Sep 07 2016

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‘The Ma’ had one of these of course and the neighbour used to always borrow it for to collect the turf in from the depot on Fassaugh, you know the one across from the Playground. These were rapid when you’d put the handle down and scoot along and then jump onto it to  save you walking anywhere, especially if you had to go up over Broombridge. Or sometimes you’d be sent down to the Cabra Road for a bottle of Calor ‘Kosan Gas’ in the big yellow metal bottle.  When I was 15 I worked in a factory in Santry that made these prams and my job was to put the tyres on the wheels. My hands used to be in bits so I gave it up because it was interfering with me playing the guitar, me poor fingers were in tatters. There used to be loads of girls in that factory sewing up the covers for the dolls prams and all. And then I remember the Oul Ones folding the pram up when they’d be getting on the bus. “Ah will you ever hurry up Misses, I haven’t got all day, I’m due back in the depot in two days time…”. And there she’d be glaring at the Conductor…”If you were any sort of a man you’d a given me a hand”. If you had a pram like this now sure you’d have to put a helmet on the child and you’d have to have proper seat belts and all…’

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