Apr 01 2015

‘Is it raining out…’?

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In the rain (4)

Do you ever remember as a young kid growing up in Cabra West and it raining? And there we’d be out running around in it and splashing each other charging through the pools. Sure it was a great time altogether. The other thing is that we sometimes didn’t even bother to wear a coat or jacket on us and never a hat. You’d be after coming down from school and the rain dripping off your bag and straight into the back of your wellies. And sure wouldn’t your stockings and all be soaking wet with the water squelching between your toes. Then the best thing of all was when you went looking for ice-pop sticks to float in the water at the side of the road and watch them like boats going straight into the big shore. And then when you eventually arrived home would of the brothers would always ask ‘Is it raining out’? There you’d be standing in the hall and soaked to the bone and them trying to be smart. Sure that’s brothers for you…!!!


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