Jun 06 2010

The Merville Dairy

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Merville Dairies 20010 gs

A special thanks to Andrew Craigie for this photograph of the Merville Dairy. The dairy of course belonged to the Craigie family who lived in a farm house opposite Glasnevin Cemetery. Almost every house in Cabra West and its surrounding area had their milk delivered on their doorstep by the milkman from the Merville Dairy. The milkman with his faithful horse pulling the milk-cart around the roads in the early hours of the morning was very discernable by the sounds that they made. The constant clip-clop of the horses hooves on the cemented roadway, the clinking of the milk bottles tapping off each other as the cart swayed from side to side, the whistling milkman as he opens and closes the various gates and the noise of the bottles of milk being left down outside each door. Sometimes an old mutt of a dog would let out a lazy bark from inside a halldoor. These are all a part of the early morning dawn chorus that rang out throughout Cabra West years ago. Did you ever work for the Merville Dairy?

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