Dec 12 2011

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Well it’s that time of year again and for the occasion I painted this little snow scene as my way of saying ‘Thank You’ one and all for your input into this site. Goodness gracious how time does fly!!! It seems like only yesterday that we were shoving our little letters up our chimney for Santy. Oh and the excitement when the chimney sweep would arrive at the house. We’d all stand around watching him put an old sack up against the fireplace and then look in wonder as he went to work with his load of poles and brushes. When he’d give the word we’d all run outside to the front of the house and look up at the chimney to be the first to spot the brush sticking up in the night sky. And do you know, he’d always put a little spot of soot on the tip of each of our noses for luck. To us little kids he was magic, he came from another world of mystery and wonder and then he was gone, almost as if he had disappeared up the chimney like one of Santa’s little helpers. Oh they were magic days alright. Sure didn’t we pass the same magic on to our own children as they came along? And now they’re doing the same to their children. I really hope you all get a great big orange in your stockings this Christmas. So enjoy what you have with who you’re with and always remember those who gave us so much with so little…HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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