Aug 18 2011

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This is a photograph (Slightly out of focus) of myself and a few of my brothers and sisters paddling in the ‘Silverspoon’ behind the Cabra Baths in the early 1960s. It was the perfect spot for a gang of kids like us to go to because it was safe and not deep enough to cause concern to our parents. It is of course a part of the Tolka River that divided us from Finglas. This is where we got tadpoles, grasshoppers,pinkeens and the likes. I remember some of my older brothers bringing home tadpoles and pinkeens and putting into the bath. The Ma’ would have a canary when she’d see them. And of course only the boys were allowed into the baths and the girls had to do with paddling in the Silverspoon, not quite the same I know but there you are.

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