Aug 23 2014

On the Buses…

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‘And there I was, driving along and minding my own business when suddenly out of the past came this bus. I had to let a roar at him “Hey mister...’ I said. ‘’re in the wrong century‘ The conductor just looked at me and threw out a ticket roll and said ‘Here you are son, catch‘. And that was the magic of it all right there and then because suddenly there I was way back years ago standing with my mouth open and staring at the ticket roll flying through the air. That’s when some oul fella ran past me and said ‘Out of the way son, I’ll be late for work’. And in next to no time he grabbed the bar on the bus platform and hopped aboard. Off they went into the distance and I so wanted to go with them but some eejit in a car behind me kept beeping and I had to come out of my daydream. Some people have no consideration at all…

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