churches regardless of which religion they are and I love going into grave yards too. So maybe the next time you’re in a church either at home or on holiday, you might light a candle or two yourself and think of all the good people you’ve come across in your life.

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