Oct 08 2016

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‘I remember one time a neighbour of ours was throwing out one of these old prams and the brother and his pals got it before the Bin-Men came along. They took the handle bars off it and made it into a trolley. I remember seeing about ten of the lads balancing on it as it trundled down Broombridge and over towards the old dump. The next thing it hit the ditch beside Beano’s house and the lads went flying up through the air and the laughing and screaming out of them was gas. Another time they used it as a Stagecoach by tying a rope at the front of it and getting some of the lads to pull it along. And there they’d be galloping along with a crowd on each side shooting arrows at them and they shooting back with their Hurley Rifles and the Indians flinging arrows at them from sticks that they got up in the Park.  ‘You’re dead, I shot you twice back there’. ‘No you didn’t because I ducked the bullets and you missed’. And the next thing is some smart lad pokes a stick in through the spokes on the wheels and overturns the Stagecoach. ‘Ah Jaysus we must a hit a rock or something’. ‘Whoo hoo, whoo hoo…‘ shouts a Commanche ‘…come on lads, get them’. Then it’s every man for himself. Sure this was better than going to the Cabra Grand and cheaper as well, this was real live-action. The Wild West had come to Cabra West…’





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