Oct 13 2018

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‘Don’t ask me why but I never could understand why the Da’ used to always call this “The Wireless” when the only wire that came out of it went into a plug. Well, I suppose he called it that because everyone else did at the time. I was in a Cafe recently and they had one of these sitting up on a shelf and when I asked the “Young One” to turn on the Wireless she looked at me as if I was speaking in Chinese or something. She said she didn’t know how it worked. “Ah, be the jakers…” says I to her “…sure what’s the world coming to at all. Did you ever hear the likes”? Sure the one we had at home only had to be plugged in and it played all by itself because the Da’ left it turned on all the time. Will I ever forget himself and my older brothers sitting up at three o’clock in the morning listening to a boxing match all the way from America. And the Ma’ giving out because they wouldn’t get up at eight o’clock for early Mass of a Sunday morning. Sure dem were the days alright…’

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