Apr 09 2014

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Do you remember these? Dandelions they call them now, of course we had a different name altogether years ago. Supposedly every part of this plant has medicinal qualities. Well I can tell you now of one of those qualities in the following little story:…

I remember one time myself and two brothers shared the same bed until I was about 18 years old. One of them was 2 years older than me so you can imagine it. One time when my older sister was expecting the Ma’ told her and the husband to bring their other child over to our house until she had the new baby. Now where was this other young fella to sleep only in beside me. That was grand until one night I was fast asleep dreaming about being in the jungle with Tarzan. The heat of the jungle was terrific and I was sweating buckets. The next thing I woke up and found the little fella peeing up my back. Well I can tell the screams out of me at three o’clock in the morning was like nobody’s business. The Ma’ took the little fella into bed with her and the Da’. I had to sleep beside the others at other end of the bed. Later on the Ma’ says ‘It must have been those dandelions he was playing with yesterday that made him do that’. So ever since and still to this day every time I see that young fella who is now in his 40s I still call him ‘Piss In The Bed’…(Sorry about the language ladies)…

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