Mar 13 2014

King Kong…

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Do you know what it is? If I had a Hot Cross Bun for every time I was caught by my teacher staring out this window I could open up my own cake shop. I was an awful young fella for daydreaming and going off into a world of my own.  I remember going to the Pictures to see ‘King Kong’ and he climbing up the Empire State Building with a good looking woman in his hand. I was sitting there in the classroom a few days after seeing that film and I staring up at the church tower trying to imagine King Kong climbing up it.

Can you imagine what poor old Canon Burke would say? ‘Here , get down off that you heathen and say ten Our Fathers and Three Hail Marys…’ There he’d be with the Church Clerk throwing buckets of Holy Water up at the poor monkey. And of course two ‘Oul Ones’ always have to come along when there’s something like that going on and have their say. ‘God bless you Father. Here is that thing up there tryin’ to rob the lead off a the roof or what’‘Will you’se ever go away’ says the Canon to the Oul Ones. ‘Ah  here, there’s no need for that now, sure we’re only trying to help. You’re getting very uppity with yourself all of a sudden’. Then the other one reaches into her shopping bag and pulls out a banana. ‘Here you are father, this should get him down’. Well, do you now what it is? Your man was down off the church tower in a flash when he saw the banana. He grabbed it off the Ould One and galloped off up to the Bogies to eat it. And didn’t he leave his girlfriend behind.

There I was standing beside the Canon when all of a sudden I got an awful pain in me head. I thought for a minute that one of the Oul Ones had hit me for nothing. But do you know what it was? I got a smack of a duster that the teacher had flung across the classroom at me. It clattered me right on the side of the head and instead of seeing King Kong on the church tower I saw nothing but stars for a week after. SO that’s the kind of thing that came into my head as I looked out this window the other day on a visit to Finbar’s School…


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