Jul 25 2017

‘One wheel on my wagon…’

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Cowboy West

‘Sure do you know what it is all the same, you’d never believe half of what you’d come across these days. Now, there I was rambling around the Bogey Fields in a little world of my own when I spotted this fella and his covered wagon. He said he was moving into Ventry Park from the Navan Road. He said that a tribe of Comanche’s ambushed him on his way past the oul Handball Alley. He musta taken the long way around the Bogies says I to meself. So if you see any Cowboys up around Ventry he might be one of them…’

Jul 17 2017

‘Washing up in our house…’

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T Towel


‘Years ago in Cabra West we only ever had two Tea Towels in our house and they were always wet. The one job that we all hated most of all was having to “Dry” after our dinner. But you see, the older ones were that little bit smarter than us little ones and as soon as they’d have the last gollop of dinner rammed down their gobs they’d let out a roar, “FLOOR”…”CLEARING”…”WASHING UP” and then with a smirk on their faces they’d point at me and the others and say “You’re on the drying and putting away”. Now, that meant that we had to dry up all of the plates, knives, forks, spoons, pots, pans, cups, saucers and everything else with two Tea Towels. One of the bigger ones got to clear off the table, another one had to sweep the floor and then another one had to do the washing up. And while they were all finished we were still going at it. Now with 15 of us and the Ma’ and Da’ there was loads of stuff to be dried. But before you even started sure the Tea Towels would be already wet from having the table wiped with them and maybe something spilled on the floor had to be soaked up with them too. We never had dry Tea Towels in our house. We had to dry all of the cups and saucers first and before we even had half of the plates done the Tea Towels would be soaking wet. And even after a few minutes sure the water in the sink was gone stone cold and looked like muck with lumps of food floating around on top of the water and a great big Scum Mark all around the edge of the sink. Then you’d have whoever was putting the things away shouting, “Ma’ this plate is still wet”. And then the Ma’ might say “Get one of Daddy’s shirts out of the washing pile under the stairs and use that instead”. And that’s how it went in our house all them years ago…’

Jul 08 2017

‘Yesterday Once More…’

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Kevin Kennerney​ …’It’s Yesterday Once More…’

‘Lookin’ back on how it was in years gone by
 And the good times that I had
 Makes today seem rather sad, so much has changed.

It was songs of love that I would sing to then
 And I’d memorize each word
 Those old melodies still sound so good to me
 As they melt the years away

(Altogether now…)

Every sha-la-la-la
 Every wo-o-wo-o, still shines
 Every shing-a-ling-a-ling, that they’re startin’ to sing’s so fine’…

Jul 08 2017

‘Amazing Story…’

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Kevin & Ambrose (2)

‘Now, here’s a story for you, myself and Kevin Kennerney​ dropped by Diamondville 102 to see Neil Diamond OShea himself. Kevin was telling Ambrose about this fella from Australia, a Neil Diamond Tribute Artist, who phoned Kevin’s music shop in Canada and ordered a special “Neil Diamond” guitar. Ambrose ups and says, “I bet I’ll tell you his name…”. “Go ahead” says Kevin. “…Peter Byrne”, says Ambrose. “Now, how did you know that”? says Kevin. Ambrose says “Follow me” and out to the hall we went. And right there, up on the wall is this signed poster that Peter Byrne had sent to Ambrose, all the way from down-under. But the amazing thing is, in the poster Peter is holding the very guitar he bought from Kevin’s shop.  Now, is that a great story or what…’

Jul 07 2017

‘Guitar Man, Kevin Kennerney…’

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On this very spot, more than 50 years ago, Kevin Kennerney taught me how to play my first chord on a guitar. The brother had sent me up to Cafolla’s chipper for a One and One, with a warning not to eat any of his chips or else. So on my way back from the Chipper I could see about 5 or 6 big lads sitting on Mister Murray’s wall on the corner of Lower Killala Road and Fassaugh Avenue. Then I heard a magical sound, the strumming of a guitar. Then one or two of the lads began to sing. I was star struck, I stood there watching and listening in wonderment. I told Kevin I could play the guitar and he told me to go home and bring it up to him. Well in next to no tine at all he tuned my guitar up and showed me how to hold down my first chord. So, it’s all down to this great man and his pals that I took those first baby steps and entered the magical world of music…’





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