Jul 14 2010

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This is my nephew Liam Coffey. It’s his Dad in the original ‘Trolly’ photograph. This is Liam’s first time on a trolly and as you can see he’s having a hard time getting to grips with the controls. But he got there eventually and became the envy of his neighbourhood pals. Having studied the older photograph of the trolly I decided to see if I still had it in me to make one now after so many years. I had young Liam help me with it so that in years to come he’ll know exactly how it should be done. To make it a bit modern for him I put a piece of carpet on it for his comfort. It was amazing as we walked through the park the amount of people who came up to us and made a comment about their experience as children with a trolly. There’s an idea now for some of the young unemployed, it could sell like hot cakes for Christmas.

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