May 27 2010

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Martin Coffey School photo abt 1957

My brother in England sent me this photo of myself taken in the Convent School on Rathoath Road in 1956. My teacher at the time was Sister Mary Oliver. My Dad would write to my brother and sister in England on a regular basis bringing them up to date with all the gossip from home, who had died and who else had taken the boat to England etc. Years ago when someone went off to England to find work we never knew if we’d ever see them again. England was further away back then than it is now. If someone went to America, Canada or Australia it was even less likely that you’d hear from them. As young children we had no concept of distance or other countries. Anywhere outside of Cabra West or past the Seventeen Shops or even  beyond Cardiffsbridge was Indian Country. You took your life in your hands if you dared to venture outside of your own neighbourhood. But that was back then…

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