Aug 31 2017

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The Ma

‘I wish, I wish I wish in vain,

I wish I had the Ma’ back again.

To go for a stroll and hold her hand,

Like the time she brought us to the Cabra Grand.

“Hold me hand or else you’ll fall

And don’t be climbing on that wall”.

She’d spit on her apron

And wipe me face.

To make sure I wasn’t a Holy Disgrace.

But the years have all changed,

And so did me Ma’

Especially when she lost the Da’.

“Wait till I tell yeah…”,

She’d often say.

“I thought of a story,

The other day”.

And off she go

With a tale of woe,

About life in the tenemenets

Long ago.

It’s seventeen years since she passed away,

And I think about her,

Almost every day.

I’d give up anything,

To see her again.

I wish, I wish,

I wish in vain…’


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