Jun 06 2009

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Bill Coughlan & Peter Slevin

Bill Coughlin is the founder of the Crean’s Old Folks Group that originally operated out of Crean’s Soap Factory in North King Street where Bill once worked. The area covered by the group often extended to Dominic Street, Paul Street and Church Street. Wherever Bill Coughlin felt there was a need he would organise a visit from one of his team of volunteers. The original Crean’s Old Folks Group was a voluntary organisation that introduced the concept of each member visiting at least one elderly person in the North King Street area of Dublin. Many of the elderly lived alone and were isolated from mainstream society. Bill Coughlan would organise visits and encourage each member of the visiting group to bring along a little something for the person they would visit. This could take the form of a half pound of tea, a bag of sugar or a loaf of bread. Bill always tried to furnish each person visited with either a radio or television. These were almost always secondhand pieces of equipment but nobody ever complained as they were only too delighted to have some form of communication with the outside world. Bill’s mother is related to Michael Collins of 1916 fame. Today Bill is retired from full-time employment but is still involved in visiting people who he feels are in need. Bill Coughlin originally lived on Liscannor Road.

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