Jun 25 2013

Carry On Nurse…

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You never know how well off you are until you end up in hospital and see what else is in there that’s worse off than you are. Now about five years ago I went under the surgeon’s knife to have some kidney stones removed. While he was poking around in there he discovered a clump of small tumours quietly sitting there inside my bladder. Now they were barely the size of a pinhead each, so no big panic. They were zapped and removed. My recent hospital visit was the third one in five years so that’s not too bad, at least they’re keeping an eye on things for me and dealing with them.

I had no pain before or after the procedure (operation) but there were other poor souls roaring and screaming out for the nurse and she was run off her feet. She was only a Young One and looked like she was barely out of school. Well now I have to say she was well able for the lot of them and never lost the smile on her face or the kind word out of her mouth. As I looked around the ward at the other men all lying there in various states of pain and agony I thanked my lucky stars for the good health I do enjoy. There was one man from the country and he was well into his late 70’s sitting on the edge of his bed crying for his mammy. Well the nurse sat down beside him and put her arms around him and sang a little song for him. I noticed some of the other men had their heads under the bed sheet because I think they were having a little sniffle all to themselves. Aren’t the nurses great all the same. I’m home safe and well now and wont have to see the specialist for another year, thankfully. So there you are now, that’s my little hospital story…


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