Nov 19 2010

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Here’s a great photograph of Dublin in 1966 with dining and dancing in the Metropole. You can see the young Telegraph Boy on his bicycle and your man with the ladder. where’s the Health and Safety people now! There’s a sign on the lamp-post for the Capitol Cinema down by the side of the G.P.O. All those handbags are coming back into fashion today and so are some of the clothes. There are cream coloured buses and some of the older green buses in the background. I can even see one of the old fashioned bus-stops.  There’s a right assortment of cars and vans stuck in the traffic, somethings never change. Look at how clean and tidy everyone looks, no shiney tracksuits, no druggies, no beggars, no layabouts just decent hardworking, good living Dubliners. Ah God be with the days.

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