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Have you a story you would like to share or a photograph of your family to include in our files? Feel free to Post a Comment here or email  your stories or photographs to cabrahistory@yahoo.com

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  1. Joon 07 Oct 2017 at 1:54 am

    Hello all,
    Just a little hello to all.MC congrats on new book. Willie n Bev have a good trip.
    Thinking of everyone.
    Cheerio till next time.

  2. Rita McMahonon 03 Oct 2017 at 11:42 am

    Thanks Martin,
    Can’t see to send you email, if you can to me I will send you my address please & thanks & delete this. Rita
    (Rita, I tried to send you an email but it kept coming back as undelivered. My email address is: martincoffey@yahoo.com…MC)

  3. willie Lynchon 01 Oct 2017 at 8:07 pm

    Hay martin that so funny the comment about: RUN: oh jeez YES do I ever remember. And on the old road, NAME I can’t remember, Right where we got the 39 small bus to town. An any way they had apple trees over the wall right there. Yes the wall was high,. Well we were LITTLE,……anyway the same thing. We were only,…….. Doing the trick, when someone said ;;RUN: I jumped right over the wall, and a Policeman right There Grab me, we lad what’s your name and how d ya spell it. OH for Gods sake. That way big trouble Back then. Do ya remember them Owners putting GLASS ON THE WALLS. How bloody bad where they, Jezzz we were young kids with bloody nothing. For just a few apples, I feed them to the wild DEER in the back yard every day. MOSTLY IN THE WINTER WHEN THE SMOW COMES. God bless ya martin for the page and all on it. see ya soon.
    Hay Martin I just saw the poster for Rockaways NY festival your friend s gave ya, . that’s funny right. always tell the people ta PLEASE PLEASE SAY herllo ta me. jezzz i love ta meet people from Home, thats a song i recorded way back.

  4. willie Lynchon 01 Oct 2017 at 7:53 pm

    Hay martin that so funny the comment about: RUN: oh jeez YES do I ever remember. And on the old road, NAME I can’t remember, Right where we got the 39 small bus to town. An any way they had apple trees over the wall right there. Yes the wall was high,. Well we were LITTLE,……anyway the same thing. We were only,…….. Doing the trick, when someone said ;;RUN: I jumped right over the wall, and a Policeman right There Grab me, we lad what’s your name and how d ya spell it. OH for Gods sake. That way big trouble Back then. Do ya remember them Owners putting GLASS ON THE WALLS. How bloody bad where they, Jezzz we were young kids with bloody nothing. For just a few apples, I feed them to the wild DEER in the back yard every day. MOSTLY IN THE WINTER WHEN THE SMOW COMES. God bless ya martin for the page and all on it. see ya soon.

  5. willie Lynchon 29 Sep 2017 at 5:09 pm

    Hello gang, Nothing much has happened Just RITA, and that’s great. Rita have ya ever Met Kevin Kennarney from 7 Broom bridge road he’s up by you some where. I want to take the trip. The reason I say this is Kev tells me the weather is the same up there and it is here in New Jersey. Kevin married Helen from Ballyformot, I met (Helen) for really the 1st time this summer in Florida. They have a nice place. Helen and Kevin are magic, the years in between didn’t matter, just like talking 50 years ago. Kevin is a real nice singer from the band back in the day; just like myself it’s the same old story. I would love to get up there in Canada SOME DAY. Its just family gets in the way Rita, Again the same old story (like us all). But its lovely ta have the Green Grass, Bev and I are still heading to Ireland Nov 16th for 9 days. I tell ya ALL; I can’t wait ta sit in Patty’s Kitchen (my Sister) and Chat with a cuppa. As I tell the kids, and they well know what I’VE DONE IN LIFE, DID MOST THINGS. But I still love the Kitchen table sit down and chat.

    Hello Jo and ALL. Man it is very slow here on the site. Yes I well know they are falling down around us. And some day that will be you and I. until then. My love to all.

    No GUYS Ireland this time is NOT A Yankee TOUR C I E, Just bev and I. Bev is 68 ta day on 29th.

    OH news My Katie as ya know became a nurse, after having tow kids, anyway Mom get her working in A private school with HER. So mom and Daughter Its part time for BOTH. Its a lovely school cost 60K to stay a year, they come from all over, the parents JUST put the kids on a plan at and send them to the states. Normally the kids have other family living here. Hay the parent’s thinks it’s worth it for the Childs life. I couldn’t do IT. Wouldn’t have the money $ anyway.

    Again love to all, if ya need me or Passing by NY /NJ/ CONN / Delaware, write me on my web site, willielynchband.com

    Again love to all. have ta run Pick up Grand kids , I baby sit 3 days a week now. Lily 5 & Gracie 3. yes where di dthe time go. with the blink of N eye. If ya need any thing go to My web site. its says cantact us, THATS ME. just put hello Willie.

  6. Rita McMahonon 25 Sep 2017 at 12:29 am

    Ah Martin C sure we don’t go Ireland for the Weather but I do prefer it than the Humidity over this side of the pond , at least in the Winter here we can Warm up but trying to cool down is another kettle of fish. Just been reading your latest story about your aunt Kitty I hope I can get my hands on a copy of your latest book next time one of me pals gets to the Homeland.
    Hi Rita, email me your address if you want a copy of my new book…MC)

  7. Rita McMahonon 24 Sep 2017 at 12:24 am

    Happy Fall/Autumn to You all…….Summer has come to Ontario rather Late……40c Heat Wave in effect Today !!! after the wettest Spring/Summer that the Grass was as Green as Ireland but could be worse with all that is happening down south America , good to read all your stories and hope your all keeping well and ye all get to meet each other when you ever ye can. 2yrs ago now since I met up with lots of my Cabra Cousins, was just thinking of it as it was Culture Day in Dublin yesterday and it was on that Date that I got to meet lots of cousin and all their Families in Cabra , my cousins said sure you can’t goto meet friends for that night in the city as your having a Culture Night in Cabra so true and what a great time I had for sure. I have just met up with my old school friend in the USA this week and what a great time we had, we met in Marino Tech and she use to travel in from Baldoyle to school in the 60’s , many moons ago. Happy Memories for sure. Thanks for all your great photo’s/stories Martin I share them with lots of Dublin Friends around the World.
    Slan for now
    (Hello Rita, lovely to hear from you and a great hello from wet and damp oul Dublin, sure it wouldn’t be the same without the rain…MC x)

  8. Joon 14 Sep 2017 at 5:49 pm

    Just a little hello to say hope all are well. A little bit of tranquility today is just wonderful.
    Regards to everyone.

  9. willie Lynchon 30 Aug 2017 at 1:47 pm

    Martin did ya get that story about ( bang bang ) off the Buses,…………..his grave stone etc. a friend of mind from ashtown etc (halfway house) was keeping me in touch. What a great weekend the whole family had up state NY in Lake Placid On Mirror Lake, No Boats…. No motors….. All manual sports, So so clean. No one jumping up tea make a cup of tea, Sit and chat and call the waiter etc a great 4 days. 5 to 6 hours drive No traffic, a lovely drive, the kids lily and Grace where angles,

    Yes patty I’ll be down the street from you in Raheny/ or Lusk / Malihide behind Duffy’s, I plan to be in Dublin 90% of the time. I have to hit brother Jack (87) and his wife in the HOME at the Park GATES, that’s all I know for know. Nov 16th Newark NJ to 25th Dublin Airport. The whole Family Cousins / My Kids /are taking over our house for Thanksgiving Ha. While we are gone, It’s not the first time they did this. Bev and I are the only ones not invited. Got ta love those kids, they tell ya all this up front. Love to all the gang. Stay well. The Kids PAID the Tickets,

    Willie L

  10. PattyOneill Halpin.on 29 Aug 2017 at 11:51 pm

    Hi Willie I would love to meet you when you come to Dublin.I will keep the dates in mind.When you get in touch with Martin to get together I will try to make it too.Bye for now.Patty.

  11. Joon 26 Aug 2017 at 4:58 am

    Hello again Willie,
    Glad Bev is on the mend.spoil her lots.safe travels. Chat again soon.

  12. willie Lynchon 25 Aug 2017 at 12:21 pm

    martin a great little story about you and My Pal Kevin Ken, is was so good we met up after 50 years, well 40 /50 who cares after all this time. Its my plan ta get up to canada some day soo0n, well its has ta B soon, its later then we think.

    Matin did i miss some thing are we having a Reunion. or are people coming on the cruise out of Miami Fl Jan 20th 2018. anyway let me go here. On the raod again. willie No hair Lynch. hair ta day and Gone ta morrow.

  13. willie Lynchon 25 Aug 2017 at 12:08 pm

    Well another good pal Died, he was with me in the Deep Set, for 8 years about. After I went to USA he played with Johnny McEvoy for 25 years. I heard he fall down the Stairs in Bray co Dublin, went to bed, and that was it, never woke up.

    Yes Jo we play in the Parlour, Remember the Girls Out side listening, what great times.
    The family is off to Lake Placid NY, for a family wedding, It’s a 6 hours trip by car. Or cars should I say. A Friday ta Monday. Should be Good. This is the only family wedding I don’t have to play at, should be Nice just sitting there like the regular folk.

    Well guys I’m just saying hello at 6:33am U S A time. All is good with the Lynch’s Tg. Beverly my wife had a bad two months with her LUNGS. TG bev is on the Mend. As we say god is Good.

    Yes I’m still playing way not; the House of the Rising sun was the FIRST SOLO SANG I EVER SANG. 7 minutes long. I should have known I was in IT for the LONG HAUL 50 years later.

    We have our Tickets for Nov 16 ta 25th. Bev and I just family trip this time, MOSTLY DUBLIN 90$, one day enniskillen family and Lough Rea Galway friends.
    again thinking of yiz at ^am in the morning. willie L

  14. Joon 23 Aug 2017 at 6:22 pm

    some appeared on our Road too MC. Over to Tony G to explain all that please.

    I ll be eating a cornet after me cabbage and Corned beef today too. I wish it was a 99, The only flake I can find is writing this.

  15. kevin 0 neillon 22 Aug 2017 at 10:06 pm

    Nice Jo Brianna never forgotten

  16. Joon 22 Aug 2017 at 9:32 pm

    Thanks MC, Hello Willie and Bev. Delighted for yiz. Have a good time and of course hope some of the gang on here can meet up with yiz. The Salt of the earth so yiz all are. HOpe you get to have a jam session at someone’s table and plenty of bread and butter. Crusty batch. It would be nice to hear a jam session too. Would love to get over too. Been over a couple of times this year for assorted reasons. Back and forth to other places as well. Been a busy year to date. I think I am running out of steam.
    Hope all are well everywhere.

    Hello to all on here. London and Coventry are calling.
    Cheerio all.
    Kindest Regards to everyone.

  17. Joon 21 Aug 2017 at 4:09 pm

    Hello Martin,
    Sorry to hear about the passing of your life long pal. I did read all your thoughts on the Story page. That is exactly how I recall most of the lads growing up. The brothers likewise. The house of the rising sun is engraved on our lads vocal chords too. Our Dessie is brilliant at singing that one. The local lads playing thier guitars was also brilliant. Down our end there was Gerry and Mick and Anto and Willie Lynch and other lads doing likewise. singing thier hearts out and very content out in our back yard shed at times playing away too. Likewise all the famous were on each Rd in Cabra doing the showbands the clubs and hops.
    Yesterday we had a grandchild play that tune on their guitar too as well as classical gas Wildwood flower and a real ragtime blues tune too. The music lives on in the 4th generation. They can cover the 30s 40s and all the way to now. they too help us to enjoy the good memories, all of which more than make up for the hard times. The mind is the best computer. No one can erase such good pals from our memories or such good times.
    to keep going one singer once said all you need in this life to keep going is A Backbone A wishbone and a funny bone. I think that is something that keeps me going along with the music and the good times. I do know we all had some hard times too but the good times are by far the best and can keep us all going.
    greetings to one and all everywhere. August is a tender month at our end. We will be sending birthday wishes to Heaven to our sweet Brianna and our Margaret and Chrissy and Margaret Walsh. We are planning to have an event and let off Balloons too. I will add a balloon for your pal. We will think of all our loved ones. Take care and all the very best to you and yours.

    “Thank you Jo, appreciate your thoughts. One of our neighbours used to always call me Elvis because I’d be sitting on our front gate strumming on my guitar most nights. What great times to look back on. My friend’s mother died when he was a little fella and he spent most of his time eating at our dinner table…MC”

  18. willie Lynchon 14 Aug 2017 at 5:31 am

    martin I Booked Nov 16th ta 25th I think that’s a thursday to Sat. I just got in from a gig , and a few Vodka’s etc. 12;25 am USA time. all is well just letting ya knopw Martin. ya heard about Mick Roche with Tom foley, he has a long Haul Mick,. God bless em. anyway its in the book Niv 16th ta 25th saturday Bev and will. while it’s was on my mind. goosd night.

  19. PattyOneill Halpin.on 07 Aug 2017 at 10:38 am

    Hello again as always I enjoy the chat stories and poems thanks to all bye for now Patty.

  20. Patricia Halpinon 04 Aug 2017 at 10:45 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site its ages since I wrote to you.My laptop took a rest and couldnt get the site on my phone.I hope all are keeping well.Patty.

  21. Joon 02 Aug 2017 at 1:03 am

    Hello Sweet William. Hope Bev gets better soon. Hope Lily and Grace are doing well too and your family. Thanks for the update and hello. All ok at our end.

    Hello to all in the UK and Ireland and Canada and everywhere OZ and NZ and everywhere.

    All the best to everyone

    Tony G that was a fun poem about the smalls and the pot. Oh Tony I have a bit of info from a friend for you. Martin has my husbands email we share the same email. So if you want to email us your address I can send his book to you with some helpful info that I think might be of interest to you. I would be glad to post it to you I think you will enjoy the bit of info.
    All the best to you and yours and hope your children are keeping well too and your good self. Take care
    Hello to all the girls on here and everyone. Love to hear from Ella and Shay and I have no idea how the boys in Wexford are doing at all at all. Ollie hello to you too hope you are keeping well too. Cheerio all and Martin if you have a minute you can pass on our email to Tony G. Much appreciated.
    Kindest Regards everyone

    Beware of big pots of Bacon. and smalls

  22. willie Lynchon 30 Jul 2017 at 3:29 pm

    FROM JO: I may have told you that before but I think it’s a how’l that she was boiling up all her smalls in it.

    My god Jo did that bring me back that big pot……….oh my god ta me Ma, every week should would do this,……we had no da, so mom was the Boss of 7 kids at that time. Man she could handle it also. Thanks for the memories, all is good here in New Jersey, My wife Bev is bad again with her LUNGS. What a pain that is for a woman, as for me I can just get it up and OUT– and spite it out, paper towel or what ever, But ladies its different. We had this about 10 years ago. It’s not good to see. But please god it was work out I hate to talk about this But its real Life now,

    On a happy NOTE, it was good to see KEVIN Kennarney OICTURE at the Bridge. I should be home right now myself but it did not work out.
    Hello to all the gang everywhere, I still pop in on the site now and then. Life is fast Now, ………..I don’t have ta tell yiz. But all is well with Me, still gigging,………a fun life. I was at the Scots club in Kearny NJ yesterday for a great friend Tommy McDonald 80th,……what a great group of people. NO one is swinging on the floor like 25 years AGO HA.

    Happy Sunday to all. Nothing but sunshine its a great summer, I love the ground in my Bare feet with the Heat on the Dech/Driveway etc, sometimes toooooo HOT. Again Willie L thanks my friends.

  23. Tony Gormanon 26 Jul 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Hi Jo

    I hope you and your family are well and you have thrown out that pot.

    A pot of Contention

    Inside the pot was you know what
    Some knickers on the boil
    Put into cabbage water
    For the green to hide the soil
    But the pot was only borrowed
    From a neighbour unaware
    When he found out what they used it for
    It made him curse and swear
    For on Sunday he had boiled his ham
    With cabbage on the side
    Smelly drawers had taken over
    Leaving a taste so null and void
    And now he knows the answer
    Why Sunday’s dinner was so bad
    He’ll never loan out that pot again
    After the upset tummy he had

    Take care Jo
    xx Tony

  24. Joon 19 Jul 2017 at 5:17 pm

    True story MC

    A friend we knew use to tell us about the neighbor who borrowed the biggest pot they had. Every sat night most families who could afford a shoulder of bacon always boiled up their meat on a Saturday night so as to keep the lovely salty water for boiling the cabbage on the Sunday. Well as you can well imagine not everyone had a full set of pots and having big pot was really important for a big stew or a shoulder of bacon. Well this friend of ours had a neighbor who was always borrowing the big pot each week for ages and ages. So one day he decided to ask her what are you boiling every week in me pot ? Sez she that pot is brilliant I boil all me smalls in it.
    I may have told you that before but I think its a how’l that she was boiling up all her smalls in it. Well now I think I would risk having a cuppa at your house rather than having me dinner out of that pot. I recall Joan on the site here telling us one time her mammy having a bit of bother with a stew too once upon a time. Over to you again Martin for another cup of Coffee or Coffey. Tell Ambrose Mrs O Driscoll was very fond of him too. Rose O D. OVer to you now Tony G get back here and tell us more tales everyone else love to hear any pot luck stories form you all. 10 years this little site has been going well done. Cheerio all Regards to one and all. Jo

  25. Joon 15 Jul 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Hello all. Have a nice summer everyone. Hope all are keeping well. Cheerio for now. Regards Jo.

  26. Joon 04 Jul 2017 at 2:41 pm

    Greetings to all in USA this 4th of July. Hello to Willie and Bev n fam.hello to the Fahey fam too.hope Rita n Ella had nice Canada day too. Big hello to one and all everywhere. Hello to all my family all over the world. Hello Sabrina I’ve been away a long time. Hope some of us can jog our memories for you.l I’m sure there’s some on here or who look in from batonnow too.feel free to email me. Cheerio for now. Off I go again. Birthdays n chisslers n a busy summer ahead. Regards jJo.

  27. Sabrina Dunphyon 30 Jun 2017 at 10:54 am

    Hi im wondering if anyone remembers my dad joseph (Joss) Dunphy . He was from Bannow Road. He died over 20 years ago and I don’t know much about him.

  28. Joon 26 Jun 2017 at 5:38 pm

    Welcome summer. Greetings to everyone. Hope all have a safe n healthy season. It is so nice to slow down and take time in tranquil places today.cheerio all.kinfest regards, Jo.

  29. Rita McMahonon 25 Jun 2017 at 3:45 am

    Tks Martin, Enjoy your emails and stories which I share, good one about the Bones Tony and good Idea Jo to keep the mind active.
    On Blooms Day I would have been a Senior in Ireland & UK……65 in Canada but no free travel over here, 60 I hear in the UK for those great perks but sure we can’t have everything. Canada is a good country TG and celebrating nearly 30yrs here. Time waits for no man so Enjoy every day even the bad ones, we had the wettest Spring on record so it was great for the veg/herbs that I have been growing and it’s as green as Ireland and the humidity is staying away so it might be a good summer. Slan for now.
    Ms. Rita O’Malley……

  30. Joon 23 Jun 2017 at 3:28 pm

    Hello Rita and Tony,It is smashing to hear from you all. The computer and technology is a good thing in many way. I. Think that when it’s good it’s very good n when it’s bad it’s horrid. Had a chance to let the chiselers know about the RDS horse shows of the past. They love horses n animals galore. The da would be proud to know they have those interests too. Yes tony I will check out that site . Fun poem. Yes it keeps the ahllzeimers at bay to scribble n write n to keep hobbies alive.Smashing to hear from yizz. Thanks Tony for that fun poem too.we would be all lost without them auld bones.oh and I will check out that site you mentioned. Cheerio for now
    Love and regards to you and yours. Keep in touch Tony.Rita you do the same send a post card in the post now n then.MC thanks for phone when we were in Dublin. Maybe we can catch up again next time. We are all overdue a little day out in Howth cheerio all.grseti gs to everyone who pops in here. Jo

  31. Tony Gormanon 22 Jun 2017 at 11:17 am

    Just for you Jo

    A backbone, a funny bone, a wishbone

    There are three things you need when you’re feeling low
    With these three things you will always be on the go
    A backbone to strengthen you in your ways
    A funny-bone to bring laughter to your days
    A wishbone might bring you luck in life
    And altogether they can chase away your strife
    For with backbone you’re not afraid of much
    And a funny-bone will bring to you a tingling touch
    And a wishbone when it’s broken on your side
    Rewards may flow your way just like the tide
    So in life you mustn’t ever have despair
    For your self-assured when these three bones are there

    Take care Jo xx
    Yes Martin it’s easy enough writing the books but it’s very hard to sell them unless you’re well known. Maybe when you and me have passed and gone they will put a blue plaque on the wall where we used to live saying “At Least They Tried”

  32. Joon 21 Jun 2017 at 6:23 pm

    Hello Rita,
    The hubby and others in the fam have F B. I look so I can see photos of family and cousins. The hubby and I dont bother with it except for seeing fam photos. Love the photos. I dont like anything else about it at all. I love to still write letters in the post to my family no matter how small a note it can be. Loved the post man back in the day too. We all had pen pals and also kept up with family and cousins back in the day with post man. Technology is great in many ways. Will use it for emergencies and when and if needed. I love this auld site and I still like to know you are all doing okay much like we would in a pen pal way. Feel free to email me anytime or when you want to say hello maybe over the Seasons like Paddys day and Christmas like auld times. That can be a nice way to keep in touch too. The odd hello on the Cabra site can be nice too.
    Hope all are well. One of my most favorite things or little quotes I like has been so good and such fun to keep in my mind more recently.
    As we get older and we lose loved ones and we want to see family and friends more and life changes so quickly I am always grateful for this little quote. Thanks To Reba Mc Intyre. Dont know know she likes to spell her name. But when the going gets tough I think of her quote
    We all only need three things in life to keep us going
    A backbone A wishbone and a funnybone. Over to you Tony G. Hello to one and all.
    Onwards and upwards and greetings to one and all. Miss yiz all come back here and catch up.
    Regards to all in Canada UK USA NZ and everywhere and Cabra too LOve Jo.

  33. Tony Gormanon 21 Jun 2017 at 11:22 am

    Hi Jo
    I love your poem as you put everything into it. You got to keep writing as like with me the poems keep my mind busy.
    I hope you and your family are well.
    Jo although I have written hundreds of new poems I don’t think I will be publishing any more books as it’s hard to get them off the shelves. I’m still writing for the Fountain Resource Group in Dublin that you can look in on line, all you have to do is Google the website and look me up on the Author’s page. When you tap on my name and up will come my poems. I think I have about 65 poems on there.
    You should put the odd poem on there to treat the people that like poetry.
    Take care Jo
    Keep writing your poems as I love reading them
    xx Tony G
    (Tony, I’m in the same boat as yourself regarding book sales, it’s very slow moving. I think in my case Facebook has taken over as a way of sharing stories and photos of Cabra. But you and I helped it along in the early days before FB arrived on the scene…MC)

  34. Rita McMahonon 19 Jun 2017 at 11:45 pm

    Hi Jo and all you nice folks from Cabra,
    That really is a lovely piece you sure have a way with Words.
    Wishing You all a good summer and good see there is some lovely
    Weather in Ireland so enjoy, Spring has been so wet here in
    Ontario which looks as green as Ireland but the heat is here.
    So I guess it could be a Humid Summer which I hate.
    I am no longer on FB , I enjoyed the Cabra site but with
    So much crab etc., on FB and takes up too much of my life I
    Quit, miss meeting my O’Malley clan that I have found all
    Over the World but hope to keep in touch on Email which
    I find much better now. Slan for now: Rita O’Malley

    (Hi Rita, I’ve heard that from a lot of people about Facebook and yes it can take over ones life. Great as always to hear from you and hope you are enjoying your life in Canada…MC)

  35. Joon 09 Jun 2017 at 4:42 pm

    The Answer

    I read something from a good book that got my attention
    I paused to re read it which is also fair to mention
    many thoughts had consumed me since a loved one died
    much had followed and troubled those left behind
    They Seasons rolled on the tears rolled down
    the heart was heavy but I did not frown
    Tho side swiped often and had some tough days
    Life was trying to be kind in many other ways
    I had a question about life and care givers
    and even more to ask about what gives me the shivers
    I traveled a road less traveled one fine Summer day
    I needed an answer so decided to pray
    The answer came in such a strange way
    I continued on the road less traveled
    gave thanks for all that was unraveled
    When all the noise in life gets in the way of peace
    It is okay to stop where you are even in a car seat
    Surrounded by the Rockies and their majestic peaks
    God did not have to move the mountains for me
    The answer came and gave me assurance
    We are never alone during times of endurance.

    Hello all
    Hope all are well. Have been working on some family tree things for the nieces and nephews around the world. They are seeking some info on theirs for their little ones I am glad I kept some things to help us all out.Take care all glad to see a bit of activity on here too. I cannot believe it is June already how time goes by so fast. Cheerio all
    Regards and love to one and all

  36. Joon 06 Jun 2017 at 5:59 pm

    Hello all. Mary H T Shay n Tony G and all in UK hope you are all safe and well. Thinking of you all. Love Jo .p/s Tony G how the next book coming along. ?

  37. kevin 0 neillon 29 May 2017 at 3:56 pm

    Hello to all on carnlough 140

  38. willie Lynchon 25 May 2017 at 10:26 pm

    Jo thank god for our growing up years, My God it was simple and FREE wasn’t it. Not a penny to our name. what a bloody shame the poor people in Manchester, I can’t see a way out, it’s not the same Kind a people now a day. we are all proud ta be Irish over here in the states, But we know where we are and keep it that way for our childrens / KIds etc. every one will have to do their part ALL OVER. its like a very bad weed in our Garden.

  39. Joon 24 May 2017 at 4:22 pm

    Hello all.
    To all our family and extended families and many friends in the UK. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. Especially everyone impacted by this sadness and horrible tragedy.
    You are all in our thoughts.
    Thinking of everyone especially the families of all who have lost loved ones and suffering in any way from this tragedy. My heart goes out to everyone.

  40. willie Lynchon 09 May 2017 at 1:34 pm

    Anyone on this any more. Olive I have a great Friend Mary Lally live in the Condos accorss from the Halfway house Castle knock. Ya have to meet her, she about 70 plus?. A great woman. Lovely ta talk too. Pure core Dublin who lived in the states for Years had family an all that. She comes ta the states one or twice a year. Anyway. It’s a great week here in NJ. Thursday My Katie gets her Nurses PIN, after getting married and having two Kids, she now wants ta be a nurse (like her MOM) the 2nd time college she paid TG. We only do college once for the kids. And On Saturday My Grand Daughter Maddie, makes her Communion,……so apart from work its all go this week in NJ /NY. Thinking of ya all. Enjoy the moments, don’t sweet the small stuff.

    Willie, I think the site might be out of date for some people, Facebook is probable easier to handle. But we’ll keep going none the less…MC

  41. Joon 07 May 2017 at 3:40 am

    Hello all,
    Thinking of you

    Olive I will write again soon. take care Love Jo.

  42. willie Lynchon 01 May 2017 at 5:40 pm

    well well all, I did get to see Kevin Kannerney from Broombridge road / Lives in Torono Can,…….yes we met in St Petersburg ( I think) well around there. It was great ta met his wife for Once Helen from Ballyfarmot dublin 10. jezz we had a great chat, No guitars , my god we didn’t ever take a picture, we just chatted away. I was in Florida with my wife and one daughter, to see a sick friend has stage 4 lung cancer. I hate this age nothing but sickness and hospice is all i hear and see. I just wanted ta see hello, to all and thinking about ya. I wont be traveling to Ireland this year ON TOUR. it just did not take off, I should have stayed with OCT, maybe 2018. again enjoy the moments let me know about any reunion.

  43. Joon 28 Apr 2017 at 8:54 pm

    hello sweet william and Grace and Lily and hello to all on the site. Take care all.

    Hello to all in Ireland UK OZ NZ and everywhere too. Hello to all the Tonys all the Liams and all the girls on here too. Hello Shay I think we passed each other in Dublin I have been there 3 times more recently. Shay our June can share my email with you so I can fill in the gaps over the past while maybe you can let me know how things are with you too. Hello Tony G hope you are well. Email works better for me so hope you and yours are well too. Hope you children are well. Mary H T hope you are okay too. I got to see Phyllis and family while in Dublin I will email you soon and hope you are doing okay too and all the extended HOGAN clan
    Cheerio all
    Regards Jo

  44. willie Lynchon 24 Apr 2017 at 4:24 pm

    martin I love that story. real nice. well i’m off to Florida to see a sick friend of my wife. single woman all her life, now shs lung cancer at 64,………..she stopped Dirnking and smoking 5 years ago, But the other 55 years WELL WELL. while I’m there i hope to Catch up with Kevin Kannarey from Broombridge road, he has a place there in florida and i think its not far from me in key largo so kevin tells me. I’ll be back friday for gig next weekend i’m all over three states. Love to all thinking about ya,…… enjoy the moments.

  45. Joon 23 Apr 2017 at 6:52 pm

    Hello Willie,
    Will have a look at the page soon. Not forgetting you. Nice to read your post. Hope all are well.
    Just a little hello to all on here. You are often in my thoughts.

  46. willie Lynchon 17 Apr 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Easter was magic JO the family all came here for two days, we had saturday night dinner and later night drinks on the deck, and Katie Had sunday brounch at her house 3pm then i ran to work at the jersey shore. Jo if ya do face book Look at Lily lynch on my page willie lynchband etc or just willie lynch, Lily is singing molly with me, it came out of the Blue. even surprised me, its cut short but ya will still hear it. love to all our gang. willie

  47. Joon 16 Apr 2017 at 8:51 pm

    Hello all.
    Hope all had a nice Easter.
    Thinking of you all.
    Love and kindest Regards to one and all.

  48. Joon 23 Mar 2017 at 8:14 pm

    The little bag of sugar.

    The sweetest thing in our house
    was a little bag of sugar
    weighing only 2 pounds
    the best thing to do was hug her
    she was a little early on her birth day
    the sweetest little thing everyone would say
    every time she laughed she managed to chuckle
    her shoes sometimes had a buckle
    talented and with skills could bake and make and thrill
    brown eyes brown hair could dance and spin and twirl
    The years rolled on and she lengthened her stride
    driving her little blue beetle with tons of kids inside
    they were in the back and beside her and loads more in the boot
    taking them all home as the horn she would toot
    she made all those kids clothes with wool and yarn and machine
    the smiles on their little faces was terrific to be seen
    The cakes and Christmas pudding made over a life span
    sent to every family and even to the post man
    The stacks of pancakes piled high with lemon and sugar galore
    All made by a a little one on Tuesday and gone by Ash Wednesday at four
    The beauty of her home and gardens and every other thing
    always a welcome sight for all who enter in
    every home should have such sweetness
    that goes deep in to the heart
    no matter what it weighs a little bag of sugar will always do its part.

  49. willie Lynchon 20 Mar 2017 at 10:48 pm

    Hello all,……… not done its another weekend ta go 25th, as i told ya high holy season for me starts Jan 19th to Easter. Now from been sick last year with the small stork, I dropped a lot of gigs, yes i did a lot, god is so so good to me, he gave me a warning , And i HAVE TA LISTEN, so i diddn’t take some gigs. just having a look in ta hear Yiz. love to all. get with ya next week, willie L, i didn’t have time ta read much Bit i will ta morrow, Jo Biran $ 4 should graduate College this june Please God, and Katie Nursing this year, so all is Good, Little LilyMAc, and Gracie,,are 4 and 2 now. OH Jezzzzz JO i’m in heaven every day i see them. Little danced out with me two weeks ago, It was a surprise ta me, mna she is doing great with Dancing. 7’s and 3’s, da ya remember Jamser.

  50. Tony Gormanon 20 Mar 2017 at 5:28 pm

    Great poem Jo
    I hope you and all those looking in on the site had a lovely St Patricks Day
    Take care all
    xx Tony

  51. Joon 15 Mar 2017 at 11:24 pm

    The gammy knee and goofy hip
    someone get me a chair
    The stairs is like a mountain
    I will never make it up there
    So have a great St Patrick’s day
    I can sing a song instead
    I love my sisters one and all
    but we don’t let that go to our head.
    you just can’t beat the corned beef and cabbage
    A crusty loaf of bread
    I will toast a drink to everyone
    before I go to bed.
    No matter what we go through
    and no matter what is said
    Ye can’t beat the Irish
    green and gold and well said.
    The hops the yeast and the barley
    the corn and fields so green
    my sisters are in my mind and heart
    their beauty Ireland’s greatest scene..

    Hello Shay and everyone on here great to read your post. Hello Olive thanks for email will get back to you soon. Willie hope you don’t get stuck in all that snow. We have sun galore at the moment. West coast is doing okay. Don’t forget to sing Galway Girl for Patty and Margaret and June and Maureen they love that tune too. Sharon Shannon still brilliant on the auld sqweeeeze box. cheerio for now Willie and Shay and everyone. Thanks Tony G keep at it. keep in touch too. CHeerio all love Jo

  52. SHAY JORDANon 14 Mar 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Willie Reading those words reminds me of Perry Como *Bless this House* .
    Maybe I’m on the wrong wavelength.
    I haven’t been on here for a while I use FB *I grew up in Cabra West * Site.
    Just been home for a long Weekend *Birthday Party .
    Weather wasn’t too good so never got a chance to go around Town..
    All the Best Willie

  53. willie Lynchon 08 Mar 2017 at 3:41 pm

    QUESTION FOR ALL ON HERE. as i grow up a song came to mind, Now where it came from I do not know maybe school and Kneeing at the bead side at night saying the prayers. the song is: at the end of the day, lets knell and pray, Thank you lord for work and play, I tired ta be good like I know. etc. any infor on this ons, come on Tony /jo . someone knows. YES ALL I’M STILL PALYING, LIKE JO SAYS ITS GREAT FOR THE HEART AND HEAHLT, I got a wornning last year with a small stroke, all is well TG. But i did SEE THE WRITING ON THE WALL. I did not take gigs this year, i lefted a few dates open, for that reason. as ya see i have plenty Thank Goodness for that. Bt the way to the gang in England, ya have a show going around about the dubliners. called 7 drunken night, a lad i know is doing the music and playing back ground in it. i think its outta Liverpool, check it out. agin lovre to all, enjoy the moments.

  54. Tony Gormanon 03 Mar 2017 at 11:00 am

    Next Patricks Day

    The day Jo came to Ireland she had shamrock in her hair
    The band it played a welcome tune the good old Derry Air
    And the Guinness flowed so freely and the whiskey followed too
    For to greet our Jo on Patricks Day this was the thing to do
    The O’Neill’s were dancing to the reels just like in days gone by
    Their legs were kicking gracefully showing right up to their thigh
    And onlookers gaped in awe at the beauty of their dance
    As the steps took them sideways first then into an advance
    Their shoes were tapping out the music very clear
    With the sounding of a rat-a tat-tat that everyone could hear
    And then they all in sequence kicked up their legs, to show they weren’t shy
    As their clicking heels echoed through the hall as they came dancing by
    As each sister showed the talent that was theirs throughout their years
    And they gave us a performance and in age they had no fears
    As Patricks day brought back their skills when the music filled the air
    And the happiness was brought to all and the fun was there to share

    I bet Jo if you were in Ireland for Patricks Day it would be just like my poem.
    Hope you and your family are feeling well.
    Take care Jo
    I enjoy all your prompting to get me writing
    xx Tony

  55. Joon 28 Feb 2017 at 6:34 pm

    Hello Sweet William
    Hope you and the missus and the family are all keeping well. Hope Grace and Lily are your best pals too. I bet they are growing like the grass. Hope you have a full and busy Paddy’s week. As always the 17th of every month is ours. My B day is the 17 tho not March. Music and writing are the best can’t have one without the other. Always a song in our hearts and a poem in our heads. Ye can’t beat that. Keeps the auld brain going too. Over to you lads now for more songs and more words in 2017 or on the 17th and on every 17th. Yiz might even win the LOTTO with those lucky numbers too. I always win with 17.Over to you again Tony G I bet on a good poem for the 17th.
    Hello to all on here and hello to all not on here. All are in my thoughts.
    So Happy Paddy’s day to everyone everywhere.
    Cheerio all.
    kindest Regards.

  56. Joon 28 Feb 2017 at 12:13 am

    Hello to my and our Poetry Pal. Sounds like a reunion is coming up too. Sounds good would love to get over for it too. Thanks for the Fun poem. That is true we all need to have things in place just in case. So far did not have to use the Stick or the walker. Take care catch up again soon.

    Love to all

  57. Tony Gormanon 23 Feb 2017 at 10:46 am

    Denise, Denise, we all remember that song or was it The Knees, The Knees?

    Precautions are in place with the stick and walker there
    Stacked neatly in the car boot in case you need some care
    For after a few gargles when you’re staggering in and out
    You’ll be steady with your walker when waddling about
    And you’ll need your stick for dancing tapping out an Irish reel
    For Riverdance encourages tapping out the beat you feel
    And as we all grow older, these are things we all must use
    As with age these things help the parts that in life we all abuse
    So don’t forget to take them no matter where you are
    They’ll always get you where you want be it near or be it far

    Don’t worry Jo we all have to have these in place in case we need them
    Xx Tony G

  58. willie Lynchon 20 Feb 2017 at 8:28 pm

    Hello Gang, anyone else writing on here. I know life can take ya away, with work /family etc. But it’s so so good to read a note from some one JUST LIKE YOURSELF. As we say in this house, you can tell the kids all ya want, BUT REALLY THEY HAVE TA LIVE IT. They’ll never know about walking to school with cardboard in your shoes, and hoping it wont rain. And the Good cardboard WAS CORDIGETAED (sorry about the spelling) or remember digging in the end of the POT for the last spuds at the bottom. Didn’t do us any harm. I would not change a thing; maybe i would a listened more at school and went to the Tach school till 16.
    Anyway Jo, for get about the Stick,…. Gammy Knee an all keep it going patsy. Get out for a night; ya need a Willie Fix as The gang all say. Singing and dancing.
    Martin what’s this about the Addison lodge, sold I never ever know, didn.t hear a word.
    Listen gang, you all in Canada/US A/ OZ land/ England etc. get on this winter cruise I do every year. Its out of Miami Jan 20th for 7 days, Jezz guy’s y’d love it. It’s like being back in Ireland 60″70’s, with Irish music singing and dancing. At night we’d be Jivin/jiggin/reelin / swinging/ R’N R inn. The people are from everywhere but we all grow up the same way In Irish Families. I’m trying to get my sister Patty ta go she has a big B-Day 2018. Listen love to all, don’t sweet the small stuff. willie L stay well. write a NOTE on here, nothing fancy just how are,…….. ya and all your gang.

  59. Joon 20 Feb 2017 at 7:07 am

    Hello again all,
    Ah now MC I think I will manage for now without the walker. But it is in the back seat of the car in case it is needed. A bit of history gone with the sale of the Addison lodge. Our Margaret and George and many others from Cabra often went in there for events and enjoyed it heading to the Botanic Gardens or for family events too. Take care maybe we will get over again sometime soon. take care and all the best to everyone on here too. Cheerio for now
    Regards Jo.

  60. Joon 18 Feb 2017 at 7:06 am

    Hello Willie and Bev and family,
    Glad you are all doing okay. Nice to hear how the cruise went too. Hello to all on here.
    Hello to all the Mary’s all the Liams all the Tony’s and all the girls and boys everywhere. Looks like Paddy’s day is fast approaching too. So hello to everyone everywhere. Hello Rita Ella Olive and so many more Mary H T too so nice to see Phyllis and family at Patty’s b day. Special hello to all in Ireland OZ Canada UK NZ and of course as always Cabra West and USA too. Some days I recall lots other days no idea what I went up and down the stairs for but I manage to solve the up and down the stairs cause I have a gammy knee and don’t need to go up and down to much anymore. Over to you Tony G. I have the wallker in the car and the stick close by. Of course I don’t need either yet but someone thought I might like to have them just in case. Off I go now so Happy St Patrick’s day to one and all.
    Regards Jo.

    Hi Jo, great to hear from you. My sister has one of those Walkers with a little seat attached. It’s handy for me when I take her shopping because I let her off and sit on the seat reading my paper…MC

  61. willie lynchon 16 Feb 2017 at 6:39 am

    Hello gang, looking back we have lost a few mambers. but just like myself ya get carried away with work/family etc. the winter cruise was great, jo and the rest of ya, ya really should be on it, its like old irish just like here, its just singing and dancing, and a sing song at the end of the night. i want ta get out patty to come she loves all the old stuff, its priceless for ua here, Noel V Ginity is not traveling any more, god noel has to B 80 by now. But his stuff ( Jokes) is magic and funny, also very clean. ya wouldn’t have to worry about em on stage. Bev my wife was with me, so i was very good, TG for her i didn’t wake up with a snore head. anyway just saying hello to all, Martin nice few new pix in the front. my god 10 years already. love to all. willie L

    Hi Willie, great to hear from you and to know that everything is going well for you, look forward to seeing you later in the year. the Addison Lodge is sold so I’ll have to look for a new venue for our Reunions…MC

  62. Joon 06 Feb 2017 at 10:01 pm

    Hello to the Galway girls. Love Jo
    wish I was there too with you all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  63. Pattyon 04 Feb 2017 at 9:15 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site.It has been a good while since I was on here and Im glad to be back.I always enjoy the chat poems and stories.Good health to all bye for now.

  64. Joon 02 Feb 2017 at 2:26 pm

    Hello all.
    Ah now I recall a few things. Family extended families friends and neighbors and long lost cousins. Two birthday Parties and a great night had by all. I did forget to take some phone numbers with me to remind others to catch up. Such a short time and such a nice time. Glad we were also able to visit family who were not well in hospital too. Sorry they had to miss the Birthday parties. Will be back again soon. Not sure when but will be planning to get back again as soon as we can.
    Take care all.
    Regards to everyone here on here.

    Willie safe travels Hello to Liam Fahey too.Special hello to everyone on here
    I swear as we get older time picks up speed. Feel like I am cramming in everything. Take care all. Wishing everyone peace and safety and hope the best of health too. We sure do need it.

  65. Joon 30 Jan 2017 at 3:29 am

    Hello all,

    There goes January been to Dublin and back.
    Having some senior moments
    Time whizzing by have to back track
    No time to get everything done
    the visit was short the parties were fun.
    Made lots of memories cannot recall some
    The Alzheimer’s setting in
    Will work on things one by one.
    Greetings to all kind regards Jo.

  66. liamon 26 Jan 2017 at 7:05 pm

    hi willie

    enjoy your trip remember me liam fahey 113 cabra road the sweet shop now living in ridgewood new jersey


  67. willie Lynchon 25 Jan 2017 at 8:51 pm

    where is every body, Just like myself running around after their tail. but that’s like in the rest of the world it don’t matter what country, Long long ago it was ONLY america, but its every where now, Its the almighty Euro /dollar etc. even retired peoplei see the same thing. Tomorrow never knows Kind a thing RIGHT. Anyway I’m off to miami Friday monring & sailing Saturday 7 days, we hyave 600 people with us from all over. Back on the 4th feb. Love to all, Bev My wife is taking her lab Top. so i’ll ckeck innn now and then. stay well. willie

  68. willie Lynchon 06 Jan 2017 at 3:11 pm

    All the best to everyone for 2017. It was a great Christmas and new year, I took 17 days off in between gigs,……..Can’t get over people Dropping out here,…. in USA and home Dublin. why why for suck nice people have ta go. Then again we have christenings TG. all is good i’ll be on my working cruise this month Jan 28th out of miami for 7 days. I have bev this year with me TG. Its great to have a real pal as many of us well know. willie Lynch , thanks again Martin for this.

  69. Joon 05 Jan 2017 at 8:18 pm

    Hello all.
    Just a little hello to one and all. Wishing everyone all the very best for 2017.

    Peace Healing Hope and safety too.

    Kindest Regards to everyone


  70. Joon 26 Dec 2016 at 2:57 pm

    Hello all,
    Wishing one and all a Happy New Year too. Hello Ella Nice to to read your post. We have tons of snow and as always it is pretty as a picture and post card perfect. We did manage to get to our daughters for Dinner thank goodness the hard working people who clear the roads are so good.The highway was clear and we took it easy and slow and got there safely. I will be passing our old Roads in the New Year so just wanted to wish one and all every good wish this coming New year. Hope you are all safe and well.
    Take care everyone.
    Regards and love to one and all.

  71. ella bryaon 25 Dec 2016 at 12:00 am

    Hi to all on the site. Hope everyone is enjoying good health. I would like to wish all a Merry Christmas and All the best of Health for the coming year. I have not been on here for a while and hope that improves in the coming year. Ella

  72. Rita McMahonon 09 Dec 2016 at 1:51 am

    Greetings: Really Beautiful Tony G. it sure has been a hard year with loosing so many beautiful people in my life some I never met only on line especially Cousin Nora O’Malley who hailed from Cabra (Birmingham) my Uncle Gerry/May daughter who passed away suddenly way too young, we can never prepare for loosing someone we love like my childhood school pal Bridie who knew her time was short and I was so pleased to meet her on my visit to Ireland, we laughed & cried alot and she will always be with me in Spirit but she send a beautiful grandchild to her hubby and family and as they say Life is for Living and I am so happy for him and the rest of the family.
    Jo I was just talking about the Christmas Star tonight in my hubby’s hallway as a child, I got one years ago from Norway….wich I still had it ….what great Memories you put into your poem. Wishing all you Cabrians a Wonderful Christmas and Healthy 2017 from a Marinoitte……..Rita O’Malley xoxo

  73. Tony Gormanon 08 Dec 2016 at 10:35 pm

    Hi Jo
    You are still writing great poems, I am your no;1 fan keep them coming!!!!!!!!!! I love them.

    As we are getting closer to Christmas there are a lot of people missing someone in their lives and that void that’s left is more cutting at this time of the year.
    I would like to share my poem for all those people who lost a loved one and is grieving the loss.
    A Course in Bereavement by/Tony Gorman

    When sickness takes the one’s you love and you are in despair
    And grief becomes a part of you and tears are all you share
    Bring memories back into your mind of happier days gone by
    And share these memories with those who lend their shoulder when you cry

    For loved ones who have passed over are never far away
    You’ll find they’ll watch over you on any given day
    In time you’ll find they give you signs to tell you that they’re near
    Their slightest touch when you are sad will dry away a tear

    A softened blow upon your face like a breath before a kiss
    Or a white feather blowing in the wind will show that they’re in bliss
    For death is sometimes a release away from all our pain
    And heaven is a bonus for the pressure’s we sustain

    And as your loved ones are now free from all the pain they had
    The last thing that they want to see is they left you feeling sad
    So remember them for the happy days when you close your eyes at night
    And in your dreams they’ll come to you and ensure you they’re alright

    So celebrate those years gone by and embrace those happy days
    And the rawness of the void they left will ease in many ways
    And in time you’ll speak their name openly without choking up inside
    And you’ll try to help to ease the pain of others who’s loved ones died

    And strength of mind will be your forte when you see somebody sad
    And you’ll relate to how you coped when you were feeling bad
    And your love one in the spirit world will be so proud of you
    For bringing kindness and compassion in all the things you do

    May I wish everyone a Happy and Peaceful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

    xx Tony G

  74. Joon 02 Dec 2016 at 8:12 am

    Hello all,
    Wishing everyone a Very Happy Christmas. Time sure does fly. Thinking of you all,
    Regards and good wishes to everyone.

    The Mammy always had a star on our front door
    a candle in the window and a turkey hanging on the back door
    The pudding in a pot and her feet firmly on the floor
    everyone got a turn to stir and watched it boil galore
    The coal kept burning to keep us all cozy
    we sat so close to the flames our cheeks got red and rosy
    some went to midnight mass
    others got tipsy and the chapel they passed
    Some could be heard singing auld comeallyez
    some doing rock and roll that was a blast
    sometimes it is nice to remember
    those little nice things from the past.

  75. willie Lynchon 24 Nov 2016 at 4:01 pm

    woke up again ta Day, Happy ThyanksGiving to all, on boths sides of the world. a wonderful Life and best to all around the world. love ya all. From Lynch family whitehouse station NJ U S A.

  76. Joon 22 Nov 2016 at 3:53 pm

    Hello MC
    might catch up with you some day again soon too. I popped in to see Carmel O’Neill while driving up Carnlough Rd recently on my way to our Margaret’s. If you see Carmel tell her hello for me and I will pop in again in January. Tell her to tell Angela King and Margaret Walsh June and I might pop in to see them too. Cheerio for now and Regards to you and yours too. Keep the photos and stories coming MC
    p/s Love the wedding selections too very nice and those wedding and gruchies for the pennies were a howl. I noticed something recently which said where were you when Pres Kennedy died well. I was earning a living knocking on doors in Cabra West at the time it came on the news. Everyone was so upset that night I never made my wages that week. I had stopped on Bannow Road and the lady of the house was so upset she said cant pay you tonight love I’m too upset no one payed me that night and everyone was crying at their doors. So I had to call back to everyone later or on the Sat. I got my few bob in the end.

  77. Joon 22 Nov 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Hello all,
    Happy thanksgiving to all in the USA. Hello to all in Dublin hope all are keeping well. Hello our poetry Pal. Nice one Tony. Yep the auld furniture my Da made from time to time would indeed be worth a fortune. It is often called distressed wood now and yes it is all the fashion. We had what we called a tele table but originally it was a small press which started off as orange boxes too he put chicken wire inside as a shelf for veggies the plan was it was meant to be a veggie table thingy then he put a door on it and it soon balanced the bush tele. As a veggie table it would have been great too. The veggies would stay fresh on the chicken wire till all used up. Nowadays people keep some of the veggies in the crisper box in the fridge but they die in there they last way longer on the Veggie wire kinds of storage They keep fresher till needed. Anyway Hope you and yours are all well there in the UK.

    I bet you could write lots on the current state of politics in Ireland and USA. All I can say is my focus is my house not the white house and I am still speaker of this house. Enough said eh ? over to you for a bit of a poem and good humor.
    Hello to all in the UK wondering how is Shay and Eugene and everyone over there we know how is everyone in Ireland and J R and all the boys and girls. Joan sorry I missed you when I was in Dublin on a quick visit. way too short see you in January I hope. I am sure an opportunity will present itself to catch up. Regards to you and yours too.
    here we all are at the close of another year. My favorite highlights as always is catching up with family everywhere cousins everywhere and good auld friends everywhere. Always a place in my heart for one and all. Wishing us all good health and happiness and make life sweet whenever where ever we can. Wishing one and all a very extra special 2017. Life can bring all kinds of ups and downs day in and day out and that is okay too.
    The nicest little quote I held on to this year is from a grandchild’s graduation Ceremony

    it said, What lies behind us, and what lies ahead of us, are only small matters compared to what lies within us. I love this quote and will keep it with me in the coming year.
    Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a great New Year too. Cheerio all.
    Hello to all from Cabra and Cabra West too.
    Nice to see the pics of Brian Rock too and all the new input on here too. Ye cant beat the wild west at all at all.
    Cheerio all
    Regards to you all.
    Love Jo. USA

  78. Tony Gormanon 20 Nov 2016 at 11:23 pm

    The Legend of the Hammer O’Neill

    The hammer O’Neill could play a great reel
    While his hammer tapped on to the beat
    He used his good wife for measuring out
    Marking out from her head to her feet

    His specialty was corrugated tin sheds
    And the corrugated garden fence
    But I pitied his poor measuring tape
    He used her well I can say in defence

    The old orange boxes he transformed with his skills
    Into cupboards that’s antiques today
    And he done it all with his rap-a-tap-tap
    As his hammer kept beating away

    But years have gone by and he’s remembered for this
    And the furniture we all can reveal
    For they are antiques worth a fortune today
    The Legend of the Hammer O’Neill

  79. Tony Gormanon 17 Nov 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Hi Jo
    Just read your posts and wrote this little poem just for you.
    I hope you and your family are well, glad your family are keeping you up to date with my posts on Facebook. Why don’t you join them. You can still be with Martin on this site writing all the things we want to hear about the old days and look in on Facebook.
    I now have your brother on my page making me hungry with all that lovely meat that he sells.
    Take care Jo xx

    The Legend of the Hammer O’Neill

    The hammer O’Neill could play a great reel
    While his hammer tapped on to the beat
    He us his good wife for measuring out
    Marking out from her head to her feet

    His specialty was corrugated tin sheds
    And the corrugated garden fence
    But I pitied his poor measuring tape
    He used her well I can say in defence

    The old orange boxes he transformed with his skills
    Into cupboards that’s antiques today
    And he done it all with his rap-a-tap-tap
    As his hammer kept beating away

    But years have gone by and he’s remembered for this
    And the furniture we all can reveal
    For they are antiques worth a fortune today
    Created by the Hammer O’Neill

  80. willie Lynchon 15 Nov 2016 at 7:31 pm

    Nice one JO, yes the army lads knew Music and tools, I loved the horses and Jumping,……… and still do today, ya never see it on sports, Its F N football ‘baseball ? baskets B, enough said. Tennis and show Jumping ya never see. God bless Balls Bridge what a great show that was, I think it’s the R D S now? Isn’t it great to see Brain Rock on here, what a great Picture,………. I remember as if it was yesterday. How blessed where we all still able ta write on this page, thanks to Martin, By the way martin My Brother Tom Lynch in London Edgware also has your Books, and he’s looking for his Picture UP HERE, Ha, he is in our Patty’s wedding Picture he was Best man.

    Anyway Jo I’m happy Girl, as ya know I play everywhere PA / NJ/NY/Conn. this country need a kick in the ass, when ya get out of the cities, in the sticks, they think it just happens, they don’t have teeth / Job / and on welfare / Not married with kids,……. and singing God bless America with me. I look at them and (I THINK TO MYSELF THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT AMERICA) they haven’t even seen out side of the Pa Mountains. I have great friends who work in the welfare system, and have to review the cases. When they go to their homes they HAVE TO HAVE AN ARMED GRAD OR TWO with them. Yes 4 years will it be different O/C, but the Clintons No way. They owned the TV / RADIO / Name it. But it didn’t work this TIME.

    Jo I play in this new place called the Dubliner in New Hope Pa. Two lads owned it, Mike Scully from Galway Gurt ? or Gort ?. Rob Lynch from Dunnycarney Dublin. His father was Tom Lynch started the Dubliners. But it’s a real Pub jo,…….. I don’t see that great pub style any more.

    An anyway Boys and Girls world cup is going on, and Thanksgiving is around the corner,. I took 10 days off, Just ta small the Roses around me, and how lucky we all.

    MARTIN, any more reunions 2017, I’ll be home late June; let me bring my Yanks along. I have Dublin for 3 days. If they follow me they are all Good Honest a Goodness People and families.

    Again Love to all. Willie L

  81. Nicola Rockon 14 Nov 2016 at 12:12 pm

    Received my books from Martin in the post this morning, Thank you Martin Coffey , they look like a brilliant read and Dad cannot wait to get stuck in and read them. Love all the old photos . If you ever do another book I would gladly rally the Rock family around and give you some information and pic’s to include.
    Take Care
    Nicola x

    Thank you Nicola…MC x

  82. Joon 11 Nov 2016 at 3:31 am

    Hello Willie,
    Thanks for the Hello. yes we had a saw a hammer box of nails and handful of tools. The Da built the corrugated tin shed the corrugated fence the Bench for under our window which served as a toy box and a seat. The seat part was padded with Tartan fabric. Probably left over from making Kilts. He was a piper and Drummer in the Army pipe band. He built a partition using my ma as the measuring tape to see where he should draw the line he had her bend down open the oven door to the spot she could manage to remove a dinner from the oven and marked the spot where the partition should go. Handy with the hammer and saw and auld orange boxes he could turn them into anything now they call that kind of furniture Vintage and or distressed wood. Indeed they are correct about the distressed wood our things were made because we were so distressed and had so little. Now its all the fashion. Great to hear from you.
    Now the only thing i have to say about the Election is my priority is my house not the White House. I rest my case LOL. love you ye mad hatter.

    Over to you Tony G. I will be expecting a Master piece on my Priority LOL and I loved your recent photo too somehow your photo popped up on my Tony’s F B page it was lovely to see it. Nature at its best. now off you go and get that Poem started on my house. cheerio all and greetings to all in USA and Happy Thanksgiving to one and all here. Hello to all in Ireland and UK. Hello to everyone on here fun to see a bit of life back on the site missing all the old regulars HOPE MARY H T had a great B day too. Olive hope to catch up in January and maybe Patty Lynch too. Be nice to see you as well. maybe our Patty can connect with you too. take care all Regards Jo.

  83. willie Lynchon 09 Nov 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Magic Jo, yes sure my Girl, we had nothing back then,……and we made up the songs, Remember on the school bus trips with the boys. Some one would shoot out IS YOUR HUGH-IE GREEN And WVERY ONE WOULD LAUGH, OR IS YOUR TOMMY STEELE AND ANOTHER BIG LAUGH. This could go on for miles with different names. Oh boys will be boys, just like the Donald T. I’m sure the Girls had their own Fun ??. I’m Fixing up the back yard again, after 25 years maybe more. An anyway what I’m tiring to say is, at home we were lucky to have a hammer in the house. Jazz I took a look out my Top window yesterday, I was looking at Two big Saws/ One hand Saw/ Shovels /Hammers / what ever ya may need, I said to my son in Law (from Kilican) west meath, I said,…….. James ta Think at home we hadn’t got a hammer. It looks like a machine factory out in the back yard. Well Jo that’s the story I spent a lot on this Project, its still my castle,………..I can’t make Ireland this year, I wanted the last week Nov, but it’s not for now. I will go in late June ‘ early July. I wanted ta see Patty the sister, ya know that Ross-ie from the Convent. Love to all, Thanksgiving is on its way two weeks.

  84. Joon 09 Nov 2016 at 5:51 pm

    The pond

    Leaving all I’ve been and everything I am was the last thing I heard over the pond
    The politician said Get going missus this kip is going to hell your vote will be gone
    The working man and his missus carried family and luggage and song
    A lifetime or hard work their home and everything sold the battle was long
    The waves the ocean the sky and the clouds their courage both silent and loud
    Every tender thing tucked away in a case some clothing and photos protected proud
    Shaped by every event from birth till death the hope of a silver lining in any cloud
    All God’s creatures have a place in the choir some sing low and some sing higher some sing out loud on the telephone wire some just clap their hand and pause in mind or out loud
    The song was heard in the clouds along with Nelly the Elephant a child’s song and story
    some songs and memories are filled with Glory
    the years rolled on the family survived the working man and his missus survive
    They worked together with children they sit at their table memories never hide keeping in mind it is family and some pride no vote can take away what they had to do, no politician or vote put food on their table no politician put a roof over head it was their own blood sweat and tears that kept them ahead. ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………

    The Outcome

    Yes Nelly the Elephant packed her bags and said goodbye to the Circus off she went with a Trumpety Trump Trump trump trump
    and All God’s creatures have a place in the choir some sing low and some sing higher some sing out loud on the telephone wire some just clap their hands n Pause
    yes some of the words of these songs bring to mind the the importance of having to pause.
    ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… So hello to one and all I think I will take a long pause. Over to you Tony G

  85. Joon 08 Nov 2016 at 6:41 pm

    Just got back from Dublin. We are booked to go in January but had a window of opportunity to get over last week. Got to see most of our families will see the rest when we go back in January. Passed through the Wild West too. Said a quick Hello to a neighbor. This visit was a very short one. Looking forward to getting to London and Dublin next Year to see family. Dublin first and will work out a quick Ryan Air to London as well. Meantime terrific to see our families tho we didn’t give them much notice to say we were coming this time just took advantage of a window of opportunity and it was terrific. waved to Carnlough Rd Dingle and the candy store on the corner to the chapel on the hill. The play ground and so much more. UCC = Under Cleary’s clock The GPO Easons Moore street and few other places. Of course have to sing the praises of our families. Spent some time with the Skin and blisters and was fed and watered many times by both our families all of whom have fantastic chiselers even saw 4 generations of one family. Now that was a joy to behold.Little Emily, Sara Jane, Susan, and our Margaret. Amazing to see how kind and good all all the kids are to their Mammies Ye can tell there is a good amount of Cabra West Roots in their families and so many wonderful ways and traditions too. Everyone fed us like there was a banquet on in every house. Id never lose my seat or my tummy if I was there everyday. Ye cant beat the grub the hospitality and the love from family. The humor went miles too. A huge thank you to our Patty and family our Margaret and Family and Tony’s family too. and all the kids and grandkids and extended families for all their love and kindnesses to myself and my hubby. Be counting the days or DAZE till we get back over to see everyone in January. Big thanks to the Halpin Catering Company, who served up the best of grub daily nightly and all week. Followed by the Downey Ice cream man big thanks to all the family from Coventry who flew in too and it is a long long way from Clare to here too. Thanks to all who came up on the train from Clare. Now I know we did not catch everyone on this trip but we sure will connect in January. Loved being out with miss Ellie too and thanks for the Honeymoon suite too. See you all in January we have some more family celebrations coming up then too. Cant wait. I will be counting down the days. So hello to all via this site maybe some of us will connect too that is also a possibility.
    Cheerio all and greetings from the USA to all on the site. It is fast approaching Thanksgiving here and it will also be Christmas before we know it. So ROLL ON JANUARY
    regards to one and all and a huge thanks to all my family and my hubby’s familiy for a lovely few days in Dublin.
    Love to all the families
    Regards to everyone on here too.

  86. Joon 08 Nov 2016 at 5:29 am

    Hello Willie, Nicola, and Peter Carmody and everyone here. Gosh you are all jogging the memories again. Willie hope Lily and Grace are also doing well. Hope yourself and Bev and family are all well out there in NJ. Nicola everyone had talent in Cabra all were great at the music Every family had great ways with the music playing guitars and harmonicas drums and even an auld comb with a bit of newspaper to get a tune out of it too. Martin Coffey would say even the sewing machine was a singer. Tony G over to you for a poem on the comb and the newspaper. it tickled your lips when trying to get a tune out of it. The paper then served us all well as T P too. I am sure many a good read could be done from top to tail back in the day. We called the loo the library too. Always a good chance the paper was read and well used in there too. Now enough said you have plenty to write a book on the T P.
    Willie good to see you and Nicola having a good auld chin wag. Nice to know Brian and Dickie both get a mention on here too. In our house We had the bag pipes the horn pipes mahogany gas pipes smoking the pipes too. Now Tony G off you go and write about the assorted pipes and anything else that comes to mind. I think I have jogged your memories too. That is a lovely picture of Peter and his Bride on here too. Righteo all catch you all again soon. Be in Dublin again in the near future. So cheerio again to one and all on here. Happy B day to Mary H T sorry I missed seeing the family last time I was over in the WILD WEST but I will catch up with the Hogan’s in January okay. Hello to one and all on here and wishing everyone good health and all the best.
    Regards Jo.

  87. Nicola Rockon 07 Nov 2016 at 12:38 pm

    Hi Willie
    Thanks for your comments, I will relay onto dad (Brian) when I see him. I also see a lovely pic of him and the Hustlers up on the website, how lovely to see him :)


  88. willie Lynchon 06 Nov 2016 at 1:46 am

    Nicole, you are so right about your dad, I think he was a year before me in Finbars, yes i remember the Band, and know body gave him a chance. what the Dickie Fella out front. But thats dublin and Cabra west for ya. I played myself and Knew Dingle roads Alan Thounder R I P/ John Farrell, The Brady’s in the Conner house. man we WAS SO COOL great moments. Hows is the Da now a day, did he carry on with music. OH listen I know the Family that Got Rock’s house, Kennarney’s Family,………Dave K is also a great Guitar player, and we at a Cabra west reunion at the Addison Lodge, about three years ago, y’d see em on the Pix 2013 I think ??. An anyway Love to all. WL,……… if need Go on ta willielynchband.com (Contact us ) that’s me.

  89. willie Lynchon 06 Nov 2016 at 1:30 am

    Peter had you a sister Kathleen Married Tommy Brannon ( Rose B’s ) Brother, if so Our Noel Lynch R I P was always in your House. We lived on 90 Drumcliffe Road, we could see along the back yards. I did meet after 40 years Kathleen and Tommy, while i was doing a show In the catskill Mountains NY years ago. How in Gods name are they. Ya woundn’t know me Peter,……….. i was the youngest Lynch of 8. I’m in the states new jersey since 1973. Ya Might know my Sister Patty Lynch she’s about 76 now,………. and living in Rahany Dub. God bloess lad.

  90. Nicola Rockon 27 Oct 2016 at 3:09 pm

    Hi Jo
    Thank you for your mail. So nice that you remember speaking to my Granny , you remember her well, that’s how she greeted people alright with an oul nod :)
    My dad was over last night and I was able to read out your email and tell him that I found this wonderful site. He recounted loads of memories so I am going to get him to register on this as well , he is trying to locate some school boy friends from the area, so it might help. Yes we are all proud of Richard’s success and my god was my granny the proudest of us all . My dad Brian had a good band then back in the day called ” The Boys” fabulous singer himself but of course back then hard being under Richards shadow :)

    Take care and enjoy your walking hand in hand from Cabra Grand, with a spring in your step thinking of those wonderful times pass.

  91. Joon 26 Oct 2016 at 5:47 pm

    Hello Nicola,
    I spoke to your granny a couple of times she always nodded the head too. Her way of saying good morning to you too when having a chat with others on her way to the bus or the shops. Nice to know you found the site here.
    Meantime hello to you and yours I am sure everyone on here has great memories of the songs your Uncle sang. Many often changed the words for fun Walk hand in hand from the Cabra Grand to Matt Whealan’s on the Hill. I will look forward to doing just that in the near future too.
    Regards to you and yours.
    Regards Jo.

    Hello to all on here too. What a busy busy year. Hello Shay. Thinking of you and the Jordan families. Will have to get the pen pushing going again I have been away from time to time in the sun which has been lovely too. Time to have some Witches brew its Halloween soon Im heading off on my broom next Cheeio all
    Love from the Witch out here in the Wild West. Over to you Tony G and hello MC too.

  92. Nicola Rockon 25 Oct 2016 at 4:15 pm

    I loved reading through your memories on this site, lovely and the poem at the end about growing up in Cabra west is brilliant. I am Dickie’s niece, Brian Rock’s daughter and as kids brought to Annamoe Road when my grand parents moved from Dingle Road. We were always brought up with their love for Cabra and Dingle Road and then later in their lives Annamore Road. There was Richard, Lillian , Margaret (Margie) Brian and little Joseph (R.I.P) , is it very much apart of our family history of the great times my Dad had growing up in the area and of course the great success of Richard , we are always so proud of my grand parents for being exceptionally remarkable Dublin people , so proud and decent and encouraged all of us growing up to always be who we want to be and never forget who you are. Thank you Cabra for always being in my child hood memories every Sunday , sometimes Saturday visiting my grand parents the Rock’s at 70 Annamore Road.

    Nicola x

  93. Joon 10 Oct 2016 at 9:18 pm

    Hello Rita
    Gosh time just whizzes by glad you are having success with all your family tree. Love it. Thanksgiving and all kinds of things coming at us fast. Time for the Halloween treats too and traditions. I keep ours going it will be our favorite things. Dinner and fun wise.
    Best wishes to you and yours and hope all are well up there in Canada too. Cheerio for now

    Hello as always to everyone on here.

  94. Rita McMahonon 09 Oct 2016 at 7:34 pm

    Well it’s Thankgiving Weekend here in Canada so wishing you all in this neck of the woods a good one with family & friends. Good to read all is good with with you Jo and all the other Cabra folk around the World. Weather not bad here after a very very Hot/Humid summer…..hope Ireland do well in these World Cup Qualifiers and of course the 2nd debate down south tonight should be interesting and hope the hurricane didn’t effect any of ye. Still learning and meeting Decendants of my Uncle’s from Cabra and some real talent in the O’Malley clan. Great now on http://www.irishgenealogy.ie to be able to find lots of info I didn’t know before. Well Happy Halloween and maybe I will even make a xmas pudding this year. Slan for now Rita O’

  95. Joon 08 Oct 2016 at 2:41 am

    Hello David Jenkins and Peter Lynch,
    Hello David What Road did your family on. Hello Peter do you have sisters I knew a Monica and others. Take care all, Greetings from USA.

  96. Joon 05 Oct 2016 at 5:37 pm

    Dear Shay,
    Just a little note to say hello to you and I am thinking of you.
    Regards Jo

    will chat again soon.

    Hello Tony G,
    Hope you and yours are keeping well.

    Hello Mary H t Lorainne in NY n Willie in NJ and everyone everywhere Hope you are all doing okay too, in USA UK and Canada.

    Extra Hello to all in Ireland too all the ladies and Gents so many on here to remember.

    There goes September and time just whizzing by as always.

    take care all.
    Regards to one and all

  97. David Jenkinson 29 Sep 2016 at 11:50 pm

    Hello don’t know if any one can help my mother was from Cabra west she was born in 1954 her name was Elizabeth Keenan Lilly for short I know she had brothers called Dan,willy and Gerry and a sister called Margaret thanks

  98. Peter Lynchon 24 Sep 2016 at 8:53 pm

    I used to live on swilly road, its great to see it all again. thanks

  99. Joon 22 Sep 2016 at 6:05 am

    Hello all,
    Hope all are safe and well and Hello to Willie in NJ hope you and yours are all okay there too. Good wishes to all. September is dashing away and it will be time for Halloween again. How time just whizzes on by. Hello to all my family who look in here now and then too and to all on the site. This one might actually make it most of what I put on recently is still out in cyber space but you are all still in my thoughts. I wonder how Mary H T is doing and all the Mary’s and hello to all up there in Canada too and the UK and Dublin and everywhere. Hope all the Tony’s and Everyone in Cabra and Cabra West are all keeping well too. Olive Ella and Rita and Joan and everyone so many to remember everywhere. Hello to all my Spanish ladies and it is a long way from Clare to here So hello to Des down there in Clare and all the family. To the brothers in Dublin too and the cousins in Kilkenny Kildare Kerry and everywhere. The UK too. London and Dublin are on my wish list at the moment.
    Up the Dubs up the cats and up the BEST OF THE WEST too. Cabra West.
    Cheerio all.

  100. Joon 14 Sep 2016 at 2:07 am

    another one out in cyber space ah well not to worry. Hello all. bye all this may end up on the moon

  101. Martin Coffeyon 11 Sep 2016 at 6:36 pm

    Special request, can you help?…

    New member here,
    My dads family were from Cabra,
    219 Killala Road to be exact, dad is Louis Holohan (now 82) , his brother Pat (Paddy) Holohan and their mother and Father Bridget and William (Billy) Holohan.
    House sold in the mid 80s after Gran died.
    Any information / Photo’s or memories on any of my relations would be great fully received.
    Thanks a lot,
    Martin Holohan.

  102. Joon 09 Sep 2016 at 2:10 pm

    A big hello Tony G. There is a few more out in the Cloud never found them again. Hope all is well with you and yours too. Never a dull moment at my end. A hint of Autumn as well so it is a little cooler this week in the morning. I can tell its real back to school kind of weather too I scribble now and again. Not much but I still like to stick to little notes to family when I think of them I try to send a little card in the post the old fashioned way.
    I real F B like I would the news paper always like to see the family and extended family photos I am still not interested in having my own page. I am grand with this little site from time to time. I still like to see photos of Dublin too of course and history things. My husband just got back from Dublin. A quick visit to his siblings and he did get to see our Margaret and George and Patty and her daughters and grandchildren too which was a nice. They are all so good they send him home loaded with treats and our favorite things. Even some bisto and OXO so I can tell ye we had some nice stews and soups this past week. Meantime hello to one and all and to you too Tony G. Hope all is going okay for you too. One of these days we will all have to get together. London Dublin Paris and more likely ROAM a roam around Cabra West for a day. Cheerio all. Back now to our own neck of the woods for rest and rest and more rest. Take care all. Jo.

  103. Tony Gormanon 03 Sep 2016 at 9:45 pm

    Hi Jo
    I loved your poem Black Gold !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keep writing as I love the poems you write
    xx Tony G

  104. Joon 02 Sep 2016 at 5:03 pm

    This computer drives me bonkers I just wrote something on here now it is out there in the cloud and over the rainbow. No idea where it went. Meantime helllo and cheerio and a Rd trip this time with my hubby and Molly. Be nice to have some sunshine and the lakes and Canyons. Cheerio all.
    Regards and love to everyone. thinking of you all often

  105. Joon 26 Aug 2016 at 4:45 am

    Hello Willie,
    I Hear you loud and clear. I don’t know my a from my Elbow when it comes to all the care plans. But glad to say we figure it all out in due time. Yourself and the missus sound like you are kept busy. Nice to hear you are all ok out there in NJ. Missed ya. My hubby just got back from Dublin. A family visit to his family and he got to see our Patty and Margaret too for a little bit as well. Short and sweet. Everyone here busy as bees too. Never a dull moment. Hope all are well in the Lynch families especially the chiselers. Take care all.
    Regards and love to all there. Jo.

    Hello to Martin glad to see your little updates too. Hello to G over to you for another bit of coal to warm all our hearts. or would that be Hearths. Remember them auld chimney sweeps too we sometimes called them the CHIMBLY SWEEP and putting that soot on us at Halloween too gosh it stung like hell trying to wash it off too.

    Hope all plodding along. A hint of Autumn at my end too. The corn fields and the pumpkins are huge now too. Wont be long till the chiselers will all be carving the pumpkins again as all are gone back to school the last of them go back on Monday. So yes a hint of Autumn for sure at our end too.

    Hello to all the Galway girls too and to all in Spain as well. Cheerio everyone Nice to hear from you Willie

  106. Joon 24 Aug 2016 at 7:21 pm

    Hello again all, The weather is lovely at the moment I can see corn growing tall in the fields here and the pumpkins are showing their lovely flowers too and I can see they are growing fast under all those huge leaves too. Ah I feel a hint of Autumn at my end as the kids go back to school and the fields are full of all the next Seasons crops. A lovely time of year too and a bit of close to the mad hatter fun and fast pace of the Summer. Still lots of lovely weather at my end to enjoy and time to take off for us older folks too. Road trips next. I love the canyons and the country side. Just love it loads. Can’t wait for our own little break away too. The dog might be on this one too. She is getting old too and needs a break outdoors as well. She is such a good dog too. No trouble at all. Well the ink well is dry at the moment. No rhymes to write or tales to tell. Just hope you are all well. Hello to all my family who look in here and a huge hello to all on here too.
    Take care all.
    Not sure if my other Coal hole tale got through it still says waiting for martin. Cheerio all
    Love and kindest Regards to you all.

  107. willie Lynchon 24 Aug 2016 at 6:18 pm

    Hello gang this is my 2nd time tiring to Post, I’m not sure what happened the last post. Martin says its fine now.

    An anyway nothing new here, I’m 70th now, and this retirement is hard ta take. With this health care, Beverly is down to working 10 hours a week. This Government would have you Nuts. With Heath care Plans. If it’s Plan a -B _C, and then Drug plans. You’d need drugs to understand it all. So nobody told me if this is the end or the Beginning of the end. Now the Wife and I are looking at each other three days a week. I should not complain, my sax player lost his wife a few months ago. I’ also working three gigs a week, and that’s fine at this stage RIGHT, since the stroke last year in Jan 2016, I talking care, well Trying my best, we still have to enjoy. I’m never a big drinker but I do like my happy hours now and then. Listen JO what about this hot weather late July and August man it was 100 here in New Jersey. Its done now I hope. I’m fixing up the back yard, like new Deck 20X20 new walkway and new shed 12X10 just for the Outside stuff tables and chairs and a few tools etc. it’s all money and that’s it for Life Right. I do hope all is well, If I have a few bob left over I’ll head Home to Dublin in Oct, its a maybe. But for sure Next June I have an Open Tour for 10 days late June early July 2017. I still have my Cruise in Jan 2017 out of Florida that’s 7 days. Hoping all is well with you cabra west People. At this age they are dropping down around me, I play a lot of re-pass celebrations, I don’t know if it’s a new thing or not. Listen I’m not saying any Names. Just hello to ALL. And stay well. Always Willie lynch

  108. willie Lynchon 23 Aug 2016 at 9:44 pm

    having Trouble this is a test. willie L

  109. Joon 18 Aug 2016 at 8:28 pm

    Hello to all
    Thinking of everyone and just popping in to say Hello and wish one and all a great rest of your Summer. Fun poem Tony G. God bless them miners and all the coal men who hauled so much coal on their shoulders and backs back in the day. They must have been wrecked. All that hauling lifting and bending and shoveling. In all weathers mostly rain.
    Meantime Roll on next year I am way over due a visit to London and Dublin.
    Fingers and toes crossed the hubby and I can get over next year. I didn’t make it this trip with the hubby. Anyway hello to one and all. and take care all the best to everyone.

  110. Joon 12 Aug 2016 at 6:20 pm

    Hello Martin,
    Like yourself I think every house had a singer. Day and night you could always hear a singer machines and voices all did a great job . No shortage of singers eh.
    The world sure could use some of that good stuff nowadays.
    Cheerio all kindest Regards

  111. Joon 12 Aug 2016 at 6:16 pm

    Hello Sis and hello to our poetry pal too. Hello to one and all.
    Black Gold

    I once found a treasure under the stairs
    I took care of it for years and at it I stared
    I shared what I found in the form of a Tree
    for it was full of information like gold to me

    The bag it was small and tattered and torn
    covered in coal dust and paint and all worn
    I looked inside and lo and behold
    a little treasure for me to unfold.

    I sat on the floor with it on my lap
    looked at old photos wondering who is that
    I kept it safe so I could find to whom it belonged
    and for 50 years kept it safe like a song

    It is now part of our family tree
    shared with cousins for all to see
    like in a pack of cards there is always two Jacks
    Both were soldiers and are not coming back.

    I made shoes out of the bag never told a soul
    I was so broke and barefoot my story never told
    I was now fitted out tho broke had a new soul
    forever thankful for the auld coal hole.

    I found some work to put food on a table
    could walk to my job myself and the shoes were able
    Could not afford to get the twenty two
    I sure hope your coal hole was as kind to you.

  112. Pattyon 12 Aug 2016 at 3:46 pm

    Hi to all on the site hope your all well and enjoying life.Great poems and stories and chat.Love to all Patty.

  113. Tony Gormanon 11 Aug 2016 at 10:54 am

    Jo and Patty
    I hope your families are in good health and your enjoying the summer weather.
    I thought I would pick up on your post about your coalhole so I wrote this for you.
    Our Coalhole

    Beneath the stairs a hidden place
    Where kids like us would black our face
    Shovelling coal to feed the fire
    To heat our backsides from the glowing pyre

    For to get the coal from the tightest place
    We knelt beneath the treads last space
    And scraped and sweep and scooped the fuel
    With coal dust faces we looked a fool

    We’d joke about it on bended knee
    Miming the great Al Johnson singing “My Mammy”
    A laugh be raised as the fire burned bright
    To warm us all on a winters night

    And the fire it heated the water tank
    Where in steaming water our bodies sank
    To wash off the dust with carbolic soap
    At times like this our moms would always cope

    And off to bed all spick and span
    With our skin all pink like a water tan
    Until the next time that our mom’s in need
    To call on us to deliver a good deed

    Take care

  114. Joon 07 Aug 2016 at 4:24 pm

    The Coal hole
    Tony Broughan and Mr Malone were the 2 I recall the most. Hard auld workers Tony taught all kids to work hard too. Nice chap. Hail rain or shine they were hard auld workers sometimes doing Veggies in the Summer too when the coal was not needed as much.
    Bet they are all good business people to this day.
    Good grief I recall all that coal dust getting into everything and on to everything. it puffed out the holes on the upper part of the door when ever it was slammed shut. The best invention on our coal hole door was a veggie table the Da put on to it to help the Ma when he partitioned off that part of the kitchen so she could make it the rest of the house look more like a sitting room. So tiny but so productive too. The table could be stored away on the door. Just had to pull it up and down for easy food preparations. That is when the coal was then out the back for a time. The best little find in that coal hole was a little bag that somehow ended up tucked away in a step of the stairs which held the best find in the whole wide world. The Da was good with bis of wood so he actually had nailed some wood to each step as this coal hole was actually the under the stairs part of the house too.He organized each step with nails on to hold little bags or school bags and coats and small things but he did leave something important behind one of the steps. I found it years later. still have it. Gold dust to me covered in coal dust. No it was not money it was not real gold but a family treasure just the same.
    Now dont go ripping up the houses. I have since shared this little treasure with family.
    Cheerio. all and God bless the Coal men coal miners whom I love and God bless Coal dust
    Turns out it is much better than Gold and so are coal men. Hard auld workers.
    God Bless all Glory Holes too. Cubby holes and holes in our shoes if we had any. We all walked many a hard Rd with or without holes. Added a whole new meaning for me having coal hole.
    Regards to all

  115. Joon 04 Aug 2016 at 12:42 am

    Hello Willie, Greetings from the Wild West. Hope you and the missus and the chiselers are all well. Hello to all. Good health and a great rest of your Summer.
    Kind regards to one and all.
    P/S Tony G thanks for the invite. The ink well is dry. So is the wishing well and the money tree. I will still have to stick with the Pony Express also known as the Cabra History site.

  116. willie Lynchon 29 Jul 2016 at 2:39 pm

    Martin I selt a post di ya get it. willie

    Got it, thank you…

  117. Joon 27 Jul 2016 at 8:20 pm

    Hello Martin,
    Hard luck not having the posh gate. We had the posh one Same you could tell when the lads were home cause it hit the stop guard like the hobs of hell. When they Da came home you could hear him rev up the motorbike a little extra bit to get it up the step at our gate. When the Ma came home it has a certain sound too. We used the gate hinge and the lock part to hand a small skipping rope and an auld pillow for your bum so we could swing when smaller later it was the big rope on the lamp post. Always knew when the milk man or post man was coming too. But it hurt really bad when you were trying to get away from the Ma and she could beat you to the gate she got to close it just as you were legging it. OUCH.
    Oh indeed your mammy’s gate could talk to her for sure. God bless the mammies and those gates were tied tight so the chiselers didn’t get out on the Rd when toddlers.

    Greetings to one and all. It was 113 degrees down in Vegas before I left. Nice to have spent some time there and have some rest and play and family fun and food too. 100 Degrees at my end this week too. Thank heavens for coolers and Air conditioners too. Cheerio to one and all. Hope all are well. Safe travels everyone this Summer and hope as always that you are all safe and well no matter where you are or where you go. Such hard times in the world today. Take care all
    Regards Jo.

  118. Joon 15 Jul 2016 at 3:00 pm

    Hello all,
    On the go at this end. Some travel, family events, health and home and heart, and some rest and play keeps us all going. The rests are the welcome parts as we get older. So rest is the order of the day and care. Hope everyone is having a nice Summer too. Nice to know my sisters had fun in Galway and hope all have a good rest of your Summertime too. Nice o see some input here too. Thanks for the poem’s Tony G and Great to read everyone’s little bits and pieces. Sad to see so much turmoil in the world with so many things happening that results in the loss of lives everywhere. So much civil unrest and horror and terror. I am lost for words. I wish there was no hatred and no violence. There would be so much more peace in the world. My thoughts and prayers are with all who have to bury their loved ones everywhere.
    take care all I am thinking of everyone and sometimes wish I could turn back the clock. I think if we all knew then what we know now we would never ever want to grow up.
    Kind regards to one and all.
    Love to all
    I think of everyone often.

  119. Pattyon 30 Jun 2016 at 2:59 pm

    Hi Martin Mary and all on the site.Thanks to all for chat Stories and poems a great read.Im just back from Galway I love little breaks away a good tonic next one London PG. Best Wishes and good health to all.Patty.

  120. Denis Hudsonon 28 Jun 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Hello Cabra west, my name is Denis Hudson I spent most of my youth in Cabra west (Ventry park) i am in seventies now i was wondering if there was any of the old crew still about , i live in Manchester now ,but i visit Dublin quite often, would be nice to meet old friends!!

    Regards DH.

  121. Joon 28 Jun 2016 at 3:50 pm

    Hello all,
    Thanks Tony G . Well done as always lovely to read the auld poems and writings.
    Well hello to one and all. Rita and all up in Canada too. Hello to all in the UK Ireland and USA and around the globe. Gosh lots happening everywhere. We are all kept busy. Hello to all the girls and boys on here so many and too many to mention you all by name i always leave someone out. So greetings to everyone have a great Summer and hope all are keeping well too. Take care all. Cheerio for now We are looking forward to some time away ourselves.
    Be on the Rd again going South more family fun Sun and rest and play. Good health to one and all. Thanks to you all for the hellos Via text email and the site. Thanks Tony for the F B invite I still don’t fancy it but like to see the photos of family and friends I read it like I would the news paper. I love the bits that include family and friends photos the most. The rest of it still does not appeal to me at all. Much prefer the one on one with everyone but I still love the good ol Cabra site friends I like to say hello here too. I still love the Cabra History when there is some updates. Just like the hello and the history and of course good people and fun on here too. Take care all Hello to M C and Mary and hope you are both keeping well too.
    Regards to all

  122. Rita McMahonon 19 Jun 2016 at 1:34 pm

    Well Summer has come early to Canada, think we went from Winter to it, Busy watching the Euro’s and see Cabra made the news with a great Van of Lads over there in France, do hope the Team does better in the next match. Just Had a Great Day meeting up with my First Cousin Eddie O’Malley and all the Canadian Clan & 1st Cuz once removed over visiting from England. Eddie is 84yrs young and married 60yrs to Norah, they met in Manchester where he lived before coming to Canada and his folks also came, he is my Uncle Joe/Josie Son they lived in Inver Rd, 6 kids in the family, Eddie being the eldest, it was his son Mark who spotted my request a few yrs back for info on my fathers 3 brothers (JACK,JOE.JERRY) who all lived in Cabra and it was been so wonderful to meet these 3 branches of O’Malley’s as so many have passed. Hope Your all keeping well and Wishing you all Good Summer. Slan for now. Rita O’Malley McMahon

  123. Tony Gormanon 13 Jun 2016 at 10:26 am

    Hi Jo
    I hope you and your family are well. If you are on Facebook I welcome you to my page.
    From A to B

    In an Irish way we spend our day reading death columns in the press
    And the things we see brings misery and are put there to distress
    For they start with A’s and they give the days of the church and burial’s too
    If you’re not on that list you’ll still exist till the next paper edition comes through
    For it’s said in Ireland death comes alphabetically as we go from day to day
    And the prayers and candles lit churches are to divert this state of play
    So change your name by deed of poll to a name that starts with X
    For the alphabet list never gets that far just like when having safe sex
    Those with name’s that begin with “A” make sure your health is good
    For the death columnist is waiting for you and it’s only right he should
    There’ll be a time you’ll be his star to write an acknowledgment for you
    And he’ll do it alphabetically like his editor told him to

    Take care Jo
    xx Tony

  124. Joon 03 Jun 2016 at 6:12 am

    Hello Martin,
    Now I can’t help but add I think that it adds a whole new meaning to the WIND THAT SHAKES THE BARLEY. Now that the barley sticks were down their trousers and all.
    Good lord that messenger boy was lucky to have miracles in his favor and Holy Mary mother of God as well. Now I am sure that all this good info will of course be music to our resident poet’s ears I can hear a few more poems going your way too along with the Wind that shakes the barley.
    Greetings from the USA MC and to you and yours.
    From the Wild West.

  125. Joon 01 Jun 2016 at 1:59 pm

    Hello all,
    It has been a busy year to date. Trying to have some Jo time and Jo and Hubby time and family time a lot this year. Worth every minute of it too. Not a lot of activity on here but just the same saying hello to one and all. So much social media and so many other things now with the smart phones everyone can have a lot to play with it. I like having my smart phone or any phone for that matter to talk to family and connect with everyone. I am learning I have to be smarter than the smart phone too. I am still okay with a hello on here and I am grand with the text and email. I decided that is enough for me. I am glad to have those little things for speed for family. That is all I need. I read the Face Book Like I would the Head lines on the news paper. Back in the day I only ever did read the headlines and the odd article that was of interest to me and our family and the pen pal section. I did notice back in the day that The older folks always read the Death column.
    Well now here is a real Tony G our poet opportunity to bounce back here. Did you know that my Father in law would say that People in Ireland only Die in Alphabetical order.
    The hubby and his brother were chatting recently and I have to say I fell around the place laughing at that one.
    When you think of it sure wasn’t that just the way it was written in the paper in the obituaries Ah only in Ireland would you hear such fun and humor about such things.
    THere you go now Tony I will look forward as always to a wonderful poem for us. Hello to all around the globe and a big hello to yourself M C and all on here. Mary H T Olive all the other Mary’s Joan patty Margaret June Shay Willie Eugene all the Tony’s all the Liam’s Rita and everyone in Canada everyone in OZ too J R how are ya at all at all. Everyone in UK Ireland too. So many wonder how you all are Ray and the Parker families too. I haven’t forgotten you all and if I have not said your name I still remember everyone as best I can. Having good weather at my end and spending time with the Hubby and family every opportunity this Summer too. We have already had a host of Birthdays Graduations End of school years for some on to work and College for them as the other chiselers all move in and on in High school. All our grandchildren so grown up now life goes by way too fast. Well everyone off I go again for another Season of busy but will of course take time for rest and play and travel and more rest and play. Take care all over to you Tony G I will be dying to hear your version of Dying in Alphabetical order LOL.
    Kindest Regards to one and all and love to all.

  126. Joon 25 May 2016 at 5:41 am

    Re little
    some of the people who lived up on Blackhorse Ave, Not sure about Blackhorse Lane but it was just a small line of cottages that I can remember maybe it is one and the same place I just knew it as Blackhorse Ave near the Phoenix park may have also worked for Guinness too and maybe some came from Northern Ireland. Maybe there might some street or profession or Census info for the time line your families were there. I had a friend who had family who lived up there in those little white cottages but the name was not Little. Maybe someone up there still has that name. When I was a child we sometimes went to the Phoenix park and went that way from time to time. Sorry I have no other info that is all I can recall for now. I can only recall a connection to Guinness worker and a Northern Ireland family. There is another place that was known as Blackhorse place closer to down town Dublin too.
    Regards Jo. USA.

  127. Rita McMahonon 21 May 2016 at 7:17 pm

    Sorry this is acting up: I worked one summer holiday in the 60’s for a Mr. Little, sewing factory Nth Great George’s st, but think he lived off the Howth Rd if your on FB you could try the Dublin genealogy site or the Cabra site etc., Best of Luck

  128. Rita McMahonon 21 May 2016 at 7:11 pm

    Re: Little

  129. I Littleon 16 May 2016 at 12:31 pm

    I am researching a family who resided in Blackhorse Lane next to Phoenix park back as far as the 1830s and , based on records would have still have had descendants resident in that general area even into the 1940s or maybe even further.

    The surname is Little.
    They are most likely a distant but blood relatives of my own family (who moved to South Dublin from Louth in the 1870s).
    My general hunch based on the records is that the Cabra Littles were originally agricultural labourers and may have also been involved with horse related occupations in relation to the cavalry based in Phoenix park and adjoining barracks in the area.

    Via an anecdote I came across an obituary to the late Jim Little, who was a notable golfer in Adare Limerick who originally resides in Kinvara Drive. It is quite possible that he was a member of that same extended family. I am wondering if any of the more senior members of this group would be aware of Littles who were longstanding Cabra residents and whether any of that family remain or have moved to other parts of Dublin in the meantime. There are some interesting stories on the origin of the family and it would be very nice to make connections to explore the family history, etc.

  130. Joon 16 May 2016 at 2:27 am

    I see Mrs Smith from Carnlough Rd in that Pic no doubt my Ma is the woman that can only be half seen there with Mrs Smith back in the day.Great women and God bless the Penny cans of peas and beans they were able to get each week.

  131. Joon 09 May 2016 at 2:47 am

    The Troy family that I knew of There was lovely girl in that family was pals with one of my sisters. Good memory of her she did lived on Jarleth Rd for sure.

  132. Joon 09 May 2016 at 2:43 am

    Hello Liam,
    We all loved going to the shops down the Cabra Rd. They were often referred to as the 17 shops. Use to get our Christmas Hamper from Reid’s no doubt we got some sweets in Fahy’s and Do you recall the Needle and Anchor and around the corner on Dowth Ave we got some small clothing in the Drapery shop. Other shops galore there too. I think there was a Bridgeman’s on the other side of the Rd we got some stationary there too. On down to Phibsboro we also had plenty of other shops too not forgetting feeding the ducks in the Basin or going to the State and The Bo. People use to say if you went into the Bo crippled you’d come out walking. So many hoppers in the seats you’s be in bits. Enough said. Hello to Willie Lynch out there in NJ hope you are well loved seeing all the photos of the Paddy’s day events you were at with the missus
    Love to all
    Regards to everyone everywhere. Cheerio all
    Having a nice Mother’s day here at the moment. Take care all
    Jo USA.

  133. liam faheyon 08 May 2016 at 5:53 pm


    I remember there was a troy family who lived on the cabra road I did not know them I think the name Dermot troy I think he was singer. I lived at 113 cabra road my parents ran a sweet shop and ice cream which we owned from 1945 to 1968.i believe the store is now closed and the premises is owned by the reids. I am now living in the united states since 1961 and live in ridgewood new jersey.

    liam fahey
    email address wfahey3538@aol.com

  134. Joon 06 May 2016 at 5:29 pm

    Did you know the Troy family or anyone else from Jarleth Rd Greetings from the USA. Only knew a handful of names from your Rd and a few people too. Good luck with your searches too.
    p/s some nice photos on here too you might see some people you know.

  135. Joon 06 May 2016 at 5:26 pm

    Hello Sharon
    what Roads did your family live on someone on here may know them or the family. I know lots of the first names ring bells when it comes to first names as brothers no shortage of kids with those names in many families. Sometimes we would know kids just by first names too. I sure hope someone will know your family. I will keep thinking. Good luck with your search. See if you can narrow it down to a Road or a street or if it was Cabra West or Old Cabra and you might job our memories for us too. A lot of us on here are older now too and so maybe we might know of them if we can narrow it down to a Road or any other friends they might have known. Take care and all the best to you and to everyone on the site hope all are well.

  136. Sharon Dyeron 02 May 2016 at 11:30 pm

    Does anyone remember my nanny or grandads family. May Feeney and James Millar. The family all moved to Birmingham UK in the 1950s. My mammy was Veronica Green and brothers Michael, Christy, Billy and Austin.

  137. Joon 29 Apr 2016 at 7:02 pm

    Just had a laugh as I looked back over the posts and I noticed i have some at my end still awaiting moderation. Gosh that must mean I am chatting too much so I will leave well enough alone. However there is a poem about being active and one about a Fart so maybe some day it will appear here too. Off I go again. Sunny day after a week of mixed weather storms wind rain and snow at this end. Happy Weekend end all.
    Wishing everyone health and safety where ever you are. Take care all.
    Love and Regards to all.

  138. Geoff Peaton 27 Apr 2016 at 10:42 pm

    Hello Pat.

    I would like to look at your photos, to bring back some memories from Parnell Street and also from Cabra because I was born on St Jarlath road and to share your love of Dublin in the 50s.


  139. Joon 24 Apr 2016 at 1:38 pm

    Just saying hello to one and all. Hello Regards Jo.

  140. Pattyon 24 Apr 2016 at 12:54 pm

    Hello Martin and all on the site.Its been a while but I do pop on and enjoy all the chat poems and stories.Take care everyone and best wishes from Patty.

  141. Joon 20 Apr 2016 at 2:34 am

    Hello To the Kilkenny cousins hope you get a chance to look in again love Jo x

  142. Joon 12 Apr 2016 at 5:38 pm

    Hello all,
    Welcome lovely weather at my end. Goodness me I hear you have lots of rain and snow.
    Take care all. Hope all are keeping well.
    Hope some of you come back on here and say hello too. Hope all are taking care of health and home and hearts too. Glad to say I am off for the whole Summer going to rest and play and have lots of Jo time too. Take care all.
    Regards to everyone

  143. Tony Gormanon 07 Apr 2016 at 9:09 am

    You’ve done it again with some more great poems. You really have the inspiration so keep it going.
    Your no: 1 fan Tony G XX

  144. Rita McMahonon 05 Apr 2016 at 9:22 pm

    And just to say today received the Sad news from Birmingham UK that Cousin Nora O’Malley passed away in the wee hours, please remember her in your prayers and her family. I never did meet her but we became friends on FB, she loved her childhood growing up in Cabra with all her siblings. Thanks Rita O’Malley

  145. Joon 05 Apr 2016 at 7:51 pm

    Hello Rita
    So sorry to hear about Nora glad you could connect over the past while and share your family and share some laughs no doubt you had some fun. Our condolences to all the extended families and to your relations from Cabra West. Tell Ollie and Grace I remember them too.
    It’s so hard on family when loved ones die. Have to cherish them while we have them and cherish the good times and memories when they are gone.
    Kindest Regards,

  146. Joon 05 Apr 2016 at 5:17 pm

    Was on the Rd again. 80 Degrees wonderful sunshine fun and family. Hello all.
    Thinking of you all. Anyone home or are yiz all on holidays ????? hope the health is ok for one and all too. Bye again

  147. Joon 01 Apr 2016 at 1:41 pm

    Be going on the Rd in a mo love Jo

    A monument to the Mothers of Cabra West.

    The grown ups will hold the fort
    just like in days of yore
    We loved watching cowboys and all about the wild west
    The brothers they galloped on wild horses imaginary of course
    Battles galore on the hills playing the part of Crazy horse

    Nowadays things have changed there is new life in Cabra West
    the community has 4 generations of families and are very blessed
    They all have a great heritage and show lots of pride
    The rising brought out some of that while on a wild bus ride

    I saw mostly their good humor and the voices singing songs
    would have loved to be the driver as the bus was going along
    I was reminded of wool Army coats that kept us warm on our beds
    Wished the women and men of the 40’s had a bit more than bread

    Sticky bread and jam was like gold dust back in them days
    Picked from the hills while enjoying some of the railway trains
    toilet paper was the real independent yes that’s what was news
    not much has changed there was always poop in the news.

    Everyone has come along way from poverty and strife
    we had some good times living on organs and tripe
    we had tons of music in our house including bag pipes
    We ate what we were given with all our might

    Not easy to Celebrate some parts of the Rising
    But memorials are with respect good to see
    The powers that be and the lack of work
    took us far away from home and family.

    So to all in Cabra West I wish you the very very best
    I have many memories of times past in the wild west
    Raise a glass to your mothers and to the men as well
    They need the same honor and their stories you should tell.

    Hoist a Flag to the brave men and women of Cabra West
    for all they had to go through when hungry or wet
    no doubt they stood the test did their very best
    But a monument to the mothers and nothing less.

    They are the ones who kept things in place
    they were the ones who waited at the gate
    they put the grub on your plate
    a monument to mothers its never too late.

  148. Joon 31 Mar 2016 at 2:26 pm

    The good life the wish list.

    It is okay to lose a word or a function from day to day
    The good news is it comes back in another way
    onward and upward is what I say
    Life is kind to me so I will continue to play

    Every decade has a tale to tell
    like the circle of life life drawing water from the well
    You let down the bucket you drink your fill
    waste nothing and that drink is a thrill

    Life has plenty to offer in our senior years
    my pal is 92 she is Lily from Peru
    there is my other little friend from Mexico
    She calls me Ir’landa and wants to go

    There is Lori and Melinda with projects galore
    I join in the fun and off we go to explore
    We laugh we sing we dance and we read
    We go to lunch and enjoy a good feed

    Like the rosary on the old beads
    There is a meaning to some from old times
    To others it is bling and music or chimes
    us ladies have much to offer and an assortment of rhymes

    We have a lot of living to do
    we are not cramming in for our finals
    we have plenty to do we dance and we sing
    Love all our plans and no shortage of swings

    We still know the shuffle
    we can still rock and roll
    we know it is different
    it takes its toll

    we rise every morning we plan each new day
    our lives include a lot of work rest and play
    we are still full of life even tho we have concerns
    from life we use all the lessons we learned

    we have all been to the school of hard knocks
    as seniors there can be a few in the flock
    who think it is the end of the world
    they don’t do as much and will have to remedy that curl

    So let down your hair if you have any left
    if bald just let that head shine
    cause if you curl up and die sitting in that chair
    to the rest of us well now that is not fair

    Get up of your arse and get active and flair
    get out of that rocking chair
    get out and about and enjoy some fresh air
    then the world know that you are still there

    We have all buried someone who died very young
    but their bodies behaved like they were old
    use it or lose it them bones will go dry
    stay active or you will be sure to die.

    Don’t invite an early grave
    death has it’s time and place
    Get up every morning no matter what
    and put a smile on your face

    Go and have fun and get outdoors
    it is okay to feed the birds
    Get some fresh air on your face
    and find your own sense of place

    Wrap up when it is cold
    don’t think of growing old
    think of life as a wonderful gift
    and do everything you want on your wish list

    So off you go and wander
    there is much more to ponder
    Get out and have fun and games
    It is the Olympic part of your fame

    It is okay if you have a walker
    or are in a wheelchair
    Just keep moving along
    you might even travel and make it to Hong Kong

    So get up off your bum even if it is numb
    Get out and live your life
    You no longer need the weight of the world
    get rid of trouble and strife

    Live your life to the full
    live it and go and have fun
    It is a fabulous journey
    the prize for the battles you have won.

    Rusty fart

    It is an Art to move a Fart when sitting on a chair
    the only way to get it out is to not give a care
    So it has to have lift off so it can find a place
    like a rocket it goes out into space

    So life like wise can be filled with air
    it too can stink while sitting in the chair
    You can rock or you can roll
    but if you need to fart it can take its toll

    get up and dance and do a little shuffle
    keep doing the rock and roll
    no one will know you are farting
    on your way to the toilet bowl.

    The fresh air will return
    as you come and go
    So fart all you want
    but at least get up and go.

  149. hansonon 31 Mar 2016 at 12:54 pm

    My family are omalley originally from dublin mary omalley married a George hurst

  150. Wendy Pageton 31 Mar 2016 at 11:48 am

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone has any stories about my grandparents who lived on killala road, their names were bobby and eileen paget. their children are robert (my dad), mary, rosie, angela, eileen, cyril, georgie and michael and gerard.

    Love to hear anything!!

  151. Martin Coffeyon 31 Mar 2016 at 10:49 am

    Thank’s Rita, it’s a treasure to have…MC

  152. Rita McMahonon 31 Mar 2016 at 12:00 am

    Loved your yutube on FB Martin, great tour of your old homestead, passed it on to some of the O’Malley’s cousins that once lived in the neighbourhood now living all around the World. Wonderful to see how well Dublin celebrations for all who died in 1916 TG for the RTE player for us Xpats. even the weather was good, just at the end of the parade the most beautiful Rainbow appeared over Dublin’s landscape. Sure made us Xpats to be proud to be Irish. Also some lovely photo’s on FB of the Cabra parade and hope ye all had a great day. Enjoyed the doc that Joe Duffy done of the 40 forgotten 1916 Children, hope someday I get to read the book I learned more History in the “1916” Doc series than all the years at school and last but not least what a wonderful Concert to end the Easter.
    Roll on Spring and hope all you Cabraians are keeping well. God Bless. Rita O’M

  153. Joon 30 Mar 2016 at 2:26 pm

    One For the Road and for little Ellen Jane.
    The little lady she was four foot ten
    from the age of seven she coped even then
    Raised with strangers from them she ran
    the cattle stick she feared the most that was held in hand

    Down the country roads in the dead of the night
    guided my the moon as her only form of light
    Caregiver caregiver where are you now
    that stick was meant for the cow

    Take me in take me in don’t leave me here
    These walls are high enough the coast is clear
    I can work and I can earn a farthing
    let me in so my heart won’t be hardened

    Caregiver caregiver don’t let me down
    when I grow up you shall have my crown
    I was a princess to the man I loved
    he is gone to join the queen up above

    Caregiver please don’t turn me away
    I have much to give to the world this way
    No child left behind should be with a beast
    The cattle are safer in fields they are asleep.

    Let me lie down just for a while
    I won’t make a sound and I will wear a smile
    The years rolled on and she worked very hard
    she stayed and was safe so says her Epitaph.

    To all Caregivers

    Caregiver Caregiver

    Thank you to the caregivers who go without sleep
    Thank you to the caregiver for endless hours they keep
    Thank you to the caregiver for all they endure
    Thank you to the caregiver who’s kindness can cause a cure
    Thank you to the caregiver who works from dawn till dark
    Thank you to the caregiver for a walk in the park
    Thank you to the caregiver for time shared in song
    Thank you to the caregiver for tagging along
    Thank you to the professionals the experts and the rest
    Thank you to all the family who do their very best
    Thank you to the Partners in health and home and care
    Thank you to the Actors on stage and sitting on chair
    Thank you to the community for the show of hands
    Thank you to the caregivers of this land
    Thank you to the caregivers for holding my hand
    Thank you to the ones who take a stand
    Thank you to the ones behind the scenes
    Thank you to director for the ice cream
    Thank you to the teacher’s for their class roll
    Thank you for the rice bowl and it took its toll
    Thank you for the games and songs and laughter
    Thank you for the time I ate the plaster
    Thank you for the time my false teeth went down the toilet
    Thank you for the nurse her name was Violet
    Thank you for the many who had to come and go
    Thank you to all for sharing my journey and the show
    Thank you for the chance to face my future
    Thank you for the Decades that have past and gone
    Thank you for sharing my 100 birthday that has come and gone
    Thank you for the blanket on which I now chew
    Thank you for not laughing you will get one too
    Thank you to all the caregivers for it takes a whole village
    Thank you to you all I have to dispose of some spillage
    My possessions you may now pillage.

    Author Long Gon

  154. Tony Gormanon 30 Mar 2016 at 10:05 am

    Excellent poem Jo, you are my no: 1 poetess keep it up.
    I’m waiting for the next one.
    xx Tony

  155. Joon 29 Mar 2016 at 8:27 pm

    Hello to Tony G too I noticed today that the post I sent for you and Willie and Olive is still on my page at my end and says it is awaiting moderation I don’t know how to re post the original so I will see if it makes its way on to here. The funny thing is the puter did have issues that day and now it appears on my side about 4 or 5 times. Hello to June and Patty too. Yep the Rising got the mind ticking over again. Now and then it is nice to have the memories come back. Cheerio all I am heading away for a few days so on the Rd again soon. Spring break for me and the hubby.
    Regards all

  156. June Oneill Mahonyon 28 Mar 2016 at 6:25 pm

    Hi All, Its been a long time since ive been on here. just want to say to my Sis Jo how good her poetry is. It truely magical. Im afraid Im not one for many words like our Jo. Anyway hello Martin, Tony, and Sis Patty. Cheers.

  157. Joon 28 Mar 2016 at 1:18 pm

    oh Well done to the NAS pipe and Drums band and to Robbie O’Connor for Rebel Rebel
    Well done Jim and Robbie.

  158. Joon 27 Mar 2016 at 8:46 pm

    Thanks Martin appreciate the update regards Jo.
    p/s Sorry it looks like my puter went bonkers and posted things too many times too its a bit crazy hope the cousins enjoy the site and seeing some of the old photos too as they were in Cabra back in the day maybe they might even say hello on it too. Cheerio all.
    Saw some of the Easter Celebrations The Easter Parade sure was huge. My dad would have liked that and especially the Army and local pipe bands He was a piper and a Major Drummer too. Anyway thanks for the updates and regards to everyone
    Jo USA.

  159. Pattyon 25 Mar 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Hello Martin and all on the site Best Wishes and a Very Happy Easter to you all.From Patty.

  160. Joon 24 Mar 2016 at 4:52 pm

    Hello M C,
    Just a little hello to to let you know I asked our cousins to have a look in at your site. Hope it gets an update so they can have a look and see the mad hatters on here too. Nice to see Willie and the missus and friends at the Parade over here in the USA. Nice to see the Gas man, Gosh our Eileen use to work at the shop at the Phoenix park too. Many a time we all went into those shops there at the white gate. I even shaped the ice cream for the wafers Tu’penny wafer and cut that in half for a penny wafer back in the day. Loved it all.
    Happy memories.
    Loved the duck pond and the peoples gardens and the auld pump and the band stand and the Zoo and monument and sports and so much more. All the best and a Happy Easter to you and yours.
    Regards Jo.
    Greetings to everyone long time no see and no hear so hope all are plodding along and good health to us all.

  161. Joon 24 Mar 2016 at 3:28 pm

    The Rising for my Baby.

    For all those man who died that day
    What price what price did they pay
    The answer is in today today
    The island is in debt in debt they say

    Mother’s wept sisters wept wives wept
    the price the price is high for the Emerald
    much much higher for Gold
    Four Green fields? no only Three I am told

    The rising the rising 100 years old
    Death came to many their stories never told
    Desolation desolation kept in ignorance and pain
    Ireland long long held in chains

    The rising the rising just like before
    The banks are still standing and people are poor
    The homeless don’t even have shelters
    The proclamation was never intended to be helpless.

    It claims to pursue the happiness
    and prosperity of the whole nation
    Cherishing all the children equally
    the rising the rising where is your charity

    Leaving the land leaving the land
    leaving all I’ve ever been and everything I am
    Leaving the land God bless Mary Black
    Not forgetting Frances and all the band

    Love my heritage and love my Ireland
    Left it long ago no work and hunger
    that is what forced us to go
    The rising the rising death too dealt us a blow

    My mother was orphaned long long ago
    Ireland failed her siblings too
    She carried her children and buried a few
    she buried her parents and 2 husbands to be true

    The rising the rising where is her Flag
    Where is her guard of honor and her monument too
    The women the women supported you through and through
    Dublin Flags will be appreciated don’t forget its true Blue

    The rising the rising the rising yes I know it is about great men
    Many of whom put it on paper with pen
    made the ultimate sacrifice and their blood they shed
    Last words uttered by their mothers my baby is dead

  162. Joon 23 Mar 2016 at 8:19 pm

    For our cousins

    The Rising

    There is much more to tell about the RISING

    Rising out of a cold bed on a cold damp day
    Rising up in the morning knowing there is no work or Pay
    Rising up with a cup of weak tea nothing to eat that day
    Rising up to gather up strength to face school that day
    Rising up to sit up straight and hope the teacher passes you by
    Rising up to stand tall when the leather or bamboo cane reaches tiny hands
    Rising up to do home work in a crowed house full of children all is not grand
    Rising up to empty the ashes in a house so cold and damp at play
    Rising up to go to work for a man with pride goes miles
    Rising up to steady your feet to see what the day will bring
    Rising up to plan your work and hopefully work your plan tho so very thin
    Rising up to the noise of industrial schools and the hardships of Hell
    Rising up to do all that and not a soul to tell
    Rising up to work from morning until night
    Rising up to leave the land as everyone else causes fright
    Rising up to find some work or food of any kind
    Rising up with dignity to help keep sanity of mind
    Rising up every day no matter what is in store
    Rising up and knowing things are just the same as before
    Rising up and loving what little I have
    Rising up and holding on to the little shoe boxes I carved
    Rising up and keeping safe the only thing i have left in place
    My name and my identity folded gently held to my face
    Rising up I know I have family tho all are dead and gone
    Rising up I start my search to many I do belong
    Rising up I go and ask for help to places far and wide
    Rising up I am rejected from all sides
    Rising up I vow to keep my dignity and pride
    Rising up I look at Maps and places of my birth
    Rising up I know I am of great worth
    Rising up in sickness and in health
    Rising up I know I have wealth
    Rising up and have what seems like nothing left
    Rising up I know I have my heritage and I am worth my weight in Gold
    Rising up I will survive my story must be told
    Rising up I follow many new Roads some are very rocky others full of hole
    Rising up I keep safe and carry my own loads.
    Rising up I know of history and know of many ways
    Rising up I respect a solider who taught me the highways
    Rising up the fields and lakes were my dear friends
    Rising up disabled ducks were my source of lessons learned
    Rising up is for one and all no matter what the cause
    Rising up has more meaning than all the civil wars
    Rising up is dignified when a tiny child is dead
    Rising up is a mother who keeps going no matter what is said.
    Rising up should be a monument to the women of the world
    Rising up was always the woman who rocked the cradle for her no Flags hoisted high
    Rising up should be the one who triumphs over tragedy even when they cry
    Rising up in our world today is war and strife and Calamity
    Rising up we need to have faith hope and Charity
    Rising up Rising up Rising up what more can I say
    Rising up Rising up I will care for my family today.

  163. Joon 23 Mar 2016 at 12:09 am

    Not all who wander are lost / remembering Bri.
    Walked among some gardens
    One said West of the Cedars
    another said Garden of Meditation
    then there was one called the Garden of Tranquility
    I stayed the longest in one called the Garden of Revelation

    I uttered the Lord’s prayer for an Angel of mine
    I looked to the Heavens at a moment in time
    The snow fell gently the flowers nodded too
    remembering a time when a whisper said I love you

    I left my footprints in the snow and even left a trail
    Wished I could send a letter to heaven or in the mail
    So I whispered a few more words to our Angel
    Organized my own little boat so together we could set sail.

    Praying for peace and healing and a special request thrown in
    The gardens all full of flowers and all the signs of Spring
    Alone in the Garden and on bended knee
    The Angel said and I can hear tho soft you tread above me

  164. Joon 22 Mar 2016 at 1:41 pm

    Hello all,
    Hello Tony G and Olive Carr. Nice to hear from you this week. Olive have a great Birthday. Terrific to get your email. Tony nice to hear from you via here too. Glad you and June and Patty can say hello on F B I am grand as I am. I like to see the family photos the most on FB I am not into having my own. I still love the personal touch for family and friends.I am a bit old fashioned I suppose I still write a good ol post card or letter and send in the post. I am of course getting the hang of text now too. Have a nice new phone. That other one never worked again after going down the loo. Nice to see the posts on here from time to time Glad J R said hello and Willlie and the missus were in the NJ parade this year too.
    Hope you are still doing the bit of writing too and hope you and your chisslers are keeping well. One of these days Ill have to get over to London and Dublin and sure we can all have a nice reunion eh.

    Keep up the writing yourself and of course hope you get to do a bit of fishing too sorry to hear about your friend passing away. Did you know a MR O’Rourke he was a real nice man always dropped off a lovely bit of fish to our house when we were all kids. He came every week and I loved seeing him coming with the fresh bit of fish for us. We called him Fisher. Very nice man indeed. Tall with the boots up to the knees and the herring bone coat and cap to go with him he seemed like a giant back then. Long gone now of course but a nice man just the same.
    Lovely bit fish every time and plenty of it too. A Good memory.

    It is raining here today and snow is coming back I cant wait to go go to Vegas again soon. Heading down in April for a break. Ready for the sun again to relax.
    Wishing you Olive and Tony and lovely Easter and everyone on the site here hope all are well.
    Kindest Regards and Very Happy Easter. I Love Easter just love it. THe mammy kept us all nice with our yellow ribbons in our hair and white socks the little corrugated sandals or little white washed canvas P E shoes. bit of whitening brought the scruffy ones back to life. wore them till they were threadbare. Ah do I hear a poem coming my way on the Easter fare and wear. God bless Marshmallow eggs too Duck Egg for breakfast in our house speckled egg huge too. Patty will recall them. June will recall the ribbons Margaret the cakes and decoration she was the best for letting us taste the icing from the wax cone paper piping. We put that on our bread sometimes looked like blue butter and lemon butter yummy There is a possibility we ate Heckle and Jeckle I think we ate the hens for Easter too much to the horror of one little boy who found out later. Enough said off I go now and A Very very Happy Easter to one and all.

    Love Jo.

  165. Joon 22 Mar 2016 at 1:41 pm

    Hello all,
    Hello Tony G and Olive Carr. Nice to hear from you this week. Olive have a great Birthday. Terrific to get your email. Tony nice to hear from you via here too. Glad you and June and Patty can say hello on F B I am grand as I am. I like to see the family photos the most on FB I am not into having my own. I still love the personal touch for family and friends.I am a bit old fashioned I suppose I still write a good ol post card or letter and send in the post. I am of course getting the hang of text now too. Have a nice new phone. That other one never worked again after going down the loo. Nice to see the posts on here from time to time Glad J R said hello and Willlie and the missus were in the NJ parade this year too.
    Hope you are still doing the bit of writing too and hope you and your chisslers are keeping well. One of these days Ill have to get over to London and Dublin and sure we can all have a nice reunion eh.

    Keep up the writing yourself and of course hope you get to do a bit of fishing too sorry to hear about your friend passing away. Did you know a MR O’Rourke he was a real nice man always dropped off a lovely bit of fish to our house when we were all kids. He came every week and I loved seeing him coming with the fresh bit of fish for us. We called him Fisher. Very nice man indeed. Tall with the boots up to the knees and the herring bone coat and cap to go with him he seemed like a giant back then. Long gone now of course but a nice man just the same.
    Lovely bit fish every time and plenty of it too. A Good memory.

    It is raining here today and snow is coming back I cant wait to go go to Vegas again soon. Heading down in April for a break. Ready for the sun again to relax.
    Wishing you Olive and Tony and lovely Easter and everyone on the site here hope all are well.
    Kindest Regards and Very Happy Easter. I Love Easter just love it. THe mammy kept us all nice with our yellow ribbons in our hair and white socks the little corrugated sandals or little white washed canvas P E shoes. bit of whitening brought the scruffy ones back to life. wore them till they were threadbare. Ah do I hear a poem coming my way on the Easter fare and wear. God bless Marshmallow eggs too Duck Egg for breakfast in our house speckled egg huge too. Patty will recall them. June will recall the ribbons Margaret the cakes and decoration she was the best for letting us taste the icing from the wax cone paper piping. We put that on our bread sometimes looked like blue butter and lemon butter yummy There is a possibility we ate Heckle and Jeckle I think we ate the hens for Easter too much to the horror of one little boy who found out later. Enough said off I go now and A Very very Happy Easter to one and all.

    Love Jo.

  166. Joon 22 Mar 2016 at 1:41 pm

    Hello all,
    Hello Tony G and Olive Carr. Nice to hear from you this week. Olive have a great Birthday. Terrific to get your email. Tony nice to hear from you via here too. Glad you and June and Patty can say hello on F B I am grand as I am. I like to see the family photos the most on FB I am not into having my own. I still love the personal touch for family and friends.I am a bit old fashioned I suppose I still write a good ol post card or letter and send in the post. I am of course getting the hang of text now too. Have a nice new phone. That other one never worked again after going down the loo. Nice to see the posts on here from time to time Glad J R said hello and Willlie and the missus were in the NJ parade this year too.
    Hope you are still doing the bit of writing too and hope you and your chisslers are keeping well. One of these days Ill have to get over to London and Dublin and sure we can all have a nice reunion eh.

    Keep up the writing yourself and of course hope you get to do a bit of fishing too sorry to hear about your friend passing away. Did you know a MR O’Rourke he was a real nice man always dropped off a lovely bit of fish to our house when we were all kids. He came every week and I loved seeing him coming with the fresh bit of fish for us. We called him Fisher. Very nice man indeed. Tall with the boots up to the knees and the herring bone coat and cap to go with him he seemed like a giant back then. Long gone now of course but a nice man just the same.
    Lovely bit fish every time and plenty of it too. A Good memory.

    It is raining here today and snow is coming back I cant wait to go go to Vegas again soon. Heading down in April for a break. Ready for the sun again to relax.
    Wishing you Olive and Tony and lovely Easter and everyone on the site here hope all are well.
    Kindest Regards and Very Happy Easter. I Love Easter just love it. THe mammy kept us all nice with our yellow ribbons in our hair and white socks the little corrugated sandals or little white washed canvas P E shoes. bit of whitening brought the scruffy ones back to life. wore them till they were threadbare. Ah do I hear a poem coming my way on the Easter fare and wear. God bless Marshmallow eggs too Duck Egg for breakfast in our house speckled egg huge too. Patty will recall them. June will recall the ribbons Margaret the cakes and decoration she was the best for letting us taste the icing from the wax cone paper piping. We put that on our bread sometimes looked like blue butter and lemon butter yummy There is a possibility we ate Heckle and Jeckle I think we ate the hens for Easter too much to the horror of one little boy who found out later. Enough said off I go now and A Very very Happy Easter to one and all.

    Love Jo.

  167. Tony Gormanon 21 Mar 2016 at 10:05 pm

    Hi Jo
    You’re still the poetry queen I love your poem xx.
    I hope you and the family are well.
    There was a nice photo of you and Patty on Facebook a few days ago.
    I stay in touch with June and Patty there, why don’t you join up.
    Keep up the poetry xx Tony

    I was sorry to hear my old neighbour Brenden Doyle had passed on.
    Brenden was a great bloke and a good sea fisherman.
    He and his father were excellent carpenters and boat builders.
    My deepest sympathy to all his family.
    Take care all

  168. Joon 20 Mar 2016 at 3:07 pm

    Once upon an Easter time

    In March some years and years ago
    An Irish Parade was all a glow
    A local Celebration filled with gold and Green
    A little one had never yet seen

    The little people came from afar
    some dreams and wishes to fill
    Gold and Green and a crown was seen
    and no shortage of a rainbow and a sunbeam

    Another little one had a thought
    the kind that can’t be seen
    An Easter scene in the valley of green
    With Lilly and Daisy and the Buttercup queen

    The butterflys and lady bugs and the little birds
    will gently flutter and hum
    as the Lilly of the Valley bow
    and a little one says here I come.


  169. Joon 15 Mar 2016 at 5:58 am

    Hello M C
    Hello all,
    Been remembering the past and looking to the future
    St Patrick’s day and so much of our culture
    All over the world many have gone
    still enjoying life and we all carry on
    It is still nice to sing and dance
    tho it may be a shuffle some jigs or a reels
    Nice to celebrate and kick up our heels
    The chisslers wear a little bit of green
    in their schools and colleges they can be seen
    So I am thinking of you all this St Patrick’s day
    especially those at home or very far away.

    Love Jo USA.

  170. Martin Coffeyon 13 Mar 2016 at 9:54 am

    Hi Jimmy, great to hear from you, hope life is being good…MC

  171. james rogerson 11 Mar 2016 at 8:16 pm

    Hello all.
    Met my old road mate in the shopping centre in the harbour, Gerry Clarke, told me Brendan Doyle, Carnlough Road has passed on, he lived two doors from Killala Road end.
    Glad to hear you made a full recovery Willie, long may you belt out the old rock n roll numbers, i remembe the Blue Aces beltin out ” come on lets turkey trot” in the Barrs.
    You know Willie.
    I nearly was a someone, a someone with something to say.
    But i got in my own way and let life lead me astray.
    So if you are a someone, a someone with something to say.
    Shout it loud from youe soapbox and get out of your own way.
    Found an old recording i did years ago of the star spangle banner, sound very poor, if i have your e-mail i’ll send it on.
    Keep well everyone, sad to say the old West is a very faded memory now.
    Jimmy R.

  172. Joon 08 Mar 2016 at 8:33 pm

    Hello all,
    Righteo its Jo

    Just saying a little hello. Happy St Patrick’s day to everyone all around the world. Hope all the Celebrations also go well for the Celebrations of the RISING too. Sounds like a lot of things are going on. Nice to see the school children learning lots of new and old things about Irish history and have more exposure to much more in the way of Films and old things that are now also available on line. We grew up in a house where history and Music was in plenty of supply. I for one cherished my Heritage growing up. Not so sure I liked the way I was introduced to my History in school. But as I got older I learned to understand why the Teachers veins stood out on her neck when she did teach IRISH history to us.
    She has a passion for some of the things she shared. Anyway that was many moons ago.
    All hail to all IRISH Soldiers who fought every war and all Hail to the women who also stood their ground too. I still think there should be as many monuments to Mothers and to Women who all stood their ground too. On the home front as well as on the front lines.
    Cheerio all
    off my soap box now.
    Kindest REgards to one and all.

  173. Joon 29 Feb 2016 at 4:04 pm

    Hello Willie,
    My brother would say you are sound as a pound. Glad you are on the mend and back to a bit of work. Your health is your wealth no matter what. The other things in life are indeed a bonus. Hope you and all the fellas on here are in good form and better health and all the girls too. It is wonderful to slow down and keep calm and let the storms come and go. My motto for the past long time has been let it be and let it go. Things just work out grand in the end. No matter what we have coming or going in out lives we manage to get by and get through the rough spots. Just got back from a lovely break away too. The sun and the relaxation was terrific. Good company good time good grub fun family and friends.
    Take care all and all have a good Paddy’s day where ever you may be.
    Cheerio all. Tomorrow I will be making a load of Brown bread and a good coddle and stew.
    Fish and chips sounds good too. Had a nice dinner out recently with friends and got the best fish and chips. Long time since I could find a decent bit of Fish and chips dining out.
    anyway off I go again catching up with the chisslers for next couple of days then back to basics. Taking it easy and feet up from travels.
    Cheerio again all.
    Keep the posts coming it is nice to catch up even if it is only now and then on here it is still appreciated.
    Kindest Regards to everyone
    Love Jo.

  174. willie lynchon 25 Feb 2016 at 10:53 pm

    Hello all, my god its been a long long time, yes I got a very bad bug, they still don’t know where it came from, They say it was a stroke, balance was off and sore head. had me on monitors heart, One Bayers a day and one cillesterall 80 mill. I lost 10 lbs TG, that’s nothing ta this fat fella. My balance came back, but still off about 5% maybe 10%. I was always dizzy anyway. Right JR : ( you make me Dizzy Miss Lizzy)Things like this makes ya think,………. this happens to other people, Well it came home to me for real,…. as ya see i did all what the docs told me, Rest Rest Rest, No work No Cruise No worries. and take the pills. Did all that now for 6 weeks maybe more. Got Back to work lest weekend with 2 private gigs, and three gigs this weekend. Man its a great feelin getting back to work, and seeing the wonderful people. to think i get paid for this what a joy, with smiling faces laughter singing and dancing. The Grand Marshall dinner night was magic, YOU ARE RIGHT JO, I’D NEVER POST PICS OF MYSELF, the Grand Marshall committee ask me to write a BIO of myself. I said are ya nuts, I’ve been playing music for the last 40 years, you cant fool the people all the time not for 40 years anyway.when i’m on stage I tell the People, I’m only here till the enterainment shows up. ya have ta laugh at yourself, its good for ya, anyway I’m feeling fine now TG for that. I didn’t get to read any post, but i will tonight, Nothing but storms in New jersey the last two days. look at face book for pictures, you should see all the pictures there. My Marybeth takes all the pix and post them, that’skids for ya. Get back to you tonight or maybe tomorrow. Love ya lots. willie Lynch

  175. willie lynchon 25 Feb 2016 at 10:53 pm

    Hello all, my god its been a long long time, yes I got a very bad bug, they still don’t know where it came from, They say it was a stroke, balance was off and sore head. had me on monitors heart, One Bayers a day and one cillesterall 80 mill. I lost 10 lbs TG, that’s nothing ta this fat fella. My balance came back, but still off about 5% maybe 10%. I was always dizzy anyway. Right JR : ( you make me Dizzy Miss Lizzy)Things like this makes ya think,………. this happens to other people, Well it came home to me for real,…. as ya see i did all what the docs told me, Rest Rest Rest, No work No Cruise No worries. and take the pills. Did all that now for 6 weeks maybe more. Got Back to work lest weekend with 2 private gigs, and three gigs this weekend. Man its a great feelin getting back to work, and seeing the wonderful people. to think i get paid for this what a joy, with smiling faces laughter singing and dancing. The Grand Marshall dinner night was magic, YOU ARE RIGHT JO, I’D NEVER POST PICS OF MYSELF, the Grand Marshall committee ask me to write a BIO of myself. I said are ya nuts, I’ve been playing music for the last 40 years, you cant fool the people all the time not for 40 years anyway.when i’m on stage I tell the People, I’m only here till the enterainment shows up. ya have ta laugh at yourself, its good for ya, anyway I’m feeling fine now TG for that. I didn’t get to read any post, but i will tonight, Nothing but storms in New jersey the last two days. look at face book for pictures, you should see all the pictures there. My Marybeth takes all the pix and post them, that’skids for ya. Get back to you tonight or maybe tomorrow. Love ya lots. willie Lynch

  176. willie lynchon 25 Feb 2016 at 10:52 pm

    Hello all, my god its been a long long time, yes I got a very bad bug, they still don’t know where it came from, They say it was a stroke, balance was off and sore head. had me on monitors heart, One Bayers a day and one cillesterall 80 mill. I lost 10 lbs TG, that’s nothing ta this fat fella. My balance came back, but still off about 5% maybe 10%. I was always dizzy anyway. Right JR : ( you make me Dizzy Miss Lizzy)Things like this makes ya think,………. this happens to other people, Well it came home to me for real,…. as ya see i did all what the docs told me, Rest Rest Rest, No work No Cruise No worries. and take the pills. Did all that now for 6 weeks maybe more. Got Back to work lest weekend with 2 private gigs, and three gigs this weekend. Man its a great feelin getting back to work, and seeing the wonderful people. to think i get paid for this what a joy, with smiling faces laughter singing and dancing. The Grand Marshall dinner night was magic, YOU ARE RIGHT JO, I’D NEVER POST PICS OF MYSELF, the Grand Marshall committee ask me to write a BIO of myself. I said are ya nuts, I’ve been playing music for the last 40 years, you cant fool the people all the time not for 40 years anyway.when i’m on stage I tell the People, I’m only here till the enterainment shows up. ya have ta laugh at yourself, its good for ya, anyway I’m feeling fine now TG for that. I didn’t get to read any post, but i will tonight, Nothing but storms in New jersey the last two days. look at face book for pictures, you should see all the pictures there. My Marybeth takes all the pix and post them, that’skids for ya. Get back to you tonight or maybe tomorrow. Love ya lots. willie Lynch

  177. Pattyon 19 Feb 2016 at 5:55 pm

    A big Hello to all and take care one precious day at a time its so true.Patty.

  178. Joon 17 Feb 2016 at 7:19 am

    Hello to you our poetry pal

    Hope you are well and hope your children are doing well too.

    Sure we never had a wringer we twisted and twisted everything till the water came out of the clothes. In Summer it was nice to see the whites and the linens on the line. We were lucky to have sheets in due time. Army coats at one time too. The socks were scrubbed by rubbing the toes and heels together too. The dad’s collars were scrubbed too. We later used the phoenix laundry how we could afford that was amazing to me but I think the Mammy liked it when she could send the sheets and shirts and collars to the Laundry now and then.
    You still have the knack for the writing and that is a great gift you have.
    I hope you are doing some readings and still putting books together too. Hope you are in good Health Tony G and hope your Jennie and your lad are close to home and keep an eye on you too.
    I was doing the sorting of photos and taking care of some family tree things tonight at our house. Had unexpected visitors too. Nice of the neighbors to drop in to see the hubby and I. Well miles to go before I sleep I started to get rif of clutter bin day tomorrow so have been dumping rubbish. Catching up on things around the house. Its been a long cold winter and snow is now melting. Everyone at this end plodding along. Hope all are in good health on the site too and hope more of us get on and say hello in the Spring. Hello to all in UK USA Canada Ireland and everywhere.
    Greetings as always from our neck of the woods to you all.
    Hope Shay and Eugene and Jimmy and Mary H t and everyone is keeping well.
    Slower and taking care at this end.
    Cheerio all and keep the posts and poems coming.
    Have you got anything in mind for the Easter Rising celebrations Tony G . Is anyone going to Dublin for those events ?

    AH speaking of People involved in the Rising. I might put a story together for it or a poem something just came to mind will have to work on it.
    I think my family will get a laugh. if not I will just send it to an IRISH actor I know and let him see what he can do with it. Must write to my source right away. Thanks Tony G
    a new idea is born. Will keep you posted.
    Hello all and take care and cheerio again
    Happy St Patrick’s day to one and all hope you are all Going Green and flying the flag.
    Love to all Kindest Regards.

  179. Tony Gormanon 15 Feb 2016 at 7:39 pm

    Hi Jo
    I’m keeping an eye on you and your washing.
    The Washer Woman’s Skiffle

    Rub a dub- dub, went Jo’s clothes in a tub
    Washing the things that she could
    Like hankies and drawers that were soiled in the wars
    In protecting the things that they should

    Then onto the washboard with a rat-a-ta tat
    Rubbing the stains that were there
    Then back in the tub to a rub-a-dub-dub
    Using carbolic soap to give them some care

    Then into the mangle to a turn and a squelch
    As the water gushed free from the clothes
    With the drawers clean once more no stains as before
    And those hankies a delight to the nose

    And out on the line as the weather is fine
    They all blew about in the breeze
    The hankies they waved as they thought themselves saved
    While the drawers jumped about like a tease

    So remember your clothes when you’re blowing your nose
    And your drawers have too much up’s and downs
    The fabric will wear and in age become rare
    And in time will turn a sepia of browns

    So Jo you should buy a washing machine
    And give yourself a real treat
    And no more will you pulse to the ra-ta-ta-tat
    As you sway to and fro to the beat

    Tony G

  180. Joon 09 Feb 2016 at 8:13 pm

    Big congratulations to Willie Lynch well done Hope your info makes it on to this page too. Hope you are much better too and in good health and keeping well. Hello to Ella and Rita and Jimmy and Joanne Hanson too Hope you find all the info you need and be able to jog our memories too. Take care all. Wishing all you lads and Ladies a good Paddy’s day too. Ah the Green Ribbons and the Many good things about those days when the mammy made sure we had Red Ribbons for Christmas and Yellow or lemon for Easter and Green for Paddy’s day and clean sock scrubbed white The knuckles were killing me for years I washed all the snotty hankies and smelly socks a lot of the time and I guess I should be thankful we had any at all. The washing board likewise was used for the heavy washing and the bath tub how we ever got anything dry in Ireland Ill never know tho a fair few things were able to dry at the fire along with the Rest of us.
    OVer to you now Tony G for a poem where ever you may be. Hay June will you try and put Willie Lynch info on here for all to see I know Willie would be too shy to put it on himself
    Love to all
    Love and Regards to everyone on here and to all who are not yet.
    Kindest Regards
    Good health and Happy Paddy’s day to all. that too is coming up fast.

  181. ella bryaon 08 Feb 2016 at 4:19 am

    Hello to all on this site. Hope everyone got over Christmas and A happy New Year to all I had a few medical issues but hopefully back on the right track. God bless all Love Ella

  182. Rita McMahonon 08 Feb 2016 at 1:24 am

    Joanne Hanson,
    Jack O’Malley was asking about his Mam on FB Dublin I said I would share with the Cabra site , is he your brother as he was asking if anyone remembers his Mam?

  183. Joon 07 Feb 2016 at 4:58 am

    Hello Jimmy,
    Sorry to hear about your friend. Hope you are keeping well yourself its been a cold winter everywhere. Glad some of us are getting the posts through on here so once again hello to everyone and keep well all.
    Cheerio and Happy Valentine’s to everyone Ah those were the days when we would be thrilled to get an auld card and a little verse and wonder who it came from.
    Cheerio all
    All the best to everyone.

  184. Joanne Hansonon 06 Feb 2016 at 3:26 am

    awaiting moderation.
    # joanne hansonon 13 Jan 2016 at 5:59 pm
    Hello everyone
    My mammy lived in cabra west her name.
    is elizabeth mary francis hannigan,
    she has sisters and a brother
    named george hannigan, christina hannigan, carmel hannigan, may/ mary hannigan and there was another sister who died in a house fire on the corner of attracter rd
    does anyone recall anything
    my moms nickname was fanny !!!!

  185. Joanne Hansonon 06 Feb 2016 at 2:46 am

    # joanne hansonon 13 Jan 2016 at 5:59 pm
    Hello everyone
    My mammy lived in cabra west her name.
    is elizabeth mary francis hannigan,
    she has sisters and a brother
    named george hannigan, christina hannigan, carmel hannigan, may/ mary hannigan and there was another sister who died in a house fire on the corner of attracter rd
    does anyone recall anything
    my moms nickname was fanny !!!!

  186. james rogerson 05 Feb 2016 at 8:01 pm

    For my mate Pat Wilson, Western Australia. rip.
    The curtain has come down on the stage of life.
    The actor has left the stage.
    His script lies on an empty chair.
    It reads, exit left, on last page.
    Jimmy R.

  187. Joon 04 Feb 2016 at 12:06 am

    Hello all, Cannot always get this to work. Hello to one and all and hope everyone is doing okay. Thinking of everyone. Get well Willie Lynch. Hope you are taking it easy.
    Hello Martin hope this works and hope you and Mary are keeping well too. Life is forever busy. Slowing down at this end. Hope everyone is taking it easy and keeping well too.
    Take care all and I hope this works if not then just know even when the posts do not work you are all in my thoughts and not forgotten. Take care all.

  188. Martin Coffeyon 27 Jan 2016 at 11:45 am


    Jan 26 at 6:36 PM

    martin i’m on my wives Lab top. it wouldn’t let me post this on CW site. WL

    Hello martin and all the gang all over. as i recorded a song on an old album years ago. one day at a time sweet J. i’ve been sick and down and still am down for awhile. i picked up some bad bug three weeks ago, woke up one morning, its was a friday i’d say three weeks ago at 7am i was throwing up and a pounding head, I stayed at home for three days thinking it was a winter cold and flu etc. The bug it was just eating me up so i said on that Sunday just take me to the E R at Fleming ton hospital the local one. i was in there a week three days in I C U thy were watching on monitor every hours. My head was Hurting bad, no pill would touch it. i’m home and still under watch and seeing doc’s. i have a heart monitor 24 hours. my balance went off a lot, now back a little i’m off about 25%. and they have me doing P T twice a week. i never went ta gyms anyway. i took off work for the month maybe more if needed. i’m on my Wife’s Lad top, and watching Aussies tennis open. i’m not doing my cruise in feb out of Miami or tour of Ireland in oct, Doc said give it a break fir this year. so me been a good St Finbars boy i’m listening this time. what about the snow JO an all,…. we got three foot no bloody joke, TG for my brother in law has a plow and truck. the snow was way over the plow. but i’m not going anywhere just PT office and the Doc’s. my balance is off still about 25%. my eyes need a check again, i just want ta wait and see where i come back too ?. Nothing will be the same so they tell me. right now its balance 25% and snore head not pain but sore some times. just letting ya know i joined the club?……. what ever club that IS HA. LOVE TO ALL, THINKING OF YA. willie L

  189. Joon 27 Jan 2016 at 2:37 am

    Have posted from time to time to say hello and well done to one and all who get their posts through. When I try to post it keeps going off out to Cyberspace so if this one works great if not ah sure not to worry. Hello to all and hope all are safe and well and love the poetry and the greetings and hellos from regulars and newcomers. All the best to everyone hope this works.
    Have not forgotten you all. No doubt everyone is busy and many buried in the snow too. Thinking of one and all. Will say hello when the snow is gone and Roll on Spring. Take care all
    Cheerio love to one and all.

  190. Rita McMahonon 13 Jan 2016 at 8:29 pm

    Happy New Year to all and on the FB page, there was a Jack O’Malley (no connection). wanting to know if anyone knew his Mom from Attrata Rd, I shall have to look up the name again, think he mentioned the Hannigans. With just a mention from a David S. On here it came into my mind. Also on here on 16th Nov. a Vincent O’Malley mentioned a radio prog. Just wondering if he is a Cousin…..family of my Uncle Gerry. Well Winter has finally arrived in southern Ontario with the First big snowfall and freezing weather but that’s okay it’s Canada and it’s Jan. It’s been the warmest & greenest Xmas Swanson. So the Winter will be Short we hope. Hope none of ye were flooded as we see in some parts got it real bad. Happy celebrations in 2016. Rita O’MALLEY……….

  191. joanne hansonon 13 Jan 2016 at 5:59 pm

    Hello everyone

    My mammy lived in cabra west her name.
    is elizabeth mary francis hannigan,

    she has sisters and a brother
    named george hannigan, christina hannigan, carmel hannigan, may/ mary hannigan and there was another sister who died in a house fire on the corner of attracter rd
    does anyone recall anything

    my moms nickname was fanny !!!!

    Joanne, I remember a Ben Hannigan alright…

  192. Joon 06 Jan 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Hello to one and all.
    Hope this little hello does not go off out to Cyberspace as have other little hellos along the way. Great to read the current posts. Hope all survived the Christmas. We had a nice time. Family time and some down time to relax as well. It was an overall busy end of year but we managed all the way to the end. Time just whizzes on by seems to pick up speed as I get older. Glad to have a chance to catch up with some by email and some by reading the posts on here. Hello to all our family everywhere if they look in here they might see this hello to them too. Wishing everyone a lovely New year and all the very best. Take care love Jo USA kindest Regards to one and all.

  193. David Sweeneyon 04 Jan 2016 at 8:01 am

    Have many fine memories of summer at my grans in st.attracta road during the 60,s

  194. Pattyon 30 Dec 2015 at 6:16 pm

    A big Hello to all and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.Patty.

  195. Brian Gilligianon 29 Dec 2015 at 1:18 am

    I was wondering if anyone here remembers “The Parksiders” from either the 60’s or 70’s. They were the Gilligan brothers and i think either Jimmy or Eamom as wellfrom Broom bridge Rd.

  196. willie lynchon 28 Dec 2015 at 4:15 pm

    Good day all i’m so sorry its been a long long time for me not been on here, i didn’t even check in cabra west at all. its just family and bess life got me. I did get a new computer my other apple was full in memory and was so slow. so i’m back up again. My music life is still great slower them years before,…….. but still good enough for this stage of my game, listen gang i’m 70 next year. I was asked to be the Grand marshall on the somerville town in Somerset county NJ St Patrick’s day parade march 13th 2016. when asked,…I talked to the family about it and we said we’d have fun with it. a once in a lifetime. So i’ll be like Ian Peasley( spelling) on the 12th of july. My wife bev has a real bad chest cold for days now, the weather here is nuts any thing from 70 ta 30 degrees, just nut-cie fagan weather. i don’t have time to read post today but i will in a day or two. My love to all around the world. always willie Lynch, my tour of irieand in Oct was magic. sorry i didn’t get to see some people. PG again some day 2016

  197. Tony Gormanon 14 Dec 2015 at 5:32 pm

    The Bells Ring out for Christmas 14th December 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    As the bearded man flies his sleigh
    To travel past the Milky Way
    Past the North Star that glows so bright
    With presents for everyone on Christmas night

    For his elves had worked hard since last year
    Making gift’s to bring the kids some cheer
    Of dolls and prams and bicycles too
    All parcelled up and addressed for you

    With sleigh bells ringing out aloud
    Each time he passed a snowy cloud
    And the call to his reindeer’s to make haste
    With time so short there’s no time to waste

    And in the houses down below
    The Christmas lights are all aglow
    And children tucked up in their beds
    With festive dreams within their heads

    And the smell of cooking in the air
    Of turkey and ham all cooked with care
    While the adults sit and rest awhile
    To sip a drink after all their toil

    And as the stillness fills the night
    And stars come out and shine so bright
    There’s a muffled sound upon the snowy roof
    Of the lead reindeer digging in his hoof

    As Santa sorts presents out in his bag
    Thrown over his shoulder with a weighty sag
    As from his bag all the gifts disperse
    And away he goes to his ho-ho-ho verse

    And joy is brought to one and all
    On Christmas day as the snowflakes fall
    As the choir in church begins to sing
    Hark now hear the angels sing glory to our new born king

    Happy Christmas
    Jo, Shay, Patty, June, Joan, Olive, Mary T, Eugene, Rita, J.R, Ella, Willie, Tony D, Mary and Martin.

  198. Joon 06 Dec 2015 at 7:23 pm

    Hello Eugene Shay and Mary H t and Tony G and all in the UK hope you are all well. Hello to JR and to everyone in Ireland too Hello to all down Under in OZ and in NZ too and everywhere around the world. Hope all will be safe and well and have peace.
    Thinking of family and friends everywhere and thinking of all from the Wild west and old Cabra too isn’t that what we all called the places we lived.
    A very Happy Christmas to all the girls and boys and everyone on here. Regulars new comers and hello to Martin and Mary and hope all are doing well. Time is whizzing by and I am cold today blue sky but cold. I can handle that just going to make sure to bump up the heat a bit more. Miss the auld fire place betimes.
    Take care all and all the very best to everyone.

  199. Eugene Rooneyon 03 Dec 2015 at 8:42 pm

    This is a test. Been unable to post so trying again.

  200. Joon 02 Dec 2015 at 3:43 am

    Hello Rita
    smashing to hear all your news and that you had such a nice trip too. Hope Willie had a great time too. Hope all are well up there in Canada too. We have snow here too the mountains are fab to look at too Pristine and just beautiful. Down here in this Valley its not too bad. Blue sky today lots of sun even though it was cold. I still went out and about no problems driving local.
    All the best to everyone glad the site is still working some things went off out to Cyber space recently too Cheerio all.

  201. Una O'Brienon 01 Dec 2015 at 8:20 pm

    I am looking for names of any men from Cabra, or who came to live in Cabra that would have been involved in the 1916 Rising. I am especially looking for some men who fought with the Fingal Brigade at the Battle of Ashbourne. If there are any family members still living in Cabra, would they get in touch with me at the above email address.
    Thanks a million
    Una Eager O’Brien. (originally from Carnlough Road)

  202. Joon 29 Nov 2015 at 10:14 pm

    sent a couple of posts here along with the ones listed but they seem to be gone out there into space. Just wanted to say well done again Tony G your poem speaks volumes. I had also said hello to everyone and wanted to wish you all a Happy Christmas too. Best wishes to all in my family and to all in Cabra West and to all around the globe on this site too. Take care all.
    Seasons greetings to everyone and have a lovely Christmas where ever you all may be.
    Good health and peace to all.

  203. Rita McMahonon 29 Nov 2015 at 7:12 pm

    Sorry Jo,
    Didn’t think my previous message went sorry for repeating myself…..
    Wishing You all a wonderful Christmas & New Year…….the Photo’s on FB re-union last night were great and the video of the singing, great time had by all. Rita O’M xo

  204. Rita McMahonon 29 Nov 2015 at 7:04 pm

    Hi All,
    My email was hacked so in case you get anything weird don’t open unless it says yahoo or gmail. I just noticed the name Vincent O’Malley 16th Nov on here, could You be a cousin if your folks were Gerry/May you never know, I also enjoyed that RTE Doc. very much what a lovely story . Had a great visit to Ireland/Wales in Sept. Dublin certainly has changed in the 10yrs since I was back and met up with some wonderful O’MALLEY Cousins in Cabra & Cabra cousins in Coolock, from my Uncle’s/ Jack & Gerry/families it was sure great to meet them all and Thanks to your Site for finding them all for me. I see from FB there was a very Happy 60/70’s Reunion in Cabra last night how wonderful. Well weather not too bad in Canada for the time of year and wishing You all good health & Christmas. Slan for now. Rita O’Malley McMahon.

  205. WendyPageton 25 Nov 2015 at 6:21 pm

    Hi, My grandfather was Bobby Paget from Fassuagh Avenue. Did anybody know him?

    Hi Wendy,
    My Dad was great pals with Bobby, I think they went to school, together.
    Also, I worked with Bobby when I was 14 in Brother’s Sewing Machine factory
    in Santry. Always the gentleman and always dressed well….
    He always dressed very well and was a gentleman.
    Martin =20

  206. Joon 23 Nov 2015 at 6:21 am

    Hello J R
    Great to read your update. Have a Good Christmas and keep well. Hope Shay and Willie and Eugene and everyone in UK and USA are doing ok especially all the Girls too. Hello Olive and Mary H T and Rita Ella and Joan patty Mags and June and all Love hearing from everyone Via texts emails and here too. Hope you had a nice time Willie on your travels. Take care all. Keep the updates coming. Happy Christmas to everyone and I can understand how many people over here say Happy Holidays truth is Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas all come one after the other. They like to say Happy Holidays and I don’t take any offence its just a holiday atmosphere generally speaking. Its nice to enjoy each holiday and we are looking forward to Celebrating thanksgiving too and then Christmas is just around the corner too. Each occasion means a nice time with family and traditions and dinner and being together too. So for now Happy Christmas to all and hope the coming year will bring good health peace and kindness to all.
    Kindest Regards to all and love to one and all too. Cheerio everyone

  207. Joon 20 Nov 2015 at 4:29 am

    Hello Madge,
    If you happen to look in here Madge just want to say I was very touched by your story. Great to hear everything about your Uncle Jack. Nice to hear Sean too. As I listened to Jack It took me back to some O’Neill History too. The workhouse in Kilkenyny in Particular. Your uncle Jack no doubt is a Gentle Giant and a Hero in my eyes. I think you are just brilliant to bring his story to light and to be able to tell the world about him and I am sure he has strengthened your family ties too. Thanks for sharing your Uncle Jack with us all too.
    Kindest Regards
    Jo. USA.
    Best wishes to all the O’Callaghan families.

  208. vincent o malleyon 16 Nov 2015 at 8:11 pm

    Listening to documentary ” my uncle Jack” realised that I knew this gentleman as he had undertalen a charity walk of the Ring of Kerry for us in 1990. A truly amazing feat ,110 miles non stop at a speed in excess of 5mph. Tried to contact Madge o Callaghan through RTE documentary site but only got automated e mail response. Feel previlaged to have known this man ,a quiet unassuming GENTLEMAN who didnt say much and who never got the credit he deserved for his many achievements.

  209. Tony Gormanon 16 Nov 2015 at 12:32 pm

    Paris in Mourning 15th November 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Emptiness fills the space that laughter use to fill
    And the silence it is deafening in the air so cold and still
    And tears replace the smiles for a city filled with pain
    And disbelief surrounds everyone for an act that was insane

    A place where lovers use to stroll in the romantic Paris air
    A horrendous thing has happened sending people to despair
    For it happened on a night like any night before
    When evil struck so violently within the city core

    When radicals with bombs and guns brought Paris to its knees
    And death and mayhem took its role upon the evening breeze
    As bodies littered everywhere from bullets as they flew
    And the fear was multiplying as the death toll grew and grew

    No pity from their slayers as randomly they killed
    A haunting time to cope in life as if all time stood still
    And when the horror mist had cleared and reality it struck home
    The world held France in its embrace to show it’s not alone

    Now our unity will help the French to cope from day to day
    To bring them strength and peace of mind of new hope to come their way
    And show them our allegiance is true in everything we do
    By rallying in solidarity around their flag of Red and White and Blue

  210. Joon 11 Nov 2015 at 8:20 pm

    Best wishes to Madge O’Callaghan on the Radio Will look forward to hearing that if I can get it, all the best to all the O’Callaghan family too. Very nice family.

  211. Joon 11 Nov 2015 at 8:17 pm

    Ah hello and welcome back Tony G

    The phone never worked again that went down the loo but I did get the new one or probably a reconditioned one came Via FedEx.
    Would have like to get over to Dublin for a family wedding but yet again couldn’t make it. I did see some lovely photos as the families and guests were all dressed up in roaring 20s fashions. They all looked like they were having a great aul time. I was in Las Vegas seeing family there so had a nice few days there too.
    Thanks for the laughs and the poetry and the hello. Taking it easy today at our end.
    All the best for now
    Kindest Regards to you and everyone on here too. Good Luck Martin with the new book

  212. Pattyon 11 Nov 2015 at 5:08 pm

    Hello All Lovely poems and lots of chat a very enjoyable read.Best Wishes from Patty.

  213. Tony Gormanon 08 Nov 2015 at 11:38 am

    Hello Jo

    Hello is it me your looking for
    Is your mobile battery dead?
    Is that ringing in your head?
    Do you wonder should you get another new phone instead?

    Do you not know what to do?
    Since the last fell down the loo
    It was then your anger grew
    Now your calls are very few
    You got to turn it all around
    And fix the volume so you can hear the sound
    Put it on to vibrated
    When it goes’ off you’ll feel great
    Hello, hello.
    Now I’m running short of things to say
    I hope that phone you got will be fixed for you someday
    Then your line will be so clear
    You won’t want your hearing aid to hear
    You’ll hear it ringing in your ear

    Hello, hello, hello are you still there Jo
    That fecking phone will have to go

    Hope all your families well Jo

    xx Tony

  214. Joon 08 Nov 2015 at 5:10 am

    Hello all,
    Nice to see family and extended family in Vegas this week. Nice to see some family photos of the wedding in Ireland too. Sorry we didn’t make it over. Hello J R good to hear you are in top form. Hello all in USA and A Happy Thanksgiving hope all are well.
    Christmas is really just around the corner. Hope Santa does not get stuck up the auld chimney. Greetings to one and all this end of year is fast approaching.
    Have a very Happy Christmas too I know it will be a busy time at this end as we get well into Nov and Dec. So take care all and best wishes to everyone
    All the best
    Kindest Regards to everyone everywhere around the globe. Hope Willie had a nice time in Ireland too al the best to one and all Everywhere.

  215. james rogerson 02 Nov 2015 at 5:23 pm

    The road west was our Oregon trail, we came on horse and cart’s handcart’s, shanks mare and the no 12 bus, with one thing in common, a key to a brand new house, not yet fully compleated. The buzz of workmen, installing new baths, painting, erecting the pailing’s, the good humour between them and the new arrival’s was magic, most people had no furniture to speak of, Tim our tomcat would not leave the pram in the parlour for week’s, the excitement of making new friend’s, the war was winding down or just ended, then starting school, exposed to the big bad world and bullie’s, then the move to the Barrs, Mr Gough, roll call, Seamus Mc Ruaidre, ” sir ”and on it went most of us got through the school hour’s in a Walter Mitty state of mind, 75 year’s later Walter and myself are still great mate’s, where would we be without him! Then the new’s sweeping the area, a new swimming baths was opening, what a great event, i was nearly drowned the first time i went, only someone pulled me out, i was a goner, mixed bathing, till the church objected, it was deemed imoral, yet we could swim in the broken arch togeather in the silverspoon running pass the baths and no one went to hell! i could never understand that.
    So many memorie’s of childhood day’s locked away a different world, when children were allowed to play their innocent game’s, not all day’s were happy day’s, i’m very lucky where i live, it’s a very safe place for children to play on the road’s as we did and halloween night, the kid’s with their shopping bag’s, trick or treat compared to us, help the halloween party, lucky if you got an apple and handful of nut’s. Hoping everyone is in great health and all is well in your backyard, hope you had a great trip Willie and remember ” it’s all only make beleive” we are not really here!

  216. Joon 31 Oct 2015 at 12:39 am

    Hello John Skea,
    Just a little hello hope you get the info you need. I know lots of Cabra West and many other children and families all had a good time at the Silver spoon. I am sure Martin will be very helpful and many of the people from Finglas or Cabra areas would be glad to help you out. Try having a read of a book called waiting for the 22 by Bernard Neary I am sure he and others in his book would have mentioned the silver spoon too. Lots of Writers from Finglas and Cabra may also have some good info. Try Dermot Bolger or Gene Kerrigan Martin Coffey and Rose O’Driscoll’s book too she also has poetry written that was also featured in Bernard Neary’s book too. Rose has passed away but wrote some really good poetry in her time. Rose and I had some good times scribbling together in the past. She did a little poetry on the silver spoon that too might be mentioned in Bernard’s book or writings.
    All the best and hope you find some of what you need via this site or through some of the great Cabra West and Cabra writers.
    Regards Jo.

  217. Joon 28 Oct 2015 at 8:51 pm

    Where is our resident poet and posters Gone fishing again ? Health home and hearts take up all our times these days.
    By the way The old phone went down the loo
    Got a new one its dead as a door nail.
    the house phone useless too the land line only lets telemarketers through
    This is not a poem its all really true.
    Over to you now Tony G

    Regards to one and all and a Very Happy Halloween to everyone hope it is not too scary there is enough of that in the world today.
    One could say its conkers
    Bye all

  218. Joon 28 Oct 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Hello Ella I looked in today to see how everyone might be. Yes we have high school ages too and a 5 and an 8 year old they are the younger ones. So I expect these two will be one of the knocks on our door. We have some new neighbors too and they will be toddlers coming to knock and the rest will be tweens and teens they still come with the younger ones for a laugh and or just to say hello and get their lolly pops or heard bands I make head gear and if I know who they are ill keep their ears warm for a laugh and they know it too. So if I recognize them I tease them back and put a head band on them for fun They can use them when they go skate boarding or snow boarding or up the Slopes to ski. It gets cold here in due time.
    There is a family wedding I wish I could get to in Ireland however maybe another time I will get over to UK and Ireland. Talked to the family in London and Dublin today and hope some of them connect with Willie if possible too.
    Take care all. I have some Halloween things to do today preparing some treats and spooky things for the weekend then I am off to Las Vegas for while. I need the last bit of Sunshine before our snow comes.
    Cheerio all.
    Kindest Regards to you Ella and to one and all here.

    The O’Neill clans

    A great O’Neill warrior recently went away
    Having a reunion and no doubt some fair play
    There will be Jack with his bag pipes
    and Jim with the old black and white keys
    Not forgetting some drums and a Guinness if you please
    There will be Michael with his tapping of the toes and heels
    Their mammy doing jigs and their dad doing reels
    Paddy affectionately known as Pat will play a tune in time
    Though he first learned to do it with a comb and paper so fine
    He progressed to the harmonica and kept the dancers in line
    Of course there will be Biddy and Josie and Mary Nora and Peggy affectionately known as Yiya in the days or yore
    Dancing around in circles and clapping and rejoicing heels to that heavenly floor
    They are all still part of our lives and a heritage grand
    In our lives they played a part and had a hand
    I pay tribute to them all and to our great Auntie Nan
    The generations will all be connected to her she did all to lend a hand
    I will continue to find the missing links Uncle Tom will help you see
    I can just picture the grand reunion and in that great Hall
    There will always be room for receptions and reunions and Music galore
    So keep a song in your heart and tune on the fiddle the bow never rests
    The O’Neill musicians and Warriors will always welcome guests
    Dead or alive they are the very best

  219. ella bryaon 26 Oct 2015 at 11:18 pm

    Hi to all hope everyone is well. I hope Willie has a great time in Ireland and that all goes well. Yes Halloween is this weekend so I hope the rain keeps off for the night. Martin Jo and all the rest of the gang here hope you have a good Halloween and do not eat too much candy. A lot of people have moved in our area so we do not know how many children will be about. We have no grandchildren the age to go from door to door the last two are in High School and the others are at university. Time really goes fast and we have to make the most of it. Nice to see that we still have the site going and Martin you are doing a good job and all the rest of you who keep it going. Goodbye for now


  220. John Skeaon 22 Oct 2015 at 9:55 am

    Hi All, I am researching an article on the Royal Canal from Binn’s bridge to Ashtown and I am looking for information on a swimming hole which I think was called the “spoon” up near Reilly’s bridge ?. any information would be appreciated , or any other points of historic or heritage value would be great.


    John Skea (DIT)

    Hi John,
    The place you referred to as ‘The Spoon’ was known as ‘The Silverspoon’.
    It was a small stretch of the Tolka River that once ran at the back of the =
    then Cabra Baths
    The Cabra Baths was an open air swimming pool.

    Martin Coffey (086 313 2564)

  221. Joon 19 Oct 2015 at 2:41 pm

    Hello Rita
    delighted to hear you got to make this trip. Well done even more delighted that you got to meet up with all the families. Time is just whizzing by. Hope Willie gets a chance to catch up too with family and friends and the cabra west site pals too. I bet he will have a great time too. Meantime all kept busy at our end. The chisslers keep us busy here too and everyone plodding along with work home family life kids and everything else. We keep an eye on heath and keep going. Slowing down is a good thing sometimes.
    Wishing everyone all the very best and miss seeing everyone on here too. I also know life gets busy and for some of us its slowing down time too. Take care all and keep well. Cheerio and have a nice Halloween for the USA and Canada posters have a nice Thanksgiving we have already been to get huge pumpkins at our neighbors farm and the kids loved the Hay ride and the corn maze and picking their own. They love that our neighbor has all the old farm machines on display too and they get to play and explore as well. Good old fashioned/Vintage stuff to learn lots about too. Ah sure Santie Claus is only around the corner too eh. Cheerio all take care not forgetting one and all.
    Thanks for update Rita hope you took lots of photos too.

  222. Rita McMahonon 17 Oct 2015 at 5:02 pm

    Well just recovering from a Wonderful trip to Ireland/Wales after 10yrs it sure has changed some things for the better and some not so and just to Thank this site and all the kind folks over the years with helping me making contact with my long lost Cabra Cousins spead all over the World. I met up with a few in Cabra and such a great evening it was Culture Night in Dublin and I sure got an O’Malley Culture Welcome! also got to spend time in Dublin with other members of the O’Malley Clan who came from CABRA. Thanks again and hope Willie Lynch has a great time in Ireland with his US friends and get to meet some of ye. God Bless you all and sure enjoy the Cabra FB page. Slan Rita xo

  223. Joon 13 Oct 2015 at 1:43 am

    Good luck Willie I think everyone needs a holiday ya never know sure the O’Neill’s might show up and some of the Cabra West posters too ya never know Ill pass on the word to the family and Hope some will be able to catch ya on yer trip. Have a blast Willie and love to you and yours too Well done be sure to get some rest too you’ll be jet lag so take care of yourself as well. Hope Bev and Chisslers are all ok too.
    Love to all
    Kind regards

  224. willie lynchon 11 Oct 2015 at 1:56 am

    Hello gang hoping all is well. as we all ready know time is flyin, the tour of ireland is next week 18th ta 29th oct. Jo wish you were there y’d have a ball. Anyway martin/Jo’s family/ olive / Ambrose / Jimmy R/ if any one is close do dop inn. I’ll be in Dubhlin for 3 nights @ Clyde Hotel ballsbrodge 22nd 23rd 24th. Maybe 22nd or 23rd I will play that night? Evening and have two friends of mine drop inn and do their thing Mick Roche a showband singer & Tom Foley, i have 23 yanks with me there and Family and friends etc etc . Any thing can happen. So all is welcome. welcome Home ,…….welcome come on in and cllose the door. Here’s the dates, i’ll only play 4 R 5 times in 10 days the rest we will be out on the town with shows etc. good noght all, Its saturday night just got home from bowtie gig. willie L

    Heres the hotels and dates etc. Dublin airport 19th to Mayo.Â
    19th Ashford castle.353-94-9546003 Breakest in Kilbeggan Pantry Rest,
    20th & 21st Mill Park Hotel Donegal 353-74-9722880
    22nd – 23rd & 24th Clyde Court Hotel Lansdowne Rd. 353-1-4779900. see moms grave etc.
    25th Kingsley hotel Cork. 353-21-4779900
    26th & 27th Actons Hotel Kinsale 353-61-364116
    28th Bunratty castle Hotel clare. 353-61-364116.
    29th Shannon Airport.

  225. Joon 06 Oct 2015 at 4:30 pm

    Once upon a Day

    Conkers Coddle Colcannon
    Cosy comfort and play
    Conkers on twine gathered and shined
    knuckles sore once upon a day
    Coal and turf fire in the city
    On farms lots of bails of Hay
    Apples gathered in from orchard
    apple tart made in a special way
    Cloves used in some others left plain
    Toffee apples on ice pop sticks
    in our house an extra treat we gain
    The battle of the conker the roar as it splits
    Winner takes all as on the step they sit
    The dinner is ready its colcannon galore
    The mammy hid some treats on ours for sure
    The Ha’penny in wax paper told of never being poor
    The match stick told of old maids by fires like never before
    The sweet was the treat to be had all the night long
    The sixpence told of days of plenty never going broke when you do what you are told
    and the thru’pence of being hard as brass and you will love and live to be so old
    The diamond cheap ring told of next to get engaged
    the gold ring was a sign that leaving the nest was yet to be told
    Ah the last but not least was to continue to eat the feast of Colcannon on your plate
    and then the true story was told
    Ye wont have the skitters and yiz wont have grub for the week
    SO get lots of fruit and nuts in to you before the weather turns bleak
    The colcannon will fill yiz up and the fruits will nourish like treats
    Its the nuts you have to be minding cause they’ll loosen up yer bowels
    So the coddle will comfort and keep you as you will be up all night like owls
    So be wise as you help the Halloween party and be ready for the next week
    So off yiz all go and have your party and dress up any way you can Home made costumes from cubbyholes coal holes and soot lotions and potions
    Help the Halloween party in every way you can
    Go door to door and sing your song fill up your bag or pillow case as best you can
    have loads of fun and you’ll conker the night and have bonfires big and grand
    Share that aul pillow case full of treats including the ones in mouth and hand
    With all the kids from Cabra West and don’t forget to play conkers like a man
    No tears for damaged knuckles no pain no gain enjoy the bonfire and no doubt the rain
    The roundabout full of junk ready to set alight the smoke filled sky can create a scary sight
    the comfort from the fire will bring mighty flames Ah but one can always depend on the almighty for the drop of rain. It seems like many years ago such things were part of our games . Today I am glad to say that we still cherish such things with family.
    I have conkers ready for play and colcannon on my plate the coddle is a regular meal
    in this house and come one come all its never too late.
    Hello to all our family everywhere letters in the post, email, text and calls,
    Thanks for always keeping in touch you are all terrific love yiz. love to all.
    Happy Halloween to everyone everywhere and hope all are well.
    Love Jo.

  226. Joon 05 Oct 2015 at 5:00 am

    Hello Willie,
    I bet Lily and Grace are just huge now and no doubt bring great joy to you and THe missus. and the parents too. The music still keeps you going keep at it. For love and money it will still sustain you all your days. Ye cant beat a bit of music.
    Greetings to everyone on here, too and you have a safe trip and have a nice time back in Ireland. Up the Dubs of course ye cant beat the wild west too. So have a good time with family and friends.
    Cheerio for now and all the best to you and yours.
    and to all on the site.

  227. Sean Wardon 04 Oct 2015 at 9:53 pm

    I hope life is good for you in NJ. I lived in Middletown from 1985 to 1990.

    Sean Ward,late of Cabra Drive.

  228. willie lynchon 02 Oct 2015 at 8:06 pm

    Hello to all from the weather betting New Jersey, On the EAST here the weatherman has us running after out tails. After storm sandy people don’t take any thing lightly any more. Tiring to get the money from the Government is wicked, people with 2nd homes are fine, it’s the first and only home people, have it really bad. Anyway Jo yes time is nothing I always say,. A year is a month now at this age. Oct 19th I’ll be in Dublin airport 7am on 10 days tour. I can feel the wind already. But like the rest it will be over and done. Jezzzzzz I went ta two wakes last Monday, one in Staten Island NY and other in Bordentown NJ, the 2nd wake when I was leaving to go home, they asked me to sing Danny boy, seemly the church wouldn’t let the play it at mass, talk about off the cuff, I did two songs (the old man & Danny boy). Standing next to the Coffin. The only other time I did that was for a great friend Dick Reilly, I sang ( the bold Finianman ) Now that was hard for me…..a lot of tears mixed with music notes. That is one of my all time Faverite songs, a classic work of art as we’d say. Jo I still baby-sit Tues & Thurs 8am ta 3pm and maybe more. I Was just thinking it now about 10 years since we all met again on the site, and it’s been fab for me, I love this site its not as active as it was, but that’s fine we are all still here for now, enjoy the moments pass them on. Love to all. Willie L

  229. Joon 30 Sep 2015 at 2:08 am

    Hello our June Margaret Patty and all the brothers too. Hope all are well. Hope all are doing ok on here too. Hope Mary H T is doing ok. Hay Willie nice to read your hello too. Shay and Eugene and J R and so many others hello and hope you are all doing ok too.
    Hello Rita and all up there in Canada and hello to all in OZ and NZ too and everywhere. Hello to all in Coventry Dublin London and everywhere in UK too.
    Hello to our Poetry Pal I sure hope you are keeping well and still keeping your writing up to date. Hope you are still involved in the many good causes you take care of too.
    Hope we are all keeping an eye on our health and wellness too. So take care all.
    Thinking of everyone and wishing everyone all the very best. Hello to Ella and Olive and Theresa and I am sure there are lots of people who take a look in here whos names I have not mentioned so to all take care and all the very best to everyone. Halloween around the corner followed very quickly by Thanksgiving and then of course Santa too. The chisslers love this time of year I am heading off now to find some conkers for the grandkids and get them started on some of the auld games God help my knuckles. But Im game if they are we still paly snap and Jack stones at our end. Great to actually see kids playing such games with their Na Na when they come over and doing some Art and crafts when possible too. Great aul kids all of them. love them to bits
    Bye for a while be heading off again have to hit the Rd before the weather changes too fast.
    Cheerio I sure hope there will be a bit of life back on here when I get back.
    REgards to everyone

  230. Joon 28 Sep 2015 at 2:53 pm

    Hello Mark
    Got to see the web site you shared that was a very interesting, Thanks for that it was like back in the day when our family listened to the radio gram. Speaking of which the Da made the cabinet for the radio gram and the record player and all the big and small records in the press on the side of it too.

    Hello to all on here. Hope all are well. Halloween only around the corner again time just keeps going by too fast. Time for the Colcannon and the conkers maybe a good coddle too and some soda bread this Season. The youngest of the grandkids will play the rest are all grown up now and are much busier with school and extras and of course they are so grown up now they have their admirers too.
    How life goes by so fast.

    take care all Have a wicked time
    This witch needs to plan some tricks and treats and maybe I will even get away on my Broom too. Some travel in the Air coming up too. Nice to read the events page and updates. Glad the site is back up.
    Cheerio all
    Regards to one and all

  231. Joon 24 Sep 2015 at 7:33 pm

    welcome back Martin same here no shortage of puter issues. Love to all.
    Take care Ive been to here there and yonder and back again
    Kindest Regards everyone.
    the new phone has me up the wall. still cant see the numbers and letters I get a laugh if nothing else mostly a laugh and tons of nothing else.

  232. willie lynchon 23 Sep 2015 at 12:49 am

    Thanks martin, I didn’t know if it was I with the web site, maybe you were thrown me off. I did try to get on a few times and nothing happened. Anyway thanks for the book it arrived like clock work, I love the old 1916 stuff,…… what magic pix they are didn’t get to the end yet. Well nothing much is happening here, just waiting for Oct 19th I’ll be landing in Ireland again 10 days of wonder. When they give me the day-by-day tour I’ll send it to ya. If anyone’s around I’d love to see ya. Nothing Fancy just a cuppa a or drink,……I’ll play about 4 or 5 times, the rest of the time we will be stepping it out. Love to all. Willie L

  233. Martin Coffeyon 22 Sep 2015 at 3:29 pm

    The website has been down for a while now due to someone thinking it’s a great idea to HACK into it and disrupt everything. A big ‘Thank You’ to my son, Mark for coming to my rescue once again…

  234. Pattyon 09 Sep 2015 at 12:57 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site Nice photo taken in the Omni enjoyed the chat it was great meeting you and Mary.The book is terrific.Thanks to all for the poems stories and chat I meant to write sooner better late than never.Best Wishes and good health too all .Patty.

  235. willie lynchon 07 Sep 2015 at 6:36 pm

    Jo don’t talk about this free phone insurance, my sons tells or dad they are giving me a free upgrade. Ha or He HE on me. The cell phone I use is from George Washington I sure. But mom and Brian have the new stuff, what a laugh I pay for it all. what they have it’s like a computer, with every thing on it. Hay what ever keeps them happy, a happy wife…. a happy life. TONY that loo was real funny man,. and Jo tiring to get out of it saying No the Loo was clean Ha. anyway the doc called her and she got Love potion NO 9 frm madian Ruth. Martin I love that Pick with Ambrose, I’ll be in Dublin for three days, WELL that’s the plan in oct. its labor day ta day here in the states its a hot here still in the 90’s. I have a gig in Avon by the Sea playing at the Norwood inn 5pm be there or be Sq. love to all. Willie.

  236. Mark Murphyon 07 Sep 2015 at 10:37 am

    Hello Jo
    I saw your comments reminiscing about old songs such as “Goodbye Johnny Dear” and “a Mothers love is a Blessing”, they were written about 1875 by the almost forgotten Johnny Patterson (The Famous Irish Clown), he made it big all over America, you will enjoy the attached link, Johnny appears on my family tree.


  237. Mark Murphyon 07 Sep 2015 at 10:12 am

    Re Martin Coffey’s Mulhall story.

    I have been working on a family tree in recent times and a Mulhall family from CARNLOUGH RD(Loughlin Mulhall) appear in my research, I would be interested in sharing some information if this is the same family.
    Thanks Jo for responding to me previously.


  238. Joon 07 Sep 2015 at 6:45 am

    ooops the Da use to say Black and Amber

  239. Joon 07 Sep 2015 at 6:44 am

    Up the Dubs and not forgetting The KILKENNY CATS TOO Up the Cats

    The best cats in the world. The Day use to say Black and Amber up the CATS.

    Yep we have true blue in us and some wild cats too.

  240. Joon 06 Sep 2015 at 8:09 am

    Hello to all my sisters and Brothers and all the locals on this site and regulars and new comers. Hope all are well, Hello Mark Murphy sorry I was mixing you up with a chap who went to Sweden I eventually remembered his name was Gerard Murphy from Carnlough Rd. His Mam Betty O’Connor Murphy lived on our Rd.

    Well now Tony G that was a how’ll I had forgotten I said the phone went down the loo.
    I was cleaning the bathroom at the time and had left the phone on the sink and was then cleaning the sink and forgot it was there and just swiped off the phone up it went into the air down the clean loo. No one got look at me thank goodness. I was waiting for a call form the Doc. so had the phone with me all over the house that day. Well glad you still have that good aul sense of humor too. Thanks for the laughs.
    The hubby got me a new phone this week. He said to me the other day we are going out and heading to get you a phone and off we went to the local phone store etc and sure I was so surprised he set it all up with the lads at the shop and then said pick a nice cover for it sure there was a lovely gold one looking at me so I picked that and before I knew it the lads all fixed me up with the phone, it looked lovely, with the gold on it and looked like a bar of gold Ah but when I got home to use it sure it was like trying to get in and outa fort knox I hadn’t a clue it has so many things it could do.
    I am getting the hang of it just the same.
    Off I go again. and hope one and all are doing well.
    Do I hear another poem coming this way all about FORT KNOX My sisters are way better than me at the technology. Sometimes I cant see the small print so have to put on the auld glasses sure by the time I do that I miss the calls and texts but it is such a laugh too.
    Cheerio all
    Im going to hit the hay the rest of yiz are probably having a lazy Sunday morning
    Regards to all

  241. Tony Gormanon 05 Sep 2015 at 10:52 am

    Jo’s W/C Dilemma

    Hello hello is that you is that you
    “Woops” holy shit I dropped my phone down the loo
    I better sit still and keep it in the dark
    As I bought this visual phone just for a lark

    And the bloody thing is waterproof and shock proof as well
    And the person that’s on it can see all I can tell
    But if I block out the light they won’t see my bum
    And I have to sit here as I’ve got a bad tum

    I’d shout for my hubby to turn out the light
    And I’d stick my hand down to get it without fear of sight
    For the face of the phone might be looking up
    And what they might see would be no buttercup

    So I’m sitting here praying they gave up on the call
    And I’m very annoyed that I let the phone fall
    “Oh” the light has gone out now I pulled the phone out
    Wrong number it says as I scream and I shout

    I will never again take my phone to the loo
    If anyone rings me they’ll know what to do
    Leave a bloody message for me on my visual phone
    And leave me at peace when I sit on the throne

    Hope you washed your hands when you retrieved it?
    Xx Tony G

  242. Joon 04 Sep 2015 at 12:28 am

    Hello Theresa Tinggal hope you are well. you crossed my mind today how are things going for you Martin has my email if ever you want to say hello that way too.
    Regards, Jo.

    I recently did a little bit of research on something and all tho I did hear from the sources and powers that be and I had all the info I needed cause I happened to have to info from another source. I wrote to them just the same to get some of the same info in writing from their records. I was denied and told the info does not exist for the years I mentioned. and yet I have the info myself and once went there to confirm it years ago. I know that sounds strange but I am going to write again and see what they have to say about the info I have. I will be letting them know I do have it from another source and see if they will dig deeper. Amazing what they can say when they think you are too far away to bother. I will keep you posted. Anyway I sure hope I can get the info in time. I will keep trying as it will be a help to others. I sometimes help people to find info. take care for now all the best I am glad Martin posted your story on here too I meant to tell you I had looked at it and I sure wish you all the very best and everyone else who has been searching for years to get info.
    Regards again

  243. Joon 02 Sep 2015 at 6:12 pm

    Bridie Gallagher use to sing a song that became part of the sing along in our house when ever the relations and families got together.
    We called all them auld songs COMEALLYEZ

    There was a huge influence from all our relations on songs and music from back in the Day everyone had their favorites from THe roaring 20s into the 30s and 40s and 50s and 60s and onwards. We were all influenced one way or another either a party piece of a musical instrument a song and or a dance.

    As it is a time to remember the Mammy and the mammy in law this month there is a song that came to mind called A Mothers loves a blessing so just thought I would say hello to all the family Via the site too and see who remembers the COMEALLYEZ including the ones in our house that often ended with the medley

    A mothers loves a blessing no matter where you roam keep her while she’s living cause you’ll miss her when shes gone, love her as in childhood tho’ feeble old and gray cause you’ll never miss your mother’s love till shes buried beneath the clay
    and then everyone going right into Good Bye Johnny Dear and when your far away don’t for get your dear ol mother far across the sea write a letter now and then and send her all you can and don’t forget where er you roam that you’re and IRISH man
    I think when the tears were mopped up someone always sang show me the way to go home I’m tired and I want to go to bed I had a little drink about an hour ago and its gone right through my head .
    Well just some blasts from the past creeping into the heart and mind
    Remembering our Mammy’s anniversary and Dolly’s Birthday


    Day to day still don’t know where the car keys are and I haven’t mixed up the tooth paste with the prep H any more enough said Im outa here. The mind boggles day to day but them auld memories are still there from years and years ago must be the music that does the trick they say the last thing to go with the Alzheimers is the music so heres to better jam sessions every day.
    Greetings to all

  244. Joon 02 Sep 2015 at 2:48 pm

    Hello all,
    The last time I was in the Omni was ages and ages ago when we were over to visit the family. Nice to see you all having a chat and a cuppa. No wonder my ears were red hot. put a nice slice of lemon into that hot cup of water keeps the winter ills away too Martin. Glad you all got together. Nice photo of you all. Best wishes with the book too I see George and Margaret and Patty wasted no time getting their copies.
    I bet it will be a hit with one and all.
    Yourself and herself are looking well too great to see you all.
    One of these days I will get over put the kettle on. A fruit slice or a chester cake or one of Margaret’s Christmas puddings would go down well with that cuppa too. Doesn’t have to be Christmas to get a slice of M’s pudding. Patty that lamb stew would go down well before the pudd.
    Cheerio for now all.

  245. sean dunneon 02 Sep 2015 at 1:49 am

    hi sean ward if you see this wrong phone entered for sean dunne its 954 465 5263 thanks sean dunne

  246. willie lynchon 02 Sep 2015 at 12:53 am

    hello Martin hope all went well…….love the picture. If ya wouldn’t mind sending me over one, On the never never, No really,…..i’ll be home oct 19th 7am for 10 days 28th. but if ya could send it out to me. willie lynch 23 Readington Road whitehouse station New jersey 08889. I could wait but why?…… its later then we think. Jo I think the FBI or CIA is after ya, i think your on track GPS etc with the GoV. now they’ll be onta your sisters, stand in the band with bald Hugh O’Neill. Just a hello to all, nothing new here it’s real hot in the 90% most days. willie L

  247. Joon 30 Aug 2015 at 6:43 pm

    How did the book launch go Martin hope you and yours are all well Best wishes.
    Nice to see the photo on events page too thanks for the update.

    Hello to one and all hope everyone is doing ok.

    Hope the 2 Sean’s Connect too

    Hope the rest of you say hello on here now and then. I think of you all often and wonder how you all are.

    Hill 16 looks good too But I wonder about the HOGAN stand how are ye at all Mary H T.
    and all the girls on here.

    Patty and Margaret and June sorry the house phone at our end is still not working I can get very all from tele Marketers and every one seeling things but I cannot for the life of me get the phone company to take care of our family and regular incoming calls so sorry. Doesn’t help that my cell phone went down the loo recently too. Enough said Tony Gorman might have field day with that one,
    Thank goodness for email and this auld cabra Site too
    Regards to one and all

  248. sean dunneon 28 Aug 2015 at 3:57 am

    hi sean ward if you get this reply please contact sean dunne @954 465 5363 thank you sean

  249. Joon 27 Aug 2015 at 2:24 am

    Hello Martin
    all the very best with the new book launch take care
    regards Jo and all in the USA

  250. Joon 26 Aug 2015 at 3:34 pm

    East of the Sun and West of the Moon.

    They have moved
    The garden is nice
    Mountains still stand
    Shadows fall
    The Valley is beautiful
    Sounds are many
    Voices tender
    Tears real
    Hearts throb
    silence too
    thoughts deep
    Hills steep
    Roads twist and turn and wind
    Traveling along
    take a peek
    Angel sweet
    it is ok to meet
    right there every day
    tired feet
    Just East of the Sun
    West of the moon
    the ladybugs and my little bird greet.
    yes east of the sun and west of the moon
    they have their own little seat .
    The Wreath

    It can be worn as crown
    or placed at our feet
    It can hang on a door
    and simply greet
    The seasons can come and go
    the wreath in each season can show
    The feelings for Spring
    the warmth of Summer
    the colors of Fall
    Christmas deck the halls
    The wreath is a treasure
    when made of paper or leather
    or made with Burlap or feather
    with twine or strings
    Ribbons and things
    The wreath is a reminder of the circle of life
    and when little ones wear them like halo
    or crown we think of Angels and want them around.
    of mothers and daughters who deserve the best
    of others who need to have some rest
    So I make my own wreath each Season
    a little each new day
    The Angels will see it from far away
    It will stand out among the rest
    like a monument it can stand the test.
    there should be more monuments to mothers
    This is my solemn wish so I will begin with my wreaths
    and writings and hold on to my wish.
    I am working on a monument and it is a work of Art
    I will dedicate it to all mothers especially the ones with Broken hearts.

  251. Joon 25 Aug 2015 at 8:38 pm

    Hello Mark Murphy
    Are you in Sweden ? I recall a Richie Mulhall the name rings a bell. I also recall O’Loughlin’s from Drumcliffe near Carnlough lower end. Maybe someone else has some thoughts on those names and we can jog a few other memories too. Good luck with your family tree too. Love doing the family tree myself. It is a labor of love. Anyway all the best and hope you find the family

    A special hello to everyone else on here too where is everyone gone. Some must be fishing or on hols some hopefully writing novels and others rock and Roll.
    Yep these days Rock and Roll adds a whole new meaning to life and life likewise has lots of new meanings for Rock and Roll. Yepp I roll outa bed and I rock the babies or just rock Jigs and Reels like wise are so different these days too.

    Went camping this past weekend too Now that too was a whole new experience as well. Up near Sundance but never did see the Sundance kid or Butch Cassidy tho I was on Robert Redford’s turf again. Over to our Poet and over to all our cowboys and Indians too. Wheres all the girl guides when I need them and the rest of yiz greetings to you all
    Love Jo.

  252. Joon 19 Aug 2015 at 2:32 am

    Hello to Willie and family. Our thoughts are with you and especially Bev and family too. Hard auld station. Thinking of you and yours.
    Kindest Regards and our condolences
    Jo USA.

    Hello to everyone on the site too will write again soon.

  253. Mark Murphyon 18 Aug 2015 at 8:39 pm

    Hello, I was interested in the photo of Richard Mulhall, Cabra West Footballers, I am working on a family tree and I believe a Loughlin Mulhall from Carnlough Road is part of the family, would you know if Richard was part of Loughlin’s family, I am interested in sharing my findings if they are of interest to anybody.

  254. ella bryanon 17 Aug 2015 at 6:55 am

    Hello to all we are having very hot weather 30 c and higher. We have forest fire’s all over B.C and some are people’s fault trowing butts away and not putting them out or they are caused by lighting etc. all camping fires are cancelled We even are not allowed to water lawns or waste water. I hope it gets better soon. I guess I cannot complain as we have no fires close to us and we try to save as much water as we can. Hope everyone is enjoying good health and enjoying their summer. Good luck to all. bye Ella

  255. ella bryanon 17 Aug 2015 at 6:37 am

    Deepest sympathy on the death of Bev’s Mom. May she rest in peace. Willy it is hard to loose someone. You are in our prayers. God Bless Ella

  256. sean dunneon 15 Aug 2015 at 7:41 pm

    hi niall kavanagh if you get this please respond to johndunne 3774 @comcast .net thank you

  257. sean dunneon 12 Aug 2015 at 4:00 pm

    hi folks my name is sean dunne i replied to an enquiry by niall kavanagh from erris road about a month ago i knew niall well but havent seen any reply from him i will be in mexico in october and would love to meet up with him maybe i am not using the site correctly please let me know thank you sean up the dubs

  258. Theresa Tinggalon 12 Aug 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Next Monday 17th until Sat 22nd Aug….hope to meet a few of you on the 22nd…the last night

    An inspiring, emotional and sometimes amusing telling of Ireland’s secret history. As some people may know I have been on here appealing for help in the search for my birth mother which is still ongoing. This play is well worth seeing and hope some of you can make it.


  259. willie lynchon 11 Aug 2015 at 5:34 pm

    Good day all. So good to read the stories here as I tell yiz all the time, you make my day, to get me away from stage it bring me way back to wonderful time, as I sing that song (only if the right Crowd is in front of me) Gold and Silver days. Man I do a good job on that. When ya lived some thing it’s not had ta sing it, it’s just like walking. Tony wonderful times, that’s your next poem. Thank about it……….Jezz who am I tellin. As I tell ya you guys have more talent in your little finger then I have in my whole body. J R Lily is a Doll a real ROSSIE (spelling)) man she almost three now I still have that Lily’s cafe card, it in her baby book. J R ya know I’d dance with ya any time; I might even throw in Jig or reel Ha. Anyway Folks Bev my wife lost her Mom yesterday she was 89, she went easy and Slow, just turned her head in the chair and went off to heaven. Undertaker has all been done just picking out flowers and things for wake Friday and mass Saturday. AS the show on BBC said. “That’s the week that was”. Anyone remember that show in B & W and a little SNOW. That was RTE. love to all. Willie

  260. Joon 08 Aug 2015 at 3:53 am

    Hello J R I think you sent me your weather cause its lashing outa the heavens here at the moment. Feels like Autumn and kids going back to school here Aug 24th seems to early as I recall it use to be Sept back in the day. Nice to hear from you too Jimmy. The past 7 years sure did fly by glad you are loving being back in Ireland. Im grand where I am out here in the wild west sure we have all our kids out this way too and the little ones tho they are all growing like the grass now too Teens tween and toddlers they are growing up way too quickly too. Will be seeing some of them next week as they are coming to us. So we are looking forward to all of us getting together,
    Greetings to you Jimmy and to everyone on here will get back to you all again in the near future hope one and all are keeping well.
    Kindest Regards,

  261. james rogeson 01 Aug 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Jo some of the wan’s i knew, there were all kind of strange men knocking at their doors. Your ma didn’t open the door always, some times she went out without her feet.
    Summertime has not shown its face here yet, it nearly arrived yesterday but changed its mind but it doesn’t bother me, i wouldn’t swap a drop of Irish rain for all the sun in Greece. i’m seven years back this weekend, not a moments regret, i had some old friends drop in for a visit during the week, they still live on Killala, only a handful of the originals living there. There was a Ward family lived on Broomer.I get flashbacks at times of a girl, lived down near the old tin church, Madeline O’Brian, i probley mentioned her before but it’s nice to have a senior moment. And Willie, dont forget to save the last dance for all of those who danced at the Barrs, for all we know we may never meet again, everytime i have a coffee at Lilys cafe i think of your grandaughter, she must be grown into a beauty now. So take care everyone, enjoy your senior moments.
    Jimmy R.

  262. Joon 31 Jul 2015 at 8:35 pm

    Hello all,
    Love that door M C the stain glass is beautiful. Those were indeed the days now I think they are DAZE. Anyway hope all are well and getting through their Summer. Hope we all have enough health to keep us going too. Things pop up and then other things have to go on hold.
    So little breaks do us all good when we can get them. Glad I have nice weather in my favor. Not going far lately more at home these days. Will have a full house soon as family get together. I love a full house.
    Chisslers galore of course and when ever we can have them all here it’s terrific Meantime hello to everyone nice to see some chit chat on here with all you lads too. Hello Willie glad you are all busy in NJ too take care and hello to all yours too.
    No more news at my end.
    Regards Jo

    The Hall door

    That auld door knew every man
    The gas man
    the slop man
    the bread man
    The coal man
    the milk man
    The insurance man
    The pools man
    the paper man
    The ESB man
    The Jew Man
    The sloans Man
    The check man
    The beggar man
    The rag man
    The Fisher man
    The chapel man
    over to everyone else and our poetry pal Tony G
    Looks like it was a man’s world in Cabra World

    How many other men knocked at your hall door. ???????????? I am sure there are lots more who knocked at our doors .

    Three hard knocks came knocking at the Door weeeeela weeeela waile off I go now I think Ill put on the Dubliners and listen to a few songs this summers day.

  263. Martin Coffeyon 29 Jul 2015 at 12:32 pm

    This message came into the site recently …

    Peter Byrne here from broombridge rd. is there a Tina Dudley out there, if so, I,d like to chat to you about old times. Cheers.

  264. willie lynchon 27 Jul 2015 at 3:38 pm

    Hay Sean ward, my first band the creoles from Cabra west,. Had a Sean Ward from Bannow or Broom bridge road??, he was married and had a few Kids, yes he was older then us, are you related at all to him. I think Sean has since died a few years ago, I’ll have to ask Tom Foley from walkentown he was our Sax player, TOM Remembers every thing. What Part of New Jersey did ya live, its a wonder ya didn’t see me I’ve played every where Sean (even in Nellie’s room behind the wallpaper). Big stuff small stuff I’ve done it. I live out country like N W NJ,……big towns are Flemington and Clinton, The Readington Ballroom fair was this weekend that’s my town I’m a mile away in (Whitehouse station). The relations at Home in maiihide /Raheny/Lusk etc put it in the computer and see the house and us walking around outside, this computer is some thing else. Let me get going here. Love to all. Willie

  265. sean dunneon 27 Jul 2015 at 3:18 am

    hi sean my name is also sean i used to deliver newspapers to your house you lived beside the hanlons in 27 and coughlans in 33 cant remember who lived in 29 have you heard from niall kavanagh ?? hope all is well with you regards sean dunne

  266. Sean Wardon 25 Jul 2015 at 11:25 pm

    Nice to hear from someone with experiences similar to my own.I lived in NJ from 1985 to 1990 and my youngest daughter was born there,After that I lived in Cork City for 16 years.I am now back in Dublin for 6 years.
    Anyone out there remember me?

    Sean Ward.

  267. willie lynchon 22 Jul 2015 at 3:12 am

    Hello gang. I just did a county cork woman’s 90th b’day party Sunday It was in the Hanover manor east Hanover New jersey. Anyway good friends of the woman’s were a few dubs the Willie Gannon’s family from cabra,….. They lived down by were the 12 bus at Our ladys Statue and the play ground, cant remember the name of the road, was it Quarry road?? Not sure …… a family of dubs came out and a family from (Co cork Middleton) they all came out, its was a ball, As a song on one of my CD’s in TITLED, ITS NICE TO MEET SOMEONE FROM HOME. PERFECT FOR THAT AFTERNOON /EVENING. Yes they knew Faheys sweet shop (the older one did). Jezz boys and Girls Its hot in new Jersey In the car it was 102 yesterday no Joke. A lot better today. Love to all Willie L, PS: Jo & Olive I still have Lily she almost 3 now & Grace 7 months three days a week and loving it,,. what days depending when Kate gets to work. again love to all.

  268. Joon 21 Jul 2015 at 4:28 pm

    Hello all,
    Nice to see you lads all connecting here. Hello to J R Willie and Shay I knew you lads would all know who’s who down old Cabra. Nice to see you all chatting here too. Hello the Lynch family. How’s your Brood and no doubt Grace and Lily are huge now too and sitting on yer lap getting some guitar lessons too. Hello to all in NJ and Happy 17th every month to you all.

    Hello to all the girls on here too hope all are well. July is whizzing by. Hello to all everywhere. Authors poets pals and one and all.
    Kindest Regards
    Oh Shay thanks for the tip on the clock from Cabra I have something similar in my house too.

    North side south side

    I was born on the north side
    Rushed to the South side
    Shopped on the north side
    Shopped on the south side
    loved both sides
    Trinity The Bank and the Olympia
    to name just a few
    North side South side and the 22
    upstairs I had the best view
    I had no worries and no cares
    took it all in and paid my own fares
    I earned a few bob going back and forth
    I did the pools and got my money’s worth

    The envelope

    Sent to the south side on some occasions
    to find a certain shop and don’t talk to strangers
    I boarded the bus like it was world war 2
    Watch every stop and the things that you do
    Be sure to check every landmark given to you
    Then you will see what I am asking of you
    Trust and awareness the priority in place
    Eyes like saucers and stiffness in my face
    I learned all about Dublin with saving grace
    Arrive at the Landmarks I see the shop
    I go inside and see how it is stocked
    I hand in my letter with envelope sealed
    and wait like I should and clicking my heels
    I know it is important to do what you are told
    I never looked inside the envelope brown and old
    It was handed right back and I took to my heels
    trust in tact like a soldier I am pleased
    Envelope tucked away safely my task is complete
    Years later I worked out the where and the why
    and the journey I made each week
    I had no idea what I was doing
    but was glad in time to find out
    that the Mammy liked to win prizes
    But for some their luck ran out.
    Over to you now Tony G
    Martin good luck with the new book
    Mary H T keep in touch now and then
    Special hello to all the Mary’s Ella Rita Olive and Joan patty Margaret June and our Maureen and all the ladies on here too. Hello to all the new people on here and to all the regulars.

  269. SHAY JORDANon 18 Jul 2015 at 1:23 pm

    Hi All
    I see a few names of chaps fro Leix and Ennis Road .Do any of you know Charlie and Tony Colmey from Leix Road .
    Charlie and I emigrated to Birmingham in 1959 but Tony still lives on Leix Road.
    Their Houses is just around the Corner from Bolands Corner its on the left and on the corner on the right. Charlie went to Christ the King around the late 50s (not sure of his teachers Name ).
    All the Best ……….Shay

  270. willie lynchon 17 Jul 2015 at 2:06 am

    Well here I’ am on a Thursday night, catching up on the post and who do I see, but the main Lad LIAM FAHEY AND THE HAPPY SWEET SHOP. Well Laim-er it took ya long enough lad. Now listen you and Jimmy Rogers are I Pair (a pair of dubs) But I know the two of you are Pure Dubs for sure. Just thinking of ya today Liam we have to get that date in the book for St Paddy’s Season. Niall J Kavenagh its a pity we didn’t meet up in New jersey, I arrived in Elizabeth NJ 1974 for 8 years,….. and now i’m way out in Whitehouse station NJ 33 years, its about 20 minutes from Easton Pa George Forman land the Boxer. If ya make it back out to the states, give me an e-mail or call, I’ll get Liam Fahey ta spend his Conformation Money. I play all over from up and down NJ ta Philly Pa / wildwood jersey shore / Wilmington De / also NY City and Mountains. Just watching the St Andrews Classic, man with the weather should be great fun tomorrow Friday, well worth watching. PS Jimmy R get the tapes man I’d love to hear them. Love to all. Willie L

  271. sean dunneon 14 Jul 2015 at 8:03 pm

    hi niall my name is sean dunne we lived at 47 erris you were a friend of my brother phil I as a friend of conor he was more in my age group I remember your brothersfergus and paddy and I f I am correct your sister Gerry moved to Roscommon you lived next to the white family at78 offaly road phils address is pdunne @sky .com I have lived in florida for a long time I am at johndunne3774’comcast.net hope all is well wwith you and your family sean

  272. SHAY JORDANon 13 Jul 2015 at 5:47 pm

    Hi All
    There is a New POSTCODE announced for Ireland so to update your Home Addresses here is the Web Site..Https.//.Finder.Eircode.IE
    Hope this helps you out .
    By the way I have just received my Clock which has A Personalised Face cover.
    If you go to Margaret Dowling on *I grew up in Cabra West on FB.
    The top of the clock has *I grew up in Cabra West then you add your Name and Road
    It costs 18 Euro plus postage to anywhere in the World.
    It is selling very well and I guess they may add other Dublin Districts later.
    That’s All Folks……………….Shay

  273. Joon 13 Jul 2015 at 3:04 pm

    Some names ring a bell from down Old Cabra Leix Rd and Erris Rd.
    and around the school way. Some family names come to mind

    Sheridan Elliot Mc Carthy Tierney Macken Mc’Evoy Pitt

    Not forgetting Marie Troy and Ann Brockie too

    Hello to Ann and Marie if you ever look in here. Good memories of you girls and our Patty too.
    Take care all.

    Hello to all the ladies on here as well. Rita Ella Olive Joan Mc Grath Mary H T and so many more around the globe too. Have a great Summer all. Hello to all

    Ah the day to day still calls for where are the car keys but it is fun to jog the memory too. Cheerio again and hello to one and all.

  274. Joon 13 Jul 2015 at 2:20 am

    Hello Niall,
    Maybe Shay or Eugene and others from Old Cabra will recall you and your family. I knew some faces but did not always know all the names. Hope you get to hear from some more friends and neighbors.
    all the best take care and best wishes.
    Regards Jo
    Cabra West.

    Hello all,
    Hope all are well.
    Lots of sunshine at the moment.

  275. Sean Wardon 11 Jul 2015 at 12:13 am

    I remember your sister who was a friend of the Connollys of Leix Road. My Dad was from 31 Erris Road and I grew up on Cabra Drive.My job took me to Chicago,New Jersey and finally to Cork for 19 years.We returned to Dublin in 2009. Two of our sons live in NYC and one in Philadelphia.we have one son now returned from Sydney and two daughters.
    Nice to hear from you.Best of luck.

    Sean Ward

  276. Niall John Kavanaghon 08 Jul 2015 at 12:19 am

    I was born 27 July 1942 and raised at 20 Erris Road.
    Peg was my Ma’s name and Gerry was my Da’s name – he was a compositor and worked in Alexander Thom.
    I have three brothers, Fergus, Paddy and Conor and one sister, Geraldine.
    My Da died 1 April 1957 when I was 14 years old.
    We moved to Mannix Road Drumcondra in 1958.
    I married Teresa Flynn from Artane in 1969.
    We lived in Portmarnock.
    We had three children: Elisa, Susan and Graeme.
    Emigrated to Stoneybrook Long Island, USA in 1975.
    The three children married and gave us eight grand children: Ellianna, Jack, Flynn, Nicholas, Conor, Kyra, Leah and Reilly.
    Teresa died February 2003.
    I married Darlene Mumm, a Oregonian girl, in 2006.
    We now live in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.
    Does anyone out there know of me or any of my family?

  277. Joon 05 Jul 2015 at 2:15 pm

    Hello Anne Douglas,
    I think most people on here would know the area you mentioned called Cabra Park. It was near the school Shay and others went to. If you would like to email me in the near future I would love to hear from you.
    Kindest Regards
    p/s If Martin Coffey has a minute to spare maybe you can email him and he will forward mine to you.

    Thanks Martin appreciate it.

    Hello all hope everyone is doing ok.

    The mind boggles

    Mind over Mattress
    Mind the house
    Mind that child
    Mind your own business
    Mind yourself
    Mind how you go
    Mind games
    No wonder the mind boggles.

  278. SHAY JORDANon 04 Jul 2015 at 5:20 pm

    Hi Liam
    Well JJ Reilly did have two older brothers cant remember their name .
    JJ is about 6ft Tall last time I saw him was about 20 years ago.
    We were at the Bus stop (by the Telephone box) we were on our way to town.
    Anyway he came out of his house to the stop he didn’t recognise me .
    But when I sad *JJ * he turned and then it hit him he was still the same.
    But it was about 20years since our school Days .
    Well it was no surprise to hear he was a Garda but worked inside Pearce St.
    Reminded him it was his size that got me out of been Bulled at School.
    We promised to write and keep in touch but as you can guess that was the last time we spoke. Love to know how he is today.

    All the best ..Shay.
    PS Nice to know you remembered my Da.

  279. Joon 04 Jul 2015 at 4:28 am

    Best wishes on the new book Martin great to read your update. all the best

  280. anne douglason 03 Jul 2015 at 6:02 pm

    Hello there,

    I was born in a nursing home in Cabra Park in 1949. A nurse named Norah Hickey was present at my birth & that of my twin sister is stated on our birth certificate. Would anybody know of her or the area in those days?. Best regards, Anne.

  281. Joon 02 Jul 2015 at 4:05 am

    Hello all,
    Great to know we can recall Fahey’s The Needle and Anchor and so many more.
    The ice cream was great when you got a tu’penny wafer too back in the day Shay. Loved to watch the metal top with the metal handle for shaping out the lines on the block of Ice cream to be cut. Best place I like to get my wafer was the shop beside NCR white gates into the park. Sunday ramble to the park.
    Hello to all the girls here Olive I sure hope you are on the mend and on your holidays or getting a break. Nice to hear from Jimmy you will have to share that music JR.
    Speaking of music Tony G well done I got a good laugh out of those songs you squashed into the poem Yep I can recall them all. Can sing or hum them LOL.
    Well done. Liam F nice to know you connected with Willie Lynch Say hello next time you see him. All my sisters met up with him in NY a while back too I missed out on that trip but would be fun to all get together some day eh.
    Thanks everyone for the fun and the updates. Nice to see a bit of life back on here too. Hello Willie and Mary H T Joan Patty June Margaret Rita Ella Olive everyone and all the folks on here. Nice to hear about the clock SHay sounds great.
    played Red Rover with the grandkids today and Jack stones still going strong at my end. No bored kids in my little brood and less electronics too. Do I hear another poem coming our way.
    I pods
    I pads
    I phones
    I have no idea
    some day I will get the hang of it all
    Cheerio and greetings to everyone here there and yonder.

  282. liam faheyon 30 Jun 2015 at 5:54 pm

    thanks to all who responded I do remember Jordan the mail man the beehive and neddle and anchor on the reillys there was a Thomas reilly who lived across the street.
    our shop was next to reids and reids bought it and I believe they are now closed.willie lynch I hired him for a st patricks day party in march

    liam fahey

  283. SHAY JORDANon 30 Jun 2015 at 5:21 pm

    Hi Martin
    Nice Photo of the Ice Cream Van you are right about the 3d Tubs .
    But do you recall the Ice Cream Man coming around on his 3 Wheel Bike .
    It had the Big Ice Cream Box and he served Wafers for 2d on a Scoop.
    I will say it again nobody had better whipped Ice cream than Woolworths.
    Not even Caffolas Peach Melba could beat it to this day you cant find it anywhere.
    I guess Woolworths took the secret recipe with them .
    PS Everyone from Cabra West Margaret Dowling on FB is selling *Personalised Clocks*. It has your Name and Road with *I Grew Up in Cabra West * on face.
    It cost 18 Euro plus Postage to anywhere in the world. It is going like wildfire at the moment.
    All the best ………….Shay

  284. james rogerson 30 Jun 2015 at 10:35 am

    I have a box of recordings i did years ago in a friends studio in Western Australia, she hailed from the Liberties, a brilliant singer, she was married to a bloke from Attracta Road, not a bad chanter himself, i remember doing a recording of the star spangle banner, you needed a good pair of lungs to hit the high note, kingston town, crazy, always on my mind, several duets with Marie, we had some great times doing the recordings, we did, i got you babe perfect till just at the end we both lost it and start laughting, but it was magic, i must dig out some tapes one day and relive the moment, one of my favourite was Joe Dolans, The answer to everything, the old Del Shannons song. These days i cant even sing drip drop, sailor on the sea, the policeman took the rope from me, are you going to the fair, we went and we went but there was no fair there, with your i must not miss a loop, i can still hear the girls voices ringing in my ear as they turned the skipping rope.
    Take Care and enjoy the moment.
    Jimmy R.

  285. Tony Gormanon 29 Jun 2015 at 10:45 am

    Willie Nelson’s Quagmire 28th June 2015 by Tony Gorman

    Drinking from the “whisky river”
    With a guitar of mine in hand
    “And a good hearted women” waiting
    For the music and the band

    “On the road again” I travel
    “Blue eyes crying in the rain”
    “Mammas don’t let your babies grow”
    “Roll me up” and start again

    “Night life” leaves me in a quiver
    “Angel flying too close to the ground”
    “Night life” has her all a didder
    For the music that she found

    “Seven Spanish angels” found me
    “Pancho and Lefty” had their fears
    In the “City of New Orleans”
    With “Georgia on my mind” and shedding tears

    Hi Jo
    Do you recognise any of the songs by Willie Nelson in my Quagmire poem?

  286. Joon 28 Jun 2015 at 5:42 am

    Hello Liam
    Great to read your post I recall the shop and its great to know you too have such good memories. Those were the days we loved going down to the 17 shops and to the Beehive too and so many of those shops including Fahey’s Gosh that sure is a blast from the past.
    All the best to you too.
    watch out for Willie Lynch in N J too he is on here and plays gigs there especially on the 17th of every month which he will tell you is the best of the best. Willie hails from Cabra West and no doubt shopped in your Parent’s sweet shop too I bet Shay and Eugene and J R and everyone else on here remembers the shop too.

  287. SHAY JORDANon 26 Jun 2015 at 1:33 pm

    Hello Liam
    I seem to remember your parents Sweet Shop beside *Reid’s am I correct.
    I come from Annamoe and I used to pal around with the Lads from the Shops.
    My School Pal was JJ Reilly he lived facing the Downey’s Shop .
    That was in the 50s by the way my Da was the Postman for Cabra Road .
    I don’t recognise the names you mentioned maybe you are younger than me .
    Where did those Lads live.
    Best Wishes…………Shay

  288. liam faheyon 25 Jun 2015 at 8:06 pm

    hi all

    my name is liam fahey I lived at 113 cabra road my parents owned a candy store I remember eamonn kellly, ken dowdall I think I remember sean ward . I live in the united states since 1961 I am currently living in ridgewood new jersey . you could pass my info onto to sean ward I would love to hear from him

    liam fahey

    937 andover terrace

    ridgewood nj

    201 669-2352

    e mail wfahey3538@aol.com

  289. james rogerson 25 Jun 2015 at 7:49 pm

    Olive i tried to locate you, but no body home lol, buck jones wexford ok. hello all.

  290. Joon 25 Jun 2015 at 6:52 am

    Hello Shay,
    Yep Willie did a great job Sang many an ol favorite and of course so many others too. He got a lot into the show. The Patsy Cline kinds too just like you mentioned. The band also did some fun numbers as well. Maybe I should write to him and remind him of your story and that time in UK eh ? Might be a good thing or maybe you will discover it gets a mention in his newest book I think its called Roll me up and smoke me when I die. Check that out and the song. I have to say I love to hear him singing Angel flying too close to the Ground. and so many more. And you were always on my mind. Others made so many of his songs famous too. Nice to read your story hope yourself and the misses are doing well.
    Hello again to one and all
    I think I can already hear a poem coming from Tony G Yep Roll me up and smoke me when I die could go miles and miles and miles and I bet Willie would be glad to have a new song about it too can you just see it happening Your story and Tony’s poem and that title all coming together Betcha that will be Willie Nelson’s next song too. Nashville here you all go.
    Kindest Regards to one and all

  291. Sean Wardon 24 Jun 2015 at 4:39 pm

    A photo on P.403 of your latest book shows Eamon Kelly,Seamus Grant and “Ken Dowley”.The latter should be Ken Dowdall.All lived on the Cabra Road and were about my age.Eamon subsequently lived in Chicago as did I. I grew up on Cabra Drive and my father came from Erris Road.

    Bail o Dhia ar an obair.

    Sean Ward.

  292. SHAY JORDANon 22 Jun 2015 at 5:49 pm

    Hi Jo
    Way back in 1962 a pal and I went to a Ballroom to see a group of Country Western Artists fro Nashville. They were trying to bring Country Music to England at the time it was only available in Country Western Fans. We hired a Pub Room and we all dressed as Cowboys Guns and all for shoot outs.
    Anyway back to my story the Lead Artist was Stu Philips (he ad a hit in America).
    Well this young Man sat we us as shared a Coffey we swapped stories about the local record Stores and what was selling best. He told us he was a Song Writer so we thought he must have been one of the backroom boys.
    About Four Artist made their debut then up steps Our New Friend and the hairs on our arms rose. It was like the first Time we seen Roy Orbison .
    Well that Lad was *Willie Nelson * he promised to write to us when he went home but he never did.Next time we heard about him he had hit the Big Time with *Patsy Cline *I fall to Pieces . I always want to met up with him again and ask did he remember when he was lonely and far from home and meeting Two Lonely Paddy’s also far from home. By the way he was clean shaven and had fair Hair and a lovely suit (Not Cowboy and not a trace of rhinestones ). I have the Signed Program safely somewhere in the house must try and find it.
    Ah Well that’s me story so Good to see Willie is still going thought its a Miracle he is still Alive. All the Best ….Shay

  293. Joon 22 Jun 2015 at 2:52 am

    Hello all,
    June has been getting busy again. Glad to have the health to match. Had a great time at a Willie Nelson Concert this weekend. Also got to see Alison Krauss and Union station too. Wonderful to hear Willie to belt out some old tunes and lots of familiar tunes Great to hear some blue grass too from Allison and Union station as they all shared the stage. some of them auld tunes incl some Hank Williams ones reminded me of times at some auld weddings held in Tents out the back gardens and seeing some old Waltzing and shuffle Ah I can just see all that in my minds eye too.
    I had a blast at the concert. I love music and love lots of it,

    Hope all the dad’s had a nice Father’s day today too. Thinking of you all.
    Take care all.
    Olive hope you get well real soon and feel much better enjoy your holiers. Greetings to everyone else on here and hello to one and all.
    Nice to read the updates.

    The last song Willie sang was a collection of good ol Gospel country and the final one was I think Willie’s humor showing as he sang Roll me up and smoke me when Im gone.
    He did a great job for his 83 or so years. Full of life and just down to earth.
    Anyway Im off my music soap box now.
    Over to you all for a favorite bit of Music that you all like. I love a huge amount glad to always have a song in my heart day in and day out its a tonic.

    Kindest Regards to everyone

  294. olive carron 19 Jun 2015 at 9:38 pm

    hi again
    just to show how things change ..last week was good one day after another .well this tue I was in Heatons and I went to sit on a chair while I waited for son to collect me and as I sat I missed chair went down on my back /my poor daughter Donna who uses a walking stick couldn’t help me up ,, but a man came and made sure chair was steady and manager brought me bottle cold water and a cup to drink it //
    when I got home I was still shaking and thought I will take one tablet my other daughter takes when flying and guess what I conked out //Teresa and son kept trying to wake me .then she rang 3 girls in a panic haha but I took me ages to come too ..
    then on wed my phone rang before I was up so I sat at edge of bed to answer it when I hung up I turned .banged my shin and it poured so went to dr and had 5 stiches in it ,,so got dressing changed today and hope stiches out on wed as I off to spain on fri bandage or not ha
    but as I say how things change day by day J R glad you enjoyed Liverpool and I hope this means you feeling better I must see if I can get you on f b will you friend me ,,I under olivecarr x x x
    cheers love to all on site olive

  295. Pattyon 18 Jun 2015 at 7:57 pm

    Hello Martin and all on the site Thank you one and all for chat and wonderful poems and Stories .Im trying to settle down after a wonderful Holiday in Kilkenny Killarney and Galway.Ireland is so beautiful.June John Margaret George and I had a ball.A couple of weekends away soon I love little breaks Castlebar and London to keep us going for another while.Best Wishes to all and take care.Patty.

  296. Mary Renehanon 17 Jun 2015 at 11:30 pm


  297. Martin Coffeyon 17 Jun 2015 at 11:26 pm

    timothy.foley May 25

    Anyone recall a couple called Scissors & Kay(e) who were fantastic R&R/Jive dancers? Think they may have been all Ireland champions. If I recall correctly they used to frequent the ‘Ballarina(?) dance hall in Parnell Sq late 50s era. The Ballarina(?) was the favourite venue of the R/R jivers/dancers, Teddy boys in those days. Scissors eventually joined the RAF as a chef(?) and I seen him give a jive exibition with Kay(e)(?) one night in the Astra cinema/hall at RAF Nicosia in Cyprus circa 60/61. Didn’t realise then that it was the Scissors of Parnell Sq fame.

    Would love to hear how life panned out for them.

    Tim Foley

  298. james rogerson 16 Jun 2015 at 8:25 pm

    Hello all,
    It reminds me of a piece i wrote donkies ago, The Meros gone and so has me youth, they blew down the pillar, i tell you the truth. Willie, i remember the ma taken us to Sandymount on the tram, jam sandwiches, Clerys other than the name, ceased to be Clerys years ago. As George Harrison sang, all things must pass, remember Pims, the Rainbow cafe, the Carlton, Woolworth, all gone just like we left West Cabra.
    Had four great days in Liverpool, beautiful city, the dockland has been transformed, thousand of families down there, did the Beatles tour, magic. Got a mention on BBC Mersyside radio, had a drink and a meal with a beautiful lady presenter, i told her i was like a time traveller, i came, i saw, i was blown away, i put some photos on facebook. More important than losing a store, we have lost freedom of speech, i commented on the weather in the independent this morning, it was deemed politicial incorrect and deleted, ah well, shame we could not buy demoracy in Clerys. Keep well all and enjoy the summer, oh i forgot, dont mention the weather. Well come to Fawlty Ireland.

  299. olive carron 13 Jun 2015 at 8:25 pm

    hi all
    just back from another christening of great grandson . was a lovely day for it ,as she having all back to her house bouncy castle etc , so happy that it was a sunny day /
    Well been some week for me Wednesday I went to an unusual wedding was Hawaie themed groom and best man wore purple hawiyian shirts all male s has colourful shirts and bride wore a red flowered dress and all women wore flowers in hair ,,
    after dinner we went down stairs where room all decked out in flowers and each person given a lee to wear and sunshine cocktails and most men changed into coloured shorts // Then ELVIS came on and couples first dance was to blue hawaie …it was a brilliant day in the heart of Dublins grand canal street//
    was people frank and I met about 10 years ago in Canaries

    then Thursday my daughter brought me to see Carousel in bord gash theatre was fantastic show ,I had been wondering how they would play coming down from heaven
    and it went great ..then we had nice dinner in a hotel around corner from show /and then today christening //well life is good .
    Iam off to Torremollines on 25 th with sister and my daughter so roll on bit of sun sea and few brandies

  300. SHAY JORDANon 13 Jun 2015 at 2:13 pm

    Hi All
    Well another bit of Dublin History has been destroyed this week.
    They have closed down *Clerys * done it without even warning the staff (The Arseholes).
    It has been sold to a Real Estate Firm so we may guess what they will do with it.
    May turn out to be another Hotel of Luxury Flats to be sold off Russian Oil Billionaires.
    So that’s it the Dublin of our youth is nearly all gone. Now we really are strangers in our own Town. Next time home we shall have to ask for directions maybe we wont even recognise the accents.
    Christmas wont be the same without Clerys Windows and where will they meet up for a date now. First it was the *Ring Shop now its Clerys Clock will be gone you cant even go over to the Metropole for a Coffey or Film/ Dance.
    Ah well we all have our memories unless the Governments don’t try to brainwash us .
    Anyone got any happy memories of O Connell Street when it the Pictures and Chips or a Peach Melba in Caffollas.
    All the best …Shay

  301. Joon 10 Jun 2015 at 5:43 am

    Hello to one and all.
    We have lovely weather again at this end. Looks like all the local schools are now on their Summer holidays so more kids playing too. that is good to see. Our little ones love to swim and do sports so I am glad to say that is something they will be doing a lot of. Hope everyone can get away for a little break from time to time we all need that.
    To those who are going to Ireland this Summer have a great time. Hope all enjoy their little trips abroad. Hello to everyone on here.
    Tony G lovely poem. I read something the other day that was a design on some kitchen items at a local store. I laughed when I read it. It said Weapons of choice on a decorative plate and the design featured a wooden spoon and a spatula. Think I might have to go back and buy that cause I chased my chisslers all around the house and the kitchen table with those. I think I know a few more Cabra Mothers who did that I may have mentioned that on here before I cant remember.
    Hello all. and take care hope all are well. Nice to read everything here.
    Cheerio for now
    Kindest Regards to one and all everywhere.
    Hello to Martin and Mary too thinking of you.

  302. Joon 07 Jun 2015 at 2:19 pm

    Yesterday was gorgeous all day then a huge storm in our town last night some damage and flooding too. Glad to say we are all ok at our end. Some roads closed and damage to some businesses and other properties. Woke up to a beautiful sunny morning which I am sure will help others to recover a bit from that storm and damage. Take care all.
    Hope all are well everywhere. Safe travels too.

    p/s nice to read all the little updates keep them coming.

  303. Joon 06 Jun 2015 at 10:02 am

    Nice to hear Dermot Bolger is still doing a bit of writing. Granny O D always sang his praises. Nice to read about the grand too

  304. Tony Gormanon 05 Jun 2015 at 10:31 am

    To follow up as requested by my fellow poet Jo on her lovely assortment of lights.

    A Continuation of Light 5th June 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Candle light shone out bright back in the days of old
    Flickering shadows just like ghosts leaving feeling’s oh so cold
    Moonlight beams send loving vibes to lovers in the night
    Encouraging them into an embrace at a time when it seems right

    Beacon lights shows the way to ships when nights are dark
    And gas lights were in olden days the lights that lit the park
    Sunlight brings some rays to earth to help our seedlings grow
    And brings the fragrant roses through when it melts away the snow

    Electric lights now light our house by the pushing of a switch
    And on our bicycle we had a dynamo light so we didn’t end in a ditch
    The Northern Lights shine out for us like a heavenly display
    Illuminating across the skies in a decorative sort of way

    And the rainbows light of colours bright can fill our heart with joy
    But where the rainbow ends there’s no crock of gold that’s just a little lie
    And in the dark we might see an orb a smallish sort of light
    It’s to tell us that a soul that’s passed is passing in the night

    So buckle up your seat belts as our plane comes in to land
    The runway lights will guide it in, at the Captain’s right command
    And the light that shines from heaven will guide us on your way
    When your time on earth is over and it’s in this light you’ll stay

    Take care Jo
    x Tony

  305. olive carron 04 Jun 2015 at 1:20 pm

    hi Claire welcome to site ,,I am sure Martin will help with photo ,hes great at it ,,,
    where did your mam live and did your dad come from cabra too ,,when did they leave Cabra

    great to see few more letters on ..where are the Marys and Patty and Martin
    hello JO And TONY AND martin x x x

  306. Joon 04 Jun 2015 at 7:11 am


    Sun light
    day light
    bright light
    Candle light
    gas light
    Flash light
    star light
    night light
    moon light
    no light
    any light

    Over to you Tony G
    and everyone for more light

  307. ella bryanon 04 Jun 2015 at 12:20 am

    Hi to all on the site. I have just read all the back log of the last few weeks. I hope everyone is well and back to good health. We had my youngest brother and his daughter visit us for the last six weeks and we had a lovely time the weather could not have been better and I had not seen them in about ten years so we had a lot to catch up on. They had not met some of the family so it was nice to see them. We had a wonderful time with B.B.Q’s dinners outings and recalling all the times when we were children and most of our Canadian friends tried to keep up with the quick talking Irish but they were getting the hang of it when it was time to leave. My brother lost his wife within the last year so it was good that he was able to visit and take his mind off things. I hope you all have a good summer and on that note I will say goodbye God bless and keep well. Ella

  308. Claire Jenkinson 03 Jun 2015 at 11:46 pm

    Hello Martin,

    My name is Claire Jenkins. I am emailing you on behalf of my mam who also hails from Cabra and happens to be in the St.Peter’s confirmation photo, which she thinks was Miss Keane’s class in 1957. We would love a copy of the photo if by any chance you could send us on a copy either by post or you could scan the image and send it by email. The one on the site has a very low resolution. My mams name is Mary Jenkins (Brennan) and she is curious to know if there is somebody in the photo from your family. Finally, thank you very much for taking the time to compile such a lovely online resource for all to enjoy.


  309. Tony Gormanon 03 Jun 2015 at 10:35 pm

    Hi Jo
    I loved your poems they in vibrating and show you are never at a loss for words.
    I hope your husband is feeling better after illness. Say hello from me.
    And keep up with the poems as they are great.

    James it’s good to see you back in the frame. Hope you are well.

    Willie Hope your band are going well with lots of bookings

    Martin and Mary/ you’re always in my thoughts, stay strong and give us more of your underwater shots. How did you get on with the fisheries over the dead ones in the canal?

    Take care all

  310. olive carron 03 Jun 2015 at 9:22 pm

    hi me again
    I just read last nights Herald was a good write up about Cabra Grand ..check it out through google page 16 in Tuesday 2 nd june IT SAYS

  311. Joon 03 Jun 2015 at 8:20 pm

    Olive I got into awful trouble when I was 3 ran up the stairs and went to the loo. A certain little brother of mine opened his harness strap or maybe the mammy forgot to close it right I have no idea but he was nearly out of the old pram that had a bottom part that was able to be let down at the foot end so there he was half in and half outa the pram. close to the foot end heading for a shore the mammy got a fright of course and I got the blame I can still hear her saying what the feckin hell did ya do I got such a fright off I went upstairs as fast as my little legs could carry me maybe I was closer to 4 years old but I’ll never forget it. Her weapon of choice the wooden spoon and or the sweeping brush which she could throw better than an Olympic medalist all the way down the garden to the shed.
    Hello to one and all. Weather fabulous again thank goodness. taking it easy as best we can at this end. Thinking of all our families and everyone
    All the best to one and all
    Jo. p/s great to see the updates on events page too and from one and all nice to have a bit of life back on here

    Happy Father’s day to all the lads on here and of course not forgetting all Dad’s too.

  312. olive carron 02 Jun 2015 at 9:19 pm

    story was when I was 4 year old

  313. olive carron 02 Jun 2015 at 9:18 pm

    hi Jo
    great to see you back on .your poem is brilliant .and kettle all ways on .as J R might sing ..there s all ways room in our house to share a smile or two ..x.x
    Glad you were not caught in any of the rough weather that was in U S A .
    Good to hear hubby is up and well again .
    as for forgetting words isn’t it annoying when you cant remember name s of every day things but remember things that happened when we 4 year old . but how much worse it would be if you were not able to write it down so T G for little mercies ha
    one of my oldest memories is when I 4 my mother had bought me ,horn pipe ,shoes lovely shiny patent leather ..for Easter and I begged her to let me wear them straight away and I was sitting on stairs in our tenement when a grown up girl asked to see them .she took them and ran away as I screamed the place down my mam came running .and I could tell her who she was ,as she only live around corner in Hennretta st , but of course she wasn’t there hours later her mother brought her around crying ,she had pawned them in Dominick St as she wanted to go dancing that night ..eh imagine

    hi Willy you still going strong ,that’s great glad weather didn’t get you either ,hope all family well. I am still getting around T G going to a wedding in Grand Canal Hotel on 10 th june going to see Carousel in bord gais theatre on 11th then over to Torremolines on 26th with daughter and sister so hope I will still be standing in July haha
    hi SHAY AND ALL ON SITE J R Hope you don’t have to go back to hospital for a long time and keep songs coming as Jo said its last thing to go ,,,its nearly 5 years since Frank died R I P andstill in club when certain songs come on his friends all look over at me and raise their glass xxxx well cheers for now am going to play scrabble on face book this is how I try keep my mind going
    love to all Olive

  314. willie lynchon 30 May 2015 at 10:11 pm

    Good day all it’s Saturday 30th may. jezz talk about time goin by. I just got a chance ta read the post; tat welcome to Cabra sign is some thing else. Martin where is the sign located, at the 22 shops ??. The Broomer bridge is the best PIX, just looking at it man takes ya way back. It’s all we had to play, and the playground O/C. Shay J you r are right man, I gad the singer all mixed up,.. I always said if I had Tony G and Jo’s talent, y’d be all living with me in the states. Tony has some mind just magic. Shay I’ll have to hit the homestead again, it’s been way toooo long, did you happen to see Vincent Reilly (lives across the street on the corner). Vincent Reilly #83 Married Doddy (spelling) Newman #7 ??..Both off Drumcliffe Rd. My Brian just came in from work and ask me to go to the game at Yankee stadium. They have a soccer team now, and My Brian has season tickets. Lambert from Chelsea is playing for them soon. So I’m off to NY in the Green in the Green with me Number 4 child. Jimbo Rogers good to see ya post, and forget about those woman, are ya not full up at this stage,..D ya want my old Guitar, jezz look what it did for me, 40 years married June 14th, I got a hell of a woman all round person TG. OK my love to all I have ta hit the road. Willie L,…… the weather is magic hot and sticky right JO is it the same out there. go west young man.

  315. james rogerson 30 May 2015 at 8:14 pm

    Well many a tear has to fall but it’s all in the game, all in the wonderful game that we know called love, is in the air, everywhere i look around love is in the air every sight and every sound, i feel it in my fingers i feel it in my bones, love is all around me and so the feeling grows, all you need is love, love is all you need. Had my operation in Dublin last week, i think i bitched with everyone i came in contact with, i wasn’t a happy chappie, leaving the hospital, we went to a pub in Ballsbridge, orderesd bangers and mash, with lashing of onions and gravey, it arrived, i asked where are the onions!, they on top there, i said you’re aving a bleeding laugh, they look like plastic things you get in a cornflake package, i haden’t eaten in 2 days, the pint cost $5.50, get me out of here i’m not a celebrity. Bad news from the old estate during the week, Broombridge Road got a mention as did Fassaugh Ave. Back to the op, can swallow better and speaka little plainer, as for belting out Cracklin Rosie, well that’s another story, put my back out as if things were not bad enought, i’m gettig taken to Liverpool next week, that’s where i started my journey back in 1957 age 16 plus, we were only kids heading into the great unknown, i bet Merseyside has changed, so it will be a case of Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes and Strawberry Fields for ever. Now where did i put my John Lennon T-Shirt. The wonderful thing about an Irish onion, when you peel it, it makes you laugh.
    Jimmy R.

  316. Joon 27 May 2015 at 7:52 pm

    By the way June and patty and Margaret I made 8 blankets this month 3 babies and 4 weddings in the neighborhood. Ill be needing a break. So no wonder I have had no time to write. The crochet hook took over.

  317. Joon 27 May 2015 at 7:46 pm

    Hello to Mister G

    The car keys were found
    now I think I am sound as a pound
    Might be short lived
    laughter all around

    The dog food is in the Pantry now
    Lucky for me the lab photo is huge
    I might mistake it for a sack of spuds
    So far the hubby has not refused his food

    Think it is safe to say I will write things down
    the shopping list will be checked as I come and go to town
    Back home again I will decide what goes where
    Then maybe I will have more laughs as I behave like a clown

    I am okay with forgetting things day to day
    It seems to be a routine thing that’s what my peers say
    Till I search for weeks for all the things I have put away
    Come on lads no more laughing I can hear you too Shay

    I sometimes lose a word a day
    and often a function that is important in play
    I struggle a bit as things go right over my head
    and wonder why I missed some things that were said

    I hope some day my children will understand
    Why I have my pen and paper in hand
    May the ink capture the moments I need
    and God above hear some of my pleas.

    One thing that is sure to last
    The sounds of music and songs from the past
    And my family History and my family Tree
    are the most workable things that have been kind to me

    I seem to be able to bring to light
    the memories of old and those things shine so bright
    For family and cousins who have shared their stories
    To them I give all the glory

    They have no idea that some things get lost in my day
    I keep emails and letters going in the post
    My sweetest delights in life are my hubby and my family
    I love them the most.

    So I am ok with losing some words and some functions
    I am glad to be on the go
    I have much to be thankful for
    So greetings to all from Jo.


    Music is my good friend

    I can recall singing when I was three
    Playing a tambourine by 7
    A toy piano in between
    The bag pipes by 11
    The guitar was a bit of a struggle
    I got the hang of it later in life
    It sustains me well right now
    give me comfort in troubles or strife
    I have a soft spot for Clapton and BB King
    The blues are wonderful to sing
    Throwing in a bit of Bluegrass is worth it too
    Not forgetting the auld traditional songs
    love the Irish tunes and a host of pop to be ture
    The nice relaxing ones have pride of place as well
    Im ok with all the girls who have voices strong or soft
    like birds on a wire some soul searching songs can fill one’s heart with fire
    Music they say is the last thing some relate to in life
    Music for sure can lift your soul to greater heights
    ye can’t beat the tunes and the songs of all the years
    That have played a part in all our lives and even the ones that reduce us to tears
    A mothers loves a blessing no matter where you roam
    engraved on many a heart away or at home
    The Beatles and the stones kept the brothers going
    Bill Haley and others before them and that era and all that Rock and Roll
    The soft voices and the slow and the old made many a memory to be told
    Ah of course we all loved all kinds of music to many to mention hear
    AT some point it our lives it was all good to hear
    I fall back on some that I like the most
    Some of it sideswipes me much like seeing a ghost
    this week I was struck like lightening just like a bolt
    As I listed to the An old tune that I like to hear Mimi and Joan Baez sing together
    But many preferred Bob Dylan singing it too but I loved to hear Mimi and Joan like twins singing their version of blowing in the Wind
    So when all else fails us in life I know I will be able to sing
    or play a tune on the banjo and or the guitar when my everything is gone with the wind.
    Music will still be my friend when no one else understands
    When I chew on my blanket or clasp my hands
    when I struggle for words and cant function things will be grand
    Just give me my guitar and my music and put a pen in my hand
    I will write tunes forever and there will be no shortage of scores
    when I get to the pearly gates I will be ready for my chores
    I will earn my wings when I get there I don’t expect any favors from above
    I will manage to sing in the choir and sing songs from above.

    By the way I am grand this bit of writing is dedicated to all who lose a word or a function and to all my friends at my Senior center this week we had a few laughs as none of us could find our car keys to go home ha ha.

  318. Joon 27 May 2015 at 4:36 pm

    Hello all,
    I still think it is nice to have some life back on the site. I know everyone has been busy taking care of health concerns or home and family and taking care of themselves. I also know we are more than busy with family and little ones and doing our best to keep going. Life keeps us all more than busy. Sometimes we have to go at our own pace or a much slower pace in between the busy demands. Time slips away for sure. It does not help at all to be slower than the rest of you at the computer. Emphasis on the slow in most things these days too.
    Great to read your poems Tony G hope you are well. J R glad to know you are ok too. Mary H T hello young wann. Hello to all Ella Rita Joan Patty Olive and everyone else too many to write all your names and Hello to all the Lads on here too and to new comers too. Nice to see the new hellos too. Sometimes My desk is full of wishful thinking and sorting and notes and jotters I have passed it by many times over the past while. The auld shoe boxes have seen their day and I have now got a few nice storage boxes to keep the little bits of things Tidy. Photos are better and need sorting. I think it is great that so many can be stored on the computer thanks to the hubby and his skills Old and new can kept nice as well. As for the scribbling. one of these days the cover has to go on the books. Eh.?
    The past 5 years have gone by way too fast we still miss our Brianna a lot and no doubt we all miss loved ones and life is forever changed. So many things change with the years that go by too. Over all we sure are kept going and without a doubt life is all about home and family and children and grandchildren the chisslers keep us all going at this end. I am thankful for all my family and extended family and friends and for life itself. I am glad to have the health to keep going too. I hope you are all well and I sure hope to keep in touch as best I can. It has always been nice to be in touch with you all on here. So thanks again to everyone. Cheerio for now and all the best to you all.
    It was lovely to catch up and read the updates. I Think we are all overdue a visit to Cabra West Eh.? So Olive put the kettle on I might just try to come over again and see yiz all.
    I will keep yiz posted no idea when But I have itchy feet so that’s a start ha ha.
    All the best everyone

  319. Joon 26 May 2015 at 1:52 pm

    Hello to one and all.
    The hubby on the mend we took a little Rd trip. Too long stuck in the house and needed to get a little break away. Been to Las Vegas and back again. Never a dull moment. It lashed rain a lot in Arizona and there was an Earthquake in North Las Vegas. Most important we were safe and well and got to see the family and the chisslers there. Just for good measure I got sunburned sitting by the pool. So lots of fun and relaxation did us good.
    Will be back again soon to say hello but for now glad to say hello to one and all and thanks for the updates everyone
    Love Jo x

  320. Karlon 25 May 2015 at 6:30 pm

    Tolka Park Estate ?

  321. Tony Gormanon 24 May 2015 at 10:09 am

    A Poem for you Jo as you expected.
    Forgetfulness/ No Panic

    It happens to the best of us
    So please don’t worry Jo
    The bread that you put in the fridge
    Will thaw out soon I know

    And using toothpaste as a body rub
    Will give some parts some tingles
    And ointment on your toothbrush
    Will clear your mouth of shingles

    And the milk going in the pantry
    Is no worry it can be said
    But be careful find those car keys
    As they might be in your bed

    And if you roll a certain way
    They may suddenly turn you on
    And all your inhabitations
    And your morals in life be gone

    And the hubby he’ll be happy
    And he’ll lose your key’s some more
    Remembering where he found them
    And have fun just like before

    So Jo being forgetful
    Is not a bad thing after all
    For it’s got some good advantages
    To enjoy in life’s long haul

    Take care Jo and don’t worry

    xx Tony

  322. Tony Gormanon 23 May 2015 at 9:43 am

    Hi Jo
    It’s nice to see you back on form with the poems. I like your style as you write in your own unique way.
    You are my favourite poetess so keep up your posts as we need more of your stories and poems.
    Take care Jo
    xx Tony

  323. Joon 22 May 2015 at 2:49 am

    Hello Shay,
    Nice to hear all about your trip back to the old sod. I am overdue a visit myself. The homestead sounds lovely. Nice to read the updates and see a bit of life back on the site again, Hello to everyone and all the best to you all.
    Hope all in good health and safe and well.

    Cheerio for now the hubby is getting through a bad dose of pneumonia and we are taking it easy at the mo.
    Love to one and all
    Kindest Regards. Thinking of you all.


  324. Joon 17 May 2015 at 6:04 pm

    Meant to include Missus Jennings and Missus Donnelly too

    Over the Road on the corner there was missus Quinn Then O’Reilly and Gardner and Pearce and Missus Fitzgerald and her neighbors whos names escape me still. Missus Mc’Grath and so many more I think Ann Walsh is there next door There was the old and Dog long ago and the Curry household too and later others moved in too
    I know I missed some as I went down the Rd Missus Thomas and the now Kelleher’s home too Hello to Mary and family Missus Foster always bid the time of day and next was Macker’s family Old and new Then To Carmel and Tommy too. Ah sure I still miss you.
    Many a missus now gone and the next generations that followed still have many ties to them houses too.
    Hello to Angela and Annie and all the Marian’s we knew Carmody and Kearney’s too Costello’s White’s and Mc Garry and many in between too. Farther down the Road a lot of people come to mind The Whelan’s Hello Joan and many a neighbor too. Not forgetting our N J pal Willie Lynch and his sister Patty and everyone else along the way all those names and all those neighbors came to mind to day.
    Yep no problem with the memory of yester year but today No idea where the bloody car keys are again. The milk went into the pantry again and the bread went into the fridge. The toothpaste got mixed up with the ointments and the rest you don’t want to know about at all at all. Gerry takes over now and then Those Gerry AT RISK moments

    I hear a poem coming from the Poetry Pal Tony G
    Greetings to one and all and especially my family.

  325. SHAY JORDANon 15 May 2015 at 6:37 pm

    Hi All
    Well just got back from Home where we went for my Nieces Wedding last Friday .
    Typical Dublin weather it slashed rain all day and high winds.
    But we all made the best of it even when the Disco came on us Old Guys went upstairs.
    We had a good Old fashioned Hooley with some Great Singers doing their Party Piece.
    The Church and Reception were held out in the Country just near Navan and Tara.
    The next few days we stayed in Cabra with our B/B just across from The Homestead.
    We had some lovely nights in The Homestead particular upstairs on Saturday Night (Nobody under 60 in the room). We had some great old Songs from the Showband Days anyone know who sang *The Keeper of my Heart* .
    I regret we missed a chance to meet *Martin* the sister went around the corner to get some Bread and Milk .We live on Annamoe Drive anyway she told us about a Dog been knocked down on Cabra Rd.I found out later that Martin seen it too so if I had of gone with her we would have bumped into each other.
    Even in our short time there the brother took us all over the Old Haunts even down Mulroy Rd .
    Now JR good to see you are coming on as for your memory get someone to drive you around Cabra West and Im sure things will come flooding back.
    Willie I think you got your *Edwards* mixed up *All in the Game * was *Tommy* Edwards Jimmy was the comedian. On the other side of *All in the Game was *Morning Side of the Mountain* lovey Song and a great Singer.
    Finally we are determined to go back home again soon it was great siting in Homestead with Family at night .Its strange the place is nearly empty till about 10.30 then after the Bingo they come in and even as late as 11pm . Maybe its because they cant afford to drink all night so the last hour is okay.What we did find strange the Official closing time is ignored you can still get a Pint up to hour later.AS a matter of fact the Bar Girl came around an made sure you had enough. Its so relaxing there I said to the Misses *You know this is a great place to retire too*. if you want to have a chat their is always someone sitting beside you. As the say The Craic was great.
    All the best …..Shay

  326. Tony Gormanon 14 May 2015 at 10:59 pm

    For all those that have not read my poem on Facebook

    “Gallipoli” (No more we’ll go Waltzing Matilda) 29th April by/Tony Gorman

    There’s silence where once there was monstrous’ booms
    Busting eardrums with thunderous bang’s
    And metal bit’s splaying the earth all around
    Sinking into some bodies like fang’s

    And in all the trenches it smelled of decay
    Of corpuses left just where they fell
    The blood soaked earth that surrounded those there
    Was a sorrowful scene out of hell

    As bullets zapped into human flesh
    And limbs were severed without fight
    The pall of smoke from battle around
    And eyes never knowing the true day from night

    As blinding flashes lit up all the sky
    And shrapnel of all sorts’ fill the air
    No cover from the endless mass of confusion
    Leaving the bravest of all in despair

    And battle ships with guns ablaze
    On waters of the Dardanelles strait
    Aiming to kill Turkish artillery set firm on the hills
    That they held with their gusto and hate

    And no quarter was given to our troops on the shore
    As they landed to make the Turks pay
    But a barrage of bombs and bullets rained down
    Killing most of our troops day by day

    For eight long months the war for Gallipoli went on
    And the numbers of bodies piled high
    And the injured were ferried back home on the ships
    And those left behind knew some there would die

    With the mission abandoned our troops left the shores
    No victories gained for the death toll we had
    Showing war is a curse to both sides when they fight
    Leaving stories heart breaking and sad

    For all that was taken from eight months of war
    Were the lives and limbs of the brave?
    And those that came back to Circular Quay
    The medics back home tried to save

    But time has long past and one hundred years on
    We remember their battles and fears
    For they fought and they died for a war never won
    Leavening loved ones behind shedding tears!!!!!!!! “And the band it played Waltzing Matilda”


    I hope you and your family are well.
    I need you to start writing your poems again as my head is all over the place these days.

    Mary T
    I hope you are well, I miss all your stories. We all need you back even just to say hello and let us know you’re alright.

    Its nice to see you back again I missed reading your stories.
    I hope your keeping well and all those Rosslare ladies are not wearing you out.

    Where are the following we need you to keep the site going with your feedback and stories

    Ella Bryan
    You all are badly missed for your input as without you this site is like a book with pages missing.
    We also need an infusion of new blood so don’t be shy let us know you are looking in BY SENDING IN SOME STORIES.

    Take care all
    Tony G

  327. Joon 13 May 2015 at 12:04 am

    The Missus

    Missus Wade blonde waves
    stopped to look at his ringlets
    Missus Bewley kind
    God bless her half crowns
    Missus Hughes The Ladies club
    danced her heart out back then
    Missus Robinson seeds sown
    Kilkenny grown
    no shortage of a missus on the blocks
    and up and down the roads
    Missus Kenny friendly hand bag on arm
    Missus Scanlon nee Dalton worked hard
    with the chisslers and lightened their load
    Missus Kearney had plenty to do as her sons
    the drovers guided cattle down many a road
    Missus Leddin always said a big hello
    Missus Smith cooked for an Army
    always stopped to bid the time of day
    The Clarke girls forever busy as they went on their way
    Annie Joan and Coo
    they put up with our Antics as we danced next Door in Summer
    Putting on shows on concrete stage never had a drummer
    Missus Byrne made Brilliant Aran Sweaters
    Missus Phelan a quiet lady compassionate too
    Missus Cooke and Nelly and Margaret and Carol
    4 generations there now fond memories of you
    Granny, missus O’Driscoll tons of fun with you
    being from Ballymore useless she would say with a laugh
    I ended up in the wild west she did have a blast
    Missus Wilders had the best chairs by the fire
    Lots of working lads and lassies even cars for hire
    Missus Johnston loved Chicago she left in the end for good
    Missus Cullen had a side entrance what an advantage to some
    Missus Breslin was busy right up to the end always stopped to say hello
    Phyllis and Olive and Katherine and Gladys sat on the step you know
    Missus Doyle always had her apron on and had lovely hair she was kind too and more than fair.
    missus Stafford had a quiet nature
    I recall the man next door he had loads of Roses
    gave them away galore
    Betty O’Connor was pals with my sister and became missus Murphy
    But she is still called Betty O’Connor since the 30s
    others moved in and out beside Betty and they too said hello
    Next was missus Walsh, the door was turned round
    I was always amused by that what a nice family no matter which way it turned
    Missus Forbes had the big wedding Tent for the weddings, and a side entrance such a help no one trampled through the house for such a special event
    The missus next door her names escapes me now but she too was nice as well
    Then missus Beggs likewise was good and Missus Ball as well. I think that is a lot of women from the wild West and I recall many more who were also at their best
    Missus Fagan was A lady indeed and Missus Talbot did a lot of good deeds Missus Daly I remember well as her lad played football for Man united and played with a brother as well. lots of names come to mind from the other side of the Road up and down to Mr Mac’s Kiosk and all the way up to the top of the Road. I look at life from both sides now sang Judie Collins and many other singers
    So off I go again on my wild west tune on assortment called missus

    Many a Cabra West man often said everything depended on the missus.

    So cheers to the missus.

  328. Joon 12 May 2015 at 8:49 pm

    from Sole to Soul

    Monuments tall
    mother so small
    Climbed many walls
    She answered the call
    She did it all
    echoes of a school hall
    orphaned hard labor
    linen and lace
    some things endured
    what a disgrace
    Empowered to face
    the future she planned
    faith in each footstep
    hard working hands
    Tiny feet one step at a time
    over the walls
    over the boulder
    back for the burden
    nap sack on shoulder
    Back to the quarry
    The roots go deep
    rest in peace
    from your birth to your sleep.

    May 12th

  329. Joon 10 May 2015 at 7:54 pm

    Happy Mothers Day to all in the USA sure I missed the chance to say hello to all when it was Mother’s day in Ireland. Hello to one and all. Love to all my sisters and of course we never forget our Ma and all the Cabra mammies. Great women I still think there should be monuments built to all our mothers they were the best and endured a lot too. Anyway hello to one and all and good wishes to everyone everywhere.
    Kindest regards and hello to all on the site too nice to see some updates. Missed you all.

  330. james rogerson 09 May 2015 at 4:57 pm

    Willie and the hand jive, did Cliff sing that one! I wouldn’t mind meeting an old moth from WC and spending a bit of time up there, it would be nice to stroll around the old place and look for ghosts from the past. I love the quite semi rural life down here,i dont have to pull the curtains in the bedroom, i wake up to the full blast of the sun, the birds singing out back.
    Well had a call from Vincents hospital, i couldn’t understand a word the bloke on the other end was saying, when i told him so, he replied, i cant understand you! i said Ungowa, it was good enought for Tarzan, May 28.I was watching Rod Stewart on tv last week, he had a similar op years ago, lost his voice for nine months, i dont see myself back on stage belting out Crackling Rosie. The memory will probley go walk about again, so take care all.
    Jimmy R.

  331. willie lynchon 09 May 2015 at 4:41 pm

    God bless ya JR ya remember more then Me lad, ya got a few years on me I was ONE in 1947, willie Of orange day July 12th is coming up soon as always, some times toooooo soon. Nce to hear from you JImmy. Nothing new is the states just grandchildren, and singing at Mass or the wakes BUT as jimmy Edwards said, its all in the game,……that was LOVE, this is the game of Life. and it’s not TOM FINNIGAN”S WAKE ha. love to all willie

  332. james rogerson 07 May 2015 at 2:52 pm

    Hello all.
    Some days the old memory goes walk about, i fotget there is a site, Cabra West is like Brigadoon a magicial place we all knew many years ago, the kids you played played and grew up with. The lampost we we grew to big to swing on, watching the next in line playing the games we played a very short time ago, time to go to work, new gear to buy girls to chase after, wednesday nights dancing at the Barrs, The Blue Aces, come on lets turkey trot and we bopped the night away, there was no such thing as tomorrow. But the years flew by and our eternal youth vanished like the dew, i have a photo of myself and my sister Carmel on the fridge, sitting out the back 1947, i remember the kid but i dont know him. I’d love to travel the lenght of the canal and shed a tear for days long gone as i passed under the Brummer. Ah yes i nearly remember it well.
    Take care everyone.

  333. willie lynchon 06 May 2015 at 4:20 pm

    Hello gang, Been on the Go family wise, work is slow this year 2015, The slowest I’ve ever ever had. Now I’ve been slow before,…. but never like this. Is this the sign from up above SLOW DOWN WILLIE? I have ta be thankful is was all there when I needed it most. I baby-sit twice a week Tuesdays and Thursdays 8am ta 1:30pm, Just Gracie she 5 months now,… lily goes off to the cousins and loves it. Anyone see the Pictures on face book of the Christening April 19th. The other lynches came out from Kilucan west meath so we have fun. We Olive a reunion St Finbars just magic, you have a wise family do it now. God bless the Girls for the Effort. Another Friend passed, I sang at church just solo. The Voyage and the Old man. Sorry I had the Button Box on the Old man its Paddy Yorke his dad was from Longford. Tony ya still got man, Just Like Jo I love this site, never did the Face book thing yet, I keep saying I will down the road. It’s nice to here from New People Julie Monahan from Mulroy. Mothers day this Sunday in the states, I have a nice gig and weather looks great so we should be playing on the outdoor deck 5pm at the Blackthorn kenilworth NJ. Any thing from JR these days hoping all is well. I’ll sign off here I can hear the lawnmowers cutting the grass, the small is Magic come on summer. Love to all. OH PS Jo not ta worry about all that, when we forget some OH the Kids say it’s a SIGN, but when they forget anything its not a problem, I tell them Give me a brake for Gods sake. Love ya all. Willie L

  334. Pattyon 02 May 2015 at 5:03 pm

    A Big Hello to all on the site xx Patty.

  335. olive carron 30 Apr 2015 at 11:03 pm

    I second Tony ..Where are all the followers gone ,far far away /
    I miss the banter and keeping up with all the familys joys and sorrows .so come back all our writers to cabra site x x x x
    we had brilliant night in st FINBARS CLUB ON SAT at Jacksons reunion over 60 people turned up .
    bit of a moany week this as if Frank was here he would be 80 on sat /so we having a card game in Teresa s as he loved them x x
    cheers for now

  336. Joon 29 Apr 2015 at 4:56 pm

    Hello all,
    Hello Olive Tony JR Shay Mary H t and MC and all my family and everyone in Ireland UK USA OZ NZ NY NJ and everywhere over the globe.
    Not forgetting all up there in Canada too.
    Indeed everyone has been so quiet. I love this site the best cause of family Friends poets writers and the photos and the history. As always well done Tony G that poem speaks volumes and I am lost for words. Great to see the photo gallery too MC well done. I miss hearing from everyone too. A combination of health concerns caregiving home family and all the chisslers at this end and travel keeps me on my toes. I am still adding to the family tree thanks to the lovely cousins from Kilkenny and the UK a joy to hear from one and all.
    The health concerns are on the mend. The senior years bring all sorts of age related things haha. The eyes are fixed the legs are fixed the ears are deaf in one bothered in the other. The hands not as easy to work with. Arhur and Itis cause havoc. But the auld crochet hook helps so one has to keep busy as I believe in being hooked on healing. So I still produce blankets galore and all kinds of head gear. The mind is another issue I can recall tons from 60 years = ago but day to day is a how’ll
    I can memorize certain things but the milk still going into the pantry and the bread in the fridge. The dentures in the glass the eye lashes in the drawr the tooth paste beware when I drop it on the floor Think I should stop here while our poet gets started on the next verse
    Off you go now Tony I think I hear a poem coming my way.
    It is of course so sad to see all the world suffer from such disasters and tragedy my heart goes out to them all. Glad you are still doing your bit of writing I am afraid the well has run dry at my end in more ways than one. I will get back to the writing some time soon I hope. Some things are on hold.
    Over all it is good to be in touch with everyone when I can. Next stop Las Vegas will be taking a Rd trip soon.
    On the Rd again. Take care all kindest regards to one and all everywhere
    Hello to all my family too. Nice to also see the other Cabra site too now and then
    thanks M H T nice to hear from you too .Thank you for the email. London and Dublin are on my Travel list too. Sooooooon I hope and I sure hope I can touch base with some of you too.
    Oh Willie enjoy your visit to Dublin too hope you can all meet up as well. Be sure to get to see our Margaret and patty and your Patty and get them girls together with Olive and M C and anyone else you can russle up
    Have a little reunion yourselves.
    Love to one and all
    Jo. USA

  337. Tony Gormanon 28 Apr 2015 at 7:54 am

    The Nepal Earthquake 27th April 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Frightening as the earth rocked beneath their very feet
    As terror shook the buildings where so many people meet
    Tumbling crumbling bricks and mortar in a most horrific way
    Uprooting foundations by its force beneath its rock and clay

    It was nature’s worse disaster in Nepal for many years
    Kathmandu reduced to rubble and its people shedding tears
    With the death toll reaching thousands and the injured in a daze
    And the clouds of dust ascending reducing visibility to a haze

    And the snowy peaks of Everest, rocked upon its very base
    Brought avalanches down the mountain’s by the tremor’s rocking pace
    And the climbers in their base camp took the force upon that day
    As seventeen they perished as the mountain took its prey

    We are in awe by the vengeful force’s that nature shows mankind
    To remind us of a greater power and magnitude of a kind
    For this earth has given us sanctity allowing us all its use
    And in return we war and fight, causing its very core abuse

    And now and then it show’s its force to make us all aware
    That we are just its residents and the earth is here to share
    And those innocents of Nepal are the martyrs of today
    For the way we abuse nature by mankind’s hateful warring way

    For the bombs and oil and plutonium are profits of the earth
    Which mankind has extracted for their greed since the time of birth
    And the weakened inner core shakes earth’s axis off its track
    And the damage created in our time is like an everlasting crack

    As the buffers that stabilised the earth are being removed
    With nothing to replace them leaving just an inner groove
    And the voids in time collapse causing earthquakes by their fall
    And its innocent countries that take the brunt like this one that hit Nepal

    We feel part of their bereavement to their injured and their dead
    As this could be us in a future time after all is done and said
    For we stand upon the threshold of a world reduced to tears
    And the greater powers of nature are our monumental fears

    For mankind in time will destroy himself by his shameful want and greed
    And tsunamis and earthquakes will be the answer to offset Mother Nature’s need
    And hopefully one day soon our leaders will open up their eyes
    And stop upsetting nature to avert our earth’s demise

    We must all try to help these poor people of Nepal in any way we can whether it be donating to the disaster appeal fund or in our prayers.


    Hi Jo
    I hope you and your family are well

    You have gone on the missing list again you’re like “Car 54 where are you”

    Mary T
    You have vanished off the face of the earth. I hope you are well.

    I am in touch with a lot of our other friends on Facebook but it would be nice to see cabrahistory restored to the way it was as we all miss the fun and stories of the past.
    So get posting

    Take care all

  338. SHAY JORDANon 25 Apr 2015 at 7:00 pm

    Hi Olive /Jo
    Nice to see you are both okay must admit I have been neglecting this site lately.
    I do most of my time on F/B *I grew Up in Cabra West even martin is on there now.
    Must put you on to Tony Gorman’s books of Poems I have the 3 now and each one is a Gem. You can get through *Amazon and the money goes to the Hospice where his Wife and himself was treating. You all may know regretfully his Wife never came out.
    Olive you say you lived on Mulroy I may have said this before so did we till 1951 we lived at 35. I’m hopeless with names but we are going home soon for a Wedding so I will ask our Noel (He always puts me right).
    Well we have lovely Weather here in the last 3 Weeks and Dublin did too.
    But everything is back to rubbish today as it is at home. Which is such a pity because my Nieces Twins are making their Communion today and another lot are making their Confirmation. Just hope the Weather gets better when we go home in 2 Weeks I want to go to Bray.
    Well that’s all for now so everyone keep well.
    God Bless …Shay

  339. Joon 21 Apr 2015 at 12:47 am

    Hello all,
    Hope all are well. Time is whizzing by. Lovely to read the updates. Nice to see the events page updates too. Hello to Mary H T and to all the girls. So nice to have Spring at this end. No news at the moment. Just glad to be able to say hello to one and all.
    Thinking of Everyone. Oh today I passed some beautiful Lilac trees reminded me of the many gardens both back and front that had huge lilac trees. Funny how a little fragrance can jog the memory. Good memory.
    Take care all.
    Kindest Regards,
    and best wishes to everyone.

  340. olive carron 20 Apr 2015 at 9:34 pm

    hi Julie
    yes we still open and love reading letters from new people .
    What road did you live on .Iwas olive Jackson from mulroy rd .one of 12 so you might have known one of us.
    hi Martin Mary and all on site .
    J R hope this lovely sun lighting up Wexford for you .and you keeping well..
    evening Shay Tony Mary H Patty and all here .Willy good you will be home again and hope fully we can meet up with patty is she well also all your family .WE FINE HERE and looking forward to Saturday evening there is a Jackson reunion in st finnbars in Cabra West .my neice sorted it because she says we only ever get together for funerals so should be good night ..
    sorry JO didn’t ask if you still travelling all over U S A HOPE HUBBY OK THESE DAYS and rest of family say hello to your Patty
    Martin when are you sorting next get together .
    cheers for now
    keeps letters coming in

  341. Julie monahanon 18 Apr 2015 at 10:25 pm

    Is the site still operating.? I posted a piece this morning This still morning that’s still waiting to be moderated.

  342. Julie monahanon 18 Apr 2015 at 12:33 pm

    Hello I’m new to this site so still finding my war around. I have written a memoir of,my early life in Cabra west. I would love it to have a wider readership. Are there any groups/ meetings I could attend to do a presentation and talk on my book?

    It has received excellent reviews on Amazon and will be of great interest to people in Cabral.

    (Hi Julie, what is the name of your book on Cabra West?…MC)

  343. willie lynchon 02 Apr 2015 at 3:52 am

    Well I read some of the posts, IT so Good to hear from Jimmy (Buddy Holly) Rogers. I’d love ta hear that radio show interview with martin. The word is out about 2016 Easter, in the states here people are talking about going over for the risen. I hope to be over this Oct 18th ta 28th, now that’s the plan depending on the people signing on. I put 3 yes yes 3 days in Dublin this year, I think it the Davenport. Come on boys and girl’s martin will give Dickie a call and maybe some old band members. OK Tony & Jo ya still have shay /Olive, I going to send Patty’s daughter an e-mail, maybe she’ll get a computer, she’s a pain in the rear end man she knows so much stuff about cabra west.
    PS: martin by the way that taxie driver would not take a panny from me, he drove from gayway te Dunlin and dublin ta west Port in Mayo, he would not at at a ATM machine, anyway I my wallet all i had was 200 euro i put it in the coffee holder while he was out of the car. such good honest people and friends we have. happy Easter to all. any one heen to get to me right away, just e-mail lynchwg@juno.com or my willielynchband.com contact us ( that will be me). i’m an open book.

  344. willie lynchon 02 Apr 2015 at 3:13 am

    Don’t ask me why I just pop in to the site, jezzzzz martin when I saw the ma patty and aunt Nelly and cousin Peggy shields, what about the Bridge what great work ya did martin, putting all the new old stuff posted. Its looks magic Right Jo. You my friend should hang me or just throw me out of the sight. Don’t ask me where my time has gone, Jezz I’ve been every where man, I’m inta my music and if not its my family, both of them I well understand, this world Politics and killing, hurting you babies and youngsters, its a sad world. I just don’t understand it TV people are so hurtful to each other. NO,………. NO boys and Girls I’m not jumping off any bridge or nothing like that, but I’m sure ya all understand. TV news is sick, That’s why I stick with work and family that’s what I can understand and take care of if ever needed. OK what’s new I work my rear end off again spreading the good work of Willie lynch how are ya music around. Started on the cruise Jan 18th and ended last weekend march 26th. Not one bad gig everyone smiling and glad ta see ya walk in to the room, man ya wouldn’t get it anywhere else. Now the new baby Gracie 4 months now is being christened April 19th @ our lady of Lourdes Whitehouse station New Jersey. I bay sit every Tuesday and Thursday Morning 8:30am ta 1:30pm, just Gracie she’s a doll, I hope to send you pictures a picture tells the story, and ya’ll see for yourselves. OK I’m going ta read some of the post. Take care happy Easter everyone, I gave up the Vodka and Beer for lent, jezzz its killing me. Willie L

  345. Tony Gormanon 01 Apr 2015 at 6:46 pm

    Have a Body Check or Else 1ST April 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    In age it’s our prescriptions that get us through the day
    Those medicines they sometimes work in a most peculiar way
    When were down and have a cold or maybe a touch of flu
    You can take some antibiotics and they’ll clear it up for you

    If you have a sore head from the drink you had last night
    You can take a few pain killers and in time they’ll have you right
    If you suffer from stress and your head feels inside out
    Until the pills sink in, you might want to scream and shout

    And when your joints get creaky and they grind and squeak as well
    The doc will give a rub in cream to stop the areas swell
    It will leave you walking quite at ease without you taking pills
    So you can take up trekking easily across countryside and hills

    And the eye doc checks your pupils with his close up microscope
    With your head set still looking straight at him you feel just like a dope
    And then he squirts a jet of air that causes you to blink
    Then he drops in a solution that brings your tear ducts to the brink

    We all have to endure all this with blood tests by the score
    They tell you you’re anaemic and they take some blood once more
    We go to leave and our knees feel weak and we faint from all the confusion
    And we wake up stripped in a hospital bed as they give you a transfusion

    And we wonder what we ever done to have problems just like this
    All we eat is that healthy stuff and we never go on the piss
    And our mates they come to visit, straight from the pub they said
    Telling all the things they’ll do that night while you’re confined to bed

    So to hell with all this healthy stuff I’ve nothing left to fear
    I’m going to have a rave up and drink my fill of beer
    And if I die I’ll die happy with all my friends around
    And my will, will say cremate me and don’t plant me in the ground
    And I suppose then I’ll be happy in heaven with my old friends
    And all this worry here on earth I’ll know up there it ends

    Hi Jo
    I hope you have a nice Easter break for you and your family and when you get back get your poems going again as we all miss them.

    Hello James
    Hope Rosslare is warm enough for you and keeping you in tune for those Elvis nights, do you still have the wig and the glasses?
    Take care James
    Mary T where are you? you have gone on the missing list. Have you defected to I grew up in Cabra? I miss your stories.

    Martin I wish you and Mary a peaceful and happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all

  346. Joon 31 Mar 2015 at 7:54 pm

    Hello all,
    Great to see the little updates here and there and Tony’s poem. As always it speaks volumes. I love the photo of Willie Lynch’s Ma and Sister Patty Lynch too and I think his Cousin and auntie on the top of the page too. Hello to all in N J NZ everywhere else in between all around the globe. Martin nice to see that our Margaret was a winner she is always a winner. Even back in the day when Robin Hood and his merry men were up to all sorts. I think Robin passed through them hills there too up there in the wild west. I also recall walking on the tracks back in the day. Many a lad made their own bows and arrows too. I made a few myself. I liked to make bird feeders an auld broom handle bit of wood and feed the birds out the back but the lads like to snare the birds too. Trying to hammer it down into the ground so it would be straight but it always looked Bockedy anyone ever use that word anymore. ??? I know they use a ganzy load of other words. Anyway I am spring cleaning, took a mad fit today trying to get rid of clutter and dust and shake off winter. Doing it the old fashioned way too Lace curtains getting washed too doing like the mammy taught us. It was way over due. Just paused to take a break from the dust. March in the USA is often called March Madness I suppose it is associated with all the basketball and sports galore. But at our end it was a host of events in our family A combination of Birthdays special occasions Prom/Dance showcase events for drill and dance end of year school things and of course not forgetting loved ones and anniversary of our little Angel too. what a Roller coaster of emotions and events and memories made and shared.
    Easter just around the corner too. Precious Memories how they linger and ever flood my soul. Just like the song says. Cheerio all back to the Dust and clutter and spring cleaning its a good tonic to get rid of all the rubbish and enjoy the lovely freshness that comes from getting rid of clutter and dust and have a breath of fresh air indoors and out. Oh Martin I am sure our Margaret would love a copy of her winning item surprise her for Easter she would love that. Don’t forget the Easter egg too. Thinking of you and Mary often and the chisslers too.
    all the best to you all and a very Happy Easter to you all too.
    Kindest Regards to everyone on the site new comers and regulars and it is good to hear from you all.

  347. Betty Martinon 30 Mar 2015 at 8:10 pm


    I used to live at 139 Annamoe Drive till 1988. I am not too far away now.

    The reason I want to get in touch is that the people who lived in the house before us were the Bradys. Christopher Brady printed the proclamation.

    I was on a site, and can’t find it now, which had a photo of my old address with Christopher Brady being the printer. Also I have a photo of him and the other men who printed it amongst my old photos, and am sure some people would love to see it. It was taken on a rooftop after the proclamation was printed.

    Can anyone tell me the man who has the site …I can’t find it

    Regards to all,


    Hello Betty,
    The proclamation had been printed secretly prior to the Rising on a Summit Wharfedale Stop Cylinder Press. Because of its secret printing, problems arose which affected the layout and design. In particular, because of a shortage of lettering, the document was printed in two halves, leading to a proliferation of ‘half copies’, most of which were destroyed by British soldiers in the aftermath of the Rising. The typesetters were Willie O’Brien, Michael Molloy and Christopher Brady.[1] They lacked a sufficient supply of same size and font letters, and as a result the latter half of the document used smaller es than the rest of the text, a distinctive feature of the document…MC

  348. SHAY JORDANon 28 Mar 2015 at 4:37 pm

    Hi Olive and Friends
    Yes Olive everything is fine with both of us Babs went for her 6 Month check up on Wed and everything is fine TG. It over 4 years now since it all started so hopefully we hope to get all Clear on next visit in 6 Months time.
    After my Op last year I have come through 4 B/T and its clear got to go back in 12 Months with Blood test every 4 Months. lets hope that Word never enters our life again. We are off home in May for a Wedding (Niece) but the Church is in Navan which is strange as the brother lives in Glasnevin.But most of the Nieces and Nephews live outside Dublin due to high cost of Dublin House Prices. I mean one of them live in Nass and its mostly Dubliners on the Estate .
    Well here we are heading into Easter and they say it might be a Heat Wave all I can say someone at the Met Office is Mad. We are still getting night Frost and the north Winds are terrible.
    Tony I’m running out of paper trying to keep up with your Poems but no way will I miss keeping a copy. Well I feel a bit old today as its my Baby Brother*s Birthday and he has joined the Pensioners Ranks(cant understand it I’m only 25 Year old meself .
    Well that’s all for now so God Bless Everyone ………SHAY

  349. Tony Gormanon 27 Mar 2015 at 8:07 am

    French Alps Disaster 26th March 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Was there a reason why?
    A plane could lose its course
    On a mountain range with peaks of snow
    So rugged and so coarse

    One hundred and fifty lives
    Lost upon a flight
    All planning things to say
    When arriving home that night

    A mechanical failure of the worse
    Falling from the sky above
    As no one have the time to say
    Goodbye to the ones they love

    As sadness fills the hearts
    Of their family and their friends
    All traumatized by what’s happened
    Of how all those lives could end

    But reasons never justify
    Or ease the hurtful pain
    Or bring their loved ones back again
    All excuses are in vain

    Was it too much stress from flying?
    Did the co-pilot make it stall?
    Was there pressure in the cabin?
    That caused the jet to fall?

    All questions that can’t be answered
    By the black box tape they found
    Or the investigators reasoning’s
    From the debris on the ground

    But the world looks on in sympathy
    And the prayers be said for all
    As their flight took a new direction
    Towards heaven at Gods call

  350. SHAY JORDANon 26 Mar 2015 at 7:24 pm

    Posted a note the other day and seen it on the site.
    Now its gone into Cypher Space.

  351. olive carron 25 Mar 2015 at 11:23 pm

    hi Martin. Mary. Jo.Willy. J R . Shay.Mary,sTony. and all on site
    Good to see you back on Jimmy,, what would we do without TV eh our parents were lucky to have a radio,to pass evenings although as we had 12 in family am sure my mam was just glad to sit for a while .My dad was a big big reader .I remember when I about 10 he borrowed a big leather bound book of stories by Edger Alan Poe ,and my eldest brother read some to us ,scared us to death .ha also of course he loved his nightly pint ,and when my sisters bought a record player he borrowed a set of big records ..breakable ones ..of Gillbert and Sullivan ,drove us nuts when he came in playing them .. his boss at grangegormen loaned these things to him ,when you look back we owe him lots ,to this day I love G @S ..
    Well we just back from few days with P O gang and as usual had great time ,and ST PATRICKS day is just green from breakfast ,,we would be peoud of our generation at how they join in brilliant .
    Iam keeping quite well TG and like J R forgetfulness is part of my day .b..ut try keeping on ..
    Jo and Willy hope weather was not too bad for you ,whenever I see tv about bad times in U S A I always think of you and my brother in Montgomery and hope.you are all ok


  352. SHAY JORDANon 23 Mar 2015 at 6:09 pm

    Hi Jimmy R
    Nice to see you back on the Site hope all is well with you.
    The weather is getting better so hope you will soon be able to go out more.
    Now as for Winchester 73 wasn’t Dan Duryea a bit of a cow in it (but then he always was). Both him and Jack Palance got all the evil parts great character Actors.
    There is a Web Site which has every film its http://www.IMDb.com .I always go on it while watching a film (get all the info there).
    You are right about last Saturdays Rugby it was a nail bitter but TG we got there in the end. Never seen such high score by all teams. That French Penalty Kicker was useless he missed about 5 Conversions .Tony has but a great poem on F/B he never fails to come up with the goods.
    Well we are off to Dublin in May for a wedding for the first time we have to stay in a Hotel. No room in our House anymore but we got a place on NCR so we are still in Cabra.That means I can get to the Homestead and Downey’s and do my walk around the Old Homestead on Mulroy Rd .
    Just been listening to some great Sonny Knowles Tracks one called *The Dying Rebel*.
    Well that’s all for now all the best …SHAY

  353. Joon 22 Mar 2015 at 6:28 pm

    Hello J R,
    Great to hear from you again too. Lovely weather at our end Jimmy. How time goes by so quick.
    Thinking of one and all Roll on Easter I love all the Seasons. No matter where we live Spring has a lovely way of saying hello.
    Welcome Spring and all the best to everyone.
    March has a mix for us at our end. We had some Birthdays some other events and some tender times too. More events this week to cheer on the High school Special Dances and shows.
    Ah but one little one will be greatly missed too can’t believe it is 5 years since she left us. The site must be going about 8 years even tho’ we have our ups and downs and we go quiet from time to time I think it is just to keep an eye on our health and renew our strengths.

    Take care all and do have a Wonderful Easter and a Happy Spring time get out more and enjoy Nature and all its beauty. Keep the updates coming and of course the poems from Tony G are as good as ever and its great to hear from everyone. I miss everyone else so hope all pop in now and then to say hello too.

    I sure am overdue a visit to Dublin and London and Coventry girls might say hello to Lily and Grace and their granda some day too.
    Cheerio all

  354. james rogerson 21 Mar 2015 at 11:13 pm

    It’s so long since i had a goo i nearly fotgot it was here, mind you sleeping and forgetfullness is part and parcel of my life these days.I was heading to the club for a pint friday, wentinto thelounge to switch the tv off and Winchester 73 came on, Jimmy Stewart, Shelly Winters, Dan Duray, Stephen McNally, Charles Drake, Will Gear, Steve Bodie, a very young Tony Curtis and Rock Hudson, what a waste of space he was, cant remember the name of actor who played Stewarts saddle pard, Williard? anyway i enjoyed it. So many of the old westerens on in the afternoon, I seen on tv tonight, Polish day celebrations in the Bogies, the times are really a changing.
    Good to see Tony and Jo still have the gift of spinning the words togeather, long may you do so. I get a good laugh watching Googlebox on friday night and love the big bang theory. Great day of rugby, you couldn’t script it, the drama was heart attack stuff, had me on my feet, pure magic. There has to be a poem there Tony. Well that’s me for a while, i trust you all had a great Ireland day, it really is an international day.
    hope everyone is in great health, i’m not going to do a re-check i probley spelt every word wrong.
    Jimmy R.

  355. Joon 20 Mar 2015 at 5:59 am

    Hello all,
    Anyone know if this interview with Martin is on line anywhere ? Didn’t get to hear it at all. Ah well done again to our Poet Tony. Nice one on the Paddy’s day. Good to hear your poetry again. Hope you and yours are well.
    March brings a mix at this end. Home and heart and family. Some birthdays and Anniversaries. Travel and Trivia precious memories and family ties and family tree.
    A host of golden daffodils no doubt all can see.
    Welcome Spring and Roll on Easter.
    Hello to all in Cabra West and around the globe. Shay nice to read your update too. Take care all. Willie how is little Grace and Lily hope the girls are all keeping you going too. How was the gigs on the 17th too hope all went well. A huge hello to all the girls everywhere too. Hope all went well for your Paddy’s day no matter where you all are these days. Mary H T Patty June Margaret and Ella Olive Theresa Rita and Joan and everyone So many don’t mean to leave anyone out. Hello to our new comers too. I see another chap on here too. Hello to all on the other Cabra Site too some of whom I have heard from in emails hope all are well too. take care all. Oh Patty thanks for the 2015 Cabra Calendar too you and June and Des all look so cute on the door step Smashing little chisslers yiz were, still are brillo love yiz The Ma had yiz all looking smashing for sure. Love the hair June. by The way the next generations are the image of yiz too.
    Kindest Regards Everyone.

  356. ella bryanon 20 Mar 2015 at 1:55 am

    I hope you are all well and in good health. I have been busy with one thing and another Hope you all had a good St. Pats day. I do not know if this will get there but I look in from time to time and glad to see that the site is in good shape. Bye to all Ella

  357. Tony Gormanon 17 Mar 2015 at 6:11 pm

    Let’s have a Hooley 17th March 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    The tricolour’s waving and the shamrock growing free
    As police band commences to play The Isle of Innisfree
    The people dressed in their colours setting festivities on the way
    All out to have a great time on this our St Patricks day

    For its only the Irish can party and enjoy all the things that they do
    They’ll always invite in strangers and make a big fuss out of you
    So let us drink up and be merry as the parade it passes us by
    And the weather wont damper our spirits
    For it’s the spirits that’s keeping us high

    And into the night time though legless, one more pint and we’ll be on our way
    A totally sobering evening, would only have spoil things today
    So come on and have a few gargles and sing a few songs for us all
    We be back in the work mood tomorrow
    But tonight is for having a ball

    Happy St Patricks Day to Jo, Shay, Olive, Martin, Mary, Jimmy, Patty, Willie, Theresa, Norma Ella, Rita and all of the Cabrahistory viewers

  358. Eamonn Byrne BEM REon 16 Mar 2015 at 9:48 am

    Excellent site. Thank you so much. Great interview with Martin on radio last week. So many many memories and I am so proud to be apart of it.

  359. SHAY JORDANon 09 Mar 2015 at 4:33 pm

    Hi All
    Well just been listening to Our Martin on Dublin City Radio been interviewed all about Cabra West. Gave a few of you a mention Willie/Jo/Eamonn and of course he had *Dickie singing Chapel on the Hill * Martin told how we changed the words to suit Cabra West.
    Great story about Willie Lynch coming over andgetting a Taxi from Sligo to attend the Reunion in 2013(Regret I missed that night).
    Well I see another bit of our history has gone with Matt Whelan’s been knock down.
    Talk about been a stranger in your own town well I guess that’s all us now.
    I hope to be over for a Family Wedding in May and it looks like the first time there is no room in family House. I always loved stopping in Cabra so im close to the Homestead for an evening drink (Specially at weekend). The most local hotel is Charliville Lodge (NCR) or Travel Lodge Phoenix Park near halfway House.
    By the way anyone know if the Railway Tunnel in Phoenix Park goes to the Fort Magazine. I remember it comes out on Cabra Rd Bridge (never took the dare to go into it). I heard a story that the may be reopening it to passenger traffic connecting to Ashtown Station. Hope Im still around to see the Metro (Luis) come up to Broombridge from town (2017 I Think).
    Well that all for now special mention to Jo/Olive/Willie/Tony and of course Martin.
    God Bless you all for St Patricks Day and Ireland for the Six Nations (See Tony’s Poems Great)………..Shay

  360. Joon 06 Mar 2015 at 6:44 pm

    Hello all,
    Happy St Patrick’s day to everyone no doubt a busy month for Willie and the band. Hope everyone on here is doing ok. I have a sunny day today blue sky and the daffodils have raised their heads and look lovely. Just a few on them in the front garden. Refreshing to have a taste of Spring. Refreshing to have the blessings of nature too.
    Take care all.
    Cheerio for now lovely poem Tony G keep them coming Hello also to all in the UK Shay Eugene Mary H T and so many more. Hello down there to the boys in Wexford too and to all in Cabra West and around the globe. Hope all have a great Paddy’s day followed very quickly by Easter and assorted events in your own neck of the woods. Hope you are all keeping well the health for sure is our wealth. Hello Martin and Mary hope you are both holding up too. Nice of you to keep an eye on the site even during health issues. Not easy when we have health concerns to keep everything going some things have to go on hold. So hello to you everyone and thanks for the updates.
    Kindest Regards,

  361. Joon 04 Mar 2015 at 8:46 pm

    My Daffodils are frozen
    they are bending their heads in the rain
    We had a nice winter out here in the West
    The likes of we will not see again.

    There is snow on the mountain peaks
    the ski resort is full
    Robert Redford did it again
    The film festival such fun

    I turned down an offer to act
    in a film that got great reviews
    To be an Irish mammy was the part
    turning it down broke a tiny bit of my heart

    Sometimes it feels right to say no
    and follow your gut and show
    that in time things work out right
    even when the few bob is tight

    I am ok with not being a film star
    I am an Irish mammy though and through
    Being with my own brood is my best call
    The best production yet, this role my all.

    Hello to one and all.

  362. Pattyon 03 Mar 2015 at 12:49 pm

    A Big Hello to Martin and all on the site.I just enjoyed a wonderful read.The poetry and stories made my day.Thank you from Patty.

  363. Tony Gormanon 03 Mar 2015 at 12:38 am

    Springs Here at Last 2nd March 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Daffodils like yellow bells
    And daisy’s so white
    Buttercups all spread around
    Sleeping at night

    Bluebells like a carpet
    Covering the woodlands floor
    And crocus bloom around the trees
    Each year they grow more

    Apple blossom and cherry blossom
    Have pink blooms and white
    Colours so beautiful
    Radiant and bright

    Tempting the bumble bee
    Into the flower
    To gather his nectar
    Hour after hour

    And the March hare they spar
    Like prize fighters they box
    And their speed will be used
    To outrun the fox

    And the ducks making clucks
    In their watery nest
    Will sit on their eggs
    As if having a rest

    And the owl he will hoot
    By the light of the moon
    And we’ll all go to sleep
    To that nightingales tune

    As spring brings us love
    In an oddly way
    And it will stay in our hearts
    Forever and a day


    Hi Jo
    I hope you and your family are ok after all the snow you had.
    Don’t worry Spring is here at last.

  364. Joon 27 Feb 2015 at 6:24 pm

    Hello to all,
    Got a 2015 Calendar in the post thanks to Patty. Nice to see the Chisslers on the front too. Those indeed were the days. Nice to see all things Cabra and Cabra West too.
    Meantime hope everyone is plodding along and taking care of their health too. Oh so quiet here these days but I think of you all just the same. Next event Paddy’s day as well as another Road trip to see family. and extended family at this end. Had a nice week recently with some of the little ones as well, Hello to all our family and everyone everywhere from Cabra West and around the globe.
    Take care all you are not forgotten.
    Hello to all my family and to everyone here.
    Kindest Regards to one and all.

  365. Joon 15 Feb 2015 at 8:55 pm

    Hello There our poetry pal,
    How’s it going Tony ? Hope you are well. I finally checked that other site you mentioned nice to see your poems there too. Been up to our eye balls at this end. Started off the new year with some Health concerns all is calm now thank goodness. Took a Rd trip to Vegas to see the family there. It was only gorgeous weather. Makes me want to go south more I love Arizona and Nevada too for all its beauty and Red Rock scenery and Canyons too. It is beautiful. Anyway hello to you and to all on the site here. Very nice poems as always keep them coming I am a bit rusty.
    Hello to everyone on here miss hearing from one and all too.
    Take care all. Nice to see updates from Everyone thanks Olive and Theresa long time no see and no hear. Willie glad you and yours are all well too.
    AH I bet you are all booked up now for March 17 and as we all well know the 17 of every month in NEW YORK and New Jersey if full of music with you and the lads playing everywhere.
    All the best to everyone.
    Kindest Regards

  366. ella bryanon 14 Feb 2015 at 5:55 am

    Hello to all on this site, just trying to contact you as we are having trouble with this machine. Best of luck Ella.

  367. Tony Gormanon 11 Feb 2015 at 12:04 pm

    Hi Theresa
    I hope you got my email telling you that you can get the poem on the Fountain Resource Group Facebook and can share the link with all your friends.
    I added an extra line on their site.
    I hope you are well.
    I was down in Bournemouth last year and wrote a few poems there one was for the Swanage Rowing Club about one of their boat crews in a boat called the Ledger.
    Bournemouth’s a lovely place, one of the poems I wrote while I was there finished second in a local poetry computation in Hertfordshire which I was a bit annoyed about
    as the one that won the writer was the judges friend and nobody could make out what their poem was about.
    But such is life, we win some and we lose some.
    Hope you are well
    Keep looking in and feel free to share my poems with your friends.

  368. olive carron 10 Feb 2015 at 5:30 pm

    hello JO Martin MARY TONY SHAY and all on site .
    hope everyone is well .Jo hope trip was as good as allways .its lovely to catch up ..
    Ijust looked on photos and seen Carolan .i didnt know him but did know brother Joe who also went to england to play football. i was also friends with sisters as we all went to convent together ,and Mulroy not far from their house ,
    And it strange i was at a 80th party in Home Farm social club .still in same place on Drumcondra Rd as was when they played for the club .
    showing my age ,i had been asked to a 80th on fri .then this one and next sunday to my cousin s maybe some one might know two of them DANNO HANNAH carnlough rd had sisters betty and may brothers micheal and ;;benno;; and Angela o Loughlan from Drumcliff drive

    Now i have Paddys day to look forward to we off to tullamore with post office gang allways great .
    Life goes on just the same here ups and downs but mostly i am fine ..
    we have a wedding in Birmingham in AUG and one here in oct ,and going to Torrimoles in june all been well

    not sure if anyone on site knew NOEL WALSH from MULROY RD sadly passed away in Londay last week R I P

    Tony great to see you on F B if anyone else on can you friend me olivecarr
    keep up the poems x x x
    Martin hope all well in yours

    love to all cheers

  369. willie lynchon 10 Feb 2015 at 3:41 pm

    Hello all. I said i’m not getting off this computer this morning with out saying hello. Don’t asked me boys and girls where the time is goin. and the weather here Its bad, snow was one thing but the black clear Ice Is deadly, accidents all over big one and lots of cars. This is just a Q note, But i just saw next to me the first few lines of what tony post said, Jimmy Conway God i remember em well, i have to read it more when i get back, I have to take my brother in Law wife and kids, to the Newark airport at 11am he’s taking three weeks off. so i have to jump in the shower etc. all is well with bev and I, Grandchildren Lily and Gracie liam and Maddie are fine TG. I promise i give a good read today and catch up. my love to all willie L. let me run.

  370. Joon 10 Feb 2015 at 3:21 pm

    Hello Theresa hope you are well, Hello Tony G that is indeed a lovely tribute. Hope you are keeping well too. Just got back from seeing the family in Las Vegas. I could get use to the sunshine more and more. Hello to all and hope all are keeping well.
    Kindest Regards to everyone nice to see a little more input on here. I wonder how everyone is doing. Willie I bet Grace is in your arms often and Lily is a wonderful big sister no doubt enjoying Amazing Grace as you hold her in your arms. and let the moments linger. Greetings to one and all.

  371. Theresa Tinggalon 08 Feb 2015 at 12:27 pm

    Toni Gorman, that’s a brilliant song about
    Harry Redknapp…..he lives here in Bournemouth,
    not a nice person, walks around expecting to be
    recognised!!!! we all know people like that. Wonder
    would you mind if I shared it on Facebook…my own
    page not my ‘illegal adoption’ page…

  372. Tony Gormanon 05 Feb 2015 at 12:17 am

    One of Our Own (A Tribute to Jimmy Conway) 4th January 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    I felt saddened in reading yesterday about a school friend from the past
    A lad whose lasting energy around a football pitch could last
    As we always knew from his early days how great that he could be
    His skills were far beyond his years for everyone to see

    My mother brought him into the world and it always made her proud
    To see him in an Irish shirt and she’d cheer his name aloud
    A wave and a big smile would greet her in Cabra when they met
    For the midwife that brought him into the world he never did forget

    And being a classmate I found back then he always was polite
    He seemed a quiet individual who was academically very bright
    And over the years he progressed showing us what his feet could do
    To catch the sight of football scouts for his profession to ensue

    As he showed his skills at Bohemians a local Dublin Team
    And then to London’s Fulham to fulfil his wildest dream
    Following on to Manchester City and then to USA
    And he took each change of stadiums in a most professional way

    For each club he gave his utmost in both energy and skill
    And his quest to win for all his fans he duly did fulfil
    And it’s sad to think Alzheimer’s has stolen our Jimmy away
    But he’ll always be remembered by us old ones of today
    And our prayers will be our applause to a sportsman in every way
    And his name will be engraved Cabra’s History forever and a day

    On reading about poor Jimmy suffering from Alzheimer’s my heart goes out to him and his family and I wish them peace of mind for what time he has left on this earth.
    I remember Jimmy as we were in the same class at school.
    My mother always boasted that she brought Jimmy into the world as she was the midwife back then in Cabra.
    He was a nice lad and every time he was home from England and he seen her he would give her a big hug to make her day.
    My mother always said he was a real gentleman and there was no denying that as he was a role model to all the young lads that followed him into football.
    Life is very unfair and it must be devastating for his family to see such a wonderful family man and sportsman struck down with such a terrible illness.
    All we can do at this time is offer our prayers in hope that they ease the pain Jimmy and his family are going through.

  373. Joon 04 Feb 2015 at 9:05 pm

    Thinking of all
    kindest Regards

  374. SHAY JORDANon 04 Feb 2015 at 3:52 pm

    Hi Martin
    Love your photo of the Chesterfield Suite and the story about sitting on it.
    We done exactly the same thing over here it was a place called Rackham’s.
    It is now called *House of Fraser * a place were all the *Posh bought their stuff.
    But it was the Electrical Dept for me to look at the latest *Stereo and Radio Grams .
    Was it Bang Off (or something) it was James Last or Swinging Safari by Bert Kaempfert.
    Also do you remember the Stereo Demo with the *Train Doors Closing * the sound was amazing to us. All this was way out of our Price Range just getting a Bedroom Suite you had to jump through Hoops to get the HP Agreement.(So much easier now unfortunately).
    Now I always loved the smell of New Furniture that goes back to a 7yr old on Mulroy Rd. The Ma and Da loaned the front room to *Peter Brennan (Roses Brother) for him to store his New Furniture till he got a place of their own.
    I used to sneak in and sit on their new chairs and take in the aroma (lovely).
    I was caught once and the ma went mad at me one for going in. But the other reason was *Peter was a Butcher and he left his Knifes in there (held in a Wooden Block whick tied around the waist). Remember the butchers used to carry them around.
    Ah well around round of memories that just came back to me .
    All the Best for Now ………………SHAY.

  375. Tony Gormanon 04 Feb 2015 at 3:17 pm

    A little something for our football fans

    Harry’s Redknapp’s Abba Song 3rd February 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    Can you hear the news Fernandes
    Harry Redknapp’s jumping ship once more
    Did you see it coming? Fernandes
    Like he did at Tottenham
    And all his other clubs before

    There was something in the air last night
    That wasn’t right Fernandes
    When he rang you on your telephone
    Was he on his own? Fernandes
    Or was he setting up another deal that he’d sign and seal
    The supporters knew it had to end when he couldn’t spend, Fernandes

    There’s new hope at QPR now, Fernandes
    Since the news it filtered down the line
    Les will bring back winning ways, Fernandes
    No relegation and no worries you’ll be fine
    And the loss of Harry will soon be off your mind

    There is something in the air tonight?
    Is Harry’s pay off right, Fernandes?
    Will the tax man get his share?
    Of Harrys pay off there, Fernandes
    Or will he give it to his dog? We’ll never know
    If you had to do it all again would you hire your friend, Fernandes

    Take care all

  376. Joon 27 Jan 2015 at 7:27 am

    Hello Shay,
    Thanks for thinking of us. We are ok at my end. I bet Willie is having it tough. Hope everyone everywhere is ok the weather is all outa sorts everywhere these days. We will be going to Vegas again soon for a Road trip and to see the Chisslers . So I will have better weather. At least for now we are ok. Hope you and yours are all well.
    Nice to see a bit of life back on here too. Think we were all so busy one way or another we were quiet along the way. Of course some of us had or have ongoing health issues but over all are kept going.
    I am glad to say we are ok at this end. Looking forward to Spring tho we will get snow again at my end. We seem to have gotten a little breather but the East coast got pounded tonight for sure. New York got it bad for sure.
    Greetings to everyone everywhere. Hello to all our families in UK Ireland NZ and USA and hello to you all everywhere too.
    As Ralph Mc Tell once sang its a long long way from Clare to here. So hello to our family in Clare too. would love a ramble by the cliffs of Moher Des put the kettle on will get there sooner or later ok. Hows the boys from Wexford doing J R hope you are well. Mary H T hope you had a nice time with the sisters too. Thinking of you all.
    Cheerio all.
    Kindest Regards everyone.

    A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER PATTY too so Joan tell her to have tons of fun.
    Thinking of all you girls incl the mad hatters in the ICA and the Badminton club and not forgetting the BINGO Brood too. Especially all the girls down Tolka Row you know who you all are. Hope all are having fun out there in Ashbourne too have a blast.

  377. SHAY JORDANon 26 Jan 2015 at 5:05 pm

    Hi Jo and Willie
    I see New York is in the grip of Terrible Weather some of the Pictures look really bad.
    Just hope you are all safe maybe its like Dublin 1947/48 but we were kids then and loved it.
    So get the big pot of Stew on the stove and hibernate (if you can )till its all over.
    Keep Safe and God Bless .

  378. Joon 25 Jan 2015 at 7:59 pm

    Martin I can see my Ma in this photo. Anymore ? Would love a copy some time when you are able. all the best hope you and Mary are being well looked after too. You are both in our thoughts.
    Kindest Regards

  379. Joon 25 Jan 2015 at 8:54 am

    The start of a New year

    Age related things present themselves this year
    MRI Ultra sound MRA a host of things to fear
    Ah but that is not all
    The blood work still has to get the all clear

    The dentist on Monday the Flu shot as well
    The head examined glad that went swell
    Blood flow has turbulence and the heart is still strong
    everything works out even when things go wrong

    The household has a host of comings and goings
    Day in and day out the schedules are showing
    The New year has started with time whizzing by
    Don’t know my A from my elbow more appointments by and by.

    So now it is time for a huge vacation
    The planning must begin to take to the sky
    Any flight will do while US gas Prices are low
    Maybe some cheap flights and off I go.

    A road trip to Canada to friends is a must
    Not forgetting Las Vegas and our family first
    Then maybe to Nashville and to Louisville too
    Have to have some bluegrass to kill the music thirst

    Roll on Spring and Summer as London and family call
    Then Dublin Kilkenny and Clare to see one and all
    Galway Bay is on the cards as well as Donegal
    That should take me all the way to the Autumn sometimes called Fall.

    Ah its great to have day Dreams and do what the Doctor says
    Them little pills he gives take me far away
    So when someone wins the lotto send me my air fare
    So I can see you all in person and more memories share.

    Hello to one and all


  380. SHAY JORDANon 22 Jan 2015 at 7:22 pm

    Hi Tony
    I have entered you on F/B I grew up in Cabra to be honest Im not 100% sure on how to do it. But five it a try and I hope you get on it.
    Jo..My God are you after Tony’s Crown well I certainly believe you have the Ability and the talent. I enjoy your memories and you put them very well together *Keep up the Good Work*.

    Jimmy Rogers
    How are you keeping Jimmy I don’t see you on here of late.
    Hope you are okay through all this Bad Weather time to stay in and hibernate till Spring. That’s what we are doing never was a lover of winter unless when we were Kids and we had Road Slides in Cabra West. Loved getting on the Sacks and rubbing Candle Wax on them for a better slide. They we got a box of studs for our shoes or boots. Road Snowball fights were great unless some Evil cows put stones in them.
    Now I fear the icy paths as we don’t bounce like we did as Kids.
    Well got to go now so goodbye and God Bless Keep Warm

  381. Joon 20 Jan 2015 at 4:38 pm

    Hello all,
    Lovely to read the updates. Rita glad to hear from you too and to hear all the progress on your family tree and O’Malley family too. Well done. Same here we had some great input on our family tree from our cousins on the Dad’s side. Very special to have. Nice to hear from Shay and Tony G again on here too. By the way Tony G love the poems Keep them coming. I recall picking up the bits of turf that others left behind when they fell off the pram or wooden trollies that people used to get the turf home. I just had a thing about never wasting anything so I would skip hop and run home with my find and add to the fire. Don’t think anyone will ever forget the smell of turf. Was just telling a cousin about the rainy times spent in the shed in the playground doing some drill to the sound of the old piano think it was a way to keep us warm if we were not playing some indoor games. Back then the piano was very old too upright honky Tonk only few notes in good condition. Yep we do indeed draw upon the past for many things. But it does add some laughter to the present for the most part. We wasted nothing in our house and to this day I waste nothing so the grandkids tell me. They remind me often of how I can make things with bits and bobs of strings The spool from the thread you lads used for fishing sure did stir some memories too Tony G I used them to make them for the stand for tables when making doll houses from shoe boxes
    Patty and June might recall making the fancy furniture from the Match boxes and they even upholstered them with fabric and made couches and chairs too. The 3 county cheese boxes were round tables and the Boxes were used for beds and miniature dolls
    They shoe boxes were even wallpapered and the windows had lace curtains even a bit of lino on the floor as well and a half moon mat for the fireplace. Hours of play and using our loaf back in the day. Over to you all now for the memories or homemade toys. The smell of turf and the smell of the caps from the boys guns at Christmas was magic. The small of food if we had any was a miracle too. Love to you all. Jo
    Coddle and Cabbage could be in the air for days or weeks. Bye all.

  382. Tony Gormanon 18 Jan 2015 at 11:18 pm

    Hi Shay
    Thanks for the invitation, you can sign me in using my name.
    I will try to make time to get on line as I write for the FRG Dublin site which is also on Facebook.
    I’m honoured by what you say about my poems on I Grew up in Cabra West, many thanks.
    It’s so nice of you posting your reviews both here and on the FRG site, I appreciate your support
    Many thanks to you for your kind words.
    As you are the joint poem writer on this site I need your help, so start writing as we miss your poems.

    Down Memory Lane 18th January 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    There were times I pulled a trolley of turf
    From the depot on Matt Whelan’s bridge
    To spread some heat throughout our house
    That in winter felt like a fridge

    It was a concession given to families
    When the work for some was scarce
    For if you died from hypothermia
    There’d be no money to hire a hearse

    We would stack some turf beside the fire
    To dry the ones that’s wet
    The smell of burning turf
    Was a smell I won’t forget

    As it reminded me of a poem I learned
    From my teacher in Finbarrs school
    That versed “Oh to have a little house”
    And own the heart and stool

    There are many things that come to mind
    Now that I’m old and grey
    Like the Bogies or the Phoenix park
    Where all children went to play

    Or swimming in the Cabra baths
    In its water like a fridge
    Or watching steam trains come and go
    As we viewed them from Broombridge

    Or playing a game called kick the can
    With Jimmy Farrell and Hugh O’Neill
    Or fishing in the Royal Canal
    With a thread spool as a reel

    Our lives were so important then
    To the ones who loved us so
    Our parents they protected us
    From the things we shouldn’t know

    But in time we moved away from them
    Into a world of self esteem
    To pave our way in society
    Was a teenagers ideal dream

    And looking back now makes us young
    When dreaming how it was
    As life went by so very fast
    Disappearing without a pause

    For in old age we have our memories
    Of those days of yesteryear
    And for all the loves we had in life
    Our feelings were sincere

    And when we meet our maker
    We’ll be brimming full of pride
    By all the friends that greet us
    Standing by the Lord Gods side

    And the gate be swiftly opened
    And St Peter will ring a bell
    And invite us into heaven
    Saying you’ve all had your share of hell

    Take care all

  383. Paula O" Neillon 18 Jan 2015 at 7:11 am

    Hi All, we lived in 43 Broombridge road. Lytton’s then O’Neill. My Dad was from 151 annomoe drive Clark/O’Neill. Still have an uncle living there. I love looking at all the photos on here. I was born in 1973. Live in USA now. Love to get back home though. Happy New Year all :)

  384. Rita McMahonon 17 Jan 2015 at 2:22 am

    Well Jo all is well over here in Ontario, mild Winter so far compared to Last year and hope all on here are keeping well, TG we have Martin on the FB page as lately we have been having a few strange folks on it think it the page might need supervison at times, love all the photo’s & stories like on here. Great photo’s Martin as well and yes keeping in touch with all the O’Malley Clan here and around the World but have come to a blocked wall on them. I am now checking out my hubby’s McMahon side as a second cousin made contact though http://www.irelandxo.com and could go as far back as GGGG Grandparents, from Limerick/Kerry & then Dublin sure is a facinating Subject. Wishing You all good health & happiness for 2015 and keep up the good work on the site. Ms. Rita O’M xo

  385. Norma Hillson 16 Jan 2015 at 9:18 am

    Hello Tony
    I just want to say what a great poem you have written on the Fontain Resource Group website in respons to what happened in France last week
    You should put it on this site as well or send it to the newspapers for all to see.
    You have a rare talent and a way with words that has been missing in poetry for a long long time.
    Don’t ever stop writing as we all love your style of work.
    xx Norma

  386. Joon 16 Jan 2015 at 9:00 am

    Hello all.
    Nice one Shay. good to hear from you and Tony G. nice poem Tony. Hello to one and all. Here we are already into January. The white Christmas was short. The New year here and it is nice to be going at a reasonable pace. Hope everyone is keeping well and taking care of their health. Hope all are well.
    All the best to everyone.
    p/s thanks Martin nice of you to feature the pudding. Thinking of you and Mary too. Hello to all on both sites.

  387. SHAY JORDANon 13 Jan 2015 at 7:49 pm

    Hi Tony
    Great Poetry again Tony I have to tell you I have been Singing your Praises on *I grew up in Cabra West* on F/B .
    You can get on it by invitation so give me your chosen name or nick Name for F/B and I shall click you on.
    Martin and others are on the site its a good Social Media for all us old timers from Cabra West/ You may find some of your childhood friends on there.
    I’m sure your talent will be very much appreciated on there.
    Things have become very slow on here of late and I wonder if they have all Jumped Ship.I just hope they all haven’t exhausted their Childhood memories as we know someone will tell a story and it sparks you MEMORY BOX.
    So all the Best for 2015 ,God Bless you All.

  388. Tony Gormanon 07 Jan 2015 at 12:16 pm

    Stay Happy 7th December 2015 by/Tony Gorman

    New roads they show the way for us
    As old years come and go
    And we find that in age as times go by
    Our legs get very slow

    And our eyes don’t see quite as far
    And our hearing’s not the same
    As we shout out house at bingo
    With wrong numbers to disrupt the game

    And our clothing tells the story
    Of how large or small we get
    And doctors give us medication
    That we never should forget

    Taking two pills in the morning
    Will help us through the day
    And another two at night
    Helping sleep to come our way

    And our joints they all get creaky
    Making noises when we move
    As our bones are getting rusty
    As they flex inside a groove

    But in truth this is expected
    As our youthful days are gone
    And we get on with our lives now
    As they say, we’ll motor on

    For no moaning or groaning
    Will bring back our yesteryears
    So we’ll sit and have a Guinness
    Clinking glasses saying cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To Jo, Mary and Martin and all on cabrahistory, May you find health and happiness in 2015.
    Happy New Year to all
    Nice poem Jo, you haven’t lost it.


  389. Joon 06 Jan 2015 at 9:48 pm

    The Pudding in the Post

    The pudding back in the day we had a ball
    The wooden spoon and spices and all
    The stout the stir the table the call
    The pudding stir taking turns before night falls

    into the bowl carefully wrapped
    Wax paper and twine and the trivet
    It cooked for hours on end on stove and fire or skillet
    Not a child was allowed to steal a bit of it.

    The tradition still goes on to this day
    Our Margaret the host of hosts
    Stirred up plenty of puddings this year
    and even sent me one in the post

    It was devoured by my soul mate and I
    Not a single crumb went to waste
    You just can’t beat a good Christmas pudding
    and My sisters are all just great.

    They all keep in touch daily
    They have technology down to a fine art
    I am still learning to use I this and I that and I pods
    I need to go back to school and hope someone spares the rod

    I hear from my brothers as well
    One liners are great and I can tell
    They too are great at all they do
    Artists Musicians Designers are swell.

    Ye cant beat the brood from Cabra West
    and all the neighbors as well
    around the world and coast to coast
    Best of all ye cant beat Christmas puddings in the post

    Over to you now Tony G.

  390. Joon 06 Jan 2015 at 6:00 pm

    Hello All,
    Hello Shay hope you and the missus had a nice Christmas. Hello To Mary H T hope you are doing ok too. How is our JR down there in Wexford I managed to hear the Wexford Carol over the Christmas don’t hear that long lost Carol much. a Local choir sang it in my neck of the woods. Lovely to hear it again. Some of them old songs are so nice. Had a good helping of sausages and Rashers and pudding and even a Christmas Pudding at this end too. I got a lot of mileage out of the Ham too. Last bits of it into a hearty soup too. Thanks to our Margaret we got a pudding in the post adds a whole new meaning to Christmas having a pudding on the table over here. We devoured it. Hello Tony G how are you at all at all. I know you are up to your eyes with your good works for the Hospice and the folks in need at your end. Good Man Tony and keep the writing up. I had to take a break along the way a combination of health and caregiving kept me on my toes. I think the new year is a good thing fresh start for all. the health is back on track and off I go again waffling and yapping. Just a few bumps in the Rd along the way. I have slowed down which is a good thing. I think everyone has health concerns as we get older but it is ok we keep going. I am ok with going slower these days. Hello Olive lovely to hear from you and Ella too and everyone on here who pops in. Nice to also hear from family and old friends on both cabra sites. I got some lovely photos recently made my day. Thanks to June and Jay. Hope all are well in Canada Rita and all the O’Malley clans everywhere. Hello to all the Liam’s too Liam O’Neill up there on Carnlough and Liam in NZ or is it OZ. Hello to everyone on here
    Oh Willie hope Lily and Grace and families are all well too. Bet you are up to your eye balls too. I have blue sky and snow and crisp cold fresh go for a walk kind of day today. the Rd and paths are clear but Ye need the boots and the overcoat and the hat and gloves but its a beautiful sight like a picture post card at my end. Im off out for a while cheerio all and keep well good health this year to everyone and at least managed care and all the very best. Keep in touch all, Good wishes to everyone. Not forgetting you. Martin and Mary thinking of you too. So to one and all take care and all the best.

  391. SHAY JORDANon 05 Jan 2015 at 7:43 pm

    Hi Dennis
    What number on Annamoe did you live I lived at 128 (Sister still there).
    I left in 1958 but just like you have been back nearly every year since then .
    I love going home and best time is when the Sister asks use to look after the house.
    She has been on holiday to the states a few times and its great to wander around the Drive. Also to go up th the Homestead at night and even Hanlon’s for Sunday Dinner.
    Hanlons is now all closed up now don’t know what is planned for it .
    Must go now Dennis (Nice to have you Onboard)

  392. Joon 03 Jan 2015 at 7:32 pm

    Happy New Year to one and all. To all with health concerns hope you are all taking it easy and or getting all the care you deserve and need. You are all in my thoughts. Had a lovely Christmas with our family at this end and as always fun to see the little ones though they are growing just as fast and just as quickly as our own did. I love when we have a full house.
    Greetings as always to one and all. May this year be a kind one to one and all.
    Nice to see a little input here and on the events page too.
    Hello to all around the world and back again.

  393. Dennis Kingon 31 Dec 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Hello everyone,my name is dennis king ,my family live on Annamoe drive m
    they have lived there for many years ,my dad paddy was a member of the Road Cup 1940,s ?, winners team some time way back ,Hurling I think ,my grand father was a carpenter by trade and worked on the Railway .his handy work can still be seen in the bar area of hanlands at hanlans corner ,,, my aunty anne still lives there in my Garns old house we visit most years,
    (Hello Dennis and welcome to the site..MC)

  394. Pattyon 31 Dec 2014 at 12:03 am

    Hi Martin and all on the site good health and Happiness for 2015.Patty.

  395. Ella Bryanon 30 Dec 2014 at 12:27 am

    Hi to all on this site.


  396. olive carron 27 Dec 2014 at 11:55 pm

    good evening all.
    i was given a new lap top by my family .so first thing i checked was could i write on cabra history and lo and behold i back on .
    well i hope Martin and Mary had a nice Christmas and all treatments went well.
    Hope everyone had lovely time .no glitches
    I had grand time all my grand children great grand children turned up Christmas morning.bedlam but great and they dont stay too long .but all exchange gifts i am sure when they get home its hard to remember who gave what but kids love it .
    i got the 5 little girls fleece blankets with name son corner and princes from frozen all over them ,they went down smashing .
    i had dinner with one daughter two others there too and families , but was a laugh

    one turned up in evening .had great time ..we played pub quiz .amazing what you cant remember when you have a few eh ha
    but of course Christmas always brings some worry .two of my neices very upset as their husbands very ill .one was in hospital all since 19th still there and other was told her husband s cancer had spread terrible .both men only middle 50s
    My kids make me laugh .saying ,they dont need heating in church when i light so many candles ,ha yet another niece/s child 5 yr old has cf and was very ill all dec .but out of hospital now tg ……so i count my self very lucky sitting here and enjoying an Irish Whiskey was given to me just now . and watching Sherlock which i love .
    And i got christmas cards from friends i knew in cabra from childhood great eh
    and looking forward to new years eve going to club and meeting friends one of them is Evyeln Hannah who some people here know ..
    hi to JO MARY .SHAY.TONY nice photo of you and brother on f b Martin and mary.J R and Willy ,,hope i left no one out ,,
    HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone
    cheers Olive

  397. Joon 26 Dec 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Hello all,
    An early morning moment. It was a white Christmas at our end. May all have a Great New year. Thinking of family and friends near and far and all loved ones near and far. It is a blanket of snow in our back and front gardens at the moment pretty as a post card.
    What a year behind us went so fast some of it is a fog. Glad for all our blessings.
    Thinking of everyone.

  398. Joon 24 Dec 2014 at 3:25 am

    Hello Rita,
    Hope all are well up there in Ontario. We will have a few inches of snow Christmas day the storm is on its way Via your way. I think it will be nice to have a white Christmas but getting about might be hard too. We shall go with the flo.
    Happy Christmas to one and all on the site.
    To Martin and Mary greetings from USA too hope you are both holding up ok. Thanks for sharing your story too. Love to you and Mary.
    Meantime off now to finish the cooking and the last of our routine shopping.
    Good wishes to all for peace health and safety and Greetings this Christmas and for the New year to one and all.
    Kindest Regards,
    Jo and family.

  399. Rita McMahonon 22 Dec 2014 at 1:42 pm

    Good One Jo and the lovely photo Martin, Well it’s almost that time of Year again and it looks like it won’t be a White one for us in southern Ontario. Wishing You all a Happy Christmas and Healty New Year. Keep up the good work Martin and great seeing Mary’s story on FB, she is a Brave woman and everyone is wishing her well. Rita O’Malley

  400. Joon 18 Dec 2014 at 3:02 am


    Tin Chapel
    Tin of polish
    Tin of biscuits
    Tin of beans
    Tin of peas
    Tin of salmon
    Tin slice of cheese
    Tin slice of meat
    Tin Tawn carpet
    That child is very tin
    Tin Box factory

    that’s how the mammies all sounded when they were talking That’s an awful lot of Tin.

  401. david leeon 16 Dec 2014 at 4:07 pm

    i am trying to locate the book that is advertised in clarks bakery on the cabra road without much sucsess.i would be gretful if some one could locate one for me.yours david lee

    (Hi David, I have sent you an email on this…MC)

  402. olive carron 09 Dec 2014 at 7:57 pm

    hi to everyone
    first Mary and Martin i hope you coping well and that treatment is working .i had not read your letter saying Mary was not well but reading letters of good will i read about it ,,You know my best thoughts are with you both .and remember how kind you and Mary were to call and see Frank when he was ill x x x x x x
    HELLO Joe Tony Shay and Mary s Willy and every one on site ,
    Willy your clan growing and growing ,Bet you loving having another girl to sing to’hope Grace is doing well and that Lily loves her to her she be a babydoll eh .
    IS NAN coping ok .like starting all over ..i know the feeling ,i have been getting gifts for family and had to have names and ages written down .there are so many.butget rewards by other day i went up to grave and one of my grandchildren had put a plaque on .it had a photo of Frank and MAN U badge beside it ,beautiful, so comes back eh
    Shay i hope other half ok now
    my son was home from brum last weekend as cant make it for Christmas ,was lovely to see him he trys to be here each year but wife could not get off so they stay there
    JRi hear you up at hospital ,terrible to have to come so far .but hopefully all tests will go well remember i be i Wexford in June AMBER LIGHTS HOTEL I THINK FOR GRAND DAUGHTERS WEDDING so may get to say hello
    i read a mention of a reunion when and where
    Iam ok had test for this and that nothing they can do for what is wrong but its nothing sinister so i am ok tg also got a wedding in Birmingham in aug so looking forward to that too
    i am just back from Killarney for 5 days love it and it never changes was with 200 others and last weekend got to see a show …a tribute to the rat pack was brilliant now its all looking forward to Christmas as at my age allways a chance its last one .but heres hoping for lots more ;;;;

    love to all on site any one i forgot to mention

  403. Joon 09 Dec 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Hello to all again.
    Nice poem Tony I was just talking to a neighbor about our Christmases past. She was telling me her hubby was a carpenter and made some nice things for them at Christmas. Reminded of a time when our Da would make odds and ends too. From a tin shed and the tin fence and Rockery and Leather patchwork arm chair to blackberry jam and a bit of brawn made with the mincer clamped to the table Black toffee and so many other things, Funny how one thought sparks off so many others and all made for all Seasons. The toys we got such as the Block puzzle houses the pencil cases made of wood a few pennies in a stocking along with a few sweets from Lemons the stockings were the ones we were going to wear sometimes we got new ribbons and stockings other times we just got the ribbons and washed the socks we had. Harry Belafonte singing or I should say playing on an old 45 on the radio gram Long time ago in Bethlehem The Radio gram also made by the dad. The Ma made a pudding which we all stirred. Yep Christmas can also stir up assorted memories. The star on the hall door the candle in the window Chains criss cross from the light into the four corners of the ceiling, cards galore pinned to the fireplace and all around it. The coal fire kept going as best they can to keep us warm and cozy too We were lucky to have anything and more. Thinking back on it now I have now Idea how they did all they did when they had so little as well. I am still glad for the simple things in life and the simple things at this end we do in our family to make Christmas special. Glad its not too commercial. Love to share in the joy of the little ones as they just love it The Teens to toddlers are great fun at our end. The youngest Grandchild is 4 now so with so many at assorted ages up to the teens its wonderful to see them all. Can’t wait to see them all too. Our own chisslers use to be so like them at those ages too.
    Hay Willie sounds like you and Bev are having a great time too. Lily and Grace will just be the joy of your lives too. Have a great time with them. Sounds like you will have Grace before during and after meals too. Lily will always be the one that brings the peace or the piece. To one and all take care and best wishes to us all this coming new year Gosh time is whizzing by.
    I have a few minutes to myself today and it is nice to get all the Christmas cards done I even made a few this year. Taking time out for myself today. Heading off to my own one and only bit of tranquility place to go. So till New year greetings to everyone.
    Kindest Regards to one and all

  404. Tony Gormanon 07 Dec 2014 at 1:17 pm

    When Christmas was Christmas 7th November by/Tony Gorman

    Once back in time when we were young
    And Christmas loomed upon our brood
    And decorations filled our homes
    And all was in a festive mood

    When Dublin was the place to be
    To see the lights and hear the calls
    Of dealers selling Cheeky Charlie’s
    And mechanical toys upon their stalls

    And Cleary’s showing their displays
    Of an array of things that Santa brings
    Or maybe for the one you love
    You visited McDowell’s to buy a ring

    People didn’t have much money then
    And yet they showed the seasons joy
    And made the best with what they had
    By buying a present or a toy

    And kids enjoyed the things they got
    Beneath the tree on Christmas day
    As the turkey cooked in the stove
    While children took time out to play

    And after lunch with stomach’s full
    The older ones would have a kip
    As their teeth would rattle from their snores
    And dribbles flowed from their bottom lip

    But later when all were refreshed
    More drinks would make the party flow
    With neighbours joining in the fun
    Our party’s never hit a low

    Christmas it seemed different then
    A far cry then it is today
    As now it’s too commercialised
    It’s modern times some people say

    But we’ll always remember those years gone by
    In our homes in Cabra West
    When Christmas was really Christmas
    And the times back then they were the best
    Happy Christmas All
    And may the New Year bring health and happiness to those who are sick.
    X Tony

  405. Norma Hillson 06 Dec 2014 at 3:58 pm

    What a lovely poem.
    My family will pray that everything goes well for Mary.
    I have seen all your poems here and on the fountain resource groupe site and you are the best poet ever.
    Please keep up writing those wonderful poems
    xx Norma

  406. Joon 06 Dec 2014 at 4:29 am

    Hello to The little ones Enjoy lily and Grace. Bet they will be spoiled rotten. Greetings to all the Lynch clan.

    To everyone on the site near and far have a Lovely Christmas. Thinking of one and all.

  407. willie lynchon 04 Dec 2014 at 4:46 pm

    GRACE Margaret Lynch is the new babies name. Kate and baby came home yesterday, My God when your kids are living around ya it can keep you on your toes, oh man. But whose complaining right, as I tell you all,……. enjoy the little moments. James (carpenter) husband got back to work today; So Bev and I are on watch with Kate and babies’ for care & dinners etc,…you’ve all been there its just what we do right. I’ll talk more down the road. love to all Willie
    (‘Oh Grace just hold me in your arms…’MC)

  408. Joon 03 Dec 2014 at 8:02 am

    What a beautiful poem Tony G, it sure does speaks volumes to us all.
    Martin I think a reunion sounds about right and you can all walk hand in hand from the Cabra Grand to the chapel on the hill. a little bird told me that Dickie Rock would also join in from the candy store on the corner. I bet he would be glad to sing from the pulpit and yiz can all join in. I wont make it for Christmas but Easter is a possibility. Take care sure we can all join in from Skype too eh ? around the world in 80 minutes. I think yourself and Deirdre would make a great team to make that happen sure there is a ganzy load of yiz on both sites. Take care all cheerio and greetings to one and all around the globe.

  409. Joon 03 Dec 2014 at 2:14 am

    Hello all
    Hello Willie,
    Ah you have a lily maybe you need a wild Irish Rose to go with the Lily. Or an Amazing Grace. I bet she like Lily will be a great blessing in your lives. Sisters will be such fun. Congrats to the happy couple and big sister and to yourself and Bev. Happy Christmas to one and all
    Thinking of you all,
    Kindest Regards to everyone and have nice Christmas.

  410. willie lynchon 01 Dec 2014 at 5:13 pm

    Baby Girl arrived Saturday 29th 1:26pm, Kate / James & Lily are doing great. The Lovely baby No name yet, what a lovely God send. you can throw a name in the hat if ya wish and I’ll bring it to Kate & james. Going ta see momma Kate now. It was a long day Saturday Kate a had a C section, but she wasn’t to good after it for a few hours, we were there 12 noon and got to see the baby 6pm, got home about 9pm knackered. Get ya later. Willie

  411. valon 30 Nov 2014 at 6:31 pm

    my two aunts worked in lemons when Young & I have lots of memories of chewing liquorice
    My family are just on the borders of Cabra pitch and putt friends

  412. Pattyon 29 Nov 2014 at 3:08 am

    Hello Martin and all on the site Thank you for the videos Stories poems and comments so much to catch up on.Im just plodding along work rest and play when I say play I mean Badminton.Good Health and Happiness to all.Patty.

  413. james rogerson 26 Nov 2014 at 8:23 pm

    Just watched the news, seen a banner with Cabra on it, re- the water meters protestors in court, got me thinking when we moved into our house they were still not compleate, we had electrictons, plumbers, men fittin the garden rails, there was a hive of activity and good humour, no one protesting about moving into a house with running water and indoor toilets, not forgetting a switch on the wall that gave us instant light, i dont remember prople wrecking their houses or having them firebombed, i cant remember a house been boarded up for years, like you see today. Ireland is changing and not for the better, sad to say, the drug curse is everywhere, I was in Dublin yesterday, bloody traffic bumper to bumper, had to pay a visit to Vincents hospital, trying to get out of the carpark was a nightmare, hope i never have to go back up there. The idea of having your own personal mugger does not appeal to me. Well sorry to read that Martin and Mary are battling the Jimmy dancer, that’s what we called it in Australia, that’s if i read things right, that’s why i was in the hospital yesterday, i’ll have the results in two weeks.
    Always remember tomorrow takes care of its self,, enjoy the day, that’s all anyone has is the moment. take care everyone and worry never solved a problem.
    Jimmy R.

  414. willie lynchon 26 Nov 2014 at 4:45 pm

    Good day to all. I didn’t get time to read the posts yet, Just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving to all, It seems like i told told you all we were having lily winnie Lynch, well lily is two years three months now, and this saturday we hope to have another baby, kate is having a section( just like lily was ) at 10pm Saturday 29th if not before. So lily will have a pal in the cradle, well this will be fun Ha, lily is the queen around here, but she will have ta move over a bit. get ya soon. willie L

  415. joon 23 Nov 2014 at 3:53 pm

    Let it snow let it snow let it snow. Yep The snow is now making my gardens and everywhere look as pretty as can be. Time for the wellie boots and the shovels and snow blowers and the salt to make a path and keep things safe for all.
    It is pretty as a picture. Take care all. Each Season brings its beauty but still we have to take extra care.
    Olive will write soon thanks for your last email. All the best to one and all.


  416. Tony Gormanon 23 Nov 2014 at 1:47 pm

    Mary a True Heroine 23 November 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    A brave lady to us all
    As her golden locks they fall
    In preparation for the battle that’s ahead
    As her bravery it shows
    In her beautiful smile that glows
    She’s a heroine after all is done or said

    For her positivity shows the way
    A role model of today
    To show others that they should have no fear
    For to beat a parasite
    The only way in life’s to fight
    And the surgeons they will be the overseers

    So to my hero of the day
    A prayer for you I’ll say
    As I’ve been in the same place you are in right now
    But I came out the other side
    And my life is back on stride
    And you too will follow suit and take your bow

    Though your golden locks are gone
    Your beauty will shine on
    And your friends will help you cope along the way
    And one day your health be cleared
    Forgetting all the things you feared
    And a new chapter in your life will start that day

    To Mary the beautiful lady in Martins video, you are in our prayers so keep smiling you are going to win this fight as we are all behind you.
    Xx Tony

    (Tony, thank you so much from the both of us and thank you to so many people out there who have sent her get well wishes also…MC)

  417. joon 21 Nov 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Hello Martin,
    Thinking of you and the many family and friends and you and yours. I think that quite a few of us on here can relate to the importance of supporting in any way we can our family and friends having Chemo and so many other kinds of treatment to help with Cancer and so many other challenges in health. You are all in my thoughts.
    Kindest Regards.
    Jo and family USA.

  418. Martin Coffeyon 21 Nov 2014 at 2:10 am

    Hello Everyone,

    I hope this finds you all well or at least as well as can be expected. I have finally figured out how to put an attachment onto my site. So that means that any video I put onto Facebook I can now connect this site to it for you to view and enjoy. As well as going around the place with my camera in my pocket I very often shove my little video camera in there as well in case I come across anything that might be of interest to you all.

    When I’m off on my travels around Ireland I love to photograph and video anything or any place of interest. And these are the things that I’d like to share with you even though they may not be connected to Cabra. But do you know what?…I think all roads lead to Cabra because I often find a connection with the most unusual places.

    At the moment we have a little sickness going on in the house with Chemotherapy as you can see from one of my videos on the front page. So if it seems that I’m missing in action or anything like that please be patient. Most days I’m at the hospital or going to the old GP. But there is the odd day when I’m let out on my own and that’s when I go wild with my cameras. It’s like being at home years ago and you’d be sick in bed and dying to get out to play with all your little pals.

    So take care of yourselves as good people like you are a rare gem…

    MC x

  419. joon 18 Nov 2014 at 8:16 am

    Hello to all the Girls on here and to those popping in. Joan long time no see good to see your post. Martin I would love a Ray and chips for sure. Nice updates on events page. Tony G great poem too keep at it. We use to also use the chipper down our end as well as the one beside the Grand too. I think I will have to make a Trip to UK and Ireland in so I think I shall have to gather you all up and meet and catch up in the near future. Food for thought and I will have Ray and Cod and all things tasty to eat. Love to head out to Howth and have a good auld chunk of ray and chips or smoked Cod would be grand too. Had a surprise visit at this end from old friends and of course it was terrific gave me itchy feet too so now I have to plan a trip The feet are more than itchy. I want to pack the bags too and head off.
    Well in the meantime Christmas is just around the corner and our local holiday too. So I am all ready rolling on the New Year. Lovely to read your posts ladies. Thanks Rita and Joan for your updates.
    Greetings to everyone everywhere.
    Have to say Ye cant beat the IRISH humor had some great aul laughs with our friends who came all the way from Dublin to see us. Via California and Vegas It was terrific,
    Cheerio all
    Kindest Regards

  420. Rita McMahonon 16 Nov 2014 at 4:56 pm

    Hi to you all and especially to you Jo, yes the Snow is coming, very light and not sticking so far but the Santa Clause Parade is on in Toronto today so the season is approaching fast, not too cold but see there have been terrible floods back home. Been following all the wonderful photo’s & stories from Cabra on FB, sure is lots of Fun.Your stories/photo’s are so good Martin. Hope the mess with the Water gets sorted out in Ireland. And those in the States have a good Thanksgiving as we did in Canada last month. Got stuck on the O’Malley Ancestors and have been working on the hubby’s McMahon’s, a second cousin found me through Ireland reaching out and was able to give me lots of info from family lore etc., as far back as G/G/Great Grandparents. Really nice to be able to pass it all down to our Grandkids. Anyway hope your all keeping well and have a good Christmas. Slan for now Rita O’Malley

  421. joon 16 Nov 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Hello Shay,
    Glad to say even though the snow is really bad here at times and things get rough we can still function in our neck of the woods. I can do local driving and people manage to get to work. Now how they drive is nerve wrecking. But the City / does get the corpo out with the big trucks and they put tons of salt and gravel etc and they plough all that snow off to the sides and make way for traffic as best they can. Things can come to a halt too but they still try to clear the roads. Its hectic I don’t go far when it snows maybe only do essentials if I can. We also shovel our driveway and paths etc too. It does get harder to do as we get older but everyone has a Winter routine and does their best. I have to say more recently we have often come home to our house and discovered a treat at the door and the snow cleared away for us. We have nice neighbors who often help us out. We are fortunate to have good neighbors who are kind. I recall some bad winters in Dublin when our chisslers were all small and walking up the NCR with babies in arms and having to leave the car where it was as it was so bad we were bumper to bumper the 22 bus sliding past the joy and no one could keep going so all stopped to a standstill we parked at the mater in our aul car took the kids out and walked home. Thanksgiving is huge here Shay its bigger in some ways than Christmas. The Turkey dinner is more the Tradition where as Christmas for us is the big Turkey dinner and getting together etc. Hello to one and all. Hope all are well. again greetings to one and all. Miss many of you on here too. Nice to read the updates. Mary H T thinking of you too. Keep in touch all. email too love to hear from you all sometime too. Martin has my email. Hello Martin a hello to you and yours too. Hello to all my family everywhere too. Cheerio all. Jo.

  422. Joan Connoron 15 Nov 2014 at 10:29 pm

    Hi Martin delighted to see you to day it was good talking to you @looking so well.
    All the best Joan.

  423. SHAY JORDANon 14 Nov 2014 at 11:26 pm

    Hi All
    well its that time again when the Shops and Supermarkets are driving us made with Christmas music. Here we are once again with the Record Companies Repackaging
    Nat/Frank/Dean Xmas LPs and passing them off as New. (Just a gift for Your Mammy) .
    Have you noticed ever year the Boxes of Chocolates and Sweets are getting smaller.
    It must be terrible for Parents now nearly all the Presents are technical items and cost the earth. No doubt there will be a Must Have Item well advertised on the Tele but the shops run out of them(remember the Cabbage Patch Doll ).
    Well at our age we are out of it but I used to love to see our kids faces on Christmas Mornings. I was an awful Man for waking them up too early and there was always that special one you bought for each of them. The Kids were happy opening the first one and I kept saying open This One. One time we got a bikes for the lads and dolls pram for our Kaz. Would you know they just wouldn’t open them till the end by that time the house was full of wrapping paper and you could barely find them. Well these day we go up to the Daughters house for Christmas dinner so we never get to see the shock and joy on the kids faces. But its all captured on the Mobile phone (but its not the same)
    By the way Jo do the American Celebrate Thanksgiving more than Christmas Day. What I cant understand about America when it Snows all the roads are clear over here 2in of Snow and everything comes to a hole No Trains/No Flights and the roads are impassable
    Well that’s all for now to everyone in the States Happy Thanksgiving,.
    All the Best Shay

  424. joon 12 Nov 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Meant to say Happy Thanksgiving to all in the USA. Glad you had nice time Willie. Hello To all in N J and NY too. UK OZ NZ and Ireland too. Hello Rita and Ella bet its cold up in Canada now too. Chilly here but we were lucky all the way till now we are still doing ok weather wise but yep its cold now and the snow is on the mountain peaks.
    For everyone else Christmas is just around the corner. Goodness me where did the year go. ? It sure picks up speed these days. Just want to say hello and greetings to everyone everywhere. Some will have the BBQ out down under while the rest of us will be snuggled up by a fire or hopefully wrapped up well and in ok health too.
    I am mindful of those who have so little too. I am thankful for all that I have.
    Hope all are doing ok. Take care all.
    Off I go again. As always thinking of one and all everywhere so Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Christmas to all from Cabra West all over the world.
    Kindest Regards to everyone Jo.

  425. joon 12 Nov 2014 at 2:56 am

    Hello all,
    Hope all are well. Good to read the current updates and input. I love all the Seasons where I live. I get to see the lovely colors of Autumn. The snow can be a pretty sight too and I welcome Spring and Summer when they come round each year too. Just saying a little hello to one and all.

  426. james rogerson 09 Nov 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Jimmy R.

  427. Tony Gormanon 09 Nov 2014 at 12:45 pm

    I was that Werewolf/Martins full moon 9th November 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    It was I that howled at the moon
    As I raised my paw in the air
    For that bloody gate was on violent springs
    Slamming my tail in it led to despair

    For my hair it grew fast on that night
    I think all in the pub got a fright
    The barman then told me I was barred
    For cocking my leg in their yard

    So I scurried back home on all fours
    Passing all of my neighbours front doors
    But it had to be you that were there
    To tell all about my night of despair

    You too might turn hairy one day
    Maybe then I’ll have something to say
    And by the full moon you’ll suddenly appear
    As the one thing that all people fear
    A BLOODY BIG CABRA DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Nice picture of the full moon Martin

    Thanks for the compliment Olive; it’s nice to know that there are at least four people that read my poems on cabrahistory now since everyone else seems to have moved on to Facebooks I Grew up in Cabra.
    You can find more of my poems on The Fountain Resource Group site they too are on Facebook.

    Hi Jo and Shay
    I hope both you and your families are well.

    Hi Willie
    Have the royalties started coming in yet on those songs I wrote since you recorded them?

  428. olive carron 05 Nov 2014 at 8:33 pm

    hi everyone hope you all well.,and looking forward to winter now that guy fawlks day is here . so on the quick slide to Christmas which as much as i love is a little headache as with my large family its mad to sort out gifts .still i love it and one of my great memories is of going to Mass at 6 or 7 certainly very early and the snow was up to our knees .still we wore all our new clothes .i clearly remember 3 other families as probably more ..
    no way would we do it now. although my family all go to mass Christmas ,even though they dont go all year .
    Well i read all letters and poems every evening although have to wait a chance of using this laptop to write on site .
    Tony i think you are a genius and should have world wide acclaim xx Willy delighted to hear tour went so well.you are an inspiration to us all.. Hello to all Mary.s Patty .s Shay, J R Martin and every one …
    Well i am grand TG i am lookinf forward to going to Killarney on 19th with my friends and we all going by train so Irish Rail wont make any money as we all O A P so have free travel…..tg the government did not take it from us ..and sat we come back our club is putting on a Strictly come dancing and it is sold out so should go well.
    Iwish i were 20 years younger and i would have gone in for it too..i m lucky to shuffle around these nights haha
    My daughter takes me swimming mon and weds so enjoy that ..
    Iwas laughing to myself in shop other day ,i was buying cards and i bought card for 1st …4th …7th and 70 th also a 50 and 60 wedding anniversary one ffor my great grandchildren and 2 pair of friends ….x this is something else thats really gone mad ..there are cards for every relations and events ..still nice eh well i am going to have a big bowl of coddle i have left on for hours and looking forward to it …..
    cheers for now and all best wishes to everyone

    love olive

  429. Joon 04 Nov 2014 at 8:22 pm

    Hello Ella and Olive and all on here. Nice to hear from you all also Terrific poem Tony G you haven’t lost your touch at all. I never got to go on to any of the sites you and others mentioned yet. I will when I slow down I hope. The hubby and I had a nice get away since I last wrote and had some time to ourselves as well as time with the chisslers too. So all in all we have been lucky to have some nice weather and good health to keep plodding along and get as much travel in as well as time to ourselves before the snow comes our way. It is already on the mountain tops looking beautiful as ever. all the best to everyone for now. Glad Willie is back home safe too. Bet you missed everyone especially Lily. I am heading out and about today have nice sunshine in my favor. Stew on the stove too. Take care everyone. JR and SHay hope you are all well too. Joan patty and June and Margaret Rita Emma Mary H T and all you ladies and gents from the wild west. Better store some water for the emergencies ahead this winter. Snow is going to get us all according to the weather man be sure to stock up on essentials too we may all end up house bound or without water. Then what will the powers that be do about making you pay bills if the pipes are frozen So get your water stocked up or you wont even be able to have a nice cuppa
    Cheerio all.
    Love and Regards to everyone Jo.

  430. willie lynchon 04 Nov 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Good morning all, I got ta read the post (tony I love that Celtic tiger one it’s magic) nice work lad. Well reading the post & people getting thrown out of their place to live, its a shame where is the heartany more, I think everyone has it’s day, and the same for those kind a people selfast. I see it here in the states. It would break your heart. I remembered my Ma bringing in Mr. and Mrs. Stafford took out parlor in theis coperation house, and his bike in the hallway. Money is like the Computers, used the right way it’s magic just wonderful. But wrongly used it can be really bad. SHAY & JO I never did anything about the retirement, I just didn’t have the time but as Shay said,…….. Its money in the bank when I do apply. Let me tell ya about Ireland Trip, Dublin was brilliant seeing family, one cousin I haven’t seen in 40 years maybe more,. I was only one day in Dublin one Night this time. Anyway Going down to Kensale cork for 2 & 1/2 days, tours going down ta Cove & titanic also Annie Moore, how did the people do it back then just like cattle. Galway was fine one night, donegal and up north what a country, here am maybe just 2 days I’d sit up front with the tour driver and my guitar and mic, and we’d sing great Irish tunes (Bold fenian man) when around skippereen and (Irish soldier laddie) wexford song / then along the country roads sing, Autumn Leaves and 60 / 70’s songs like (I remember you Frank Ifield / Pretty flamingo mannfred man / 60’s 70’s I could go on forever even the driver song (then town I love so well) also (send me the pillow that you dream on). There is nothing like playing off the top of your head, and O/C when driven through Galway (its Galway Bay,… Driver sang,….. and I did Galway Girl, the people looking in ta the bus and giving the hi sign. listen Boys and Girls I have ta really think is this that Willie lynch from drumcliffe road and St Finbars Red Brick college Ha, what happened to have a life like this, it’s work and respect for all is the answer. as I told to you in the last post, staying in Belfast town is not a good thing, it just wasn’t like Ireland the feeling with my gang wasn’t the same. it was the first and last time for me, but other then that up north is breath taking, Glens of Antrim heavenly so so hevenly. In a big high windowed C I E bus lots of pix taken & you can see forever. An anyway gang my feet are back on the ground, oh by the way while walking the streets of kensale I met a lad singing on the street and listened a while, WELL I took the guitar and sang (Rosie, Oh Rosie) Don Partridge I love that song, well as the people were passing by, …. they were TAKING MONEY OUT OF THE HAT. just Joking friends, ya have ta laugh at yourself. The last song of the tour I sang in Lough Eske castle co Donegal, we ended with (The last farewell). Don’t as me why, as I said Its all off the top of my head at the time. I’ll let you go, have ta pack the van again with gear jersey Shore gig tomorrow, all the tools in the van.Driven myself is the hard part. Love to all Willie L PS: JImmy R sorry lad never got ta play Rave On,……… or ride on.
    (Hello Willie, it was great to talk with you on the phone, sorry circumstances didn’t actually allow us to meet up in Dublin…MC)

  431. willie lynchon 03 Nov 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Good morning All, I’m back in New jersey from 10 day trip Ireland. Its still magic over there just when ya think you’ve seen it all. I stayed in Belfast town new hotel, But would not do that again, seeing the town is one thing staying in it is another, it looks rough and tough even the cab drivers & Pubs ( well some of em). An anyway friends I didn’t read the post yet maybe later on ta day PG, I have ta baby sit Lily from 11pm ta 5pm. talk and read post later. Stay well,. Willie happy monday anyway.

  432. Pattyon 02 Nov 2014 at 2:27 pm

    A Big Hello to Martin and all on the site Best wishes and good health to all.Patty.

  433. Tony Gormanon 01 Nov 2014 at 11:05 pm

    Fright Night 31st October 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    The candles they were lit
    Inside the pumpkins head
    They flickered out a light
    Showing its features warm and red

    And the children trick and treat
    In their costumes made for fear
    Some as zombies in blooded robes
    Telling Halloween is here

    As Dracula rings your bell
    With his cape of black and red
    And in fear you’ll gladly pay
    All the treats Dracula said

    And inside the games are played
    With a bobbing apple in a bucket
    And your hands behind your back
    As you try to bit or suck it

    And the witches with their brooms
    And their cauldron on the ground
    As they mix their potent spell
    Of jelly babies round and around

    For it’s a night of fun for all
    But the young will love it most
    As the night soon disappears
    Fading out just like a ghost

    Hope you all had a nice Halloween
    Take care

  434. ella bryanon 27 Oct 2014 at 3:14 am

    Hello to all on the site. We are all in good health here and hope it is the same with you. We have the pumpkin patches and hay rides are all in full swing here and it is good to see all the little ones with their treasures. The weather is not very good rain rain and more rain. I hope when they go trick and treating it will be better. We have family coming on Tuesday for a couple of days and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they have some sunshine while here from New England. Talking about houses you could not afford to buy one in Vancouver off shore money are buying them up like hot cakes and are even bidding against each other one I know of was 38 thousand dollars over the asking price who could match that and lots are standing idle because the owners are are not here and they are thinking of taxing them on that but when you have that kind of money this would not matter. H.Kong already own lots of property since England gave it back to China so if anything happens they have a place here. Guess we would do the same if we could. Young people find it hard.I guess what goes around comes around and with how news travels today people get ideas from all over. Have a good Halloween.Bye for now Ella

    (Hello Ella, and when I think of all those horses we used to get up on in the fields over by Finglas. No saddles required, just your pal to give you a bunch up…Hi Ho Silver…MC)

  435. SHAY JORDANon 23 Oct 2014 at 1:35 pm

    Hi Tony
    Just a quick reply to you another Great Poem to cover the current problem.
    You have summed the situation very well particularly as we don’t live there.
    You have a great Feeling for the subject I do envy your talent but so glad you share it,
    That’s another one for my File.
    God Bless……………SHAY

  436. Joon 21 Oct 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Great photo I see Florrie Costello and some familiar smiles. That is a great photo Martin. No doubt you have plenty more of the many shows in Finbarr’s hall and other venues from back in the day.

    Hope Willie has a nice time too nice to read your update. Hello to one and all. Welcome back Tony G great poem as always you haven’t lost your touch. So true I recall the sense of pride that was buzzing for a short time and I could see the way things were going a great amount of Irish pride in the Riverdance era socially it was a boost I am sure and cultural things were great too. But I noticed a huge amount of catching up with the rest of the world with technology and credit and easy access to spending out of pocket. Knowing people had not got that kind of disposable income and letting them borrow way over their heads no wonder so many got into trouble with homes. Resulting in evictions and losing their homes. Brutal way to do business.
    Everyone gets caught in such traps. Not much difference between money lenders in the 50s and 60s to the banks of today. They know some people are easy targets. The powers that be still have their eye on the Almighty dollar or Euro and no one every thinks of the change. It adds a whole new meaning to change now doesn’t it. The assorted changes include the loss of pennies out of pocket and in the end the loss of everything else too. I sure hope those families don’t lose their homes I hear they are trying to pay as much as possible of course I don’t know the full story but I still think its awful. Anyway everyone hope all are well. Take care all. just going to read the events page and head off for the day. nice to see a little input on here again too. Hay Tony G I think I hear a new poem coming from your neck of the woods again. Someone once said to me many moons ago to keep an eye on the pennies the pounds can mind themselves.
    Off you go now and get cracking on the change. I can hear the money lenders and the check man knocking on the doors in Cabra West in my head now too. Don’t like the sound of that either. As Ronnie Drew RI P use to say D ya remember Jem ? will I ever forget. Greetings once again to one and all from the USA too. Oh I have been to the pumpkin patch it was lovely. Took a ramble without the grandkids. All are busy with school and sports and other things so I took a breather and went myself on Sat it was lovely. Shay even the man from Sloan came too and the other fella from Cabra Cycle down your way. All the best everyone Ah the mind wanders and sometimes it does its own things too.

  437. Tony Gormanon 20 Oct 2014 at 10:29 am

    Hi Jo
    I hope you and your family are well.
    Nice picture of Patty, I enjoyed that evening in the Black Sheep.
    I seen the video of the evictions and fair play to the neighbours that rallied around to help the family.
    The Celtic Tiger has a lot to answer for.
    Bring back our flag’s true colourers 18th October 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    The Celtic Tiger ripped out Ireland’s heart
    And tore a nation wide apart
    The politicians and banks they say
    Are guilty by their state of play

    They brought the shame to Irish soil
    By dodgy deals against the workers toil
    They pushed out loans without advice
    And ludicrous mortgages to entice

    They burned up money everywhere
    The banks brought people to despair
    And government funds all disappeared
    They shored up banks where cracks appeared

    They left the people short of all
    A slippery slope, a nation’s downfall
    With half-finished buildings everywhere
    A costly recession for all to share

    And the years that followed was no surprise
    Bringing credit back in the EU’s eyes
    But still the people were oppressed
    By bank mortgages that left them stressed

    Evictions from the homes they bought
    Brought depression from feelings of total fraught
    And yet compassion’s missing there
    From those in power who do not care

    The politicians should be brought to fore
    To face the courts for those hearts they tore
    And the dodgy deals and the well laced nests
    The more explored the worse it gets

    And those who were brought their share of pain
    Their call for justice won’t be in vain
    And like our battles in the past
    The true countries flag will show at last

    Take care all

  438. Joon 18 Oct 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Lovely pic of my sis and our poetry pal and yourself Martin. Tell Tony To keep in touch with us all. Sorry to hear about evictions in Cabra West at the moment our kids and Shay were telling us about it too. Meantime hope all are well too. I am taking it easy.
    all the best to one and all and especially to my family and everyone on here. I was just thinking of everyone. Heading to the pumpkin patch to look at the beauty and see all the neighbors having fun. My favorite thing to do this time of year is see all the children with their little wheelbarrows allowed to pick their own and have a hay ride and play in the corn maze. My neighbor is very generous with all the locals. and everyone who pops in. Anyway I love fields of gold as well as fields of Sunshine which is what the pumpkins look like too. A million sunsets its just gorgeous.
    All the best everyone. Cheerio all
    Kindest Regards

  439. SHAY JORDANon 16 Oct 2014 at 2:25 pm

    hi Willie
    Hope you have a great time back home never mind the weather as Billy Connelly said its not the weather *Just that you wear the wrong clothes)
    As for your Irish Pension Im sure you are entitled TO A FEW BOB.
    I left at 18yrs old and only had about 3 yrs work and I get a few pence(It should also be back tracked). So look out for a Big Check . I know a chap here you gets it paid into his Sister address in Dublin and as he goes over regularly he also get the free travel Pass (Used on Buses and trains all over Ireland).
    Jimmy you right about all those crazy House Prices why did the Corporation sell them.
    Its the same here in Birmingham the council is selling the House to Private Enterprises
    Maggie Thatcher allowed People to buy their Council house at a Discount (I did that).
    But the idea was to build more council house but the Councils wasted the MONEY other projects. Now like Dublin their is only Private Housing Trusts building houses and charging exorbitant Rents or the Banks with very high mortgages.
    Seen a Family on TV last night been Evicted in London by a High Court Order.
    The landlord was charging £500 a week he already put them out off another house .I think the reason he had someone who could pay more (he even changed the locks and kept all their belongings). The Bailiffs were disgusted and went out of their way to help the Couple and their two Children . By the way they were a decent Indian Couple and the Guy who wanted them out was also Indian. Even the Two Policemen could not believe the cruelty of that Landlord as the couple sat in their car with nowhere to go.
    That’s my rave for today .All the Best …SHAY

  440. Joon 16 Oct 2014 at 12:00 am

    Hello Willie
    Yep there is a few bob for you but be sure to bring your Id info with you. Its going to be like getting blood outa the stones . While you are at it you can ask them for y our Travel pass sure they might let ye have it for the time you are there too ya never know. all joking aside of course youll need your ID and personal info one way or another but keep it in your chest pocket not the back pocket. If you keep yer wallet in yer back pocket others might pick on yer cheeks not their noses. Enjoy yer trip. Think I Spring might be a possibility for a trip around the world. Glad all is ok in NJ for you and yours. Off to Kinsale in Cork eh. Mending nets was all the go there in the old days. Lots of fishermen Mending their nets. you are sure to get a bit of fresh fish and a bit of trad music too. Hello to the missus and the chisslers.
    Off you go now and mind yerself too. I am more than sure the mammy’s blessings are yours always and I remember yer ma Trench coat and all. the shopping bag on her arm going up to the shops and or the hand bag. Like all our Mammies a good aul skin and a hard working woman.
    You did her proud young man off you go now and have nice time.
    Cheerio for now.
    One of these fine days the willie lynch fan club will have to show up in NY again for the 17th of some month if I remember it right I know the 17 of everymonth is Paddys Day in your neck of the woods. Has Finbar Fury dropped in at all lately tell him hello from Josie O if you ever see him again. Hello to one and all.

  441. Joon 14 Oct 2014 at 7:31 pm

    Hello to you Amby
    Erris Rd if I recall was down in Old Cabra near Christ the King school way I only knew a few people down your way. Just a handful. Martin on here might know your Coffey lads maybe they are cousins of his or pals too you never know. All the best for now.
    We have family in UK and tons of cousins too. Getting to know some of the cousins is great too we missed out on that growing up. you might find your pals and or extended families on the other Cabra site ive tried to get on it a few times but I cant get it to work for me. But Im grand using this auld site too.
    Cheerio again and hello to one and all on here. Nice to have a bit of time today to just relax too. Hello to all my family everywhere now and then I am sure you might see the hello on here too.

  442. Joon 14 Oct 2014 at 7:24 pm

    Hello all.
    The weather is lovely at the moment. My neighbors veggies and pumpkins are all huge too. Time for the Corn maze fun and picking pumpkins for everyone. I am loving the colors that come with the Fall/Autumn. I have to say I am thankful for such beauty and blessings in our lives. I am of course forever thankful for family and life and living.
    I honor all our loved ones who are not here by making sure that grief does not rule the most in my life but that Gratitude can honor them more and memories of times shared can instill more gratitude in me moment to moment and day to day. When the chisslers all dress up for Halloween and also pick pumpkins and play it does of course pull at the heartstrings when one little Angel is missing. Thank goodness for such great memories.
    Just going to find some conkers too. Bet that will jog some memories of all you Cabra Westers. Mind the knuckles. Who can recall getting all that soot on the face from the fireplace to blacken our faces and dress up as witches and auld wanns.
    Well off I go again. Taken it easy these days.
    Trying to take it easy. Hello to all up in Canada hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving hope you added some colcannon to the dinner too.

  443. willie lynchon 14 Oct 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Good day gang this time next week I’ll be in Dublin (one Night Tuesday) on my way ta Kensale Cork Wednesday for 2 days. I have ta see the ma’s grave in Glasnevin that’s number 0ne right. After seeing the ma and getting her blessing I CAN go anywhere, and I did, as ya all well know. Yes Shay its a pity what the banks did ta the poor people. Young Married kids all they knew was the American TV shows & sure that’s not real, did their ma and da never tell them then difference its ONLY TV. You have ta Put education in the kids, its the only thing that can’t be taken from them yes it cast but its money in their BANK( head), its always in their head or ability to get things done. Look at me and St finbarrs my ability for reading and writing and sums was Piss poor shay. The ma worked all day of my life that I knew her grown up, I never remember my ma staying at home, with me the youngest of 8 kids and I was 0ne year of age,……and the da was thrown out of the house by my older 2 brothers Jack 16 harry 15, Sure Jack & Harry were really only kids themselves. With a little prayer and hard work. And a gift of a wife (my yank ), life been good, always a good laugh and never short of a penny TG. Jezz shay once I mentioned the ma and me goin home,………my mind started ta travel back, that’s you Shay bringing up the Poor families on carnlough road. But you are right Shay the kids want it TA DAY,….. NO waiting. They always look at the CEO of the company and Not how the person got there,……. if it would be male or female. Patty halpen Jezzz girl you are a woman of few words, short and sweet just like the Honeymoon ha. Jo thanks all is well Here in New Jersey closing the pool today, it’s 75 outside and we wont get many of these days from here on inn. Listen gang this time when I’m home I’m goin ta look into my pension, I heard from my Brother Topmmy in Edgewar london I have money there, I worked from 14 ta 16 years @ Raleigh bikes doing the front & back wheels on the quays,…. & 16 ta 20 years worked unidare on Jamestown road Finglas (allied dare FOIL department).
    An anyway let me run here. love to all. Get with ya soon. Willie L

  444. james rogerson 13 Oct 2014 at 10:15 pm

    Shay if you go on you tube punch in Jimmys Dublin, you’ll see my old house in Dorset St 78. the trouble these days, when we left in the fifties we were no replaced by a dozen East Europeans and others, singing, gimmi gimmi gimmi.
    During the mad years here, i use to write to the Indo from Oz warning people about the pyramide scheme, if you dont buy now you’ll never own a house, tenement rooms 250,000 euro ah yes the politicians and banks thought they were running Las Vegas, everyones a winner. There’s a house on Killala now, only $178,000, nothing has changed no one has learnt a lesson, everyone can be a millionaire in their own lunch time. Thankfully i have an aussie pension, i gain when the euro is low but get hammered when it is high, We need ukip over here, great turn out for the water tax, paying for water is one thing, wasting millions creating a super quango a retirement home for retired managers from local government, 2000 more staff than required and a bonus for everyone, where would you get it! Idi Amen was a altarboy compared to this lot running the country, well that’s my rant, hello everyone, take care, stay well.
    Jimmy R.

  445. Joon 13 Oct 2014 at 12:14 am

    Hello Willie and family
    Glad you are all ok I think I forgot to say hello last time. Hello Shay isn’t it sad to see the Banks not working with the young people to help them keep the house. What a pity. Hello to everyone else on here and not forgetting you even if I don’t get to put all your names here sure so many I cant keep up.
    All the best to one and all.
    Kindest Regards everyone

  446. Amby Dalyon 11 Oct 2014 at 10:30 pm

    I lived in erris rd. Sean and phil Dunne lived opposite. Went to uk in early 50’s. to Harlow New Town. Cousins Paul, Mike, Margaret , (Francis Rip.) lived in house we left.
    All our fathers and mothers rip.
    Still in HNT, married, no kids.
    I use to hang about with Jerry Coffee,, Carnlough Rd? Frank Fraiser?

  447. SHAY JORDANon 11 Oct 2014 at 4:15 pm

    Hi All
    For all those not on Facebook there is a incident going on 394 Carnlough Road.
    A Family is been Evicted and all the neighbours have gathered outside to stop the Sheriffs Men. I think it started off last Tuesday and so far the Sheriffs Men have backed off. Im not sure of all the details of the case but the house looks well kept .The Neighbours said its a chap with 2 Children who has falling on hard time.
    It is said the AIB have Evicted nearly 35.000 Families in the last year.
    Its a sure case of the Banks giving Mortgages without doing proper checks on Gullible people .All they were interested were getting their bonuses (Similar to the States) .
    mind you I can guess right or wrong its down to the Celtic Tiger when everyone thought it would never end. Now Dublin is back to the time when We had to move away to earn a living. But even worst now the house Prices are out of this world.
    With hindsight they should have never left the Corporation but it was always difficult to get a House. Shame to see Young Families been asked to pay Hundreds of Thousands for old Corporation Houses .I wonder did the Corporation sell them to Property Developers. Over here in Birmingham our lot did just that. They knocked perfectly good Houses and rebuild them to sell at enormous profit.
    Council House Building has gone out the window here.
    Mind you it was never Easy for our Generation we lived in one room with Two Kids . I was working nights and the Wife had to Cook and Wash in same room (that was for 2 years). I guess we can tell the same story but todays kids want everything Now.
    That’s why many are jealous of us Pensioners of having a Free Bus Pass and Winter Fuel Allowance.
    All well what ever we have we worked for it (no Benefits in our days)
    That’s All for now Hope I haven’t Bored you . All the Best ..SHAY

  448. Pattyon 10 Oct 2014 at 2:48 pm

    Hello Martin and all on the site.I enjoy all the stories and comments a great read.Time is just flying by.Good health and happiness to all Patty.

  449. Joon 09 Oct 2014 at 7:49 pm

    P S hello Redmond, All that land was a great aul place for us kids to play and we also played on the trains even when the cattle were grazing and coming and going on the trains we all played on the hills there behind all them houses and sometimes took a short cut home from the play ground and the school so we could jump over our back walls and home instead of the ramble around the block. All that land was part of our play I bet everyone on here has a story to tell. All the best and hello from the USA.

  450. Joon 09 Oct 2014 at 7:45 pm

    Hello to one and all,
    Nice to see a little input here there and yonder. Busy at this end with Home family children and the chisslers the little ones growing like the grass and now range from Pre school to high school and so much going on as the family grows in more ways than one. Sports also stretches them to the limits too all keep us going one way or another. One lad is 6 feet tall now and all the others are catching up too. They pat me on the head and then I get my hugs as they have to bend down and I have to get on my tip toes to reach even the toddlers no matter which way I go I get my lovely hugs and kisses.
    Life is of course always full. We have our ups and downs and as always we rise above the hard times no matter what.. Caregiving is always part if life as are health and home and heart concerns too. I am forever thankful for all we have and all we share as well as all we endure it does make us better in the end.
    Looking forward to Halloween and the lovely Autumn and Christmas YEP its just around the corner too.
    I just want to say hello to one and all. Glad everyone is still doing ok. we do indeed lose loved ones and family and friends and many have their troubles and sorrows. It is always good to lend a helping hand to all. Appreciate everyone’s hellos and hope all are well and I sure hope all keep in touch.
    Nice to know you are all ok lads and ladies. Willie Shay Eugene and Tony G and Olive and Mary and Ella and Joan and Rita and all everywhere keep the little hellos coming its nice to hear from you all.
    Mary Keep well too. not forgetting everyone else around the globe a special hello to all in Cabra West too on both sites Hope things are going well for your writing Tony G too. J R hows things down there in WEXFORD I hope you are keeping well too. all the best everyone for now
    Cheerio Love Jo. Kindest Regards to one and all. Oh Hello M C glad you are ok too and keep the events page going its nice to read the odds and ends that pop up too.

  451. Redmond O'Brienon 08 Oct 2014 at 12:39 pm

    Could anybody tell me what was located in the now open area behind Fassaugh Avenue and Carnlough Road? Was it connected to the railway, as there are extra tracks off the line there? Thanks.


  452. willie lynchon 02 Oct 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Good Morning all, well my Ticket for Ireland tour came yesterday, now if had my passport it would be great. I just applied last week (forgot )?. I have 22 people going with me. Tony I know all to well about friends passing. One of My good old Pals Dick Reilly NJ man died last week, God he was a pal and a rebel for years. I had to sing at the wake, (no mass for him) Tony It was hard man, the coffin right next to me wide open with dick looking at me. As I said he was a I R A rebel, I sang,……. The Bold Feinian men/ and One Verse of the old Man with Guitar and with no Guitar I sang,…. At the end of the day lets kneel and Pray,….thank you lord for my work and play etc,……….. You ALL know the rest. Jimmy R I will be down by you kerry /Cork , I will post ya stuff by e-mail, I don’t want ta mess with Martins Site here, I don’t know what I’m doing with computers By times, so I’ll send ya all by e-mail OK Jim, you too martin and any one else, as I said its 10 days Oct 20th ta 30th. I have a new Dryer coming and the deliveryman just called they are out side the house. What a dog I have,…. wont even bark what a union, he must be Dublin corporation Ha. Get ya later. Willie L

  453. james rogerson 30 Sep 2014 at 1:16 pm

    Willie, i never wore bermudas going to school, mind you many a kid had a patch in their short pants, i was Jimmy and his magic patch, was he in the Beano! Tuesday SEP30, a touch of autumn in the air, cant complain about the weather down here, up to yesterday it was a scorcher. Where in Cork are you playing, i could get down for a gig, have a mate living there back from Australia, he’s a singer with a few C.D. behind him. Just watched Don Partridge the busker on youtube singing, [Rosie] brilliant song, no 4 in 1968. top 20.
    Rosie oh Rosie, i’d like to paint your face up in the sky.
    Watched Jools Holland on rte with Imelda May, sdinging, Enjoy yourself it’s later than you think, enjoy yourself while you’re still in the pink, the years go by as quickley as a wink, [tell me about it] enjoy yourself enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think. There was love in the blue Dilly Dilly, the first song i learnt in school, was Waltizing Matilda, i never forgot, word by word, it was durin a lesson re- what the country exported to Britain and we had to compeate against Australia and New Zealand and we learnt that once a jolly swagman stopped by a billabong and years later so did i. Take care everyone.
    Jimmy R.

  454. Tony Gormanon 29 Sep 2014 at 12:24 pm


    My time away was in dismay from the happenings around
    For deaths of friends who were dear to me brought my feet firm on the ground
    As we all take life for granted as we go from day to day
    And enjoy all moments that we can to keep sadder times away

    But there are times we are caught out by a friend’s sudden death
    And the feeling that we feel is of a numbness and regret
    But we have to lift our heads and face the world once more
    And try to sort our life to the way it was before

    And the remembrance that we have is of happy times of past
    And I suppose that keeps us going as our days go by so fast
    So treasure all your friends and savour them each day
    And be thankful for them being there in their usual friendly way

    Hi Jo and all on site
    Thanks Martin for the email, I hadn’t forgotten cabrahistory, I was trying to get my mind back away from writing eulogies and sympathy poems.
    I have lost three friends in four months; two of those have died in the past two weeks.
    I have also been writing poems on depression to try to help those suffering from depression to open up and talk about it.
    Everyone at one time or another has suffered from depression but some need more help than others.
    There are a lot of helplines that are there for those that need help so don’t go it alone get the help you need.
    You can get the Irish helplines numbers at the bottom of the poem “A Flight of Fantasy” that I wrote on the FRG site to support Conor Hamilton who is the teen ambassador for the “TALK TO US” on the Samaritans helpline and is backed by our Dickie Rock.
    Well done to both of them for their commendable work and being role models towards helping others.
    The following helplines are available in Ireland.
    1 Life: Suicide Helpline: 1800 247 100 or text 51444
    Console 24/7 Helpline: 1800 247 247
    Samaritans: 1850 609090

    The following are helplines in the UK
    Out of Hours Helpline: 01438843322
    Mind Helpline: 03001233393
    UK Council for Psychotherapy: 02070149955

    I hope this information helps somebody
    Take care all

  455. willie lynchon 23 Sep 2014 at 8:25 pm

    Hello gang nice reading the posts, it takes me away from real life on my side. As for me gang I’m great like you a pain here and there, I try not ta take any thing (pills etc) and normally it passes. I’m 68 now and I can’t believe it, I think its some one else, not me. Most days I feel about 50 EST. I don’t matter what age ya are one you are alive, its no use been 55 and dead already. I’m still coming home oct 20th ta 30th In ta Dublin 21st staying at Davenport Hotel 21 & 22 the 23rd heading south Cork etc and coming up north leaving 30th out a Belfast. I’ll be solo no band, so I just play about 4 or 5 time short sets. They know what I can do I take them to see other bands & Players etc. an anyway, Jimbo you are funny about your wallet, man you have tooooooooo much money, I never have ta look for mine the wife and kids have it. That’s what I work for God was very good ta me, I’m more then thankful to em, OH yes and the ma. Jim Is shorts (is it what we call Bermudas) Shorts ta me is underwear jockeys. Jizz when I take off me unwear the wife laughs, and I sing, …. little things mean a Lot) and she says where’s John Wayne when ya need em HA. Olive Don’t talk about Man U, I did love Georgie Best and the Black & White TV games, But I’m really Liverpool, that’s not funny, No wonder I have a pint or two and maybe a little O J and Vodka. Listen I always remember that I THINK Rocky Marcanno Movie and he said, Some one up there most Like Me. That’s what I say all the time Me at 68 and people still call me for wedding /parties ‘ reunions. JO I love the 4 seasons its cool now but the weekend its 80’s again. Martin I love to see the new site, and Shay what a joy it would be ta see the Girls swinging on the lamp post, you are right Not a camera on the whole road. Its sad when ya think of it, but as we well know ya cant have it all, but we had the best thing, it’s all inside of us to spread it around the world and to our friend and Children. It worked for me I made a living on it, and still do. OH Martin I love a pic of an ICE SLIDE,. To see that would be magic. I didn’t get on the wed site for a while; I got the House Painted, Its 90″% done TG. It was a lot of work, but it’s all done and paid for and we say. I have two new windows for the Garage coming. My Love to all, Please try ta stay well and don’t sweat the small stuff. Good bless ya. Willie L I still never got on cabra west Facebook. ah some day

  456. Joon 23 Sep 2014 at 7:14 pm

    Hello to one and all. Nice to see the old houses and would be great to see you all too. I think It would be the icing on the cake to have a get together somewhere someday. Nice to see a bit of life on this old site too. Kept going at my end. Some illness at this end keeps us going and some extra caregiving to the hubby and family. Yep time and a Season for all things. Life is of course full of ups and downs but we do all we can to keep ahead of things or at the very least keep up. Catching up can be harder its better to keep up. Slow as it may be we are all doing ok just the same. Lovely to read the current hellos. Best wishes to one and all everywhere. Halloween all in the shops here God be with the days of the soot from the auld chimney and the lovely apples and nuts we got. My favorite was the lovely colcannon that was made with the family tricks in the dinner and snap the apple hanging from our ceiling and the kids doing a trick with the glass of water and stuffing the hankie in it and it came out bone dry never did figure that one out But it was fun and the Jacks going to war. the three jacks from the deck of cards and the quiz about why they came home from war too. Very good things to recall. Anyway Off I go again and wish one and all the very best. Hope everyone is doing ok. I sure miss everyone on here. Hope all the girls are well too. Olive spiders are supposed to bring you luck ha ha not scare the living daylights outa ya. Hello to all in UK USA Ireland NZ and OZ hope our poet Tony will swing by too we miss your input too young man. Are ya gone fishing again. One of these days Patty and I might pop in to the Coffee shop and have that overdue cuppa.I bet Margaret and June and all the ladies club will be there too and I have no doubt we could round up SHay and Eugene and anyone else over there to join us all too. Plenty of Cabra folks in your neck of the woods. Maybe Martin might even organize a day trip and have an EXTRA COFFEY morning. ya never know . Take care all MC it was nice to see the photos of the auld houses for sure well done. I was just thinking of the time me Da use to love to go on his bike up the back roads and off out to assorted places like Dunboyne and the likes. last thing he would do was put on the clips on to the leg of his trousers and tip his cap and peddle away. His little routine. Just a nice thought today of the da.
    Meantime off I go again places to go things to do and caregiving to my family.
    take care all and Kindest regards to one and all everywhere.
    Love Jo.

  457. SHAY JORDANon 22 Sep 2014 at 3:20 pm

    Hi Martin
    Great idea about taken Photos of the old Homestead (not the Pub).
    But I wonder if its not too much trouble to combine with an old PHOTO of our roads.
    So if anyone got old photos of Cabra West Roads with the kids playing Hop Scotch or Girls swinging from lamp Post Even better a photo of the pals together on the road.
    I know Martin you have a wealth of photos from Killala (but not many had a camera in those days) it was always special trips to *Jerome’s in Henry Street for Communion or Confirmation Photos.
    When I was home last week I seen the neighbours out on Annamoe having a chat.
    Mostly it was those who still smoked who came outside to keep the house clear of Ciggi Smells. Even had one women put her washing out the front (low washing line. I guess that’s because many have extended the house so they have no back garden now.
    I was delighted to see and hear the Neighbourhood Community still exists with the Old Ladies still talking on the corners or stopping for a chat by your gate.
    We loved going into the Pub and listening to the Dublin Accents .
    But I missed going into Moore Street and hearing the Stall Holders shouting out their wares. Never got a chance last week to go into Town but they tell me its all be chopped up now (as they make a City of my Town).
    Well all the best for now ..as Dave Allan used to say *May your God go with you*
    All the Best ..SHAY

  458. olive carron 21 Sep 2014 at 3:05 pm

    hi JO Martin Willy J R And Mary and all
    its sunday lunch time and im thinking i am very lucky ,Alan came around and brought me to Mass and collected me when over ,while i was out Sandra vacuumed place through for me and as i sitting watching M U winning for a change ..Teresa came in with a lovely Sunday dinner,and apple cake .as someone sang ..somewhere in my distant childhood i must have done something good…..was it sound of music ,i am sure J R will know or Shay anyhow it cheered me up as was a bit stressful week.was anniversary of our girl Catherine born 14 sept 1957 died 12 sept 1960 and i had got her name added to Franks headstone even though i have it on a communal stone in Glasnevin and it brings you down a bit also i done something to hip and am in agony .i was sitting trying to play scrabble on F B and giving out to myself and frank saying ah ye you happy now and forgotten us and to God saying i thought you were not a revengful GOD am sure you could help this pain but of course you cant i really was down ,then i went to get tablet from bedroom and there was this great big spider walking on my bed .i shouted and Sandra ran in and caught it ,and i was chastised at once sure it was God saying see what i can do ,,hahaha then fri i was in eye clinic and dr said whatever you doing keep it up as your eyes are grand so T G for that i would hate to loose eyesight then i would not be able to get on laptop and this is what helps keep mind going so its a circle eh ……..as you say Jo seasons changing ,we still have lovely roses in garden but trees are getting i golden hue Shay you are right airlines UP the money when they know you in hurry dont know if anyone will be watching all ireland but even though Dublin not in town is packed about time i finished hello Martin and Mary also every one on site x x x x x x cheers olive

  459. Martin Coffeyon 21 Sep 2014 at 9:04 am

    Hello everyone,

    Just want to let you know about the NEW PAGE of photographs on the site called ‘Cabra Houses’. While I was walking around the area I noticed how people’s tastes have changed over the years in relation to styles and colours that are used today in relation to our own parents tastes.

    I also noticed how few children there are to be seen on the roads playing together and how rare it is to see the adults chatting at their gates or at the shops. Parts of Cabra West are almost like a Ghost Town compared to when we were children. How times have changed.

    Also, as part of this new gallery of photographs I have had several requests from people no longer living in Dublin asking me to take a photograph of their parent’s old house or the road on which they grew up.

    I hope you all enjoy the stories I write about my own adventures of growing up in Cabra West. When people ask me where I get them from I just point to my head and say they are all in there bursting to come out.

    Some of our usual punters to this site seem to have silently slipped away. To them I would like to say ‘Hello, I’m always thinking of you and hope you are keeping well’. Thank you to everyone for your continues support over the last SEVEN years, yes it is that long since the site took it’s first breath.

    Regards to all

    Martin x

  460. SHAY JORDANon 16 Sep 2014 at 6:27 pm

    Hi All
    Just got back from a lighting visit to Dublin very sad occasion our Favourite Aunt Died.
    My they cant wait to bury you over there ,she died on Friday and funeral was yesterday (Monday).
    Just managed to get 4 seats on a Flight on Sunday ,there’s another thing don’t the Airlines sting you . Doesn’t matter if its Aer Lingus or Ryanair if it short notice it costs hundreds .Whereas if you book a month away it about £100 cheaper. I’m sure they take advantage to those who have a Bereavement (They know you have to get within 3 days.)
    Martin sorry that under the circumstances we were unable to meet up. But we are going over to a happier occasion next year( 2 Weddings).
    A surprising meeting occurred one of the drivers from the Undertakers was a (Paddy Drac). My brother knew him and told me he is a famous figure in Dublin dressed as *Dracula *. He also played in a Band since the 60s (that’s how the brother knew him) .Isn’t strange how under the saddest circumstances you meet someone to relax you for a moment(I think that’s what he had in mind).
    Well that’s all for now lets hope my next input will be under better circumstances.
    All the best ..SHAY

  461. Joon 16 Sep 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Hello all,
    Thinking of everyone. Hope all are well. Time to go find some conkers. The pumpkins are all ready at this end. Bit of colcannon in the pot today too.
    Glad to hear all went well for the recent family wedding. Would have loved to get over for that too.

    Keep well everyone and all the very best this Season too. I love all the colors as we see the last roses of Summer hang on and the huge Sun flowers bloom and so many things change to remind us that its time to harvest so many lovely fruits and Veggies too. I recall the plots in the playground back in the day too. Amazes me to this day that so many of the things learned in childhood continues to sustain and teach me a lot even now too. Just brings a little smile to my face too.

    Nice to see some input back here too. Hope to hear more from everyone again.

    Cheerio all.
    Kindest Regards to everyone everywhere.

  462. james rogerson 12 Sep 2014 at 11:28 pm

    G’day Willie, looks like there’s only a few of us left, i see they have put a new six million euro bridge at Reillys level crossing, when Dylan sang the times they are a changing, he’ wasn’t bleeding joking I nearly had a heart attack a few hours ago, slipped off my shorts, ”we still have beaut weather here” to try on a new pair of jeans to check the legs for lenght, took them off and put then in the washing machine, put my shorts back on, when i tapped my front right pocket, no wallet, check other pocket no luck, looked here there every where, then the washing machine, damm i must have put my wallet in the jeans, 300 hundred euro, 170 dollars aus, panic stop machine, rinse run up stairs check for wallet on bed, no luck down the stairs open machine, pull out jeans, no wallet, check car, lounge, then up stairs again, look in mirror check pockets, something funny here, i look, damm i had the shorts on backwards, feel behind, wallet there, what a Wally i thought. check out my pics on facebook, buck jones.
    take care all Cabra West is slipping further and further away, soon none of us will have lived there at all, and the band played waltizing Matilda.
    Jimmy R.

  463. willie lynchon 11 Sep 2014 at 4:24 pm

    Good day all it’s Thursday morn in NJ. Jo & olive and all can’t believe Lily was 2 yesterday 10th, I can still remember telling ya all she was coming into the world. Yes Kate and James with lily are still with us here in the house. You’ve heard the story before I sure or lived it with your gang. Moving in was easy moving out seems harder, but they are getting on their feet slowly. Why didn’t some one tell me about this moving back innn. I just finishing up painting the House also changing old wood etc, took three weeks It got a mother and fathers job done this time. Ya have to do this in the states where homes are wood and brick, not like at home it’s concrete & brick. I don’t do high ladders any more those days are gone, I just do 5 or 10 feet high that’s it. I’ve heard about more accidents from that kind a thing. An anyway all,……yes Jo the bloody summer is gone now back ta school, as JR would say, I looked around and it was Gone. By the way JR I love your post man what a laugh. What would we ever do without Radio Luxembourg and Larry Gogan his Monday’s nights to 20 Radio E. I remember some one telling me, if ya dig up the Liffey you’d get a mill records on the bottom, the showbands had people Buy their records and throw them away. But they made Monday night top 20 and made more money for the gigs. I worked in UNIDARE on Jamestown RD Fingalas for a few years, the Drake and the Duck IN was all they talked about, I was never ever there, I think another one was the Bottom of the Hill pub. Olive take care my Girl take it easy & slow,……you’ll get there No hurry. Got to run love to all. Willie L, see ya in Oct.

  464. Joon 03 Sep 2014 at 8:16 am

    I will have a summer drink from the paper packet and in a tall glass please. Followed by the tu’penny wafer and even better a bottle of raspberry a packet Tayto a few honey bees and a lucky lump. A fizz bag and a butterscotch and a 1 n 1 or a nice long ray and chips too. I can all ready picture all the women from Bannow yapping away to each other too. I can even hear a certain woman laughing and asking Mr Kearny to throw in a bit of extra Thyme for the stew. Mister Tully having to check the Christmas lights to make sure they work. Getting the shoes mended as well toes and Heels please. Enjoyed that little input MC thanks.

    Hello to one and all I am up late again. Good night and good morning all.

  465. SHAY JORDANon 02 Sep 2014 at 3:50 pm

    I forgot to mention Johnny Heffernan at the midnight matiness he was great.

  466. SHAY JORDANon 02 Sep 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Hi Jimmy
    Yes your right about the great local Artists we had at the Grand Midnight Matinees.
    Cant agree with you about the Musicals I love them most were shown in The Capitol and the Savoy. My favourite were the Doris Day ones love* No Business like Show Business*.
    As for the radio it had to be Saturday Mornings *Dick Barton with Snowy and Jock.
    We did have Dan Dare and the Mekon we also had *Journey into Space * I heard once that David Jacobs was in it(him of Juke Box Jury).
    I loved *Riders of the Range* also never missed PC 49 the was before *Dickson of Dock Green on TV(very similar program). I loved the Radio your imagination ran away with you.
    Do you know when I came to Birmingham a fella showed me the Studio where Dick Barton was done(nothing fancy).
    As for todays programms I love the English version of *Law and Order with Bradley Walsh also Taggard (Old and new) .Plus any History or Biographies then of course any Western with John Wayne and John Ford (love the scenery in Monument Valley).
    Also yet again any film made in Ireland my favourite there is *Da* with *Martin Sheen also RODDY DOYLE *The Snapper/The Van/boys and girls from County Clare.
    Now that question about an *Island county Im racking me brain there first thing comes to mind is Arron Island (bet Im wrong)
    All the best for now Jimmy keep well God Bless …………………SHAY

  467. james rogerson 01 Sep 2014 at 7:24 pm

    Shay, first saw Billy on the midnight matinees Cabra Grand, Dublins Dean Martin! Christy White from Attracta, jiving, followed by that boring musical Seven brides for seven brothers, i dont ever remember anyone coming out of the flicks singing wun the bar. I watched Mick Hammer alis Brendan O’Carroll nail the killer of his grandfather in the hardware shop, fair go to Brendan, he only took an hour, Frost usually takes two hours, it was like watching Foyles war. i enjoyed it, it pulled in a great audience. Some of the programs i watch or watched The Village, Happy Valley, In the club, Scrappers. BBC2 have had some good shows on lately, i loved Robson Green NT Humberland, when you think back to when we were kids, no 60 inch tv to watch, the old rented radio, Dan Dare, Dick Barton. maybe we were the lucky generation, how we ever got from A to Z is beyond me but we did. The site has gone very quite, i suppose there is only so many memories to write about. Take care everyone.
    Jimmy R. Question! what county in Ireland is an island.

  468. SHAY JORDANon 29 Aug 2014 at 3:14 pm

    Hi All
    Good to see our friends coming back on site now that School Holidays are over.
    I guess we have more time also that the warm weather is coming to an end (even though we are promised a nice September).
    Jim I believe that Billy Hughes carried on in The Drake seen him there.
    Few years later on holiday seen him in the Broadstone Inn and I think he done Barrys Hotel too.
    Now then last night *Brendan O Carroll was on TV *Who do you think you are*. The whole show was about his Grandfather who was murdered in 1920.
    Family lived in Manor Street at the time it was rumoured the Black & Tans done it .
    But after a long search Brendan tracked down the very man it wasn’t the Black & Tans.
    I wont spoil the end if you haven’t seen the show but it showed how bad it was in the 1920s. Our Boy Micheal Collins gets a good mention in it against the Forces of the Crown. I would love to see a second show with Brendan on his Mum and living in Finglas and how he got to where he is today.
    It must have terrible living in Dublin during those times our parents must have really suffered .What with living in one room Tenements and having you door smashed in every hour of the night.Remember the Ma telling me they were turfed out in the street one night (just nightclothes on) while the Tans searched the houses.
    Sorry to get off now its shopping day.
    All the best ……Shay

  469. ella bryanon 29 Aug 2014 at 6:41 am

    Hello to all, Hope you all had a good summer and all back in the best of health. We have a school strike on and it does not look to good for September 3rd when the children have to return to class. They have been out since the last two weeks before the Summer holidays began. It was good to hear from Olive Jo James and Martin I really enjoyed getting ready for Mass on Sunday. Hopefully the site will get back to its old self in the coming months. For the moment I will close bye Ella

  470. james rogerson 26 Aug 2014 at 10:52 pm

    Hello Olive no it was Fingal House, it pre dated The Drake, Billy Huges was doing mc there for a while, the first one to play the Drake was off Kilkerian Rd, my first song was Clemintine, then later it was Dale King, then Billy and the D.Jays, who played in the Cappagh House, Red Hurly plated there too, i remember the night they crashed their car outside my house, just up from Harts cornor, the girl in the car was killed. Olive i’m like yourself, cant walk talk whistle or sing i run out of breath so i’m very restricted in what i can do, but we are all heading it that direction. The days of kick the can, reliveo and catch a girl, kiss a girl give a girl a squeeze are long gone. I’m on face book as buck jones and youtube, jimmys dublin. Well that’s me for a while, take care everyone.
    Jimmy R.

  471. Joon 26 Aug 2014 at 9:46 pm

    Hello Olive
    You are a tonic great to hear from you and of course I am sure we all miss everyone these days on here too. Perhaps everyone needed a much needed break. I am plodding along ok. Lots to keep me busy. I do take a couple of days a week and do my own things if I can remember what things I am supposed to be doing. The mind seems to drift a bit more day to day. Over all things are going one day at a time. J R loved your post too. This summer seems to have passed me by at high speed. Maybe its just me but I think it just flew by. All the chisslers at my end are back in school and so from Pre school to High school they keep us on our toes. They all have their own busy routines too hard to keep up with them all but we sure do try.
    Health home and hearts are still functioning so for now glad to have the health as always its our wealth. I would love to head over to Dublin and London I am missing a wedding this Season and I would love to catch up with fam in London Coventry and other places too. I think that is a possibility maybe in Spring. I am overdue some JO TIME.
    might bump into the folks from UK then too ya never know. Food for thought.
    Take care all.

    Time here for the Apples and Pumpkins and all those Harvest fields to show their true colors I love seeing the fields of Gold and the fields of corn and all the crops.
    Speaking of fields of gold love the song too. Sting, Mary Black, and Eva Cassidy all sing wonderful arrangements of that song.
    Love to hear Allison Krauss song Dimming of the day Mary Black made it famous too back in the day. Love a ton of music from 40s to now too so Think its time sit back and relax and chill. Might even have to listen to MILLIE J R she was a fun singer as were many back when we all got the BBC and the top 20 on the Radio Luxembourg too.
    Cheerio all. Hope everyone pops back on again here to say hello once in a while you are all missed you know. Greetings to everyone everywhere. Keep well everyone
    Kindest Regards to one and all. Mary Lets know all about the DUB WEDDING too.

  472. olive Carron 25 Aug 2014 at 10:39 pm

    hi everyone.
    well i am still alive and kicking .though not too high these days ha,,reading Shays letter looking at albums we do the same it allways ends up been hours once we open them ,but mine are in tatters now as i keep giving old ones to famils of people in them ..
    i am glad to tell you that phots that were lost in Birming hams post were found TG as i said they were proofs of sisters wedding album .
    Jimmy i think it could have been the Drake .we went to see OUR DICKY there and BILLY HUGES AND jimmy giles were some of singers .
    Billy has own place in Spain but allways comes to ERINS ISLES when he home /you should come and sing for us some sundays .
    well for last 6 mths i have been back time after number to hospital .hope its over soon old age is a curse sometimes .like to day when nurse was taking out needle my skin tore off with the plaster .dont know who cried most .me or nurse .it seems ok now but hve to seee district nurse tomorro.
    on a lighter note ..we had alaugh today .i bought coasters to go under legs of chair but were too small and my greatgrandson was playing so i put a tiny heart under one and we played find the heart for hours .and like all children he has 100s of toys ..cant beat oll things eh .

    Jo hope you stopped travelling and rest still maybe not as long as we can eh /shay hope you well and family .also all the Marys ..Tony PATTY AND ALL THE GANG

    KEEP WELL AND HAPPY .YOU KNOW WHEN YOUR DOWN SOMETHING ALLWAYS TURNS UP WELL I WAS FED UP .THEN GOT 2 INVITES TO WEDDINGS NEXT YEAR one is my granddaughter in amber springs in wexford one in B/HAM so have to hang on hahaha chees for now oh and hello Willy

    love Olive

  473. james rogerson 24 Aug 2014 at 10:30 pm

    Willie, Milli had a hit with my boy lolipop, then along came Baldy Terry Savalis alis KOJAC and stole her lolipop, causing Lulu to jump up and sing, ”you know you make me wanna shout” KOJAC said who’s your daddy. Sidney Poiter turned a whiter shade of pale as he skipped the light fandango. Jimmy Conway played for Fulham. In a boozer in Finglas Billy Hughes was belting out Do wa diddy, while i was belting out the Hucklebuck. Magic times, i think the pub was called the Fingal House. Conway Twitty was denied entry into the ” the grand old oprea” hall of fame despite having 40 CW. hits, his first song was a pop one, it’s all only make believe, so he was classed as a pop singer,, you wouldn’t read about it in the Beano but then the powers that be thought everything was Dandy. They probley thought the song” Hang down your head Tom Dooley” was a ballad about a farmer in Ballyjamesduff. Bill Clinton during a speech, told the crowd, ”dont stop thinking about tomorrow” Christine McVie of Fleetwood Mac, wrote the song. the other half of Wham left George Michael a note, wake me up before you go. i’m on a hat trick here, John Wayne in the Searchers, said to Jeffery Hunter, that will be the day, Buddy Holly did the rest.
    I should have taken up belly dancing years ago. Well i hope all you good people are enjoying life and always remember, ”Some where over the rainbow, way up high”.
    Jimmy R.

  474. Joon 24 Aug 2014 at 7:56 pm

    Hello John
    The name Noreen rings a bell have to jog the memory it isn’t what it use to me at the moment. Betcha Martin and others might know the fam better. Try the other cabra sites lots of people on them too the I GREW UP IN CABRA ONES. Regards Jo.

  475. john lyonson 23 Aug 2014 at 12:46 pm

    g>hello all my dads name was frank lyons he passed away in 2009 he was from cabra 23 killala rd he also had 2 brothers andrew and pat and 2 sisters mary and noreen andrew passed away in 2000 and my aunt mary passed last year just wonering does anyone have any pics of kilalla rd say in the 60s or of my family thanks # jo dont think i had a relation called nuala but have a aunt called noreen my dad franks sister
    (Hello John, I was great pals with your Da’ and Andy in the early days in Cabra West. I don’t have any photos of them, sorry…MC)

  476. SHAY JORDANon 23 Aug 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Hi Martin
    Great story about the camera you people must have things in the loft that they have long forgotten about.
    All this modern technology is marvellous but it will never replace those Photo Albums.
    When the Family get together out comes the Albums it can be boring to strangers but not to the Family. We have great fun with the grandchildren asking them to recognise the kids in the photo taking in the 50/60s.
    Surely the amazing thing about the photos you can see the family resemblance all through the years. Also do you ever notice its always the second child who is the funny one and a rogue sometimes. I’m the Eldest so I was always white as the drifting Snow Ha Ha.
    Love the Photo of the old Bus but weren’t they COLD in the Winter . Always remember during the Rush Hours (5-6pm) the pushing and shoving in O Connell Street.
    Yer Man would pull off with a crowded Platform and the Conductor shouting *Move up the Bus*. Then as we hit Parnell Monument he hit the brakes and there would an Almighty surge forward ( Women shouting you lousy B) as her bag of shopping burst open. Just been to Moore Street and her Apples and Oranges rolled under all the seats . Another thing about those days all kids had to stand so an Adult could sit down (and there was no argument from the PARENTS). Great days when we respect and manners and no child called an adult by their First Name or even worst (Mate). It was always Mr or Mrs. You know for years I never knew people on the road First Name. Even in later life in the Pub it was always hello Mr or Mrs So and So.
    Well that’s all for now MARTIN keep the stories coming Great Fun.
    All the Best ………SHAY

  477. Joon 23 Aug 2014 at 12:23 am

    Hello Rita I didn’t make it to Canada this year would love to get up to see friends up there Thinking of you and hello to all the O’Mally families everywhere glad you did get to find them all Glad our June is friends with Nora and you found Ollie too. I remember him too. All the best Rita
    Love Jo.

  478. Joon 23 Aug 2014 at 12:21 am

    John Lyons did you have a sister or relation called Nuala Lyons ???

  479. Joon 23 Aug 2014 at 12:19 am

    Hello WIllie yep all them lads had great success in Vegas. I will look them up next time and say hello for you ok. its years since I spoke to Brendan Boyers lad so I don’t know how things are with all the old bands. Twink went on to do well for herself and so did her girl in Celtic Women too shes still with them. Anyway small world eh. good to read the posts but sure we still miss our poet and the wanderer M C too.
    SHay glad you had nice holiday too and all the ladies on here who have been in the sun having fun too. JR now take it easy The jigs and reels I can manage I shall leave you with your Belly dancers. Hello to one and all. Good to see a little life back in the site again. Cheerio all,
    will write again soon.

  480. SHAY JORDANon 22 Aug 2014 at 3:07 pm

    Hi Jimmy and Willie
    Willy nice to see your getting out again specially before the Winter creeps up on us.
    A nice stroll with a quite Bar with a seat outside looking out to sea.
    That’s was my Holiday in Tenerife mind you it took ages to get my legs back.
    Willie when I seen you mention Jimmy Conway I thought it was the *Footballer*
    The singer who had the British Hit was *Lulu* she was also in the film .
    By the way I have been put on to a couple of Irish Singers one is R n R and other is C/W. They are *Nathan Carter and Jimmy Buckley I think Im behind the times (judging by the Discology . I have been downloading their Songs from You Tube most of their stuff are copies but there are some originals too.
    Nathan sings some good tracks about the Showband Scene in the 60s.
    Get back to you later (just looked at the clock *Shes Waiting)
    All the Best …SHAY

  481. willie lynchon 21 Aug 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Jimmy R you are a pisser man, My yanks wont have a chance with that one ya have, the belly dancer, Is it lots off belly, jezz I have that me self. Jo I don’t know if ya have a chance, But a dun friend of mine is in Vegas, Jimmy Conway, he was with IN DUBLIN the Bye Laws Group, the maxi Dick and twink show band, and Brendan B and the Irish Show band in Vegas for years, man they did well, anyway Jimmy Conway you know jimmy, he had that hit in Ireland “”to sir with Love” I think Millie sang that in England and USA. Jimmy stayed in Vegas with D J Curtain Kerry man his hit was Noreen Bauan (spelling) a magic singer he’s a Tom Jones note for note. Jo look out for them, I could call em if ya wish let me know. Anyway I was away In Massachusetts for three days, 5 hours drive for me. In Gloucerter where the movie was made the Greatest Storm, Jimmy R I was thinking of you, we had a few points in that PUB “”crowes nest” where the crew Drank. It’s still old and locals drink there, they didn’t clean it up. Listen to this I got 4 points of beer two bass two local Fisherman’s Brew its called, it was $12:50. No joke. So I can tell ya we had a few more, got T-shirts and all the whole works. A Nice town lots of history real America TG. well As Jo said a nice hello to all. stay well and safe. all is good on this end. Willie

  482. Joon 20 Aug 2014 at 5:56 pm

    Greetings from Las Vegas. Tons of sun and even some storms and rain and thunder but lots of heat. Hope all are well. nice to see a little input Time with family always way too short no matter how long we stay. Anyway Greetings to everyone and best wishes. consider this a post card.
    Take care all.

  483. james rogerson 15 Aug 2014 at 10:03 am

    JIMMY R.

  484. Joon 13 Aug 2014 at 4:23 pm

    Hello all.
    Nice to see a little input. J R take care. Shay hope you had a great holiday. Tony G missing your Poetry. I am trying to do some pen pushing but working hard on the Family Tree too. Great to have tons of cousins in UK connecting. Sorry I never got to check that site you told me about. Maybe jog my memory on that again I am sure its way back in one of the posts. Mary H T nice to hear from you. Sorry I wont make it to the Dublin wedding. Hello to all in NY NJ too hope the Lynch fam are all well and Lorainne too. Hope you and Mary keep in touch still. Martin the wanderer hope you are well. Eugene too Ella Olive and so many many more on here Joan and patty and June and Margaret and Therese and Rita and everyone. all the Liam’s too Ambrose hope all your fundraising went well too. Hope all are having fun on both sites.
    Hope everyone is getting as much out of their Summer as they can the weather has been a bit bonkers some great sunny days then all them thunder and lightning ones as well. Kids going back to school. Roll on Sept’ I am ready for another little weekend away or a little Rd trip. Yep Vegas is on the cards again tho I wont be gambling its all about family but I would like to win a jackpot too and come see everyone. A maybe I will have to buy a lotto ticket somewhere now that’s food for thought. Then I could take my hubby and all our kids and grandkids too. Righteo all Cheerio for now keep the posts coming I know we are all getting older and no wiser but a hello goes a long long way for us all. Keep well and know you are all in my thoughts. Sorry I don’t have all your emails or I would send yiz one now and then too. Cheerio and kindest regards to you all and to all my family everywhere

  485. willie lynchon 11 Aug 2014 at 5:04 pm

    Good morning Gang Its Monday and I can’t let another week go without saying hello to you all. My Life has been nothing different then most of you have been there done that. I still read the post lovely to do, I didn’t get on Cabra face book yet, I even see that Our Martin is on it. I will give it a shoot this week maybe. Life is good My Kate and James who came to live with us for one year, are still with us. no one told me about this part, I can take it, but the wife had enough, wants them to be on there own, and make their own life. Its hard when its your own daughter and Grean child. jme and Kate have Lily what a doll and Funny as hell. And Kate is with child again, .. coming In late NOV / Dec. as for me still out there and they live it Thanks be ta God, oh what a job satisfaction Guaranteed, and all are healthy thats the main thing right. Now Bev my wife has a bit of a chest problem, but it’s holding TG. What a bad SUMMER cold I got three weeks ago, all in the chest Cave couldn’t sing a note, But all is well now thanks to the Meds. AS I said I enjoy the post, By the way SHAY & TONY don’t go into the wars its total madness, It will put you into a depression, just to think about those Poor kids young man and woman, and those sons of a B’s in high office, suites and ties ta match. Oh don’t talk to me makes me sick. Jimmy R Jezz man where are those woman of yours, are ya going back to where we began. That’s fine we all do it, that’s why we are all connected. It’s not a bad thing, its a lot better then the Paper and TV news. Keep talking the pills when needed. I’ll be back over in Oct and down by you, going in to Dublin( the Davenport) all south tour and out of Belfast North tour 10 days en all. So keep your door open I’ll have a yank for ya Ha. Jo can’t complain about the weather, some Brill days here. Ya should see lily in the pool, she will be two on Sept 10th, she’s off in the pool with her swimmies, as safe as a house, just let her go kicken her little lags and hands. Great stuff these days for kids; we could’ve done with it at the cabra baths ha. Liam Kelly what a life youmg man, 5 weeks and your not finished. Did I go to the wrong country Mate? Enjoy the moments Liam and family. Love to ALL, Willie L see ya soon Jimmy R. OH Martin I did have a look at the New stories & Events very good. lovely to see again.

  486. james rogerson 10 Aug 2014 at 3:57 pm

    The fool sat at the table, his pen held in his hand, he thought he was a writer but the joke had just began, that’s me these days, blank page, blank head and a two bob pen that refuses to write. I think the medication has sapped my brain and transformed me into a zombie, i see West Cabra has vanished off the radar, it’s all Cabra now. Memories from the cornor of my mind, misty watered watered coloured memories, of the way we were, Could it be it was all so different then, has time rewritten every line and if we had the chance to do it all again, tell me! could we would we! The nights at the cornor singing and not a thought of tomorrow or beyond i often wonder how i got through life, the kids you played with on the road, some have long departed others are just strangers and like your memories fading away, all i want to do these days is sleep and hope it’s the big one, it’s like groundhog day.
    Memories oh so beautiful and yet much to painful to remember, we simpley choose to forget. But it’s the laughter, when ever we remember, the way we were.
    Jimmy R.

  487. SHAY JORDANon 08 Aug 2014 at 12:50 pm

    Hi All
    How come the line has gone dead is it the summer that’s keeping us away.
    I know Martin is touring around Ireland at the moment .
    Hence our inputs are awaiting moderation just hope things get back to normal soon.
    Also hope all our Friends are in good health and enjoying the weather.
    All the Best …………Shay

  488. john lyonson 07 Aug 2014 at 5:15 pm

    wonder if you have any pics of kilalla rd my nan was dina lyons number 23 thanks

    (Hi John, thank you for the site. I knew Dianh very well. I was a school pal of Andy and Frank and know Pat as well…MC)

  489. Joon 07 Aug 2014 at 3:03 pm

    Back to school time for some. End of hols for others or getting in the last of the Summer hols for others. The weather is bonkers but we are still able to dry off even when it lashes rain and we have flash flood weather. All still quiet here but I still hope all are well.

    Take care all.
    Kindest Regards

  490. SHAY JORDANon 03 Aug 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Hi All
    Just a quick note have returned after 2 weeks Holiday and I cant believe where everyone has gone.
    Expected to have a whole lot of stories to catch up on but it seems *Jo* was the last message on 23 July.
    Will get back later with my stories of Tenerife and The Dubliners Bar there.
    All the Best …. Shay

  491. Rita McMahonon 02 Aug 2014 at 9:43 pm

    Good to hear from you Jo, your sister June mention you on the Cabra FB she is friends with my cousin Nora O’Malley in the UK which I also have met through there and her brother Ollie in Australia and have met their youngest brother Brian when he spotted my request on this site, great stories and photo’s on that FB page and even a cousin in Canada joined it as her Dad Eddie is from there. Wishing someone like Martin in my old neigbourhood would write books and org. re-unions your lucky to have him. Sorry to hear your message went into Cyberspace……..keep up the good work and hope you all have a good Summer, not as hot as last year TG but best not complain and it will be Winter before we know it…….. Slan for now
    Ms. Rita O’Mall

  492. Pattyon 02 Aug 2014 at 5:01 pm

    A Big Hello to all.Patty.

  493. olive Carron 02 Aug 2014 at 4:24 pm

    hello to one and all.
    Its been a long time but i have been reading letters and updates
    Like you Jimmy i sent big cheque to help poor Martin get home ,haha do they really ever work i know i got one from a priest before matins and of course i rang him so did nt bother with martins knew what was going on ,mad people eh .
    HI Joe see you are still burning up las vegas .
    liked the coffee mug x x
    i went to see play called BLACK COFFEE. was 1st poriot not spelled right but it was brilliant …recognised some of actors as well so enjoyed it .
    my daughter D onna loves shows so she books them ,,we all booked in for oct. to see Blood Brothers..
    well as old age catches up .the body falls apart.ha
    in april i had stomach x.ray and since its one thing after another wont know results till sept 3rd when i see dr .
    i went to cannaries with my daughter SANDRA. gashed my shin on sun bed 1st time we went. to pool nits still quite bad and then on ssunday last my hip just went under me ,have to see dr for that 13th aug .
    on that day my sister will be 18 yr dead and her husband about 25 both so ypunj and i still here bad hips and all ..ha
    going to Killaerney in november so something to look forward to

    something annoying happened me about 5 weeks ago .
    my niece asked me if i had any photo of her mam and dads wedding as her mam had cut up their album when she broke up with their dad
    well i had proofs ,remember them .liittle photos and you choose which ones you wanted so i posted them to her in brum ,but they never got there ,and i had put litte name tags on back .but they didnt come back to me ,,i so mad as i had them 52 yrs.

  494. Joon 29 Jul 2014 at 8:01 pm

    Ah where is everyone gone I have rain and thunder and its like a good old scary IRISH thunder and rain kind of day. Missing you all too on this auld site but I guess it has served its purpose. Made some of the nicest friends over the years too. Been fun to read all the stories and poetry and history of our families and neighbors and friends too. Hope our Poet is well hope Mary H T is also well and settled in to the new house. Hope you are able to get to Dublin soon too. Keep well miss Mary. Hope everyone on here is keeping well. No matter where in the world everyone is, From N J to NZ and Everywhere in between and down under and over the Oceans and not forgetting Cabra West Hope you are all well. I know some are enjoying chit chat over on the I grew up in Cabra site I think its lovely but for now I shall bow out and wish one and all well
    Time for me to be at my desk and finish some research. We have shared much in the way of the good things about our childhoods in Cabra West and in some cases much still needs to be shared. Glad we could share the good parts. I have no doubt life was not easy for many of us and we also left out some of the tougher times. But it is fair to say our mothers and fathers did the best they could with what they had and sacrificed much more for us all. To that and for that I say Amen. Hope Willie and fam are well. Shay Eugene and families likewise Tony G and J R and all the folks in Cabra West too. All the Marys and all the liams and Ray Sketon and all the folks from Mulroy and Annamoe and the ALAMO too. All cowboys and Indians and all pop bands the DEEP SET WILLIE and so many others. Joan patty June Margaret and all the brothers in our house too. The many many people who were so kind during our challenges in life and our loss of loved ones too. Much have we all shared. Thanks to Martin also for many updates and photos and to both Tony and Martin for their books and poems.
    To Liam ONeill and Liam Kelly too and to everyone Olive Ella and so many whos names are all way back on the many posts I have enjoyed everyone.
    Take care all.
    Hope life is kind to you all where every you may be
    Jo. USA.

  495. Joon 23 Jul 2014 at 5:40 am

    Wrote on here today I now see it all went off to Cyber space so greetings to one and all. I will try again some time again. Even had a couple of Family Tree poems Ah darn it. Cheerio all.

  496. Joon 15 Jul 2014 at 2:33 pm

    Hello all,
    Just a little hello. Nice to hear from Rita and Liam too. Take care all. A busy Summer with everyone and everything at our end. Cheerio all. Nice to read both sites too. Great to see all the neighbors chatting away from all over the globe. I know my fam and extended fam love it too.
    Cheerio all keep having a great summer I am just catching up with fam and emails and a little Cabra history today.
    Bye for now

  497. Joon 11 Jul 2014 at 7:17 pm

    Hello Martin
    Sure hope you are not in Manila or anywhere else that is causing you danger or concerns.
    Regards Jo.
    hay if your lad Mark sees this maybe he can also let us all know if you are ok for sure.

  498. liam O kellyon 11 Jul 2014 at 2:04 am

    I have being on holiday for five weeks up in northern new wales. Weather was kind to us with only a few drops of rain. Unlike Melbourne which has being freezing. I still follow all the inputs but am inclined to read the Facebook page every day. My next holiday is in October for a music festival and another long drive. Take care now

    Liam O Kelly

  499. james rogerson 10 Jul 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Martin i sent a blank cheque to Imelda Marcos to pass on to you, i hope she doesn’t spent the money on shoes.

  500. Ritaon 08 Jul 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Yes Martin think you have been Hacked also sent a message to this site by email as I also got an email from Martin but TG no attachment , it happened to me once before opening attachment from someone I thought I knew and learned my lesson as then your computer gets Bugged and then everyone on my email gets it, also folks on FB have had the same experience today with email from MC. As long as No One replies everything will be OK. Good to hear from you Jo and everyone on here and the FB page is great and Martin also puts his wonderful stories & photo’s up there as well as here Have a good summer Everyone & Slan for now Rita O’Malley

  501. SHAY JORDANon 08 Jul 2014 at 11:14 pm

    Hi All
    Martine in lost and found
    Please Ignore all E-Mails from Martin about been stranded.
    Quite a few on F/B have reported getting this E-Mail.
    I got that scam early today(Tuesday) and immediately got on F/B and E-Mail to warn all.
    I had named one of those scams a few years ago had to scrap everything.
    I reckon that’s what Martin is doing right now maybe tomorrow he will use someone else’s Laptop.
    Lets hope he can do some damage limitations and be back with us all soon.
    Plus the fact that nobody else becomes a victim.
    All the best ……….SHAY

  502. Joon 08 Jul 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Well said lads. As a mother I can tell you I can see the hurt and pain as I see many friends who have husbands and sons heading off to war and many not coming home too. Hello Shay did you get an email like mine about the mugging of Martin isn’t terrible when people get hacked them lazy good for nuttins wont work and ruin peoples lives too. Enough said. I don’t want to be on the soap box for too long Ill probably slip and break me neck.
    Our family Tree includes soldiers who never came home too, again enough said.
    I do pay my respects to all. Meantime beware of them rotten emails too.
    Cheerio all., and by the way Martin no disrespect to you good self hope you are ok where ever you may be. The poem is just a little fun.
    Cheerio again to one and all everywhere. Im hitting the local Roads places to go things to do and hope to be on hols in due time too.
    The chisslers keep us on our toes at this end. Hello to all the girls and boys and to Mary H T thanks for the email and updates. C u again soon. Will you hurry up and come and do my house too. and my gardens Ill take you to Las Vegas when you are done with my interior designing. I need an Artist my poor aul place looks like a canvas bare walls trying to get rid of the cob webs here. and the ones in my head too.
    Cheerio all all you girls and boys

  503. Joon 08 Jul 2014 at 4:50 pm

    Coffey Mug

    I just got a strange email
    Saying Martin was mugged
    Nothing left but his passport
    yep he got slugged

    seems it was in Manila
    he had to go to the Embassy
    maybe we were all hacked
    someone wants some money you see

    They tell of the dire straits he is in
    And I don’t mean the band
    Sounds like he has nothing left
    only the passport and nothing in hand

    last I heard he had jumped ship
    another time he was sighted eating fish and chips
    Else where he told of his granny
    and all the stories of her hardships

    An SOS is no doubt the best way
    To see how he is faring out today
    its adds a whole new meaning to Cofffey and tea
    When you hear about a passport and a Mug he he

    So to all on both sites watch out for Martin
    and I don’t mean a scholar or a saint
    I just mean our writer and Author
    From the emerald isle so quaint

    watch your emails you may be hacked and or getting hoax mails Jo.

  504. Joon 08 Jul 2014 at 2:50 pm

    Hello to one and all,
    Just want to ask one and all in case this is a huge hoax I just got an email requesting Money to help Our Martin cause he is stranded in another country. Been mugged and had everything stolen except his passport. Beware of this email everyone. I realize Martin is not on here much but has updates the events page. So where ever you may be take care cause there seems to be a sighting of you elsewhere. I have gotten emails like this one before so to one all take care.

  505. SHAY JORDANon 08 Jul 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Hi Tony
    I fully endorse your views on Foreign Wars there maybe a need for a just war.
    Such as Hitler and Hirohito who wanted to take over the world.
    But in the last campaigns I believe it has only brought trouble to our Door.
    The West has done more damage to those People and it solved nothing but more Killing.
    The irony of it the ones who made the decisions are now living the *LIFE OF REILLY).
    To explained the futility of Wars just listen to *The Green Fields of France or the Band Played Waltzing Matilda*.
    I agree we should leave those Countries to sort themselves out in their Tribal Wars.
    As you say its all about Gold and Oil there are other Counties were Innocents been Murdered in the Millions.
    But those Countries have no Economic Interest to the Leaders of the West.
    In 2003 we opened *Pandora’s Box .
    When my Babs was in the hospital we saw the Chinook Helicopters bring in the wounded from Afghanistan. Never once did we see or hear of * Blair*come to see those young Boys and Women. He was too busy earning millions all over the World giving Lectures on what a clever Guy he is in solving the Worlds Problems.
    There is a saying one Mans Freedom Fighter is another Mans Terrorists but todays Terrorist is of another Ilk .How can you negotiate with a Kamikaze who commits genocide.
    Sorry if I have gone on too much but like many I just PRAY FOR A PEACEFUL WORLD.
    All the Best I hope my next peace will not be so melancholy. …..SHAY

  506. Joon 06 Jul 2014 at 7:10 am

    Hello to Shay and Tony and all on the site no matter where you all are.

    Independence and Memorials

    I spent some time at unknown graves
    Strange to think you were paying tribute in ink
    While I stood with my sweetheart in Silence for Nan
    Who’s sons are buried in foreign lands

    In one little corner of this plot of land
    Some German and Italian and an Irish man
    were laid to rest with many unknowns
    There lay many from all wars and Vietnam

    Back to the 1800’s and up to the present
    Rows and rows of them lay
    Beneath Marble stone and clay
    No sight of a Flag or a flower today

    I noticed a little old lady
    With fresh flowers in her hand
    She went from one tomb stone to another
    She paused and prayed and would stand

    She became aware of my presence
    I introduced myself and asked
    Why the absence of flags on this very special day
    The answer took my breath away.

    A flower for each of our own
    each petal gently rests
    This is sacred ground
    We are all greatly Blessed

    This is a quiet place
    one of peace and rest
    We have monuments and memorials
    At other special times to salute the very best.

    Speaking of where have all the flowers gone Tony G Funny that you should mention that too. Been there done that and sang it recently. Took out the guitar and enjoyed a blast from the past.

    Hello to the Captain Coffey
    Sailor stop yer roaming
    What shall we do with the Drunken sailor early in the morning
    In the south Australia he was born heave away haul away
    Lots of songs about Captains
    Someone get a tuggg boat and Haul him in Maybe he out there in Luxembourg with the crew from Radio Caroline. A one and one will do the trick

    Hello to all my fam and all the good people of Cabra too. Joan are you keeping up with the tennis. World cup nearly over too.

    Hope Mary H t is well settled by now and keeping in touch with fam and friends and hope you got a break too. Hello to all the Hogan clan too. Hello everyone
    Anyone know how Liam O K is and Liam ONeill indeed now that I think of it everyone is so so quiet. Ah sure I understand sure we all get so busy or dizzy.Hello to all the girls and boys everywhere. My spellings are lousy Im jaded no glasses on either probably on my head not much in the head these days either. Too many cob webs but kept busy just the same.
    . Sometimes its health home heart or age related that keeps us all quiet betimes eh ?
    J R I hear theres gorgeous weather there in Ireland too. Its 100 degrees where I am
    Was bout 109 in Vegas so my kids tell me. It is just as hot now since we got back here from Vegas
    Hello to all in OZ CANADA NZ UK AND Ireland and hows all in NEW York and NEW J
    Hello Willie too and everyone too many to name you all.
    Kindest Regards to one and all.
    Im up to my eyes at the moment so I know how busy we can all get. Cheerio again all.

  507. Pattyon 05 Jul 2014 at 12:04 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site Thanks to all for the chat and lovely poems.Happy Holidays to all Good health and happiness too.Bye for now Patty.

  508. Tony Gormanon 05 Jul 2014 at 11:04 am

    A Tribute to a Hero /Korea 1950 by/Tony Gorman 4th July 2014

    At a time of adversity was when true courage showed
    No time to say goodbye along that shortened road
    And vastly outnumbered in a battle far away
    To be remembered for his bravery in a far gone distant day

    A young life with true courage far from his place of birth
    Fighting for another country in the darkest place on earth
    Overrun with Chinese troop’s thoughts of Ireland filled his head
    Never faulting in his courage as his comrades they lay dead

    Knowing that his time was coming as he heard the battle cry
    And the earth it shook around him as the smoke filled all the sky
    No time to say a last goodbye as his body hit the ground
    As the Chinese troops advanced killing everyone they found

    For the battles of Chaegung and Imjin echoed across Koreans plains
    Told of the bravery and courage of the heroes and their names
    One of those was Christopher Mulhall from a place called Cabra West
    In those battle fields of Korea where in death he found his rest

    So to all the unsung heroes coming from our valleys green
    And enlisting for a battle in a land they’d never seen
    We will raise a glass in memory to the courage they have shown
    Some returned home in a coffin others graves were never known

    So to those left in Korea with a cross showing where they lay
    May your soul sleep with the angels as your bones rests in the clay
    And may those following in your footsteps learn a lesson from those days
    That war it never ceases, only peace goes through a phase
    The world is a battlefield and mankind is the instigator of his never-ending doom.
    As long as there’s riches to fight for whether it’s gold, diamonds, oil or drugs men will kill each other.
    The only time the big powers get involved in smaller countries debates is when there is something for them to get involved for.
    People don’t count as they are expendable both the innocents that get caught up in these wars and the soldiers that fight them, in other words the warlords don’t give a shit as long as they get their percentage of what’s going.
    All the big power countries are no more than mercenaries who cause more problems than help to those that they are supposed to be helping.
    Any of the soldiers that were involved in any of the conflicts and were wounded or suffered battle stress were forgotten when they got home.
    It’s a load of bullshit when troops are sent abroad and told you are fighting for your country.
    Countries like Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and Yemen should be left to sort their own indifferences out instead of using home countries armies as fodder by sending them to those godforsaken places.
    All that ever happens is we bring the threat of extremists back to our homelands.

    Hi Shay
    We were right Martin had his chips at Dun LaoghaIre before jumping ship, his picture is a giveaway.
    Another great poem, keep them coming.
    You remember the song “Where Have all the Flowers gone?”
    Jo, Jimmy and Captain Shay can change it to “Where Have all the People gone”

    Take care all

  509. SHAY JORDANon 02 Jul 2014 at 9:06 pm

    This is reminisced OF *Mutiny on the Bounty * I could be *Marlon Brando *to Martins *Trevor Howard* I was going to say *Charles Laughton* .But Martins not that old now the only thing that holds me back I remember the End.
    By the way thanks for the mention in the Poem always wanted to be named in Dispatches.
    Now my topic this week is how many things we got repaired in Cabra West.
    These days people just throw things away sometimes just caused the colour is out of fashion.
    Lets run do a run through of items Shoes (Soled/Heeled/ Studs).
    Bike repair Kits /Inner Tubes/tyres/Peddles/ Chains/lamp bulbs/Batteries.
    Shirt Collars reversed when treat bare/buttons. Dresses altered or dyed .blouses sleeves cut off and dyed.
    Socks sewed and darned. Brush heads replaced or new handles .
    Sheers/ Knifes sharped and umbrellas repaired by a man on a Bike (turned bike upside down to run his
    Cant think of anymore ….SHAY

  510. Joon 02 Jul 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Busy hands

    The mind was overloaded
    The chisslers kept me busy
    The arrival of assorted news
    A mix of busy Lizzie

    Like flowers that blossom
    we bloom where we are planted
    and heaven knows the mind explodes
    The movie Frozen kept some enchanted

    some ants appeared in Vegas
    they made their presence felt
    I got rid of them for the family
    My potion gave them a belt

    The grandchildren said
    they all went away
    I replied with the greatest affection
    Sometimes Ants mistake activity for direction

    Its a bit like the condition on the Cabra site
    Everyone is certainly busy
    Going here there and yonder
    I think they are all just a bit dizzy

    Just keep giving a little boost
    and or a little tonic
    Everyone will come and go
    sure its a bit like a Comic

    I remember the Bunty and Judy
    the lads recall the Beano and the Dandy
    My Grand kids loved Junie B Jones
    I even taught them all Jack stones

    As always life is about all the Seasons
    How things turn turn turn
    Maybe some are a bit like Musicians
    Like Bob Dylan trying to catch the wind

    Where ever you are best wishes
    By the lake or in the Sun enjoy every good thing
    I hope everyone is having a great Summer
    Whether with Captains of Kings

    Keep your connections to family
    and all your neighbours and friends
    From Cabra West and else where
    Till I put more ink in my pens

    I have some caregiving to keep doing
    With family and neighbours and friends
    My pen is less active at the moment
    Its nice to have time in Lands End

    I make blankets for soldiers right now
    Too many scars from all wars
    They need comfort when they come home
    Our Vets need new Drones

    I am no Florence Nightingale
    Blankets are better than booze and Ale
    I am hooked on Healing
    It is a good to see their smile instead of looking so pale.

    The pen is mighty in many ways
    So are the needles and hooks and Yarn
    I could write extra stories
    and add a whole new meaning to spinning yarns

    So farewell for now to one and all
    To all Cabra folks ladies and gents all
    I will keep in touch and hope all are well
    I will pop in again some tales to tell.

  511. Tony Gormanon 30 Jun 2014 at 9:03 pm

    Hi James
    You are the first of the crew to be washed ashore.
    I’m surprised there’s no ladies about keeping you company in Rosslare.
    I’m sure you still have the old chat up lines.
    We haven’t had a poem from you in ages, what’s wrong.
    It’s bad to hear “you” the Captain has jumped ship and Cabrahistory is like the Mary Celeste with nobody steering.
    Shay you will have to be the new Captain until the old one comes back.


    The Mary Celeste / Cabra History 30th June 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    Where has everyone gone?
    Have they vanished into space?
    Did they leave no clues behind?
    As the left without a trace

    Have they headed for another site?
    A Facebook hiding place
    Like I grew up in Cabra
    Or a cyber-place in space

    But still we have our Poet Jo
    To keep us on our toes
    And tell us all the bits of news
    The stuff that no one knows

    And Shay he keeps us well in tune
    Of some interesting days
    Of the schooldays back in Cabra
    When punishment took its phase

    For our heads are growing older
    And our memories growing dim
    And the little snippet’s Shay supplies
    We’re happy we’ve still got him

    So to all you looking in
    Let’s have a post or two
    To lead the way for others
    To follow on from you

    Take care all


  512. SHAY JORDANon 30 Jun 2014 at 4:04 pm

    Hi James
    Good to see your okay and hope your enjoying the lovely weather down there .
    But I guess it not as hot as Aussie Land mind you it only lasts a few days in Ireland.
    Well I was living in Brixton with my cousin around 58/59 Mayall Road (burned down in riots).I loved going around the Market in Cold Habour Lane .
    Always went to the music Shop at the time the big hit was Paul Anka *You are my Destiny* it blasted out all over the MARKET. We used to live by the Oval Tube Station first from the bedroom you could see into the Cricket ground (pity it wasn’t Arsenal I hate Cricket). I loved London it was all adventure to a 18 yr old Cabra Boy.
    Wandering around Soho and finding the *Two Eyes Café* I’m afraid Tommy Steel had left by then. I was surprised how small the place was I also had a PAL in Cricklewood so went to the dances there. In those days you could walk home all the way to BRIXTON (No problem) bet you cant do that anywhere these days.
    I loved going around on the Tube after Mass (Big Church Brixton RD) used to get the Tube (Stockwell) to Hyde park corner great for all the Speeches and the arguments (all good fun).
    Sorry for going on Jimmy just wondered if you done some of those things in London.
    All the best for now KEEP WELL ….SHAY

  513. Joon 30 Jun 2014 at 6:11 am

    Hello all,
    fun to read the updates. Been here there and yonder. Been to Las Vegas and back again. June is full of Birthdays. Had a 50th wedding to attend too. everyone at this end keeps us going or busy. The memories are still alive and well as far as Cabra West goes no idea tho about day to day these days. Forever trying to catch up need to do better at keeping up and making sure I can find the car keys. It has been nice to get away and to have some relaxation too. Glad to see the lads on here chatting SHay Willie and J R. Sounds like all the girls are catching up in other ways and keeping up with their families. and Cabra West too. World cup Tennis and sports in general is keeping everyone occupied too as well as so many telling me they are on holidays or busy with one thing or another. Meantime still nice to read the stories and no one can ever forget the Gripe water. I know one mammy who gave it to her son with the bottle top on it and let him drink the lot. YEPP 99% Al Keee Holll did him no harm at all.
    I am sure there was more than Poetry in Motion after that bottle. Good to hear you are all plodding along lads and our Resident Poet is keeping a good watch out for us all too. Hello Tony how are you too. I have not checked out the site yet tho may in the near future. Hello to all the girls too. Rita Ella and Olive and all the Mary’s too and Hello to all my family who sometimes look in here too. It is fun to know there is some fun on the other Cabra site too for all to enjoy. Deirdre is doing a smashing job. Well off I go again for a while. We have a lot going on this Summer and the Children and the chisslers keep us going one way or another. Events galore for one and all at this end. Keeping well is the order of the day too. Remembering where I need to be is also a challenge betimes but over all we all do ok at our end.
    Glad I write things down or I would not recall day to day where I need to be at times.
    Cheerio all take care you are all in my thoughts.

  514. james rogerson 24 Jun 2014 at 11:33 pm

    Shay the MA lived in Brixton 1959 till her death in 1998, she loved it, i use to wander around the markets with her when i was over on holidays, home is where your ma is, my sister Nancy has live in England 64 years, Carmel 60 years. No Tony i have ladyfriends but no one special, at my age i dont have the energy to ring a doorbell never mind, horizontal folk dancing. Has anyone watched the movie, Hollywoodland? great movie, about George Reeves [ superman] and his death, murder or suicide. There’s an old movie i never tire of watching, Dunkirk, with John Mills and not a John Wayne to be seen for love or money.
    Weather is great at the moment, the sun brings out the best in people, Tony we are all aging and the memories are fading, West Cabra seems a long time ago, i was like our Alice in Wonderland, was a time i was never stuck for a word, now i’m staring at the screen and the brain just wont kick in.
    take care and be happy.
    Jimmy R.

  515. SHAY JORDANon 24 Jun 2014 at 11:09 pm

    Hi Tony
    I was just thinking the same about Jimmy Rogers hope he is okay.
    I hope he is off the Computer and enjoying the lovely weather.
    Its taken me all my time to watch the early World Cup Matches.
    its a shame to see all the lads over going around in their England Colours.
    They look just as lost as Santa Claus in costume on a Summers Day.
    As for he other Site have to admit I am on it but I don’t feel alone.
    I have the Boss with me (MC) we do have some good chic chat on there.
    Mind I feel like Barry Fitzgerald in *the Quite Man when he said to Victor Mc Lagans mate when he went to bet on Big John *Geee out you traitor*.
    Love the Poem on Gripe Water and all so true, I mean I was just off the milk when I got that job.
    Well I guess the excuse from everyone for been away is the nice weather(Who can blame them).
    But don’t worry the Rain is just around the corner Iv done my Gardening Duty so IM OKAY. So Im sure everyone will return with a story .
    Meanwhile I bought the latest batch of Charlie Landsborough CDs so come on the rain I dont care. Plus the fact its a Family trip to Tenerife at end of next month.
    God You All CU LATER……….SHAY

  516. Tony Gormanon 23 Jun 2014 at 10:03 am

    The site is getting very lonely as there’s not a lot of conversation going on.
    Has everyone gone into cyber space with their posts.
    James have you got yourself tied up with a lady, as you’re very quiet?
    Jo, Shay and Ella you’re keeping the site going.
    Mary where are you?
    Have you all gone over to the I Grew up in Cabra site?
    Or have you all been sipping Shay’s Gripe Water?

    Good Old Woodward’s 23rd June 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    Griping burping dribbling slurping
    Stomachs needs a remedy fast
    Rumbling tumbling churning yearning
    Something to cure and make it last

    Some gave doses of cod-liver oil
    Sometimes it works but more times not
    Given a spoon of Woodward’s gripe water
    Eased the upset and cleared the lot

    Never suffer if there’s a cure
    Was the logic in days gone by?
    Some would clear your body out
    Others set you on a high

    For those who worked in Woodward’s factory
    A sip or two would start their day
    No bad feeling’s in the workforce
    They were never griping or so they say

    Take care all

  517. Joon 22 Jun 2014 at 12:45 pm

    Hello All,
    Hello Ella, and Hello to one and all. Nice to read the little updates. Nice bit of weather at our end too at the moment. Life is busy with family and the little chisslers , they are all growing like the grass. Hope you and yours are all well too. Kept going at this end too.
    World cup time I recall with fondness all the fun when Jacks Army was doing well and years ago when Pele was in the spot light too. I haven’t watched any but hear about it from the fam and the fans. Greetings as always to everyone. Not forgetting you all.

  518. ella bryanon 21 Jun 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Hi Martin I remember when we had a teacher’s strike when I was about in 5th standard but Christ the King only had teachers so they were closed but the nuns were there hail rain or snow. I am glad you are doing so well with your books etc. Keep up the good work. Hi to all on the site and hope you are enjoying the nice weather and keeping well bye for now Ella

  519. SHAY JORDANon 20 Jun 2014 at 10:16 pm

    Ella Sisters name is Maureen she went to St Peters don’t know much about her teachers.
    Martin our teachers never went on strike because they didn’t want us to have FUN.
    Anyway going to school everyday was a holiday to them.
    Who else could they knock the S*** out off and get away with it (some teachers anyway). They were the only ones who could throw a Ruler or piece of chalk 20ft and hit the target every time. Then for those really Bold Boys they had the cane a fella in our Class was send out to hardware to buy one for the teacher. I think it cost 6d we all went mad at him for bringing back a good one TG I wasn’t on the receiving end of it.
    Ah School days ….it made me the Idiot I am*s.
    All the BEST … Shay

  520. ella bryanon 19 Jun 2014 at 11:52 pm

    Shay do you have a sister named Alice. I was at school with an Alice Jordan her birthday was on April first and to this day I always on her birthday say Happy Birthday Alice wherever you are. Funny the things you remember. Our Father’s Day we had thunder and lightening but in spite of that the family had a wonderful day. I was talking to my brother in Dublin and he said the weather is so hot. Funny here and the U.S. in many places the weather is wicket. We have a teachers strike at the moment and the children are wondering about their final exams and their grads. but it does not look like it will end soon. I hope something can be done. Hope all are in good health. Hi to all bye for now Ella
    (Hi Ella, how come our teachers in Cabra never went on strike?..MC)

  521. SHAY JORDANon 16 Jun 2014 at 3:27 pm

    I worked in Woodwards Gripe Water Factory in Brixton Rd London.
    I don’t think they ever went into the Retail Business .
    I was on the labelling in the Despatch Dept funny to see all the names of Countries all over the World. It was mostly to African Countries and India we lads loved to drink it .
    The Company had a lovely big restaurant full three course meal only cost about 2/6 .
    That’s were I got my taste for Steam Puddings with custard other days it would be Rhubarb and custard.
    We also had an Annual Firms outing on a Charabanc to the Seaside (Hastings).
    We all paid a few bob a week to go ,the firm paid a share of the cost.
    I bet not many jobs are like that these days funny the richer firms got the *meaner they became. Most are Multi Nationals who have lost that personal touch and are never satisfied with their profits .
    All the Best .SHAY

  522. ella bryanon 14 Jun 2014 at 8:01 pm

    Hello to all. Hope all you Dads have a wonderful day. It looks like we will have a wet one so you will have to B.B.Q. outside and bring it into the house. There was a Woodwards store when I came here and they sold lots of things from England I bet it belonged to the one in England. They sold gripe water called by the store’s name. It was a wonderful place to shop they sold everything as well as groceries. They had a famous $1.49cent every month and the place would be packed. At Christmas the store windows were all dressed out with moving figures and they would also have a couple of live reindeer to see on the way into Santa. The figures were so liked that they have them on display every Christmas in Vacouver. Are any of you following the football. We have lots of people cheering for their teams. The bars have big screen T.V. and lots of people get together. We watch at home. Bye for now Ella

  523. Joon 13 Jun 2014 at 9:01 pm

    Greetings to one and all on both sites hope all are having a good summer.
    A very Happy Father’s day to all the Father’s on here and of course not forgetting all our Dad’s
    Regards to all

  524. SHAY JORDANon 11 Jun 2014 at 10:27 am

    Dear Byrne
    It seem so impolite to address your with your Surname please tell us the Christian one.
    Come we are all friends on this Site.
    All the Best …..Shay

  525. willie lynchon 10 Jun 2014 at 6:58 pm

    Good day Gang, hoping all is well. Shay I had ta know your brother, we did wormer upper for the Miami/ Capital / Vic mellows the Ravens / Sean Fagan / opened for them all is was a free be, they tell ya your going some where Son. Our driver was Mr. Nagle from Rathoath Rd up by Navin rd. he had a VW bus or Van what ever. NO Bloody heat OH MY GOD THE WINTERS COMING HOME AT 2 IN THE MORNING. WET & COLD NO WONDER I GET TB. Anyway I’m still here. That Dave Clark was a son of a B, when it came to his band, and putting his name on every thing. As Elvis said don’t be cruel. You know shay I have all the CD’s I play in the van going and coming from work. I have a wedding this Saturday NJ, the son Keith and mom are dancing to (gold and silver days) they last the da last year Dermot woods what a lovely men. I had two festivals on Sunday Staten Island NY, and Monmouth Race track NJ. I love to see the generations Growing, wonderful people so proud. You should see the kids 6-7=8 -9, they are so proud, thinking Irish is the best race in the world. As Val Dunigan?? (Said those special years,…. that time etc) let the kids enjoy. An anyway let me go now. Thinking of ya. Love to all Willie L

  526. SHAY JORDANon 10 Jun 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Hi Byrne
    never recall LEMONS in O Connell Street but I recall William and Woods down bottom of Henry Street and Mary Street. Nearly all the Girls in Dominick St had a job there .
    Remember trying to get a job there but the lads said the women gave you an awful life specially if you were shy. I think the same applied to most places were the girls were the majority e/g Bachelors/Jacobs and even Lemons in Drumcondra .
    Mind you the first job I got in London was an all Women place *Woodward’s Baby Gripe water factory. You were okay if you were fast on your feet there was only 4 of us lads. They used us to load the trucks and collect the finished Boxes you had to run the Gauntlet down amongst the Women. One fella was caught and the women stripped him and he came out limping cause they sprayed him everywhere with sticky stuff and gripe Water (Oh Happy Days).Only problem not one of them was under 40 and that was old to us lads. The things they done would make a sailor Blush (by the way I was never caught.
    More stories next time .all the Best …..Shay

  527. Joon 09 Jun 2014 at 4:19 am

    Hello all
    Summer brings Travel birthdays special events and family time when and where we can. Hope you are all well. Great to read the updates. Be back again soon. Not forgetting you all even tho its very quiet on here these days. Regards to all.
    Hello to all the Spanish ladies too. Hope its fun for the Italians too.
    Photos will follow soon to all the family.

  528. SHAY JORDANon 06 Jun 2014 at 7:03 pm

    Hi Willie
    I wrote a long reply to you but it has gone into Cyberspace.
    At the moment its a lovely Sunny Day so don’t want to miss it.
    Shall get back to you later .


  529. Byrneon 05 Jun 2014 at 4:07 am

    Lemons Pure Sweets – My dad, granddad, mother aunts and uncles and brothers all worked for Lemons in Drumcondra and before that at Lower O’Connell Street.I remember getting a short summer stint there too. I worked with the “rock guy”… Tommy Shakespeare for a little…very memorable summers

  530. SHAY JORDANon 02 Jun 2014 at 6:11 pm

    Hi Willie
    Well it used to be the time when the Immigrants was considered to be the rich ones.
    But if you walk around Dublin now its hard to accept that its broke .
    Although some of the family are finding hard to pay those big mortgages can you believe our Houses are priced in the hundred of thousands ( that’s why many live outside Dublin. It seems that the new Immigrants to Ireland will work for less thereby undercutting the local Lads.

    In the 50/60s many of us lads spend a few months working in London then went home to show of the New Suit. The favourite trick was to spend about 6 months in England then go home searching for a job (My Pal Eugene and I always failed).
    When the money ran out we wrote to England and got a Tax Refund for 6 months work.
    Have to admit a little sadness listening to the Lads about the good times we missed in the 60s. My youngest Brother was a roadie for a few Bands even with the Miami and later the *Indians* he still has connections with many of the lads. On visits home he got us into many places for nothing (bit embarrassing sometimes).
    Well Willie the Da*s Sister lived in Donnycarney family name was Evans they moved there from Ballybough (forget the road in Donnycarney).
    Must ask the Sister about Vincent Reilly as she is a regular the Homestead they go in there after Bingo in Cabra Grand.
    Reading your note to JR about Mike Smith yes he was under rated *Dave Clarke * get the attention can still see and hear Mike on *Bits and Pieces *.
    Well that’s all for now hope I haven’t bored you with my thoughts.
    All the best …Shay

  531. liam O kellyon 02 Jun 2014 at 4:50 am

    Thanks for the book Martin. Arrived self and well

  532. willie lynchon 30 May 2014 at 5:55 pm

    Good Morning all, I always love to see the post. All is well here TG a little sickness and hurt bones here and there, but thank God it’s gone the next day or two. // Or three.

    Olive I’m so sorry about the halfway house meeting not getting there. I had it planned one day but fall apart. They move a little slower at home, and that’s ok too. We will see you again. By the way olive get an apple computer they are magic. I’m not the sharpest knife and it always works for me. Yes its a few bob more but saves on life years.
    Shay Hope ya had a ball in Dublin, reading your post MY GOD you reminded me of the old days when Bev and I would bring the young Kids 4 of them home to Ireland to Mom and relations, Back then as with us all, with 6 people traveling and me self employed,…we didn’t have a lot of money. Six tickets back then was a ton of money also dressing them all. We immigrants have all done it nothing new to us. We went home a few times over the years 20 or more. NO wonder I’ve no hair, I did video most of the visits. MY kids hated been video BACK THEN, NOW THEY LOVE TO SEE THEM and show them to thier kids. We put the videos on at Christmas holidays and ove new years, Just priceless looking back at the videos it was worth every,…………… and I mean every Flipen penny worth it. Just to have the videos for generations to come please God. Shay the American way when people are visiting IS: throw one party invite all you want to see, who will shows up that’s who ya want to see,. And they want ta see you. Apart from sickness they all should be there for to greet ya. I remember DRAGGING THE LITTLE KIDS ON THE BUSES TO SEE EVERYONE. Thinking about it now I WAS NUTS. My wife could not understand it. Shay do you have any relations that lived in Donnacarney the Fitzgerald’s, the dad was in the Irish army went ta the Congo an all that, MR Fitz ended up the Chief for Grange Gorman No Joke. An anyway my Brother Thomas married Marie Fitzgerald and they live in Edgware London they were also home for B-days three party the same night, I think in was out by the Airport SPA hotel?,…… then maybe not. Just wondering Shay. Well if you are in the homestead look for Vincent Reilly lived across the road from pub. Hes from 83 Drumcliffe Road and married Nula?? Not sure last first name, family NEWMAN from drumcliffe. I sorry a missed the homestead. I hear upstairs is a laugh and sing song. Shay fill me in on this cabra growing up FB.
    Martin I just seen the Picture you are talking about of Patty and I at the wedding on face book, I had a great night before the wedding and a great night after the wedding. But on that wedding day I only had two vodka N Orange. My God the wedding day is long at home, from 3pm to 3 am. The Parnell club my God is it Big, that was a small place cozy club, its nice though its more then a club, now it a bit of every thing.
    JR nice to hear from you I see ya still have fun lad, good on Jimbo. Don’t be getting on any ladders man, Remember the singer from Dave Clark Five Mike smith, in Spain he was up one a small ladder fall in the garden, and was in hospital etc for life, passed away a few year ago, what a great rock singer he was WAY under rated, listen to those records he had some voice for R N R and love songs.
    Hello Amos Walsh you might catch a tire / bike or dead dog in that river, good luck to you man, what ever it is don’t bring it home to the ma or y’ll be dead.
    Ok the good news IS: Well our little lily is going to have a pal in December PG. Katie told me in Ireland while we were there. James and Kate had the next three years planned; you know they live with us. Kate was going to get her Nursing degree and James was going to have his own bossiness Going. But us on the CW site KNOW ALL ABOUT a god Send. I told Kate & James relax you will get there in Gods good time. So all is well in New Jersey weather is Magic, not to hot yet just nice, shorts and Golf shirts love this time of year. My love to all. Any one passing by the house,…. Whitehouse station new jersey as Walton’s music always said, you are very welcome, live ta see you. Regards Willie L GOT long winded again sorry.

  533. SHAY JORDANon 29 May 2014 at 6:52 pm

    Hi All
    Just back from a visit home and had a great time.
    The primary reason for the visit was to visit my Aunt in a Care home and my Brother in the Mater.
    We also went to my Nieces 30th Birthday Party also with us was the daughter and her family. My Niece knew Babs and I were coming but not about the other four (the look on her face was a joy).
    We only spend four days there but the daughter hired car so we got a lot in in the time.
    Only had time to visit O Connell street and Grafton Street it was buzzing and it was shoulder to shoulder all the way. They weather was lovely (on Tuesday) and we had a nice sit down in Stephens Green amongst all the lunch time crowds.
    There is road Works all around changing O Connell on the right straight to Moore Street (didn’t get time to see Henry st). at corner of Grafton St more road works (moved Molly Malone). Its the New route for the metro (Lous) when finished its going further South and on North side going to Broombridge.
    We have relatives in Kildare so we went to see them nephew he showed where Mel Gibson’s *Braveheart *was made (near the Curragh race Track)lovely place.
    Well we came back with a case of food Black and White Pudding/Sausages /.Rissoles and our Sunday dinner Corned Beef . Only thing that bothered us was going with Ryanair you had to walk miles at both Airports. We think its well worth paying the extra to go Aer Lingus only drawback Aer Lingus are in Dispute and are on strike tomorrow .
    We all plan to go back in the Summer because they enjoyed it so much but next time longer. Martin will try to meet you next time but I did look in to Clarkes Bakery on Cabra Rd your doing a great job (our lot a very impressed).
    That’s all for now …….SHAY

  534. Joon 28 May 2014 at 4:08 pm

    Hello all,
    Just a little hello. Had a great time in Vegas. The weather was wonderful too. Loved going to a place called Mount Charleston and other assorted old towns. Lovely little places. Great seeing our children and grandchildren of course the best part is having fun with the family. They were so good to us too. Glad to find so many other lovely places even tho the strip is most peoples idea of Las Vegas there are other wonderful extra places to see too. Lots of Canyons and hidden little beauty spots too.
    Nice to catch up with you all on here too. Hope all are well. J R take it easy. Hope Willie had a good time in Dublin and hope Shay likewise has a nice time too. Thanks Tony I will have a look soon and check out that site too. It is also wonderful to be able to connect with family and extended fam and cousins everywhere this past while. So much to catch up on. Wow the family Tree is just branching out everywhere. It is so good to be in touch with so many cousins as well. Something wonderful for all our family. Meantime hello to one and all not forgetting anyone. All the very best and hope all have a great Summer I sure would love to get to see everyone in Dublin and UK too. Wishful thinking of course but just have to make it happen. All the very best to you all.
    Will get back to you all again soon.
    Hello and love to all my family too.


  535. Tony Gormanon 27 May 2014 at 10:04 am

    Hi James
    With all those bursts of energy you’ll be fighting off all those ladies again and doing the Elvis wiggle on stage.
    I don’t think you’ll catch much at the Broken Arch. The only part of the river that was maintained was above Blancherstown Bridge and that’s a club water.
    I never seen or caught any Roach in the Silverspoon in the olden days.
    It must have been a Trout you caught as it used to be a very good Trout river.
    The canal was the place for brilliant Roach and Bream but not anymore as they removed most of the fish out of the canal back in the 70s and never replaced them.
    I hope your fishing goes well.
    Hi Jo
    I hope you’re looking in at my poems on The Fountain Resource Group site?
    You will enjoy all the site has to offer.
    Take care

    My Days Early Fishing Days 23rd May 2014 by/ Tony Gorman

    When I was young I had a choice of the river or canal
    Across Broombridge I use to stroll with my faithful canine pal
    My dog his name was Darky and he seldom left my side
    And the rabbits all along the way would take their leave and hide

    In the Silverspoon the Gudgeon and Trout could be caught within the flow
    Or trap some Minnow in a bottle on the bottom down below
    Or maybe catch a Stone Loach as they hide behind the rocks
    This got me into trouble when going home with wringing socks

    With the Minnow I caught Pike and Perch in the canal on my way home
    And the Bream and Roach I’d find them as along the bank I’d roam
    And to catch a great big whopper the canal was the place to fish
    Like trying to catch the legendry Little Mo was every anglers wish

    He was the biggest fish seen swimming among the reeds above old Riley’s Bridge
    And when you cast out for him the nerves were tingling on a tender ridge
    For Little Mo evaded all for many and many a year
    And when I heard that he was caught I think I shed a tear

    But those days back then are over now and the rivers almost gone
    And the canal is emptied of the fish and the waters now forlorn
    As it’s overgrown with weeds and there’s rubbish everywhere
    And the people walk the towpath and no one seems to care
    So I’ll keep the thoughts within my head of those times that were the best
    When the river and canal were my pride of Cabra West

  536. Pattyon 27 May 2014 at 12:01 am

    Hi Martin your news and events page I loved it the photos are fab and your stories fab too.Bye for now Best wishes to all Patty.

  537. olive carron 24 May 2014 at 2:12 pm

    hello to all lap top playing up so untill i can borrow one i just saying hello and hope everyone is well..sorry we did not meet up willy but i know its hecktic when home for visit
    cheers to everyone love olive

  538. james rogerson 23 May 2014 at 6:32 pm

    I wopke up one morning with a burst of energy, i was going to get stuck in the backyard, so dressed for action, shorts, vest and bandanna i stepped up to the breach, first job shift a heavy sleeper across the garden, three days later i got it into position only to discover it was six inche to long, my back was killing me, needs to be shifted elsewhere. Drove down to hardware store, with thoughts of staining the outdoor furniture and getting some paint, phone rings, ”hello” do you know who this is? no, haven’t got a clue, It’s Bridie Collins from Ventry Road, jays says i, i haven’t seen you in forty years, i told her about the site but she never heard of it anyway it was nice to make contact, back to the yard, a bloke dropped in to measure up a job i need doing, between us we moved the sleeper. i was painting bending up and down, , i stood up my back was killing me, i got dizzy went ass over tit and hit the ground with a thud, so the yard is a work in progress. my battery is flat at the moment, the trees at the garden at the back of me are starting to pertrude over my fence, i bought a saw, but that job is on hold, ladder required. I have gone from shorts and thongs to dufflecoat, beanie and boots in a matter of hours. The new manager in the hotel, Basil Fawlty insists on playing loud Irish songs during lunch hour, i told him he could shove his music where the sun doesn’t shine, you cant hear yourself.
    Hope everyone is in great shape.
    Jimmy R.

  539. Joon 23 May 2014 at 2:15 am

    Salmon for me Amos please. and just leave the picnkeens there. Hello to sweet William glad you and Patty had great fun and glad all went well on your trip. Have a great time Shay. I bet you will have a great time. All the best and safe travels to all.
    Take care all.
    Off I go again. Fun in the sun for us too. Nice break from the waiting room too.
    Cheerio all and hope everyone is well.
    Thinking of you all.
    kindest Regards

  540. Amos Walshon 21 May 2014 at 6:21 pm

    childhood returning – is that a good or a bad sign?

    I’m going fishing in the next while. So what! Well I’ll be fishing what used to be “The
    Silver Spoon”. Surely you all know where that is – just below The Broken Arches, so there.

    Last time there I caught a huge roach, well at 5 or 6 inches long it seemed huge to me.
    I was about 10 years old. Of course I brought it home for Mammy to cook. To-day I’d
    be in jail for not returning such a small fish to the waters.

    I suppose some (cough, cough) years later I won’t get into trouble if I admit to catching
    the monster with my hands from a small pool formed on the bank at the edge of the river.

    O please, don’t tell the rozzers or I’ll go to jail

    I promise to be good and put them back in the Tolka if ever I catch another fish which is unlikely.

  541. SHAY JORDANon 21 May 2014 at 5:43 pm

    Hi All
    Well we are off to Dublin this Saturday for a Family Birthday Party.
    Its in Swords a place I haven’t seen for years, last time I was there they were making a film. It was *Ivanhoe * with Robert Taylor they were hiring extras at £5 a day we never got a look in. I think they made a few films there but it was only a small village then.
    We are going by Ryanair as some of the family are only going for a day (we are going for 4 days).But the Flight fares are ridiculous we got 5 seats for £230 but Son booked a week late for 4 his cost £520 (same flight).
    I priced our this week on same FLIGHT and they want £1889 (honest).
    So if you do advanced booking its cheaper I mean we can go in late June only £39 for two of us Return (how daft). Aer Lingus is even more expensive .
    Well Im looking forward to having a drink in the homestead (stopping in Annamoe).
    I hear the gargle is pretty expensive about £7 a pint but I hope our local is cheaper .
    But who cares we shall be glad to see Cabra and Cabra West and particular all the Family. Looking forward to see all our cabrahistory photos in Clarkes Bakery on cabra rd.Its going to be hectic trying to get to see all the Family as they are spread out now. Some live outside Dublin Carlow.Nass (but may not get there). Just hope the weather is kind to us I want to show my lot the seaside (we are hiring a car).
    So PG on my return I shall report all my adventures to you all.
    God Bless for now …….SHAY

  542. SHAY JORDANon 21 May 2014 at 2:01 pm

    testing done a long letter yesterday but it never went over

  543. willie lynchon 21 May 2014 at 1:10 am

    Good day to all. Shay I didn’t do the Growing up in Cabra yet, in time I will. God JO I’ am well back now, God work never stops, doesn’t take ya long and you are well beck into life. You are Right jo its your health, that’s all we need. Well maybe a pint and yes,…… a little Vodka and orange juice just ta take the chill off. I tell ya what boys and Girls its cost lots to live in Ireland, every thing Gas /Food / Fun etc. No bargains anywhere that I see. God be with Harry Littleman ha,……. or a penny for a bag fill of crumbs. An anyway I just dropped in to say hello. The sun in magic in New Jersey for last few days, just draining off the pool right now,. Should be up and running in a week PG. Love to all. Willie L

  544. Joon 20 May 2014 at 3:54 pm

    Hello all
    Yep it sure is quiet here Shay, I am still in the waiting rooms.
    Waiting for chisslers to get out of school waiting for the Doc to finish check ups. Waiting at the store for the check outs waiting for assorted everything Waiting for everyone to say hello again. Spain has consumed a lot of you. So happy hols for everyone who can get away to Spain sounds lovely too. I am over due a decent holiday. Getting itchy feet might just have to head over the pond again. Still reading and resting as well.
    Well done Tony G on yer book keep at it. Congrats to Ambrose and Martin on the new book. OH TO BE THE FLY ON THE WALL IN THE HOMESTEAD too. Hello to all the neighbors for me too. Nice to see the Photo of Ambrose and Willie .
    Cheerio all. and greetings again from USA to all my fam and all on the site and all on both cabra sites.
    Regards again.
    thanks Mary H T. great to hear from you too.

  545. Pattyon 20 May 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site its nice to have a good read and to know all are well.Have a good time on Thursday night at the Homestead sorry I cant be there.Best Wishes to all.Patty.

  546. Mary Tarnowskion 18 May 2014 at 11:41 pm

    Hello Cabra Friends.
    A quick note again. Sorry for not signing in for a long while…….this new place has taken over my life just now. The weather has been so magical I had to go and remove a 12ft hedge bit by bit. Half of it is down now and the rest will be done over time. I’ll tell you something about thinking you are fit as a fiddle….but oh no I am not NOT. The shock of finding out that age has caught up with your old bones is no fun…….only because what’s left in the brain tells you , you are still young, fit and just as good as you were 40 years ago. I have bones I never knew about until the pain arrived. But I will get there and get a new fence up then the garden will take centre stage….but that might take another couple of years.

    Today I had a day off, met up with my two girls and the grandchildren. We went to the park for a few hours and the kids had a lot of fun. Ice creams all round, then I saw a plant stall which I couldn’t resist. I bought some cheap but good healthy plants. Now I just need to make the garden to put them in. Then back to Charlie & Oliver’s house for dinner. What more does an aul Granny want.

    Not been reading a lot of the posts …..but delighted to hear your well Shay, and Olive also. Jo thanks for Emails. I hope you are a 100% now. Tony thanks for the being you. J.R. Lovely to see you posting and well up there with the writing. Hi Martin & Liam & Willie and anyone I have not named.
    Good night and God Bless.
    Love Mary H.T.

  547. Joon 16 May 2014 at 2:25 pm

    Hello all
    Hello Shay, I think Willie is in the studio recording. J R said he is in Departures. I am in the waiting room, Some are off in the sun Spain calling the Irish, Wish I could get cheap flights. London has been graced with some of the best too. Martin and yourself still growing up in Cabra West playing with all the chisslers I love seeing both sites.
    Tony glad you are still writing and sharing your poems. Hope you are well too.
    All the girls are busy with families and in touch now and then. Hello to one and all everywhere.
    Its been a fun time to also connect with extended family and strengthen family ties. Our family has been enjoying connecting with all our cousins too. Hope everyone is enjoying Spring and roll on Summer too. Greetings as always to everyone. you are all in my thoughts. Hello to all our family everywhere and to all where ever you may be. Hope everyone has their health and strength and is getting out and about for some fresh air too.
    all the best to everyone
    Kindest Regards to one and all.

  548. willie lynchon 13 May 2014 at 4:46 pm

    God day to all Just got back from family trip & wedding in Dublin. Olive so sorry I didn’t make the halfway house, Yes I did try a day or two, Patty just doesn’t travel to far, I told her it’s 20 minutes away, So we said another day, and yes we never made it, we can’t wait for another day anymore. I did see Ambrose and had a night at the Raheny inn with Tom Carey was singing he’s real good singer. Also had a chat with Tommy about old days in music he’s two years behind me 66. He does a great Gene Pitney 24 hours from Tulsa, haven’t heard that song in 40 years or more. Tommy also had people up ta sing, they were all good, one woman about 75 years NO JOKE,…… did a Tina Turner she was great just magic; she had the whole works goin Dress jacket and shoes etc. For me it’s was great ta see, Tommy wanted me ta sing a song, But I just love to hear other people. It was a treat for me that night thanks to Ambrose O’Shay our Pal. I also got to record three songs up in Athenry Galway; I should finish them in Oct with God willing. I was real tired recording that day,…… the days was catching up on me traveling here and there NO energy, I also drove back to Dublin same night. Olive the wedding was Down town registry office and back to Parnell’s Club Coolock village, went on till 3pm. and back ta the club next day till two in the morning, I don’t know about you guys, went I get home I could drink for ever and get no where, No such thing as drunk a hollow leg, I stop drinking after a while its was a waste of money. Maybe too much action going on around me to take inn. My Frist cousin Derek Castillo from Ventry Park gave me some great photos of the Lynch family side, Jo I did get to see the ma Lily Lynch in Glassnevin also the Grand Folks. We also had my new grand Daughter Lily Winnie Lynch with us, we took Pictures the younger generation will have them real Pictuers. Yes Little Lily Lynch stole the show at the wedding, All my sister Patty Kids thinks my Ma (Granny) was God ta them. I think I told you My Kate married a Lynch from kilucan west meath. So that name was meant to carry on. As the cousins Said,…… a Pervict name. Shay Jordan so good ta hear you’re on the mend health wise. Enjoy the moment back home hold nothing back. also Shay I’ll try that cabra site in time. Tony I did record two of those songs. GET THAT FEELING & JUST LIKE ME. Also that Old Don Partridge song (Rosie) I’m trying ta do a Dixieland sound with that one. I’ll let ya go I’m getting long winded again. OH Jimmy R what’s the departure room, didn’t get that ??, is that what we call Florida (the waiting Room) ha. You don’t need to go there lad, you’ll be fine Jim just ask Tonto. You have a gattlen Gun maybe short of Bullets, Ha Ha HE. Love to all Willie L

  549. Rita McMahonon 13 May 2014 at 12:45 am

    Tks Jo , yes it was lovely sunny day in Ontario and now the Humidity has come too Soon! Mothering Sunday was here yesterday and Australia and Europe, think only in Ireland/UK in March but Father’s Day is the same around the world in June. Still on the Ancestry Trail and have met cousins I never knew though this site and FB, sure is great Fun what you can learn about the past and new friendships you can make and Cabra has a great FB page. Wishing You all a Great Summer. Slan for now Rita O’Malley………

  550. Joon 10 May 2014 at 6:06 pm

    Happy Mother’s day to any mothers in USA don’t know about Canada but the rest of the world had theirs all ready
    Thinking of one and all no matter what day it is.

    Hope all are well or on holidays its so quiet here these days. Hope everyone is ok. I forgot Martin said he will be off the site for a while so to all take care till next time
    Kindest Regards to everyone

  551. SHAY JORDANon 10 May 2014 at 4:57 pm


  552. Tony Gormanon 09 May 2014 at 2:43 pm

    I have been on the Fountain Group website and found it’s a very interesting site filled with information to help others.
    I have put five of my new poems on different subjects on the site to show my appreciation for the help they are doing for Dublin people or anyone that cares to visit the site.
    just Google Dublin street characters part 1 and your in.
    I’m sure you’ll like it.
    I hope anyone who bought my new book Poems of Reality (At One With Life) is enjoying the poems in it.

    Seasons for you 1st May 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    In winter when the weathers bad snuggle up beside a fire
    And read the poems from my book, the ones that you desire

    In springtime when the frosts are gone and April shows the way
    Just sit inside your potting shed and read one poem a day

    In summer take a picnic and sit down by a stream
    And read the appropriate lines I wrote to set your mind to dream

    In autumn see the colours in the dreamland that I set
    And the dream will be for you alone in those poems you won’t forget

    Take care all

  553. Joon 06 May 2014 at 2:21 pm

    Best wishes to Willie Lynch too Enjoy your trip. Have a great time. Everyone is up to their eyes with Travel and or housebound these days at home and away. So to all who have been sick hope you are all well. To all who have been traveling hope you all had a great time too.
    Kept going at this end too. Cant believe we are nearly half way through this year too. How time flies. Might be a while before we all connect again. The combination of us all being busy and assorted travels. Thought I would say hello anyway and in due time we will all catch up again one day soon.
    Not forgetting anyone. All the very best to everyone.
    Kindest Regards to one and all.

  554. Tony Gormanon 03 May 2014 at 9:17 pm

    Hi Jo

    I have found a website run by The Fountain Resource Group that I have put a couple of my poems on, all you do is Google Dublin Street Characters Part 1 and I’m sure you will find the site very interesting.
    I hope you enjoyed your cleeves.
    Take care

  555. james rigerson 03 May 2014 at 8:38 pm

    Hello Tony, you need more than a fast draw and quick horse to visit the old stomping ground now, you’d need a war wagon and a gateling gun, even the Durango Kid would be scared to show his face. Tarzan uttered his last ungowa years ago, before leaving mog wogs jungle. I’d still love to see some artwork or mural to the kids who grew up there in the forties, kids running with their hoops girls skipping. or playing piggy beds, swinging on the lampost, young boys hiding behind a goosegob bush perving, lmao. Tony do you have any idea where Susie Breen 215 Killala, went to? I’d love to have a drink with what’s left of the old gang, strang the things you think about when you are in the departure room.
    Best of health to everyone, i wish you all well.
    Jimmy R.

  556. Joon 29 Apr 2014 at 3:26 am

    hello all
    Great to read the updates. Hello to one and all. Have missed everyone
    You are all the best of the west.
    Great news shay on the health. Hello to both Olives and to all the LIAMS and All the Marys out there too. Willie keep singing. Hello to all. J R keep well too.
    Great poem Tony.P/S I still have all me own teeth Tony. loved cleeves no idea how I still have teeth. Congrats MC on book for Ambrose wish you both well on that too.
    Cheerio all. Be in touch again.
    Regards to one and all.
    Hello Liam ONeill hope all are well up there on Carnlough Rd too.
    Just heard from some cousins over the past while and they sent us our family tree all 6 generations of us. ONeill side. Didn’t find you on there yet but I bet somewhere out there I bet we are related too ya never know eh.? Hope you are keeping well too.

  557. Tony Gormanon 27 Apr 2014 at 11:16 am

    Hi Jo
    Here’s your cleeves poem.
    I hope you are well.
    Gums 27th April 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    The smile that gets you noticed
    But not a tooth inside your head
    Your teeth at rest inside a glass
    While you sleep in your bed

    It takes you back to far gone days
    And those pennies that you spent
    And those toffee cleeves that you chomped with ease
    Leaving some teeth loose and bent

    And the dentist didn’t have a choice
    But to whip the bad ones out
    He did it with a kind of pliers
    That made you want you shout

    And then he made you dentures
    That made you look like Mr Ed
    They stuck out very prominently
    With every word you said

    But now were in our twilight years
    And toffees are out for us
    We suck jelly sweets and softened treats
    Or we’ll choke and cause a fuss

    So although the cleeves were tempting
    In the days that’s long gone past
    We should have abstained from eating them
    To help our own teeth last


    Hi Willie
    I sent you back 2 of your 3 songs you sent me and hope my input was ok.
    Your 3rd song Dublin Airport could not be opened so copy it and paste it to the email.


    I hope you’re settling into your new home and everything is falling into place.
    Just take it easy and don’t rush things you have a lifetime to settle in.


    I hope you are well and practicing your draw so you can appear in Martins next western dream.
    Have you seen Jerry Clarke around, give him my regards when you see him.


    Shay & Barbra
    I hope things are going well for you.
    By the way Jerry Downey was a good friend of mine.
    I believe him and his family moved to Whitehall but I could never find out their address
    I’m waiting to read your next boyhood adventure.

    Take care all

  558. SHAY JORDANon 26 Apr 2014 at 4:54 pm

    HI Olive
    I’m glad things have worked out and I’m delighted to be of help to you.
    Don’t worry about learning how to use this modern stuff I was the same at the start.
    As you properly know we had Maureen over a few weeks ago .
    She only stopped for the weekend pity really the time went so quick.
    She had Lisa/Patrick/Sarah/ John we her we had a great time (4 am Bed)
    As for Downey’s it was never the same after Gerry and Hughie sold it.
    Went in there on our last visit (2009) only a couple of guys.
    Plus you can see it hadn’t been decorated in years ,atmosphere had all gone.
    I believe poor ole Gerry Daly Died some time ago met him through Paddy McGrath.
    We had some great laughs with Gerry and the crowd in the old days (very hard to get a seat on Sat Nights). We go to the Homestead now when home last time the Saturday night upstairs was great. As you have Martins Books look out for our old family Photos Don’t forget to have a look in Clarkes bakery shop on Cabra rd for photos on the wall.
    So Olive hope to meet up with when we are next home.
    All the best Shay

  559. olive carron 26 Apr 2014 at 3:38 pm



  560. SHAY JORDANon 22 Apr 2014 at 5:43 pm

    Hi All
    Well we had a lovely Easter although the weather wasn’t the best.
    But I’m delighted to report that on Holy Thursday I got the All Clear from the Hospital.
    I have to go back in October for a review but at the moment Im minus one prostate.
    So first thing we done was book a Flight to Dublin next month.
    Most of the Family are coming as a Surprise to my Nieces 30th Birthday.
    We had the Sister her Two Daughters and Two Sons for a weekend two weeks ago .
    We had a great fun time with a Sing Song in the kitchen when we came back from our Club. That lasted to 4 in the morning my Grand daughters Husband thinks the Irish are Mad.
    Well to change the subject are any of you on F/B *I grew up in Cabra *.
    On there you will see our MARTIN has an exhibition of photos from his books in Clakes Bakery on Cabra Road.
    If you see it you should spot the O Neill Family and my Da and Brother amongst them . Martin tells me he interchanges them every now and then. Good old Martin he is doing us proud to keep the memories alive.
    I wonder will todays Children carry their memories into old age. I guess it will only be on their Mobile Phones No hard copy Photos)
    I look forward to dropping down to Clarkes for a look ,well it is only across the road from Downey’s Pub (Hope the Misses doesn’t find out).
    All the BEST FOR now ……SHAY

  561. willie lynchon 22 Apr 2014 at 3:58 pm

    Hello All, Tuesday Morning here stateside in New Jersey. This time next week I’ll be Home again Dublin airport. Tony sorry ta hear you were not well. We all know what those Pains are like, they come outta know where. Just hoping it leaves ya the same way it came. Tony I did send ya three e-mails yesterday. Its so great to read the post, the Post from Theresa Tinggl about the babies just kills me, you know it’s just like PBS TV show, (Calling of the midwifes), we grow up in that time or close to it. I love that show mid wife’s. Let ya know how far we came. A lot of those people (caretakers) they really didn’t know any better, we have ta believe that. For that time the prassure of Money etc, it was the only answer, all of them weren’t bad people, its all they knew ta do. Yes we all know now. Leave it to the good lord and St Peter,.. OH and a 5’er it’ ll get ya in the gate. I’m here in the states and that family stuff it goes on behind closed Doors Is bloody terrible,…. Un godly bloody selfish people, what they do ta family & children. Anyway on a lighter note. Its was nice ta read up on that Lady Lauren for her Nanny great work Guys just wonderful, Our family did know the Giles from the first Carnlough Road Keyhole as we called them. Yes the Gorman’s and Raddins (spelling) yards were back ta back with us on Drumcliffe road. JIMMY R yes you are right about John Barry, he also did the score for the Magnificent 7, a lovely peace it made the whole Movie. Jimmy R I did know if I will see ya this time, I’m not saying i wont,…… I’ll have family with me, my two daughters. But one is going back to the states Monday. Martin I’m still on for the halfway house, this is what I got till now. Arrive on the Tuesday 29th 5am. Wedding Thursday may 1st. My Marybeth wants to travel, I’m going to a recording studio in Galway for a day not sure when, just mess in about with one or two lads, yes I’ll put down songs and see. Anyway martin will ya be riding in on you horse from the range Ha. Giddy up a Ding Dong. Hello Olive hope ta see ya. Anyone can make the halfway house, your welcome in the afternoon lunch what ever. Olive IF Ness I’ll pick u UP. Just be there or be SQ. AS Our Father Farrell would say after reading a bible story on a Sunday, he’d say, you have to came back and see what happens. Love to all the gang. Stay well Willie L and wecome new comers.

  562. Olive dignam nee reddyon 21 Apr 2014 at 8:51 pm

    Olive dignam ( nee reddy) my granddaughter lauren has just showing me all the lovely poems on this site, what a wonderful lot of talented people that Come from cabra / cabra west.i have stayed up all night to read every thing going back to when the site started. Some of the names I can recall . Alan thunder, willie lynch, Bernie gerarthy, I was in her sister Maisie’s class in St. Peter’s school . Thomas Crawley is married to my cousin Theresa Creegan from swilly road. Lauren also got 3 books from the library by Martin coffey, and they have come between me and my sleep, i could. Not leave them down. My brother tommy reddy is in a photo of mr. Nevins class St. Peter’s school. My brother Andy is in a couple of photos The cabra west accordian band. I also knew Alan lestrange. As their is so much to take in , I’m sure I might recall some more.
    Brian, I have also read what u wrote on the site. I am olive reddy and Josie is my cousin we were the two blonds that sat in the circle in downeys. I didn’t go in that often, only some times before I went out or if I was home early. I did sit with the. In the circle. Josie did marry jack. Sadley my mam and dad have passed on ( paddy and nancy reddy) myself I am the only member of my siblings that did not marry so me one from cabra or had relations living on annamoe drive/ terrace.
    I married jimmy dignam from philshanahan house in inner city , 1972. We have one son who is 40 he has 3 daughters and 1 son . We have 1 great grandson Jayden. I didn’t marry any one from downeys I have not been in their in over 20 years, I do remember the guys u mentioned the rowley brothers and their dad. Sadly the dad died and the son tommy passed away In mArch also paddy daly the last time I saw him was 2 months before I had my son so I don’t know if he married or had any children, I would like to know my self , paddy was a very nice guy , I liked him very much. I read the deaths in the herald first to see if my name is in it. It I a. Sorry to say Brian I don’t remember u but it nice to remeness about the good times I. Wish u good health.
    Charlotte thank u for ur nice words about me. I do remember you. I would help u with your Make up in the choke room in peters dance hall and the kings way alsoat the Matt Talbot, but that all came to an end when we all started to fall in love and moved on , we’ll here we are all years later will talk to u later.
    Shay I would like to say to u and Barbra how sorry I was to read about your son Raymond R.I.P I will pray for you and your family also shay I do remember when you went away and when you came home with your beautiful wife Barbra and boys (I didn’t no you had a daughter) . Shay I would like to thank you for your help to my lauren and all the information in finding Cora . James has been back in touch with her I am only learning to use this iPad that my granddaughter Stephanie bought me for Mother’s Day lauren is teaching me how to use it I hope I am a good puple for her . Hope to talk to u all again I’m so delighted someone remembers me .

  563. Joon 21 Apr 2014 at 1:02 am

    Hello Ella
    I hear there is a lovely photo of your fam on the other cabra site check it out. Hope all are well. The Eater memories are lovely. My memories include lovely Ribbons and bows. Yellow baby chicks the boiled egg and assorted other memories. Yellow ribbons at Easter and Scarlett Ribbons for Christmas which brings to mind the song with the same title Yes it was a miracle to have such lovely things on those occasions thanks to the Miracle of having lovely sisters who helped make life sweet in our house and helped the mammy out.
    Thinking of one and all
    I still think there should be monuments built to all the Women of the West.
    I wonder if any of you lads got cleeves. some of the lads on our Rd got a slab of cleeves for Easter as they got older they thought it was too babyish to be getting chocolate. Most of those lads probably have dentures now.
    anyone recall Pam Aires on opportunity knocks think she was the little woman who recited the poem I wish Id looked after me teeth. Funny how so many memories can come back.
    Over to you Tony G we have to have a poem about the Lads chewing all them Cleeves
    and now not a tooth left.
    Hello and cheerio to everyone for now. So glad Spring is here.

  564. Joon 20 Apr 2014 at 1:22 am

    Happy Easter to one and all.

  565. ella bryanon 19 Apr 2014 at 10:31 pm

    Hi Martin it is so nice that you can hike the mountains I envy you may you have many more years to do so in good health. Happy Easter to all. Bye for now Ella

  566. Pattyon 16 Apr 2014 at 4:21 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site I wish you all a lovely Easter.Thanks for all the lovely stories Poems and chat.Back again soon Bye for now.Patty.

  567. Mary Tarnowskion 15 Apr 2014 at 11:45 pm

    Hello All.
    Sorry I have not been around a lot lately. Just very busy with the new house. I will get back to normal soon. Delighted to see you are all posting some great stuff. Glad to know you are all keeping well. I hope you got my last mail Jo.
    Happy Easter to you all and I only hope the sun keeps shining for whatever you have planned for The Easter Holidays.
    Hello Liam. Jo, Tony, J.R. Shay, Olive, Martin and all the rest of the people who keep this site interesting. Keep up the good work.
    I will be thinking of you all. Take Care.
    Mary H.T.

  568. SHAY JORDANon 15 Apr 2014 at 3:02 pm

    On that site I put up an Old Photo of me Ma Mrs Manning and Mrs Storey all friends from Annamoe Drive.


  569. SHAY JORDANon 15 Apr 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Hi Lauren
    I believe you are on the right track as I had my sister Maureen over last weekend and she said you got it right. She gave me Cora’s Manning’s Married name .
    Well I have some news for you Olive Reddy still on the Drive.
    Cora is indeed living in Australia and is well but her husband is not too well.
    His name is Fitzsimmons (don’t know him).
    But their son James Fitzsimmons is on F/B under *I Grew up in Old Cabra*.
    you can reach him through there.
    You have to be invited onto the SITE just click on my name and I shall get you in.
    I’m not sure on Andy’s history he had more to do with our Noel(they worked together).
    I think it was on Avon Tyres they were delivery drivers to all the Garages around the COUNTRY. They are good friends mind you they were always playing tricks on each other. One time Andy loosed the wheel Nuts on Noels Truck TG he spotted it before he hit the road.
    So I hope you can make contact let me know if you need more help.
    I shall ask our Maureen to get a message to olive for you who knows she be on F/B.
    All the Best …Shay PS on F.B Im known as Jim Jordan (English Handle)

  570. Joon 15 Apr 2014 at 4:06 am

    Hello Martin and all on the site. Been away again. Twas nice to get away to see the fam and to celebrate a b day and early Easter with the children and grandchildren. Had a lovely get away. Wishing one and all a nice Easter. Back again soon lovely to get the updates and the poems and Martin that gate there was a great memory too. Conkers galore and the peoples gardens ah sure we also thought we were in the Zoo for years like you we got to walk around the outside for hours too. Them monkey nuts were gret too ours use to wrapped up in news paper shaped like an ice cream cone style. Yep we ate them too. Have a lovely photo of the Ma along that wall where the gate in your photo is. THanks for the memory too.
    Hello to one and all hope all are well.
    Lauren hope your fam can all connect with friends too. That all sounds lovely too. Hope one and all are doing well. taking it easy at this end.
    Cheerio for now

  571. Laurenon 12 Apr 2014 at 10:12 pm

    Hi shay,
    My friend called in to me and she was on a site.she said she thinks some people mentioned Cora manning and olive reddy . I wonder shay if this is my nanny and her family they wanted. We’ll my nanny is olive and she has brothers Andy, Tom,Martin her second youngest brother died (Jim) , and her sister also younger than her died 3 years ago
    Her brother Andy married Marie Gillian from 4 ventry drive cabra west. Tommy married a girl Marian Keegan from ventry park cabra west . My nanny sister pat married to Alan Giles from the first cul de sac carnlough road cabra west
    We have said nothing to my nanny about this until we are sure as she will be delighted my sister Stephanie bought her an iPad for Mother’s Day , she can’t use it yet but when she has time I am teaching her how to use it. So we know she will be over the moon to know she can in touch with old friends and neighbours .

  572. james rogerson 09 Apr 2014 at 10:19 pm

    I sat down today and watched Shane, 69th time, the question is did Shane die in the saddle as he rode away, that scene in the bar at end of movie was the best scene in any western made. Hello Olive, up untill a couple of days the weather has been brutal down here, low misty damp and rain and cold, the long evenings have sneaked in but still nippy. Hope everyone is in good health or recovering, i’m going through a box that i put in a cornor 5 years ago, i decided to have a clean out and came across some little gems, found a photo taken in Scunthorpe when i was 17, with two young beauties on my arms early 1958, the big hits were St Teresa of the roses Malcolm Vaughan, Andy Williams, My Butterfly, Young Love, Tab Hunter. Movies Babydoll, Carol Baker/ Karl Malden, The Searchers, John Wayne/Jeffery Hunter. The Tommy Steel Story. Marty Robbins, A white sportscoat. the tv show the 6.5. special, Cliff Richard, Adam Faith John Barry 7. Barry went on to score the James Bond theme also Born Free and many more. Well take care everyone.
    Jimmy R.

  573. Norma Hillson 08 Apr 2014 at 4:22 pm

    Hi Tony
    I hope you are well. Your friends at the riverside cafe told me you were having a bit of trouble with your neck and shoulder and you haven’t been there in over a week.
    Myself and my mom drove there to see if we could catch you and get our book signed but we were sad to hear you were not well.
    I left my number with one of your fishing friends for you to ring when you are better.
    It would be lovely to have a coffee with you.
    So from me and my family we wish you a very happy Easter and a speedy recovery.
    xx Norma

  574. Tony Gormanon 08 Apr 2014 at 11:07 am

    Hi Jo
    Just a little Easter poem as requested.
    Take care

    Easter Fun 9th April by/Tony Gorman

    I saw a cow this time last year with an Easter Bonnet on her head
    Her horns cut through the two side rims and the tips were painted red
    There were daffodils spread neatly around the band of florescent blue
    And a sticker posted above it saying if you like my hat just moo

    So I mooed and what do you know the whole herd ran my way
    And I guess I nearly crapped myself as I ran away that day
    So now at Easter if I see a cow with a bonnet and a sticker that’s funny
    I’ll keep my mouth shut very tight and go chase an Easter Bunny

    Happy Easter to the entire site

  575. Joon 07 Apr 2014 at 12:43 am

    Hello all
    Hope all are doing well. Glad to be well again and taking it easy. Thanks for some emails and nice to read the updates. Nice to read both sites and catch up with all things Cabra West too. An even bigger surprise to also be in touch with many cousins and extended family in Ireland and the UK and every where. Thanks to our wonderful Kilkenny cousins too we have all been able to connect in many ways and know where and how all our Aunties and Uncles and cousins families are now too. Over the years as our parents passed away it also meant that we lost contact with many extended cousins too. So good to see the photos of them all and catch up and know how things have been for us all. Its just wonderful.
    Nice to also see so many extra photos of Cabra too and so many of the memories being shared by one and all.

    Greetings to everyone and as always great to be able to catch up again with everyone. Really hope all are well. Easter just around the corner too.
    Reminds me we use to love the little marshmallow easter eggs. All the mammies would have lovely yellow ribbons on our hair with huge bows. Yep huge bows.
    Mrs O’Driscoll use to say if yiz go out with egg on yer face people would think you were rich. she meant the boiled egg not the easter eggs. Funny how some of us were lucky enough to have a boiled egg as kids. Over to our resident Poet for an Easter bonnet poem or Egg on yer face.By the way thanks for the Rainbow Poem too Tony. I was very touched by the one for Theresa for her special cause for those poor mothers and their children.
    Willie Lynch hope all your Brood are well. Hello to all the lads and all the Liams too. Hows things up there on Carnlough and in OZ to our 2 Liams. Hope things are goin ok for you lads too. Shay how is yourself and the missus.? are yiz ok. Mary you settled in yet keep us up to date when you can.Olive hope all went well for you and your daughter too and thanks for the lovely email. Off I go again time to take it easy.Hope you are all doing the same in some way. Cheerio for now and Hope you all have a nice Easter.

  576. olive carron 04 Apr 2014 at 4:44 pm

    Hi this is olive,
    its been ages since i wrote because my laptop would not print so
    i am useing daughters ,should have done it before .had not thought of it .
    I know jo is well i got e-mail from her .
    iread all the letters and am very glad that Shay and wife

    are both well T G
    J R hope you ok as well and that Wexford is lovely now as D ublin is .the sea air has to be good for you .
    Mary delighted to read your sister is well again so hoping you good too .
    Tony i loved your poem about rainbows i love to see one and will call anyone in my place to come out and see one .
    Shay you are right cabra is cabra weather old or new . I have a friend i met 1951 i Jacobs and she lived on Fertullagh rd .she in Slough last 50 years but we still in touch and will be on phone tommorow as will be my birthday and also her wedding anniversery.
    Also i met Frank on famous17 shops so i say nothing bad about old cabra ha .Ialso have another friend i know since birth and she lives in Caba west .
    As i said birthday tomorrow ,wont be going mad as we all out last weekend for daughters 50 th and next week for grandsons 30 th
    i am well tg bits of tests here and there but grand so many worse off .eh
    and i am well looked after tg

    now i thought of this .you be fed up with me ha Martin i hope you and Mary are well cheers for now .
    love olive

  577. Tony Gormanon 04 Apr 2014 at 2:55 pm

    (Another Coffey Adventure) 4th April 2014 by/Tony Gorman
    The Lost Legionnaire

    Young legionnaire Coffey knew the score
    As he strode the desert sands
    His kit bag slung upon his back
    Awaiting his commands

    But his General needed assurance of his role
    As her name was Coffey too
    So she ordered him to show his kit
    And his fear about this grew

    For inside the bag he carried things
    That might get him into trouble
    And if found she’d make him exercise
    And do it on the double

    So out came all the excess stuff
    That made the general mad
    A tomahawk from his cowboy days
    And a frog that looked real sad

    A piece of hurly stick
    That doubled for a gun
    And a half eaten sandwich turned green
    That was rolled up like a bun

    The general wasn’t happy
    With all the things she seen
    And told him to go have a bath
    As his knees were a grassy green

    She told him he would drive her mad
    And send her to the grange
    That place they call the Gorman
    Where you go if you’re deranged

    So the legionnaire with his head held low
    Went up to have his bath
    The place he always ended up
    To feel the General’s wrath

    But back then without the General
    We would never have survived
    For his mom (the General) would clean up his wounds
    To keep her legionnaire alive

    Now let’s sing La Marseillaise: La- la –la- la –la la –la -la -la -la -la -la –la !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If I have to write anymore stories like this I’ll end up in the Grange!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!As I am a Gorman I don’t have to go far.

  578. Joon 02 Apr 2014 at 1:40 am

    Hello all
    hello Olive glad to hear from you. Theresa well done on everything you have been able to do. Shay glad you were able to get on to the site. Yep its nice to read both.
    Willie glad to hear youare all well esp Lily.
    Have to say that Poem for Theresa and for those little children speaks volumes. Our resident Poet has done it again. Those mothers and their little children will always be in my heart. Theresa all the very very best. You are remarkable.

    Hello Tony G thanks for the good wishes. I am on the mend and doing well. My hubby took great care of me. It was nice to have assorted rainbows to brighten things up. Hope you are doing well

    Hello to everyone on here and hope you are all doing well. Will pop in again soon
    Cheerio all

  579. SHAY JORDANon 01 Apr 2014 at 4:54 pm

    I put down Religious *People* this should read *Orders* E/G Magdalen Laundry and Institutions like Artain. But there again not all of them were BAD

  580. SHAY JORDANon 01 Apr 2014 at 4:43 pm

    Hi Tony
    Another Heartfelt Poem on the shameful so called Religious people of Ireland.
    The Magdalen Sisters Film was on the Tele last night .
    My grand daughter said how could nobody stop them.
    I went through a long explanation of Ireland in the 50/60s.
    Its very hard for todays youngsters to understand .
    In some ways its similar to the German Civilians during the War.
    We could never believe THEY never knew about what went on the concentration camps .
    I believe the Nuns and Priests in those Institutions were the same as the Nazis.
    Also it was only inside those walls it went right to the top even Senior police and those in the Dail. As you say the evil still went on for years when senor officials held onto the names and places where the Babies went.
    I believe Archbishop Mc Quaid was instrumental in most of the cover ups.
    Even removing the Priests (who abused young boys )to another Country.

    The New Film *Philomena tells the story of one MOTHER and when she found her Boy it was too late (He Died 2 years earlier).
    They had both been looking for each for years one thing though he rose to the top Job in America (therefore made her justifiably Proud )
    I’m afraid the Catholic Church at home has paid a price because when I went to Sunday Mass (Christ the King Cabra) was nearly empty .
    Well sorry if I have gone on too long but because of a few Evil People I’m ashamed when I have to defend the Catholic Church.
    We thought it was just in Ireland but now we find its World Wide ,American is taking a tougher stand on the issue.
    That’s all for now hopefully our next subject will be more pleasant.
    All the best ..SHAY

  581. SHAY JORDANon 31 Mar 2014 at 3:33 pm

    Hi All
    Well I’m back on the site I have to tell you that I have been switching between site.
    *I grew up in Cabra West and Old Cabra getting some nice connections on both.
    Mind I don’t feel alone as I spotting Mary and Olive and a certain Mr Coffey too.
    Brian ..thank you for the Downey’s Photo I certainly did spot some friends including my Brother -in- Law *Pat McGrath and Brother Noel .
    Seen Spud but not Mick Davies do you know Spud made a Dog (out of cigarette packets for our kids),

    Tony yet again a great story but you left me and Eugene out. But there again maybe they left us guarding the Women in the Ranch from MARAUDING INDIANS.
    As I said before everyone should try and get on *I grew up in Cabra West (maybe Martin could sign you in.) But I will certainly take up your request if I’m allowed after all Im only a newcomer there.
    Finally anyone know how old Dickie Rock is on a his Bio it said he was born in 1946.
    I remember him hanging around wit Mc Keever around 1959 and he certainly wasn’t 13yr old then. They were friends with our neighbour Christy Sheridan on Annamoe and Christ was running a Gym off Frederick St I think (near Emerald Girls pipe band Room) They was also a Boxing Gym near there Maxie Macolough gym I think. I used to go there with my Pal Frank (Laddie) Stynes from Mulroy.
    Can anyone help me out here.
    All the Best …….SHAY
    PS On other site I’m
    Jim Jordan (that’s my handle in England )

  582. Theresa Tinggalon 31 Mar 2014 at 1:59 pm

    A great thanks to Tony Gorman for writing a poem about the children from Bethany Homes who lay in unmarked graves. It’s a powerful poem and I am forwarding it to the chairman of the Bethany Surviviors as there is an unveiling of a memorial plaque on Weds 2nd April at 2pm in Mount Jerome…here is the poem:


    (In remembrance of all the babies who died in the Bethany Homes between 1922-49)
    In the name of God 29th March 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    In those darkened days that should have been bright
    When hypocrisy ruled without a fight
    Where an unwed mother cowered with fear
    When her child was took by an overseer

    When churches ruled in a god-fearing way
    When people bowed to what they’d say
    And orphanage places were the key
    A place where cruel abuse could be

    For behind the doors no one would know
    The hurt to children as they grow
    And all within the eyes of god
    From clergy ruling with their chastising rod

    For only those that lived the life
    As orphan children suffered this strife
    And locked away with no happy days
    Their tearful eyes set in a gaze

    And their keepers stood in upstanding roles
    In churches where all our faith unfolds
    Uncaring of what the Lord would say
    Of their evil actions from day to day

    For their costumes on the alter were a guise
    To gain the trust by their disguise
    And behind it all their abusive ways
    Put paid those lives in their orphanage days

    But only now do we recognise
    Seeing clearly through some religions false disguise
    And two hundred and twenty two graves are known
    Buried by those persons of evil in the Bethany Home?

    The innocence beneath the soil
    Though buried there for quite a while
    We hope and pray if there’s a god above
    He’ll reward them all with his eternal love

    Bethany Home closed in 1972 and its assets were distributed to two other Church of Ireland institutes, the Magdalen Home on Leeson Street and Miss Carr’s Home on the North Circular Road.
    The records for Bethany Home are held by PACT (the Protestant adoption service) along with other Church of Ireland services.

  583. Tony Gormanon 30 Mar 2014 at 11:04 am

    Hi Theresa
    Thank you for your reply.
    If I can help you in any way in the future please let me know.
    Hopefully the poem hits home to tell of the struggle of all those poor girls who had children out of wedlock and the plight of those children in a religious country like Ireland back in the 50s, 60s and 70s.
    It is sad to think that a country was led by such hypocrisy and nobody stood against it.
    In a way the religious orders should be brought to justice for child trafficking as they took some of the infants from their mothers without consent and gave them away to families that rewarded them with big donations for their involvement.
    I’m delighted that clerical abuse is being dealt with and that people have at last opened their eyes to what went on back then, its a pity it wasn’t sooner to prevent all the deaths and suffering of those poor children and their mothers in the past.
    My heart goes out to them.
    Take care Theresa
    Tony Gorman

  584. Brianon 29 Mar 2014 at 9:31 pm

    Hello to all ,
    I love reading all the poems and storeys on site .
    Sorry to say Willie , I don’t know the two lads .
    The Tara folk group .
    I only came to live with my sisters family for Christmas . They wouldn’t let me go back
    I am pushing on and it can be lonely in London on me own .
    I look forward to the site .i thought shay would have known some of the people from downeys and annamoe drive.
    If anyone would like to get back to me on my last post that would make me day for me .
    They were such good times .
    God bless all .

  585. Tony Gormanon 29 Mar 2014 at 9:28 pm

    Hi Martin
    I hope you’re not visiting that other site, that part of Cabra was where Geronimo and his tribe lived.
    If you go in there you’ll get scalped.
    Hi Jo
    I hope you are better and chasing rainbows again.

    I hope you are well and I’m glad you enjoyed the poem
    Take care
    Hi Theresa
    I have sent on a poem to your email address as you requested, let me know if its what you wanted.

    Take care all

  586. Pattyon 27 Mar 2014 at 11:58 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site.Its lovely to read all the comments poems and stories and hopefully people can make contacts with family and old friends.Tony Gorman your poem to Jo is just wonderful.Im sure she loves it.Take care everyone Best wishes from Patty.

  587. Theresa Tinggalon 27 Mar 2014 at 4:18 pm

    Hi Tony….I wonder could you write a poem about the 222 children/babies
    that died in the mother and baby Bethany Homes in the fifties.
    I remember you wrote a poem for me in relation to my
    illegal adoption in 1954.

    It would be greatly appreciated and ourse of you’re name will be
    on it….if you google Bethany Homes it will tell you about it. There
    is a memorial plaque going up in Mount Jerome next week 2nd April.

    My email is hineytt@hotmail.com

    many thanks

  588. Tony Gormanon 27 Mar 2014 at 3:19 pm

    Our Real Wild West Cowboy 27th March 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    Down El Paso way just past the Cabra hills
    Another Coffey rides the range
    With all its thrills and spills

    He signed up for a cattle drive across the barren plains
    He was hired to be the ramrod
    As those mavericks test his brains

    Zig zagging along the ridges, roping branding all in sight
    Eating beans around the campfire
    And then farting through the night

    Unlike his brother this was real, as real as it could be
    For he posted pictures on the site
    For everyone to see

    His adventure is now over and he showed what he could do
    Now we all want to see our Jimmy
    Be a real cowboy just like you

    Have they got a horse with stabilisers to help with all the weight?
    Would the rancher be forgiven?
    If the cattle drive was late

    For its years since Jim was on a drive, back in those days of old
    And the stick he used as his horse
    Is now either lost or sold

    So well done to Noel Coffey for the pictures that we see
    And we won’t get Jim to ride the range
    As Rosslare’s where he should be

    Home, home on the range where the deer and the antelope roam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sing up Jim

  589. SHAY JORDANon 27 Mar 2014 at 2:49 pm

    Hi Jo
    I am connected to the F/B Site *I grew up in Cabra West * I logged on and picked a request form and someone accepted me . It is very good and up to date with the latest info. They also have one for Old Cabra (same way to get accepted). it okay for those who went to Christ the King School or had friends in Old Cabra. Its great for me cause I lived in both. You are right they only link up is through F/B.
    Yes I see MR Coffey has got there before us he even does some live interviews with a Cabra West (I think in Finbarrs).
    I Love to hear that Dublin Accent particularly talking about the old days.
    On the subject of old Dublin have you see what the Developers want to do to Dublin City. The Plan is to knock down all O Connell from Moore Street to Marlborough Street all we know will be gone. We will be strangers in our own Town it really will be *Dublin in the Rare Ole Times* for us .We shall live on our memories.
    All the best ..SHAY

  590. willie lynchon 26 Mar 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Hello to all. I’m still in high holy season gigs (St Paddy’s) its last weekend coming up. April is back ta normal since the end of Jan. April is real slow which can be nice, I’ll be home April 29th ta May 7th with god willing. I do hope ta see a few of ya maybe at the halfway house for what ever your hav-in. The wedding I’m going to is 1st of may so I need two days for that. Don’t get me wrong folks I’m not a big drinker, as Jim McCann said easy and slow as I lifted my DRINK. Just a change of words I’m aloud. Jo & Olive Lily Winnie 16 months Lynch is magic. If ya ever see the face book the kids post every thing, but that’s fine its all-good family stuff. I’m not big into face book only some times deceny stuff. I do see some NEW names on here coming up, that’s magic man, Just two posts away I see a BRIAN living in Virginia Cavan, MY two Pals The Tara Folk Group where just in the states NJ, I got to see them play after my gig one sunday evening. That’s John Smith keyboards and Gerry?? on Guitar, a duo from Virginia Cavan. I see on the post Bang bang Rogers Ha. So good to see that name Jimmy Rogers. Guys I promise I’ll write more in April, starting next week. My Love and God Bless to all. Willie lynch, Its a great site ta have takes me away from life for awhile. I’m sure it the same for all, It’ss great at know people are even Just Ok and touch base.

  591. Tony Gormanon 24 Mar 2014 at 8:41 am

    Hi Jo
    This is a little rainbow poem for you.
    Take care

    Radiant 17th March 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    A rainbow shares its colours, with all of us down below
    Bringing hope of sunshine after rain
    By its radiant luminous glow

    It’s the go between of dark and bright in the heavens up above
    And each colour has a meaning
    Reflecting things we love

    Green the colour of the grass that spreads across the ground
    White the colour used for peace
    Spreading happiness around

    Yellow the colour of the sun that helps to grow our crops
    Blue the colour of the sea
    Where the sky’s reflection drops

    Orange the colour seen at dusk, as the day it greets the night
    Put them all together
    They make rainbows shine out bright


  592. Brianon 22 Mar 2014 at 11:07 pm

    I love this site on cabra/cabra west . My name is Brian and I was on to u a while ago .i was asking you about a few people I new in cabra about 40years ago 1970. I used to live on the south side ,crumbling.but I went to London in early 70. I am back living with my sister in Cavan Virginia .idont get out much now.back in late 60 to early 70 .i used to pal with a chap he had a flat on north circular road .we would go for a drink .i know he must of lived near downeys pub on the cabra road. I loved goin their I loved the sing songs and that is how I got to know the people from cabra .when I went in from the cabra rd, beside chipper.their was a elderly lady sat in the corner and she would greet everyone going in,I think her name was bridie.then their was a half a circle and I got to know the people that sat there .because it was the circle were all the singing went on .i remember some of there names paddy and aggie mc gauley, patty lawlor,spud Murphy he was in a wheel chair paddy and nancy reddy and their two daughters there was two blond girls one was Josie and her chaps name was jack and the other girl was olive who only came in sometimes .i used to talk to a group lads about bohs about bohs football,I think their names were rowley the father and the sons and there friend paddy daly I think they lived on carnlough road but I do know paddy daly was mad about the reddys daughter olive,I wonder did they ever get together with her I would like to think so .because they suited eachother.i only get outh when my nephew takes me out I am almost 80 now and not as fit as I was good to have a sister that is looking after me well.regards to you all love to hear from you .

  593. james rogerson 21 Mar 2014 at 9:45 pm

    And we all went up to the Mero, hey there, whos your man, it’s only Johnny Fortycoats, sure he’s a dacent man, Bang Bang shoots the buse’s with his golden key, singing hey hi diddley dee and out goes he. I remember many a sunday afo coming out of the Carlton only to be met with a hail of bullets as Bang Bang opened up on us, it was the gunfight at the Gresham Hotel. I was five, she was six, we rode on horses made of sticks, i wore black, she wore white, she would always win the fight, bang bang she shot me down bang bang my baby shot me down. i’m going to watch a western tonight, the last of the hard men, Charlton Heston / James Coburn, i think we’ve seen the last of the westerns. Clint Eastwoods, ”Unforgiven” was the last one made if my memory is up to date. I f you want to be an actor these days all you have to learn is to answer a mobile phone, the mobile has replaced the cigarette. The mobile is like a tracking device, you cant escape it. Help!
    Jimmy R.

  594. Norma Hillson 21 Mar 2014 at 9:44 pm

    Hi Tony
    Just to say what great poems you have written both here on the site and in your book.
    All my family get great pleasure reading them.
    Well done

  595. Liam O'Neillon 21 Mar 2014 at 5:49 pm

    Hello all

    and special thanks to Jimmy Rogers for sending me a copy of his book “Words my Pen wrote”. What a lovely gesture by one of our fabulous poets, we are very lucky indeed. Have just read “Osama in the Jar” on page ten, great humour JR, Thanks again.

    God Bless All,

  596. Joon 18 Mar 2014 at 5:19 pm

    Hello Shay, I think its called I Grew up in Cabra but I also think on google its I grew up in Dublin but More importantly I grew up in Cabra West or something. I have to go to my kids F B page to find it i cant seem to get it any other way. Then I also tried to get on to it but then I lose it for some reason. Think its cause this auld lap top needs to update things too. Im ok with this site cause the hubby put this on to our favroites. Im still not great at the puter. Im ok with email or this site and a bit of music. Im for ever hitting wrong keys too So Id say it would be great if Martin just put the link on here for you or maybe ya only can get on to it with an invite from someone . MC is that a possibility for everyone here who might like to see the other lovley site. Cause Im sure Shay knows everyone on there and he sure would love the photos of Annamoe shops and Phibsboro etc and even some people he might know. As would everyone on here. Tis a lovley site to look at. The people from everywhere. all saying hello again. Its lovley. So maybe a link on here would help you all I bet that might work better tho Im not sure how to organize links and the like. Ella great to read your posts too I bet you too will know the folks from near inver etc and I think mulory and those other small roads too.

    Hello Mary H T keep well. Sorry Ive not been in touch have been sick. but on the mend.
    Hello Patty June and Margaret and all the brothers and Maureen in UK too. Hope all are well. Thanks girls for the upadtes texts and emails too and the skype. that was fun. hopeyou all had a great paddys day too. Roll on Spring and Summer im ready for more sunshine think we all are eh.?Tell Margaret Walsh and the Barrys I loved seeing the photos of Carnlough Rd and our old house and GOSH the Barry kids wonderful too. Nice of Sean to put that up sorry I cant get on to the site no idea why Maybe Im allready banned cause I write too much . Just kiddin. Tell Deirdre its a great aul site I love reading when I can find it thru you or Andrew. ha ha

    Helllo Tony G thanks and all the best. As always a time and A Season eh. love the Poem on bang bang I Didnt ever know the mans name but indeed he was once a little chilld and was someones child.Someone once said to me at a college presentation one time while my hubby and I were guests there. We were doing some Irish music and singing etc My Hubby was playing some really well known songs and the Theme of the College thing was of course IRISH History and the RIshing and 1916. We were asked to perform specific songs etc.
    The one thing that I recall from that presentation was some words from someone who said tho I think they were quoting from some of thier studies . speaking about the IRISH
    the Quote said
    All our wars were merry and all our songs were sad.
    Funny what people think eh.
    anyway the writing continues and you keep up the good work. Ill keep scribbling cause I happen to like it and of course its has its THERPAY too. Good to keep the mind going and the hands. and Doodling is good for us all. The best cartoons start with a good aul DOODLE. the best songs are Diddly Idle doo too. We all need that kind od kick start betimes . so yep the IRISH are great at keeping on the go no matter where we are which is why I think I said a time and a Season for all things.
    Oh by the way Tony I think you too would love that other web site I hope Martin can send you the link too. iM sure some of the people on there you would know real well too. lots of activity from up your old way.

    Hello to all up there on the top of carnlough Liam Oneill how are ya.
    Would you happen to know or did youever know MAY PHILLPS or HARRIET MONAHAN
    they were friends of one of my sisters and they were very nice to me too. Lovley girls from up there near one of them KEYHOLES or small Bannow Rds about there.
    Funy I hadnt heard of that little rd being called small Bannow till Ihearf Ollie O Malley call it that. I think that sounds just right. Twas lovely to hear that too.
    Anyone on here recall a SUZIE WILSON from Mulroy she was a lovley freind to one of my sisters too Im always wondering if anyone has any photos of her so I can send one to my sister in UK.
    just keep on the look out or maybe someone on the other Cabra site might know and be related cause i can tell that theres tons of young people who care looking for and or mentioning thier grannies and their aunties and 3 generations of people great to hear and see.
    Shay hope yourslef and the missus are doing ok. Hope your health is stable and or being checked and looked after too not forgetting you. Cheerio all and hope you are all well too.

    Well I better get going Im taking it easy been resting a lot these days and its terrific.
    YEP EAster just around the corner think its so so refreshing to see lovley Daffs in my garden and Spring is so so welcome as will Easter its a time to refrresh and renew and Im more then ready for both. Thinking of you all. not forgetting you. Hope all the boys in Wexford are keeping fit too.

    Bye all

  597. SHAY JORDANon 18 Mar 2014 at 2:57 pm

    Another great Poem to a Dublin Legend I remember him well falling off the Bus at the Parnell Monument.
    Do you ever remember the Busker on the Picture house queues who played the Accordion.
    He was always around The Savoy and the Corinthian done the Royal too.
    There was a rumour that the Theatre Royal Manager offered him a job.
    But he said he made more money on the Queues..

    Well wasn’t it a great St Patricks Weekend we even won the cricket (boring).
    The Parade was great never seen so many American Marching Bands 9Thank you RTE Player)
    Would have loved to be at home to share it all (still unable to travel).
    Just played a *Brendan Shine Song *Sentimental Irish* that sums it all up for me.
    All the Best ….Shay.

  598. ella bryanon 17 Mar 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Martin it was so nice of you to remember us on St. Patrick’s Day with the snap and the story of your trip to see the parade when you were young it made me laugh I was looking on the computer of all the places who celebrate and Guinness pulled out of the parade this year in New York because the gay’s would not be allowed in. I hope all the rest of cabrahistory had a wonderful day. It is raining here at the moment but who cares just as I was saying that the sun came out. Bye for now ella

  599. Tony Gormanon 17 Mar 2014 at 1:12 pm

    Alias Bang Bang (Thomas Dudley) a true Dublin character 17th March 2014

    In 1906 a new babe was born
    Into troublesome days his life was forlorn
    He was born into poverty, suppressed by his life
    Overladen by nothing but trouble and strife

    At an early age with his young days ahead
    There’d be no family life just an orphanage instead
    And the days rolled on for this unfortunate soul
    And they followed his path until he grew old

    And onto the streets as an adult he went
    His faith in this world was far gone and spent
    So into the Mero to his dream world he’d go
    To visit his heroes on the films they’d show

    And it brought him some comfort from what he had seen
    Imitating those cowboys that he had seen on the screen
    So he got a long key that he used as his gun
    And he slapped his backside to keep his horse on the run

    And his mind took him back to the old western days
    And he shot up all Dublin with his bang banging ways
    And in time he became well known to us all
    And at times when he shot us we pretended to fall

    And for years we enjoyed his enigmatic ways
    As he shouted out bang bang, back in those days
    And the folklore he transmitted, is with us all still
    Even though he’s not buried where he dreamed on Boothill

    Bang Bang died on the 11th January 1981 and was buried in the grounds of Rosminian Fathers in Drumcondra and became one of the most well-known characters of Dublin.
    And long may he ride in peace at last.
    Did you ever loan him your horse back then?

    Great poem Jo
    You need to get your book going
    I hope you are well
    Happy St Patricks Day to All

  600. juneon 15 Mar 2014 at 11:00 pm

    Jo, My Beautiful Sister. Love all your Poems. xxxxx

  601. SHAY JORDANon 15 Mar 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Hi Jo
    I was wondering about that other Site there was a Dublin Forum one a couple of years ago.But it closed down due to some abuse going on by some guys.
    It was sectioned off into districts e/g Cabra and Cabra West .
    Do you have log on details ,I wonder if its restricted to the States.
    Will get back to you when I have more time.
    Thanking you ..Shay
    PS Just had a great start to St Patricks Day when Ireland Won the Six Nations Rugby (but my heaven it was close)

  602. Pattyon 15 Mar 2014 at 1:25 pm

    Happy St Patricks Day to all Good Health and Happiness too.Patty.

  603. Joon 15 Mar 2014 at 6:46 am

    Hello to Willie Lynch,
    A huge hello to Lily too and to all your brood too. Hello to Lorainne and to all in Cabra West. Willie Ihope you are all ready to Celebrate this st Patricks Weekend.

    I wont be doing jigs and reels
    My head is full of Sham Rocks
    my hands are going at high speed
    Im be at rainbows end doing as I please

    Iam resting in my bed doing what I am told
    That is a miracle for me I am being good as gold
    My hubby is keeping me quiet and I am cosy as can be
    Doing what the Doc said resting and relaxing you see.’

    ‘I have heard from all my sisters and twas good to chat to them
    they know I need to empty my head as well as pushing a pen
    good to say I am on the mend and didnt go completely around the bend
    Im happy in my bed and enjoying my journey to rainbows end

    So to all in New York and else where
    as far as Brisbane and all the way to Rainbows end
    Thanks for allowing me to empty my head
    the memories that come and go are Heaven sent or just for a lend

    A bit like going to the Library to have a browse or a read
    or meet the odd neighbour or freind as one walks up and down a street
    Reminds me of Rose O’Driscoll who often checked in on me
    She would put a packet of soup in the letter box or an oxo cube to heat

    funny the things that come to the mind when you are swiped off your feet
    The memories come flooding back of times shared that were often sweet
    Even tho we were poor in many ways and had little to eat
    Someone always left us an Anonymus Treat

    There was Fisher and Macker and Others on our street
    Mr O;Rourke left us herrings and Macker 2 bob in exchange for his batch loaf
    Mrs Bewleys smile and her diginified business ways
    Mrs Wade who loved blonde ringlets on a boy at whom she waved

    Sonny Wilders had a husky friendly voice
    a load of hard working lads loaded with oil on thier hands
    They looked after thier mammy real well
    A great family and Generous like a wishing well.

    There was Mrs Johnston who loved to be in the USA
    she was around the same time as Al capone
    and was amazed at Chicago and all that went on
    Dinner at our house on sundays she got the wish bones

    Ive slept most of today and all of this week
    except for the times ive looked in here
    so off I go again to rest
    Thanks again to all my sisters who brought me good cheer

    Im ok now with the shamrocks in my head
    im ok going greeen and having to stay in bed
    Ill try not to go mouldy or stay at rainbows end
    Ill be up and about again soon and Ill try to stay out of your heads.

    Cheerio all now that should keep me going till next Paddys day.
    Think its time for a brew think its going to be mountain DEW
    Im gone now bye..

  604. Joon 14 Mar 2014 at 5:23 pm

    Hello Ella I still cant get on to the other site might have to be invited or something I have an old lap top and i mean old same with my phone ha ha. I can read it but cant get on to it. Just as i try it goes off and my puter crashes every time. So Ill get on to my sisters actually some of Martins photos and posts are on there too and some people from your old Rd so maybe Martin might know more about getting it. My kids told me about it and my sisters and Rita mentioned it too so maybe Ill see can they try it with me. I know Shay and everyone else would love it too as theres great photos and people asking about down Old cabra and Annamoe too. They would all love it. Bet you all know everyone and theres lots of young people on it so its like 3 and 4 generations of people from Cabra all linking up and finding fam and old friends and the photos are smashing I know it was lovley to see loads of familiar faces.from around the world too.
    Sorry to hear you and the hubby were sick its awful figting off sickness when we get older but sure its good to know we keep trying eh. Nice to read your post
    MC sorry I left you breathless haha. Im the same Hate to be in bed sick but sure thats life guess im getting my JO time whether I like it or not. Ill be grand in due time.
    Righteo im outa here back under the covers the head might spin off me head if I dont rest it and take it easy. Cheerio all
    Regards and best wishes to you all

    The Rainbow
    I have a lovley rainbow inside my bedroom today
    Twas a gift from a friend who said its for comfort and cheer
    she worked on it day by day and most of this year

    It reminded me of a song and a time and a place
    She said I think you will be needing this
    Consider its use it will be your saving Grace
    every patch and every stitch no Vintage lace

    Good old fashioned patch work
    stitched with love and care
    said she its to let you know
    we are aware of your rainbow there

    We know how busy you like to be
    we see you come and go
    and have little ones on your knee
    This is for you when its quiet and you are free

    It includes lots of well designed stars
    and fun shapes to bring many smiles
    its a happy one its cuddely inside
    its folds into a pillow and it can be at my side

    Its very clever to know that it folds up
    i can use it as a blanket and for a pillow
    I can cover myself while in bed
    or just use while under the Willow

    I can use it while sitting in a chair
    whether I rock or roll i can have it there
    But most of all I will cherish the friends that gifted it to me
    For one of them has MS and the other cant see.

    They use thier hands with perfection
    they let their minds give them direction
    they both said they thanks God daily for thier abilities
    for Fabric and Rainbows and friends like me

    It is indeed a humble esperience to have good women like this
    who are my friends and neighbours and give blankets as gifts
    They are forever doing good deeds for children and women in need
    I had no idea till they brought me my rainbow oh what a spiritual feed.

    most of all they remembered that someone I know loved a song
    and loved lots of bright colours like those on my gifted new quilt
    Its your pillow its your blanket its your rainbow to go with the IRISH lilt
    Wrap yourself up in it and relax and take care dont mistake it for a kilt.

    We know you can dance and you can sing and play musical instruments
    this blanket is to keep you quiet and keep you content
    Its designed to keep you comfy and have time out
    so we will call back to make sure you dont sneak out

    so happy St Patricks day to you our friend
    stay in your bed and go to rainbows end
    Have fun in the sun and recover and get well
    Then you can be refreshed and your stories you can tell.

    Now isnt that lovley to get a blanket like that when yer not well. Gosh Im delighted had to share that with you this Paddys weekend. Ill be all wrapped in a Rainbow
    Love it Im allready feeling better today. Cheerio all.
    Ella oh if you look up or google I grew up in Cabra you might get it that way I did I just dont know why it goes off my scrreen all the time and just goes out into cyberspace its weired so do a lot of other things think im supposed to update everything but sure ive been either too busy or not bothered i make do with things the way they are im not that good with technology. Byee

  605. Pattyon 14 Mar 2014 at 4:07 pm

    Hi Jo you are wonderful my heart is missing a beat Love sis Patty.xx

  606. ella bryanon 14 Mar 2014 at 3:43 am

    Hello to all on the site. Hope you are all in good health. Happy St. Patrick’s. My hubby got the flu and then I got it and then he got it back so we had to lay low for a couple of weeks but we are in the pink again T. G. It is good to read all about all the stories. I use to be in Phyllis Campbell class who lived near the railroad Broombridge Olive might remember her she had red hair nice girl. Jo if you get any news about how to contact the other site perhaps you could let me know. It is Spring break from school and most of the grandchildren are going away for ten days. Oh to be young again. Jacqueline Cooke was asking if anyone knew her Dad. I did and her Aunt Kathleen R.I.P. but cannot remember too much as it was so long ago but I was waiting to talk to some of my friends to see if they could help but so far did not get anything. I will say goodbye for now. Stay well and sober for St. Patrick’s Day.

  607. Joon 14 Mar 2014 at 1:41 am

    Hello to my sister Patty and to June and Margaret and Maureen and all the my brothers too.

    Righteo patty here I go

    The fellas like one liners
    the girls like eye liners
    Im ok with pen pushing
    the lads prefer one words
    and dont like rushing
    Im ok with communication
    its ok if its the post man
    the land line a text a telegram
    and technology is also grand
    its even ok one on one
    or into my hand
    so to all the family around the world
    or in cabra west near the grand
    Take care of yourselves
    my mind is all over the place
    even tho all that works now
    is the auld brain and one hand.
    I think its ok to holler
    and send you greetings to day
    I wont be doing any jigs or reels
    this weekend or Paddys day
    to add to this little update
    I just want to say hello to all
    greetings from the USA to OZ
    and to all around the world
    and to all who use to be in Finbarrs hall.
    Best wishes to all on both cabra sites
    and to eveyone small or tall
    from chisslers to grannies and Grandas
    and parents galore generations all.
    Im glad I have 3 generations out here in my wild west
    it all started on Carnlough Rd and in Cabra West.
    The pioneers from the inner city of Dublin
    and from the southside too
    all made an impact on me and on you
    We know hard they worked to sustain us
    I salute them to day to be true
    they should build monuments to our mothers
    for all they endured they are true Blue.
    I know at times they were in despair
    but over the garden railings
    a cupa sugar or a woodbine they would share
    Genuine people all in the same boat
    good to know good neighbours were there
    It doesnt mean anyone was perfect
    or that everyone knew it all
    I just know some were there when it mattered
    and most gave thier all.
    The pub was the extension to the house
    The shops were the fridge
    an oz of this and a quarter of that
    sometimes made up the meals that were thin.
    The poor mans stew was a coddle
    the food was always rationed out
    every thing was counted on to our plate
    and no one was left out.
    so to the lasting memories that float around my head
    Today im glad to have them
    they keep me going in my sick bed
    I dont write to moan and I dont like to complain
    I just love to do it to keep me sane
    Im making memory books for the grand kids
    they keep asking about old times
    I know theyll never be bored cause im using all my time
    to let them know of thier roots
    and all the old songs and the rhymes
    that ring in my head as a lie in this bed
    Its nice to have a heritage chime
    So to everyone every where
    to family and freinds from the west
    I still think you are all brillo
    and you still shine like pots and pans from Cabra west.
    You may jive to the home made music in the shed
    and make giutars and Bass out of T chests’
    twist and shout like the beatles
    get no satisfaction from Mick Jagger
    or go back futher to Bill Haley
    or the Glenn millier band and world war 2
    I know that we will all have a blast
    if we could have a reunion or two.
    so Ill have to write more for the chisslers
    and keep telling them whats in my head
    otherwise ill be so dizzy and never get out of this bed
    Take care now one and all
    I need to go back to sleep
    but ill be up like a lark in the morning
    Even if I have to creeeeep.

    Good night all.

    Got sick Ill survive
    be in touch again when I get rid of this rubbish i got.
    cant blame Arthur Guiness or Arthr ITIS after all
    (Great one Jo but hang on a minute until I catch me breath after reading it…MC)

  608. Pattyon 11 Mar 2014 at 12:29 pm

    Hi To Jo Tony and JR and you Martin you all make my heart melt with the stories and poems.Hello to all here on the site a great read from you all too.Take care and best wishes Patty.

  609. Tony Gormanon 10 Mar 2014 at 11:56 pm

    They don’t piss about in The Homestead 10th March 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    When Lord Norbury he rode around in the west
    He drank in the old Homestead
    And it was when he got pissed he got himself barred
    For going mad and losing his head

    So he jumped up on his horse not knowing where to go
    With his head stuffed under his arm
    He never thought on going out on that night
    That a few drinks could bring him such harm

    So off in a direction of Broombridge he rode
    Not able to steer the horse straight
    And his head it bounced up and down on the bridge
    Leaving the rest of him in a bad state

    So now when you see his ghost on Broombridge
    You will know what his stories about
    For he shouldn’t have been mixing his wine on that night
    With that old stuff they used to call stout

    The Lesson

    Now when you get pissed don’t give any guff
    Just go home peacefully to sleep in your bed
    And don’t act like an arsehole by having a fight
    Or like Norbury you’ll be losing your head.

    That’s all folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  610. Joon 10 Mar 2014 at 7:48 pm

    arthur Guinness

    Open door
    open window
    open air
    open fields
    open house
    open space
    open jar
    open bottle
    open heart
    open eyes
    open gift
    open present
    open box
    open lace
    open button
    open this
    open that
    open can
    open letter
    open newspaper
    open press
    open account
    open safe
    open shop
    open university
    open book
    open mind

    yep the mind is still ticking over

    MC ah ha now you have me wondering about them check books too.
    Mrs Bewley was a life saver them half crowns she was generours with to the neighbours. she would help many a mammy that was short I often wonder wheres Brendan Bewley He was a nice chap. always friendly and would bid ye the time of day.Lots of people from down the bottom of Carnlough were lovley tho I never knew all thier names recall many faces
    Byee have to dash

  611. Joon 10 Mar 2014 at 7:30 pm

    arthur itis

  612. Joon 10 Mar 2014 at 1:49 am

    Hello Liam and JR and all the girls and boys on here. Girls and boys we are in spririt. Im an auld crock today. I say that cause I came to a halt. the mind is the only thing working at the mo. Hope that doesnt go as well. I still have some pen pushing to finish. and some reading to finish too. Greetings again to one and all.
    The half way house was indeed a place for most Cabra Dads and Lads to stop for a pint. Our Da went there often whats funny is he worked closer to home but always said he dropped in there on his way home. Now how he managaged to get home on his bike and or his motor bike is amazing as he went through Abbotstown to get home down them back Rd he musta wobbled all th way home on many occasions. The races in the park and the Easter runs to Fairy house races also meant a stop at the Half way house too. He also wore the clips to tidy up the legs of his trousers so they wouldnt get caught in the chain Do yiz recall them metal clips. He wore shirt collars too the kind ya scrubbed and put back on day to day. His job required him to look smart but he was smart he didnt need the shirt to show how smart he was.
    Liam enjoy yer pint, love to go for the same ramble meself.Ashtown and Abbots town all the way back and forth and Blanchardstown sure I think Id get lost its all so changed up to caslteknock and Clonsilla and Blanch now.
    Hello to all the girls on here too. Hope all the Marys are doing well. From thebottom of carnlough to the top. Mary Whyte to Mary Hogans and back again and everyone inbetween.
    Im hitting the hay the hands and the mind are all that is working today. Im not having a Guinness but ARTHUR is my soul mate today the other Arthur = Arthritis.
    Rest followed by a few jigs and reels will do the trick.
    Balance of course helps so off I go again laughter the best medicine as always.
    Ill be right as rain in no time.Roll on Monday and a fresh start. The hubby takes good care of me too.
    Great to read your posts everyone.
    Kindest Regards to one and all.

  613. james rogeson 09 Mar 2014 at 10:11 pm

    Lord Norbury, the headless horseman or hanging judge, use to ride up and down Blindmans Lane, before the new road went in along side the Bogies, On Killala upper we had the milk depot, on Kilkerin Road we had the rent office, Broombridge Road the turf depot, There was a large bungalow on the cornor of Ventry and Broomer, there was a girl Teresa Lennox lived on Ventry, she was a beauty.
    Jimmy R.

  614. Liam O'Neillon 09 Mar 2014 at 7:38 pm

    Hello J.R.,

    Thanks very much for your offer of “THE BOOK”. I am privileged to have lived in 553 Carnlough since 1946 and would love to read your book. This Paddy’s Day I will ramble over Broombridge, up the canal to Ashtown, turn left and have a Guinness in the Halfway House.

    I will return by the same route..retracing all the footsteps which have gone before. I will revisit the location of the water pump opposite Campbells where we slaked our thirst long ago. The Guinness will be kicking in by then, allowing my memory to run riot. I will probably be chased by Johnny Kelly for hunting the cows in the fields. There was a great shortcut across the fields to the baths, we had lots of exciting
    times and it is a pleasure to recall them. James, I will remember you specially on this trip and wish you well.

    Jo, Thank you for your kind thoughts and words, much appreciated.
    Happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone,

    God Bless All,
    (Great idea Liam, maybe you’d have room on your horse for two and I’ll buy the drinks…MC)

  615. Pattyon 07 Mar 2014 at 8:26 pm

    Hello to all on the site Lovely stories and poems and its great to see so many people making new connections to Family and Friends.Mary every happiness in your new home.I had a chat with Phyllis yesterday she is a marvelous woman.Best of health to all Patty.

  616. Brianon 07 Mar 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Hi shay I’m wondering do you know a guy called paddy daly a brother of jerry daly was great friend of his lost touch when I moved to London I use to have good laughs with him he was a great friend would really love to know if he end up married has any kids how he is if you would have and info

  617. Joon 07 Mar 2014 at 7:33 am

    Hello M C
    the photo events page Back Row Mrs Talbot from Carnlough Rd beside the small roundabout. Lovely woman. Lived on the same block as Gerry Dalys family that chap that played for Man united too.The Creevys lived next door to the Talbots too.
    J R great to read your post. We could all use a ramble up over broomer I use to love to go over the little bridge near Cambells garage too and so many other places. I once knew a fella that saw a ghost there maybe Twas Norbury as our Granny O’Driscoll use to say about Lord Norbury in her poetry.
    His Ghost rides round West Cabra or so the leged said,cause the Divil wouldnt have him when he heard that he was dead. The full poem is in the book by Bernard Neary Waiting for the 22.So ya never know that chap probably did see a ghost.
    anyway lots of loyal mammies in Cabra West all went to the Sodality and no doubt prayed for all thier chisslers. Hope others will be able to name the other ladies I cant recall names but the auld mind and the eyes are not what they use to be tho sometimes one little memory can bring back tons of others depends on who can jog the memory. between us all I think its great that we can fill some gaps. OH JR i was never bored either. We were always occupied one way or another in our house twas music galore and or chores we all learned to cook and clean and share and sing and dance and play we would write draw play games indoors and out and never a dull moment. the layer was brillo so were our few pots and pans. From Bag pipes to Beatles music for everyone and for each child or adult everyone had their turn and every one had thier favourites. We even had little shows of our own in gardens and in our houses. Righteo off I go again
    Need to finish doing some reading and Jo time

    all the best to all in the West.
    (Hello Jo, my Ma’ often sent me around to Mister Talbot with money, I think it was to pay off the Providence Cheque but no sure…MC)

  618. Charlotte talpaon 06 Mar 2014 at 12:22 am

    Thanks shay, I really wanna contact Cora manning as she is a long lost friend to me and wondering do you know if she has an email ect that was great information i love this site great way to keep in touch with long lost friends

  619. james rogerson 05 Mar 2014 at 8:28 pm

    Hello Liam, i can hardley stay awake long enought to tie my shoelace, lol a printer friend of mine in Perth, printed a book of my bits and pieces, it’s called [words my pen wrote, ] dont know if he pubished it or not, it seems a group of friends bunched in and paid for it, i have a couple of copies, there are a couple of mistakes in it but it’s ok, if you have an address, i’ll send you on one, i also have a video of Dublin on facebook,also im singing my song , it turned out quite good, the video is not long enought for the song but! I’m on facebook under buck jones. My memory of days gone by are fading like the morning dew. Tonys pen has the gift of words. I’d love to walk over the Broomer once more and along the naller to Reillys across the level crossing and down Rathoath Road, down pass the Bogies and listen to the shouts coming from all us kids who played there, i never heard the word bored uttered, we had no time to be bored we had games to play, imaginations ran wild, we lived in our own Walter Mitty world, we were children of our time,i have to stop this is bringing tears to my old eyes and i want to watch the game.
    Jimmy R.

  620. Joon 05 Mar 2014 at 6:06 pm

    Hello All
    Hello Charlottle and Mai Fahy
    There is another terrifif site but I have a hard time getting it to stay on my screen you may well both find old freinds on there its called I grew up in Cabra. Deirdre Price is on there I think she is the one that got the site up and running. Shes doing a fab job at connecting people I bet you might find your long lost freinds there too. Mai Una was on here on time and is in the UK i think she might be on the other site too tho im not sure Im still trying to read up on the site too. Hope you all find your old freinds. all the best

    Hello Shay hope you and yours are all well too. Hope yourself and the missus are keeping well. Ella some of your old neighbours from Inver also on the other site you might like to connect with too. Betcha Olive would know loads of people and photos galore to jog all your memories. The Coughlan fam too I recall Mrs Coughlan seeling her rock from her home as well as on the corners. Mrs Mac too selling the little pears and the broken waifers shived and packed into a bag youd be dry as a bone and so thirsty after eating the broken dusty wafer bits and crumbs. Great stuff. Have to say twas smashing to see all the Fagan girls too with thier mammy. I have the highest regard for Mrs fagan a terrific woman. No doubt a Hero to her children.A lady.
    Hello to Liam O Kelly too didnt forget ya. what you up to these days. Hope you are safe and well too. Willie I can hear your new release from here yiz all ok out there in N J hello to Lorainne in NY and everyone everywhere. Hello Tony G hows our Poet doing ya gone fishin ? dont go without yer notes and pens and pencils. ? T’is a one n one ya should be having a Ray n chips sounds about right and a good read. Enjoy your cuppa. Oppps there goes the Rainbow trout, ah ha now we can expect a new poem and some Rhymes again soon. Im heading off now to have some Jo time
    So cheerio all and again Happy St Particks day to one and all.
    Greetings to everyone

  621. Tony Gormanon 05 Mar 2014 at 10:53 am

    Hi Shay
    You can get the book on Amazon or you can order it in any bookstore.
    I’m glad you like the poems I write on this site but I wrote all new ones for the book and I’m sure you will enjoy them.
    I also gave a mention to all the friends I made on cabrahistory as its all of you that give me the inspiration to write.
    I hope you and your wife and family are well and this new year is good to you as you had so much sadness and suffering last year.
    Take care Shay
    You are fast becoming the poetess of Cabra and your mentor Mrs Driscoll would be proud of you and will be only too happy to hand you her crown for the poems you turn out.
    You are worthy to follow in her footsteps as we all love what you write.
    I was asked if I would like to do a book signing in the USA but I said not just now, maybe in the future.
    The book is on B & N website.
    Keep up your poems as we all love them.
    I’m sure everyone will relate to my next poem.

    Groundhog Day 14th February 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    Life is such a conundrum in things we do and say
    At times I feel I’ve been here before, a type of Groundhog Day
    For I get up in the morning thinking what I have to do
    And it’s always things of yesterday that I finally ensue
    Is it just the same for you?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Your breakfast is the very same as the one the day before
    And you sweep up all the crumbs you spilled on your kitchen floor
    Then you wash up all the dishes and you put them all away
    And you check the weather forecast to see what it might say

    Then you select the clothes that you should wear, be it wet or be it dry
    And you take your umbrella, due to the colour of the sky
    And you meet some friends for a coffee, but they’ve nothing much to say
    And the conversation’s the same as the day before so it must be Groundhog Day

    And the jokes is as the day before and it hasn’t changed at all
    And you remember it was about this time that your phone rang from a call
    And true to life the phone it rang and when answered there’s no one there
    And just like yesterday this annoyed you and almost drove you to despair

    And then a text came from a friend saying things you always knew
    Then there’s no signal for to answer this and your language it turns blue
    For you wanted to ring your friend as you had so much to say
    Then you remembered this happened before, so it must be Groundhog Day

    I often wonder when we die will Groundhog Day still exist
    Will we reach those pearly gates and find that there’s a sudden twist
    Will God tell us all the truth of the things he made us say?
    To bring to mind our feelings that we felt was Groundhog Day

    Take care all

  622. jim laceyon 04 Mar 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Hi Martin
    My name is Jim Lacey originally from Convent View Cottages on Ratoath Rd. I have written a couple of books on The Barony of Castleknock both called A Candle In The Window first edition in 1999 2nd expanded edition in 2007.
    I am collecting pics. of the area for another book and noticed your pic of Cabra Baths and would love to use it. Part of Cabra is in The Barony of Castleknock don’t excite the developers and auctioneers by letting them know!
    I am not great at face book and social sites on the internet I am happier meeting people face to face. I do have loads of stories and yarns about Cabra , some unprintable. But yourself and Bernard Neary have both well covered the area and I wouldn’t be able to gild the lily.
    My book will be an over all representation of the Barony that is roughly from Cabra near the Bogies roundabout (to include Lord Norbury) to Littlepace and from the Liffey at Strawberry Beds the North Road .
    If you can let me use the pic I will acknowledge your assistance and any others involved.
    Thanks Martin

  623. Joon 04 Mar 2014 at 4:21 pm

    Hello June

    This one for Johnny

    The littls Artisan Dwelling so tiny and and yet so sweet
    So long ago I danced at the a grand Ball
    Yep with inlaws and friends and sore sore feet
    We were all glad to know the Residents from Sullivan street

    There was bald heads and red heads and fellas with long hair
    There was June and there was May and an April as well
    Not the months of the year but the names you girls had were swell
    Those Artisan dwellings and family and freinds Oh the stories Johnny could tell.

    Love from the 4 Star General.

    only Johnny will know who the 4 Star General is ok love you sis.

  624. Joon 04 Mar 2014 at 6:58 am

    Hello all,
    Liam ONeill how are you great to read your post and I have to say I understand and relate to how you feel when it comes to the loss of friends. You take care of you and know you are im my thoughts.I am sure you are a delightful person and you too will be a tonic to all your fam and neighbours and friends too. I can tell you are the salt of the earth. Mary H t thanks for keeping in touch and keep me posted on our lovley sis. Tell her she is Brillo and to keep shining. I sent her a note in the post. hope she gets a good aul giggle. Hope you are now well settled in to your new home too.
    Hello to Liam O K. Tony Dunne too and all the girls and boys on here. As we approach St Particks day hope all have a happy day around the world where ever you celebrate. Shay Eugene and families hope you are all well too. Hello to all the girls. A special hello to Joan I managed to get around to a note in the post to you too. How is your Brother Paddy say hello maybe he looks in here. Olive Ella Rita and all the marys on here hello. hello to all the new people who popped in here on and off over time too. Hello to all my family who may be looking in here from time to time too as well as the other Cabra site I got on to the other one and it keeps managed to read all the post but when i tried to join it goes off out into cyber space no idea why. So Ill have to write to Deirdre to let her know. So hello to all in Cabra and on that site too. I bet you would all love the chit chat on there too its a lovely site and lovley photos and lots a people yappin away on it great storied too im sure Martin likewise is having a blast on there too. Goes to show so many great people at home and away still dont forget their roots.
    OLLIE O, loved your story on here on the events page terrific photo of you and your lovley family. I hope you are keeping up to date with Rita and all yer cousins too.
    By the way you and your family look smashing. I missed the boat to OZ ended up in the USA. long story. ha ha.
    Tony G Im not long back from Vegas. Will be popping in to B & N for a cuppa and a thumping good read. J R and willie Lynch hope you are all keeping well too. Dont mean to leave anyone out so hello to everyone whether your name is mentioned or not Im still saying hello to one and all and hope everyone has a very happy paddys day. Cheerio for now. M C how are you doin at all. Hope you and yours are all well too Ive been here there and yonder. Time just keeps whizzin by.
    Kindest Regards to one and all.

    Long hot summers and Seasons galore

    Lilac trees Roses and Blackers
    turnovers and bolands cream crackers
    Playing the mowl feeding ducks in the Basin
    going nesting or snaring with cages

    some of the boys never touched the eggs
    others caught the birds and the girls played piggy beds
    rounders and tennis and hoola hoops and swings
    Skipping ropes and many other wondering things

    The Bogies the park the Zoo and the grand
    The silver spoon and loads of bread and jam
    The conkers and monkey nuts the deer in the park
    out all day for hours and hours and home before dark

    No matter where we have all roamed
    we are still returning to our roots
    glad to have had decent childhoods
    no shortage of stories for the history books.

    The Tu’penny wafers

    Up to the phoenix park all Summer long
    mostly on the Sunday the long walk and the haul
    Arriving at the White Gates glad to see the Shop
    Eillen cutting the wafers and Neville would skip and hop

    The careful method used to shape and cut the Ice cream
    the skill the art of placing the metal shaper on top
    Marking it out and ready to slice
    Tu’penny wafer please also sounded nice.

    The teenages loved to boast and say it out loud
    A fourpenny one for me Mister as Eileen buzzed around
    The ha’penny cleeve kept some chewing for hours
    no one ever had the likes of a ten bob note or a pound.

    The Altmans were the very nice owners
    and next door was the Park side Hotel
    The kids from O’Devany Gardens spent their pennies as well
    and some from the Artisan Dwellings I could tell.

    Those little houses were lovley
    and I got to go inside
    twas nice to know some people from Sullivan street
    They too live aborad and in other places reside

    so to all of you wonderful people around the globe
    Whether North south east or west
    no matter where in the world you may be
    Happy St Particks day and all the very very best.

    thinking of you all.

  625. SHAY JORDANon 03 Mar 2014 at 6:02 pm

    Hi Tony
    Can you pleas tell me the Publisher where I can get your new book.
    I enjoyed the other Book and I have been coping all your entries on the site.
    But its much better to have them in book form.

    All the best …….Shay

  626. SHAY JORDANon 03 Mar 2014 at 5:57 pm

    Hi Charlotte
    We lived near Reddys and the Mannings my sister Maureen palled around with the girls.
    The Sister still our house on the Drive Cora lives in Australia and has been on this site.
    Its been some time since she was on here and I believe she was not too well at the time.I shall ask our Maureen what has become of her.
    As for Olive Im not sure yet again I shall ask the Sister, Olive has a brother Andy he worked with my brother. I left home years ago and must admit Im a bit of a stranger on the Road. As an example of that I was home once looking after the house we went for a drink in the Homestead. The place was packed Saturday night Free and Easy anyway we sat with a crowd. It wasn’t till late when they introduced themselves that they all lived on the drive (but they were all about 10years old when I left). Funny they sat there all night knowing who I was the sister told them to look after me.
    All the Best …..SHAY (Jordan).
    PS Where did you live Charlotte

  627. Pattyon 01 Mar 2014 at 7:08 pm

    Hi Martin your stories just make me laugh.One time I was shaking in my shoes when I went to confession and the priest let a roar but it was at the other person on the other side when I heard that I ran like the hammers of hell.Scary place.Best Wishes to all on the site bye for now Patty.

  628. Charlotte talpaon 01 Mar 2014 at 5:44 pm

    Hi I’m Charlotte I’m wondering can anyone give me information on the reddy family from annamoe drive cabra , I was a friend of olives she was a stunner and she also palled with a girl Cora manning if you have any photos or details lost touch thanks

  629. Liam O'Neillon 01 Mar 2014 at 4:49 pm

    Hello Mary H.T and all.

    Glad to hear your sister is ok.. have you settled in your new home?, I wish you and your family all the best in your new residence.

    I have attended quite a lot of funerals recently, it is difficult to be upbeat when you know those who have gone to their rest really well.

    Anyway, the sun is shining in Cabra West today, the daffs are nodding to everyone and the lawnmower is getting restless in the garden shed.

    I read some of Tony’s work early on today and it is quite brilliant,I look forward to getting my hands on “Poems of Reality.

    James Rogers contribution about Broombridge was bang on, I really liked it very much and I am sure a book of “Cabra Nostalgia” is well within his compass.

    Hello to Jo, like your poetry very much and always look forward to it.:Shay, (thanks for the tip about SKY ARTS): Martin Coffey should be awarded the accolade of “Sheriff of Cabra West”. Martin is both friendly and cool and I would not like to “slap leather with him”.

    Wishing all you poster’s well,
    God Bless All.

  630. Tony Gormanon 28 Feb 2014 at 10:30 am

    Hi Norma
    Thanks for buying the book and I would be only too glad to sign it for you.
    I’m glad you liked the poems I wrote in it as I tried to make the book different than my first two.
    If you go to the Old Mill café and ask David the owner to give me a ring I’m never too far away and I’d be honoured to sign your book.
    I haven’t seen your uncle Dave in ages is he ok? I normally bump into him when I fish the area but I haven’t seen him since way before Christmas.
    Bring him along and we’ll have a chat over a coffee.
    Until I get the call, take care Norma and thanks again for buying the book.

  631. soloughlinon 28 Feb 2014 at 2:48 am

    176 KILLALA ROAD. Does anyone remember a John O’Loughlin who died in 1954???he was about 76 when he died. I think his wifes name was Clara. if so contact stephenoloughlin@live.ie

  632. Norma Hillson 27 Feb 2014 at 3:00 pm

    Hi to Tony
    Just bought your book Poems of Reality and I will treasure it forever.
    Every poem you wrote in it is special, how do you do it.
    All I need now is for you to sign it.
    I will ask at the cafe at Broxbourne to let me know when you go there and I can get you to sign the book.
    Keep up the poetry on this site as the whole family love reading it.
    Your no:1 fan
    x Norma

  633. Mary Tarnowskion 25 Feb 2014 at 11:36 pm

    Hi All.
    Just a quick note to say my sister has made a great recovery and is hoping to be allowed home tomorrow. Thanks to all for your good wishes. Will back later.
    Love Mary H.T.

  634. james rogerson 25 Feb 2014 at 6:48 pm

    My cowboy days are over, but i still keep my pistol on my bedside table in case a rustler strays onto my ranch.
    Still, somewhere over the Broomer far far away,
    we wandered over the greenfields every single day.
    Along the Silverpool we’d swim, fish and play,
    on the grass we’d sit or lay, everyone so much to say.
    Somewhere over the Broomer, was a huge playground,
    we swung on trees, and with blades of grass we made a sound.
    We’d stay away from home for hours on end,
    a magic moment around every bend.
    Then tired and happy as can be,
    with hungry bellies we went home for tea.
    Knowing next day over the Broomer once more,
    lots of adventures still in store.
    Along the naller for hours we’d stray,
    somewhere over the Broomer, far far away.
    Jimmy R.

  635. SHAY JORDANon 24 Feb 2014 at 4:41 pm

    Hi Martin
    Love your story about the Cabra Grand and all about Cabra West.
    I may have mentioned it before I was about 10 years od when the grand opened.
    When they laid all the Lino they left all the cut offs out the back and some were quite big. Some people took them and it fitted our hallways we had some for the Bathroom and toilet..
    Many the happy times we had a the Grand and the chippy next door, they had a good Jukebox too. We used to love the Midnight Matinees we had some great shows before the Film.
    Many a local lad and girl got their first break there some went on to form groups who later played the School halls. Eugene and I missed some of these groups later in life as we left Dublin in late 50s.
    On another subject about growing up in that time anyone remember the Guy who used to come around sharping knifes and scissors and Shears .
    He came on his bike and turned it upside down to used the Sharping Stone .
    I think he used to repair umbrellas as well .
    Well that’s all for now ….
    All the best …….SHAY
    PS Tony great story about Martins Posse
    By the way for all Cabra West Cowboys a great story on the TV about John Fords Westerns made in Monument Valley great feature with John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart. ON SKY ONE ARTS

  636. Tony Gormanon 24 Feb 2014 at 11:35 am

    Our Cowboys from the West 24th February 2014 by Tony Gorman

    Take the cowboy in the boy
    And let him grow in man
    And he’ll live his imagination
    Any time he can

    For in dreams he roams the range
    With guns strapped by his side
    And he’ll hold his head up high
    As across the plains he’ll ride

    He’ll be the hardest one in town
    And he’ll face the fastest guns
    For he’s as tough as he can be
    And the toughest never runs

    And he’ll clean up the entire west
    With nerves of tempered steel
    And the people he protects
    Are without a fear they feel

    But he’ll wake up from the dream
    That he imagines in his head
    For in real life he’s so quiet
    And not an angered word be said

    And he’ll live his life of dreams
    As a cowboy in his head
    And he’ll ride the plains again
    From the range within his bed

  637. Tony Gormanon 24 Feb 2014 at 11:34 am

    My post went off without me finishing.

    I hope you and your family are well.
    I hope you are well and riding the range, don’t forget to feed that horse of yours.

    Take care all

  638. Tony Gormanon 24 Feb 2014 at 11:28 am

    Hi Martin

    Your story of Geronimo gets all our imaginations going and I suppose there was a wish of being a cowboy in most lads.
    JR still has his cap guns and holster hidden away somewhere.
    God help those poor seagulls in Rosslare, I bet he scares the life out of them banging his cap gun at them.
    Hi Patty
    I’m glad you liked the poem, as Jo would say its a bit of gas.

    Its nice to see you back again, I hope all is well.
    If you ever get on to Xlibris to publish your work you can tell them I put you on to them
    and maybe they will give you a discount.

  639. Joon 24 Feb 2014 at 3:24 am

    Hello all. Best wishes to our poetry pal Tony G great to read your Valentine poem and all the other posts. Best wishes and all the very best with the book too. How are the boys in Wexford too no doubt your brother and all your family and J R in wexford will all enjoy your book too. Willie out there in N J bet you are gearing up for the 17th of every month hope your cruises are goin well. too. Hows Lily and all the Lynch house hold. hope all are well. Shay hope all is goin well with your health. Mary good luck to the move. Thanks for update too on our lovely sis and her recovery too.
    Love her to bits too. Hello to Rita hope your weather is getting a bit better we are ok at this end. Glad you are in touch with all your cousins too. I tried to get on to the other site the I GREW UP IN CABRA but i only managed to get it to stay working for long enough to read the posts and then it went off. not sure what im doing wrong but my family are on there too so ill figure it out. Well done to Deirdre shes doing a great job keeping it going. Tell her I said hello I have the highest regard for Deirdre and her fam and them lovley Fagan girls too all lovely families. Hello martin glad this site is still goin well too. Nice to keep up to date with you all.
    Im heading off again to Vegas in the near future. Always nice to see the family there too. The weather is brilliant there any time always lots of sunshine so maybe I will just have to stay down there from now on. who knows.
    Anyway all the best to one and all. Hope you have some great holidays too Olive Hello Ella how are you doing these days too. Oh happy paddys day to everyone guess thats the next holiday here too followed quickly by Easter and lotsa Chocolate and Marshmallow eggs. Ive great memories of Easters of yester year loved that time of year. thanks to all my wonderful sisters i always had the best of easters and Nolans in capel street too. Yummy goodies galore
    Bye for now and welcome spring.
    Again all the best to our Poetry pal and good luck with the book and sales galore too. I think you would all enjoy that other cabra site too theres tons of people on there bet you all know everyone on it too and you all might find some old friends and neighbors as well. Loads of familiar faces and people from old cabra too bet shay and Eugene will know them all. Yiz might find some long lost friends and relations yoursleves.
    Righteo off I go
    Kindest Regards to everyone.

  640. Pattyon 21 Feb 2014 at 3:16 pm

    Hi Martin I loved your Story of the Cabra Grand you are great at telling them.All your lovely photos are great.I really enjoy this site Bye Patty.

  641. Pattyon 21 Feb 2014 at 3:09 pm

    Hi Tony your poem about Sheriff Coffey brilliant.Hello to all Thanks for all the news and hope you are all keeping well.Bye for now Patty.

  642. Tony Gormanon 19 Feb 2014 at 3:45 pm

    Hi Martin
    I hope you don’t mind I put your cowboy days into verse.
    Did you ever meet up with JR when he was a cowboy riding the range?
    He used to practice his aim shooting gooseberries off the bush.
    Hi Mary
    I hope things go well for your sister.
    Give Jo a bit of a push to getting her poems published.
    I hope your weathers a lot better then we seen on TV with all the snow you had.
    And now for the Sheriff Coffey story:

    The Heroic Dreamer 19th February 2014 by/ Tony Gorman

    Those day’s back in the west when Geronimo ruled the plains
    When a sheriff name of Coffey was the only one with brains
    For he knew he had to stop Geronimo in his tracks
    So he got himself a posse with their provisions packed in sacks

    He picked the ones he wanted by their independent skills
    And their knowledge of the rough terrain around those Cabra hills
    First he chose Willie Kavanagh who was not afraid to fight
    The next was Sambo Hyland; he said he didn’t give a shite

    Then came Luke Fagan and Frank Lyons he came as well
    They were hard as nails with torn trousers and without fear you could tell
    They talked about their strategy as they drank some lemonade
    They wanted to catch Geronimo with an early evening raid

    Sheriff Coffey gave the orders to go, while they had the light of day
    And they jumped up on their horses and they rode along their way
    The tracker Sambo Hyland he saw horse shit on the ground
    And he told the pursuing posse that Geronimo’s around

    And their hearts they started beating like Willie Lynch’s drums
    And the fear it spread among them as they found that something hums
    It was Wilier that done it as he ate beans the day before
    And he promised Sheriff Coffey not to do it anymore

    Then Frank and Luke saw some smoke near the Cabra Grand
    And turned their horses towards it, this was breaking up the band
    As Coffey kept on riding towards those Cabra hills
    And Wilier had to head for home as he had enough of their thrills and spills

    And all alone Sheriff Coffey headed bravely without fear
    Until something clouted him just above his ear
    He raised his head slowly and saw what done him in
    A tomahawk in Geronimo’s hand made from a Batchelor’s been tin

    But Geronimo wasn’t an Indian he had a white collar around his neck
    And Coffey was in a confession box and was heard to utter feck
    That brought him another whack, as he woke up from his dreams
    This taught him as he grew up that life is never as it seems

    And the confession box is not for sleeping or not for dreaming in
    As the priest told Coffey harshly that his dreams are a mortal sin
    As Geronimo’s a heathen and should not be in his head
    But Coffey on a happier note knows now Geronimo’s dead
    And once more he mounted his horse and rode away from the Precious Blood Church singing
    Home, home on the range where the deer and the antelope roam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ye!!!! Ha!!!!!!!!

    Take care all
    (Tony it’s brilliant, well done. I’ll have to share this one around…MC)

  643. Joon 19 Feb 2014 at 3:28 am

    Hello all
    Hope all are doing well thinking of you all. will be back again soon
    Not forgetting you all.

  644. Pattyon 19 Feb 2014 at 2:28 am

    Hi Martin lovely photos of the trip to the convent.My eldest Daughter went there for 1 year before we moved house.Cabra West will always be special in my heart so many memories.Wonderful.Thanks to all for them.Bye for now.Patty.

  645. Annieon 18 Feb 2014 at 11:44 am

    Hi, Do you meet up on Fridays, I heard a while ago that you did, but cant find anymore, like when and where and can new comers come along?
    (Hello Annie, no we don’t meet up weekly at all…MC)

  646. Mary Tarnowskion 16 Feb 2014 at 1:09 am

    Hello Cabra People.
    Apologies for not posting before now. Broadband and phone back on after a battle with the server for weeks. However I won’t dwell on it.
    It has been a hectic time for me,, moving house on 13th December 2013 and it was a Friday as well. All went well on the day. But chaos ever since. I have been back to Dublin twice since Christmas to see one of my sisters who was seriously ill with brain tumours. It was a tough time for her, and her family as well as us Hogans. The good news is she is starting to make good progress now and hopefully she will be gaining strength day by day now. Please remember her in your prayers. We just have to Thank God that she is on the mend.
    I haven’t caught up with the past mail from all of you yet. I will get back into my stride again and comment as I go along.
    Shay, I wish you all the luck in the world and a speedy recovery. All being well your result will be good. Thanks for the good wishes with the house move.
    Tony and Jo, the poems are as clever and amusing as ever. All the best with the book Tony……I am sure it will be a great success. So, Jo, do as your told with the advice from Tony and write your book of poems as well. Good luck to the pair of you.
    Liam O’Neill ,how are you? I haven’t seen any posts from you, but then maybe I haven’t got down far enough in the posts yet. I hope you are well.
    JR. Are you fit as a fiddle at the moment??????I hope so. The weather down your way is not too good, is it! Hopefully you are safe and not too battered by the storms.
    Willie Lynch,Are you snowed in like Lorraine and my sister-in law in Canada. I heard her say it was four and five of snow where she lives in Toronto Olive I am sure you are OK? and spending time over sees in Canaries is the best place to be in the winter. Hope you enjoyed yourself. Sensible lady is all I can say to you. I might try that next year. P.G.
    HI MARTIN. How was trip to the Convent. I was so jealous looking at the photos on F.B. I was wishing I had been there again with you and the folks who went there with you. Hope you and Mary are well. Keep up the good work.
    That’s it for now folk. I will be in touch and Shay I have the candle lit for good news for you.
    Good Night & God Bless everyone. Take Care.
    Love Mary H.T.

  647. Pattyon 15 Feb 2014 at 11:06 am

    Hi Martin and all on the site Its nice reading all the comments Poems from Tony and all the contacts that are made here.I wish you all good health and Happiness.bye for now Patty.

  648. Joon 13 Feb 2014 at 3:25 am

    Hello Mary H T,
    Thanks for the update be in touch again soon. Hello Rita great to know you were able to get in touch with the same Ollie I was thinking about too. All the best hope all are well. Shay Wishing you all the very best and a quick recovery too hope everything goes well. Thinking of you and Babs. Hello Tony G well done and great to read your poems and all the very best with the book. no doubt we will all have a thumping good read, love the reviews too. Well done. J R hope you are well too. Hello to all on the site. Liam O K and Liam Oneill hope you are all well and Willie and fam in N Y and Lorainne in NY hope you are not snowed in. I just got back from another visit to fam in Las VEgas had a lovley time. Will have to hit the hay early tonight been so busy with one and all. I have also enjoyed reading on the other cabra site this week my fam told me about it and i finally figured out how to get to it. Twas there I also saw Ollies input Rita great to know that you also mentioned something then i made the connection. June any luck finding your old girl guide pals. Gosh time is whizzin by. Hello Joan I owe you a letter and one of these fine days Ill get to it im trying to catch up. Oh Olive lovley to read your news too.
    Tony G thanks for the publishers info too ya never know i may need it some time.
    All the best to everyone.
    Take care all.

  649. Rita McMahonon 13 Feb 2014 at 12:42 am

    Great you found the names of Photo of the School girls was the same yr as my cousin Nora O’Malley but it was Sister Camella class ……she tells me. Tks Rita

  650. Tony Gormanon 12 Feb 2014 at 9:15 pm

    Hi Shay
    I hope you feel better soon.
    I hope my poems raise a smile as laughter is the best cure in this life
    So take care Shay

    The Old Woman Who Lived in the Shoes Valentine’s Day/ 11th February 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    An impish smile upon his face
    And wings that guide his flying grace
    And arrows ready with magical tips
    To reach those ones with luscious lips

    For Cupid comes just once a year
    Bringing tender love and to dry a tear
    As his magical arrow aims for the heart
    Bringing lovers close that were far apart

    And red roses feature as a way
    From romantics just to start your day
    And a glass of wine by candle light
    Will set the mood at dead of night

    And arms around you in a long embrace
    And a gentle finger to stroke your face
    And then when you implored for more
    You show the way to your bedroom door

    Then the kisses start upon your neck
    And your inhibitions said what the heck
    And you back up going towards the bed
    The floor all littered by the clothes that’s shed

    And romantic gestures started in play
    And not a word does either say
    And the night is passed in that love embrace
    Bringing looks of passion to each other’s face

    A night of magic it started the lot
    Of the fourteen kids now that you got
    And you feel that Cupid is just a farce
    And now, he can stick that arrow up his arse

  651. SHAY JORDANon 11 Feb 2014 at 3:40 pm

    Hi All
    Well at the moment Im going through my recovery from my Prostate Op.
    It is a little unpleasant and have a couple of tubes .it reminds you of your baby days.
    I am going back on Thursday to get the results ,praying for good news.
    So far its not been that bad only problem is changing the dressing (how can you Women stand all that *Waxing*).
    Cant believe how useless you are without your Pelvic muscles had to get help to sit up in bed. it was a Big Op (I was out for 6 hours)TG I woke up.
    Iv been stuck in for a few weeks (missing my Bingo and my Pint).
    Well the weather here has been terrible rain and cold and today we got Snow so its not so bad been stuck in.
    Im a bit fed up watching the Women programmes but we do get a bit of football.
    Certainly enjoyed the Irish Rugby Team in the 6 Nations great Match last Saturday (we got to win the 6 Nations Cup).
    Well I got to go now it hurts to sit in one place too long.
    So all the best for now hope next time I get back to you I have good news.


  652. Mai Fahey/Dolatshahion 10 Feb 2014 at 9:29 pm

    Hi Martin,

    I am from Carnlough Road, I heard from a friend that a chilhood friend of mine called Una Davis has been on this site and would like to hear from people she grew up with. I was close to the Davis family and have a photo of Una and her sister Rosie. I would dearly like to get in touch with her and wonder if you would be kind enough to pass on my email address to her. The photos on the site are great. Keep up the good work.

    Regards, Mai.

  653. Tony Gormanon 10 Feb 2014 at 6:20 pm

    When Old Cupid Strikes 10 February 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    A day for you ladies to take a rest
    To feel old cupids arrows
    While admirers bring you gifts galore
    Bringing roses by the barrow’s

    And your face all smudged by kisses
    You must have had a lot
    And the complements that filled up the space
    In the Valentine cards you got

    And all those hearts that were pounding
    As they inched up close to you
    And the coronary they suffered
    By that wanting they pursue

    For it brings the medics into play
    To pump life in the heart
    A sure sign of those things in life
    That when old you shouldn’t start

    For the mind is often willing
    But the body may be weak
    And the heart goes into overload
    Depending what you seek

    So to all of you young ladies
    When an old man starts his play
    Have an emergency number there on hand
    To be sure on Valentine’s Day

    Happy Valentine’s Day
    To All our Cabra Ladies

  654. Margaret nolanon 07 Feb 2014 at 9:29 pm

    Actually my sister made her confirmation in 1969 and mine in 1970, I’m fairly sure. Any communion ones probably 1966 and 1967. Thanks.

  655. Rita McMahonon 07 Feb 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Martin: forgot to tell you about a lovely story my Cousin Ollie O’Malley wrote on the FB page ” I grew up in Cabra West” I have only found him in recent months and his sister Nora so I have tracked down the cousins I never knew cause of my first mentioned on here 2yrs ago, 14kids from both uncles and 6 in the family who came to Canada we are now exchanging photo’s/storys. Tks again
    Rita O’Malley
    (Hello Rita, yes I saw that lovely piece by Ollie, thank you…MC)

  656. Tony Gormanon 07 Feb 2014 at 10:42 am

    Hi Martin
    My book Poems of Reality has finally been released and is on sale in Xlibris on line bookstore
    The press release has gone near and far.
    The following is part of the press release.
    IRELAND – Author Tony Gorman takes readers on a unique, entertaining and relatable literary journey and adventure through his creatively compelling book, “Poems of Reality.” This book reveals Gorman’s poems and creative writings that spring from the depths of his being—a revelation of the inner workings of his mind and the rich life experiences and challenges that he gladly shares with the readers.
    Containing quite a number of literary pieces that touch on a variety of topics, “Poems of Reality” perfectly captures those moments, characters, thoughts and events that made their individual marks on an empty canvas – the authors existence here on earth.

    From speaking of love, nature, challenges and trials in life and the everyday happenings at society, Gorman shares his thoughts and bares his soul in the most creative way. Artsy and comfortably conversational, Gorman’s poems tend to speak directly to inspire each and every reader. Just like this excerpt from his poem “The Pebble”:
    “I am a pebble dropped into the water
    Spreading my ripples to all those around
    Each little wave bringing hope to the needy
    Easing their worries bringing smiles not a frown.”

    Highly relatable for readers of all ages, “Poems of Reality” is a work comprised of pieces that are thought provoking, amusing, and irrefutably inspiring.
    A mirror for readers of various age and race, Gorman’s literary reminiscence of his ups and downs in life is an engaging book that invites reflection of the beauty of life and its everyday wonders.

    For more information on this book, interested parties may log on to http://www.XlibrisPublishing.co.uk.
    The book is now on sale in the Xlibris on line Bookstore

    Nice poem, Now it’s your turn to get some of your poems published
    Hope everyone is safe and away from all the flooded areas.
    Take care all

  657. Joon 07 Feb 2014 at 4:41 am

    Hello Rita
    I think the photo of the school class has some faces I know too. But I think Joan who is also on this site might know lots of people in the photo. Patty might be able to ask Joan whos who too ? .All the best to you and yours up there in Canada.
    Hello to everyone I am heading off again back to the sunshine.
    Thinking of you all.All the best to everyone.

  658. Rita McMahonon 07 Feb 2014 at 1:01 am

    Hi All,
    Yes I would like to know more info about the photo of the school girls, my cousin Nora thinks it could be her class been finding lots more cousins around the world.
    Hope your all ok with the bad weather, as with us it’s been a Long Winter, never seen so much snow but it is Canada!!!, sure hope it gets better by Paddy’s Day . Slan Rita O’M.

  659. Margaret nolanon 04 Feb 2014 at 11:27 pm

    Hi, I was looking through your photos. I was trying to find the photo of the school children on the top of your home page. It looks like confirmation class of st. Catherine’s or catrionas infant school. Would love to see if it’s my class or my sisters back in the sixties.
    Great website.

  660. Rachelon 03 Feb 2014 at 9:58 pm

    Hi Liam yes it Rachel. Thanks I’ll keep looking out in the site

  661. Liam O'Neillon 03 Feb 2014 at 9:35 am

    Hello All.

    Hello Rach45…Rachel?..re your query about the Taylor family a friend remembers a Phyllis Taylor on Lower Killala Road long ago. I will post any further info when available…best wishes..Liam.

    Hello JR,
    Eugene Stirrat was well known in our community, as kids we often went to him for Woodbines, Gold Flake and Sweet Afton for our parents from the van which he managed for his Dad outside the family home on Killala. Eugene was ill for a long time and spent most of that time indoors.

    One of our own we remember him fondly and may he Rest in Peace.

    God Bless All..

  662. Joon 02 Feb 2014 at 7:24 pm

    Hello all,
    Its a lovely sunny day today at my end Spring like. Hello Olive and Jimmy too.
    J R sorry to hear about the loss of one of your ol pals. Gosh its sad as well as hard. Hope you are keeping well even tho as we all get older our health give us some twists and turns.. Shay hope you are doing well too and that you are being well looked after and Babs too. Hope everyone else is taking good care of themselves too. We all worry about family and friends and each other when the health concerns are there. Its so true our health is our wealth.
    Spent some time with our children and grand children this week. Had a nice time with one of the teens and she is a tonic all I did was laugh and we even chatted about aspects of growing up in Dublin. Of course she wants to go some day and see some of the places and the things her Na Na and her mam were use to in life.
    Meantime hello to one and all.

    An Old cure still works for us still
    Lazars paste for cuts and cures little ills
    Made up from the list on a bit of brown paper
    became sudocrem many years later

    The mammy used her remedy she concocted for us
    it had zink and oils and potions of the best
    she had Mr pelly make it up in the Chemist
    and he went to the back and added the rest

    There was a Jewish connection
    and a German man named Lassar
    Twas him that had the notion
    that hers was the better potion.

    There is now that wonderful Jar of sudocrem
    We called it soothing cream
    as always there did come a day
    when someone made it famous in thier own way

    Tis now on the shelf in every shop and chemist
    you can rub it on yer cuts as well as nappy rash
    on your sore arse as well all cuts or scratch
    The mammy shoulda sold the potion for cash.

    The Jewish connection was not at all a Joke
    There were many Jews in Germany back in the day
    Some fled to Ireland and many passed away
    The mammy made a connection to Lasser one day

    His fame is real and you can google him if you wish
    youll never find the mammies potion that she had on her list
    Maybe like Shindler’s it will turn up some day
    But I have the half of it and its the other half that pays.

    When we were kids I was sent to the shops
    I was send to the Chemist and to the top shops
    But the chemist I remember the most
    The Mosaic tile floor with all its art work I boast

    I went in there as a child and gave the man my list
    I held it tight in my hand it was all tossed and twist
    I handed to him with the greatest care
    It was prepared likewise as I waited there

    One day I asked my mother why is this so precious
    twas in its little box looked like Alabaster white
    It was for healing purposes like back in the ancient days
    Lazarus got a mention and so did the German Jews

    The mammy was born in the Royal county
    place of the High Kings and the Royal seat
    Ah ha I wonder did they use it on their arce
    and to cure their Celtic wounds and sore feet

    Dedicated to my mother
    and to my sisters who still supply the world with the best cures.

    Now we all know Tossara makes the product but the mammy was the one who had the real cure and the real ingredients she even called it LAZARS paste. as kids I called it LAZARUS paste cause we thought it cured him too ha ha.

    By the way it was also called a COMPOUND
    now didnt we all cure our ills playing on the compounds too I bet there is a connection to why some play areas and green areas were called compounds too
    they made us happy and or we could relax there too a lot to be said for how we cured all ills back in the day. Rest and play and potions worked well too.
    I bet you all have a sore arse now too as i ramble on and on.
    Sorry if I am now a pain in the arce too go find a curer.

    Love to all and kindest regards to everyone
    Wish I didnt have a hard time remembering day to day cause I seem to be only able to recall things from back in the day. Ill be looking for a cure for sure for meeslf and my day to day Alzeimers. One of these days the mind will go completely and so ill be gone off the site cheerio all.

  663. Jacqueline cookeon 02 Feb 2014 at 4:59 pm

    Also my Dad is George Cooke he also has a sister Mary and also he had a sister called Kathleen who sadly passed away a few years ago I would love to hear from anyone who knew the cooke Family

  664. Jacqueline cookeon 02 Feb 2014 at 4:55 pm

    My Nan use to live in Cabra West. The only thing i remember was the church and the shop round the corner

  665. james rogerson 01 Feb 2014 at 4:27 pm

    Another one of my old cowboy mates has joined the ghost riders in the sky, Eugene Stirret, passed away january 31, lived on Killala Road all his life, my condolance to Stirrit family, due to health reason, cant travel, funeral 10.00am wednesday.
    You wont have to ride the lonesome trail Gene, some of the old gang are there to greet you.
    Jimmy R.

  666. olive carron 27 Jan 2014 at 10:14 pm

    hello everyone
    i have had great difficulty getting on here .had to go through face book .reading about pawns my mam used one in Domnick st syre thats where it was.but mostly my older sister went and as she didnt like school it was o k with her.
    Iwas in cannaries for 2 weeks was great lots on sun and lazy days with sister and cousin ,so of course we talked about old days and we were saying about been sent to pawns when we only 9 or10 year olds and i remembered going down to Phibsbourough to a betting shop to put 6pence each way on for my gran.who died when i was 10 ..also to a fish shop and had to run home with fish and chips pushed up my coat to stay warm .when you think of it my children wont let their children go anwhere alone or even with their pals .I wonder who has better child hood x x x x x
    If anyone is on face book there is picture of me and my latest greatgrandndchild he is lovely .so life goes on one dies one comes along ..JO MARY SHAY MARTIN J R LIAM and everyone .loved reading all letters hope weather does not get too bad where ever you are Shay hope opp gets done soon .and J R that you can do your walking ok
    i am grand T G got my self a nice tan and ate ,drank and lazd about,but was in for a camera down this morning but T G they said nothing sinister there .so i in good form tonight
    cheers for now ,,i hope i can get back on without trouble love to all

  667. Joon 27 Jan 2014 at 2:45 am

    Hello Geronimo
    I passed through the Gorge and all them cliffs and hideouts when I was down in Arizona last week Half espected the Lone ranger and Tonto to turn up as well as John Wayne and I was dead sure Id see every native American in history too. The sights and the scenery was so so familiar. You and all yer pals woulda loved it as would all our Cabra site pals on here. I could picture J R Tony G Liam ONeill Liam O Kelly and all the Anamoe Lads too shay and eugene and all their pals no doubt wouda loved to see all that stuff now I dont mean to leave any lads out so if yer name is not here dont be offended. I recall how my own brothers loved to have their guns and caps and Rifles and Riddlers when it was world wars and when it was cowboys and Indians it was the rifles and the cap guns and holsters galore. They all galloped off on their horses . They really must have had sore arses from all the slappin they did. not so much from the horses. Oh the memories of it all.
    And who could forget Annie oakly and the likes. Liam you have great memories too and a great memory too nice that you also knew the people Laura was looking for too. Hello Laura and peter and everyone. Rach45 hope you can get some help on here too there are lots of great people who might know the folks you are looking for. Wish I could help but down our end we would have only known peoples faces from up Broombridge way etc. I only knew a few people up that way by name but sure we probably all knew lots of faces. Hope your searches go well. all the best to eveyrone.

    The dockets the bus the pawn shops goodness me Patty sure we all thought we were the only ones having to do such things the truth was we were all in the same boat some worse off than others. Them feckin brass balls coulda fell on our heads. They were huge are they still there. ?
    speaking of balls I made a mess of a conversation recently I was selling a display case recently and the truth is it was meant to hold baseballs. The chap who was buying was in the process of paying me for it and sez I to him have ya got famous balls to put in to this. Sez he I have it never occured to me at all that i was saying something that was double meaning till I looked at my boss and saw the expression on her face, you see i got myself a little part time job, well the nice young man kept his composure as did I as it was not intended on my part to be rude or for it to be double meaning. I was genuinly asking him if he had a famous ball to put in the case from the sports world. till i realised what i had said impacted my boss. when the young man was gone within minutes the boss took me aside and it seemed like i was going to be fired ah sure we both just fell around the place laughing it seems all ended ok. I wasnt fired and it became the joke of the week that I was asking some strange questions to my customers. Dont know which was worse the brass balls in Dorset street or the famous ones going into that glass case.
    Im outa here Geronimo might be on the prowl
    goodnight to all in the wild west. Ah ha I can just picture our poet right now no doubt he is sharpening his pencil too. Joan Connor I can hear you laughing too
    Good night Billy you be wise and go to sleep Hay patty go easy on the Gurr cake
    To one and all Cheerio and Ill try to watch my mouth too.
    Regards to all

  668. Pattyon 26 Jan 2014 at 9:42 pm

    Hi Martin 100 per cent for your Story of Father Geronimo.Brilliant.A Big Hello to all.Patty.

  669. rach45on 26 Jan 2014 at 5:44 pm

    Hi all

    Looking for some help can anyone remember the Taylors Teresa (Mary) and John who lived at 72 Killala road in the 1950s. I think they had twin boys. I’m trying to trace any living relatives, Teresa was my mothers sister. Thanks

  670. Liam O'Neillon 25 Jan 2014 at 7:38 am

    Hello to Laura, Hello to Peter,

    William and Bridget Mahon were well known as a very kind and respectable family. I knew both of them for many years. The family home is in the middle of Broombridge Road..

    Regarding Michael (Mick ) Deegan, Mick lived in a small dwelling? a the very end of Broombridge/Ballybogan Roads. He was a great local character, Mick was our local town crier, rambling the roads of Cabra West early mornings and late at night. He was a real nice person and I think of him helping us out at the dump recovering shiny aluminium tops ( a legacy from nearby Batchelors) for us kids to play with.

    Later in life he had secure accommodation in a flat on Constitution Hill, we were all happy for him as God and us kids knew the arctic wind whistling down Broombridge Hill in the winter would have left a lot of monkeys very unhappy.

    God Bless All.

  671. Pattyon 24 Jan 2014 at 8:31 pm

    Hi Martin a nice story about Bobby well done getting some lovely photos.Hello to all 0n the site I hope you are well as always I enjoy all the chat and stories of old and not forgetting Tonys poem.I enjoyed the stories about the Pawn shop I use to get off the bus a stop before or a stop after I hated it I thought we were the only family going there little did I know back then.I think I was only around 10yrs old.Great stories of old I love them Take care everyone Best Wishes from Patty.

  672. Joon 24 Jan 2014 at 6:58 pm

    Hello to one and all.
    Great to know all you lads are wide and awake and posting.Hello to all in New Jersey too Willie glad you and yours are ok too. Hello Liam O Niell,lovely to read your post too. I can relate also to the loss of friends too.J R keep up the good work you have tons of memories to share and tons of good humor too. But them goozzzgobs now you and our poet will have to work that out between yerselves eh.?
    Speaking of our Poet Tony well done we shall all be looking forward to your Book.
    I have to say my desk is full of all my writings and scribles chapters and Verses included I still have to get my mind back to find the lost items but thats ok some day some day.excuses excuses. Anyway best wishes all round with the new book. and all the best. Shay great to read your updates too I think it was great to read all about the pawn shop gosh between gooze gobs and brass balls and all sorts you fellas have great aul memories between yiz all. not a bother on the brains either.
    Hello Martin C hope you are well and you and yours all have a great new year too.
    Hello to all the girls and nice to read your Post too Mary H T. good luck with everything. Ill be in touch. again soon.
    Time to take a rest and it was lovley to go to have a break in the sun and even got to see The HOOVER dam and places along the way. Gosh its amazing what people do. Never saw so much congrete and metal and yet the lake was wonderful too Lake mead is gorgeous. Lovley weather in Arizona and Nevada and Vegas was fun with the family too we have grandkids there too.
    Cheerio all nice to read your updates and know you are all doing ok too
    Kindest Regards everyone

  673. peter byrneon 24 Jan 2014 at 3:49 pm

    Hi laura
    I lived on broombridge, but cant say i remember the mahons. Then again, broomer was a verv long road to a kid. what no.did they live in………………..On a general topic, can anyone recall a man called ‘mick the rat catcher’ he worked at cabra dump, for the corpo, i think.

  674. Laura Mahonon 22 Jan 2014 at 9:21 pm

    My nanny and granda were from broombridge does any one remember them william and Bridget Mahon aka bill and biddy

  675. james rogerson 18 Jan 2014 at 10:29 pm

    Tony, had a drink with Noeleen some weeks ago, she is drop dead gorgous, my ma use to say where there’s hair there’s comfort, where there’s to much there’s a row.
    Have my video of dublin on facebook [buck jones] and song. Best of luck Tony, is your book a thriller, some title suggestions. [Goosegobs at the broken arch] [goosegobs along the naller] [Goosegobs on the broomer]
    Jimmy R.

  676. Liam O'Neillon 18 Jan 2014 at 1:20 pm

    Hello to all of you.

    Great to see familiar names again. Willie, I really enjoyed your recent posts!(actually I love all of the contributions from everyone) but having lost quite a few friends and pals lately (to a better place R.I.P) I was very down so Willie’s words helped me along.

    The comments about haircuts raised a smile
    As a boy of seven a Barber? called to many homes on Carnlough Road to cut our hair. When I was an adult! (about ten:) my friends and I went to a hairdressing Salon in rooms on Faussagh Avenue above Pelly’s Pharmacy, this particular establishment was manned by two great characters..Ernie was one, the queue was all the way down the stairs, we knew Ernie was on if the fumes from the coffin nails he was smoking were removing the paint on the walls beside us.

    The never never payments by our parents was the only way to pay for goods. There was the Capitol Loan fund in Frederick Street, you paid your loan interest up front and then a fixed sum for the period of your loan. Another option was a weekly trip to Grafton Street to Cavendish’s, the original voucher was given to you by one of the numerous entrepreneur’s ( neighbour’s ) living in the community. This option also included the bonus of hearing (not listening) to a live piano recital in Cavendish”s window.

    The pièce de résistance was Bradley’s shoe shop in Nassau Street, this shop was strictly for ready’s only. My Mam took my hand holding on to her purse for dear life
    and bought for me the finest shoes that she could afford from her meagre allowance, Bradley’s threw in a coloured Balloon for luck…this was a twice a year event..
    God Bless All Mother’s.

    hope you both are keeping well Martin,


  677. Tony Gormanon 17 Jan 2014 at 6:45 am

    Maybe I should have named my new book poems from the gooseberry bush and you might have bought it.
    I hope you’re well and keeping all those ladies in Rosslare happy with all your stories.
    Take care James


    The Hairs on JRs Gooseberry

    James if you were behind the gooseberry bush
    We might have been in despair
    As you might have been jealous of the young maid we watched
    As it would be you who’d be showing off your hair

    As your arms would be there blocking everyone’s view
    As you combed at the quiff that you had
    And we may not have seen what we seen on that night
    Leaving me and my mates feeling sad

    What we seen on the night set our little hearts aglow
    By this beauty just washing her hair
    And I know by the way you keep bringing it up
    You are envious for not being there

    And it’s a good job that Moorhead’s hairdressers is gone
    As you wouldn’t have got value for money
    As your comb and your quiff has long disappeared
    They’d be buffing your head using beeswax and honey

    So James don’t aggravate yourself anymore
    About the night of the gooseberry bush
    The thoughts of you stealing the limelight back then
    Would sure make that young maiden blush


  678. james rogerson 17 Jan 2014 at 12:12 am

    O’CONNORS OR CONNORS, UP THE LANE WAS THE ARCADE, The EVERLY brothers, did a photo shot in the sixties, the magazine the showband scene, i still have a belt i bought in the fifties, buckle the us flag in the fifties it was white t-shirts and jeans, James Dean was the icon, Connie Francis singing lipstick on your collar, Johnny Tillison, send me the pillow that you dream on, actor Tab Hunter wailing young love first love filled with true emotions, Joe Brown, it’s only a picture of you, Adam Faith,what do you want,Alma Cogan, who will be my Jimmy unknown. the Moorehead, remember it well, charged like a wounded bull, there was a bloke from WC had a barbers shop in Blessington Street. I remember my first suit, i saved a quid a week, Henry Street, was it Hipps or Tailorfits?.
    Good luck with the book Tony, will it be called Goosegobs at midnight, lmao.
    Jimmy R.

  679. kayon 16 Jan 2014 at 7:09 pm


  680. Tony Gormanon 16 Jan 2014 at 12:05 am

    Hi Jo
    This is the second time I have wrote this as the first disappeared into cyberspace.
    I hope the weather is a bit better and the snow and chill has eased enabling you to get out.
    The floods were bad over here in the UK but the weather has got better over the last couple of days and the water has gone down.
    I have written a little poem relating to the weather we were having.
    My new book “Poems of Reality” will be on sale at the end of this month.
    It will appear in the New York Book Review magazine with the following write up

    A heartfelt and touching collection, Poems of Reality presents a myriad of emotions perfectly captured in words.
    Through his new book, Tony Gorman seeks to impart poems that will cause ripples of peace and joy in your life as you turn each poetic page.
    They only give each book they review a 40 word write up and I feel happy with the write up on mine.
    I have signed my Press Release for the book on Monday so the book should be live by the end of the month.
    So now Jo its your turn as this will be my last poetry book.
    I have started writing a novel and at the rate I’m going I should be finished it in the Summer.
    Hope all your family are well
    So to you and all on site Best Wishes for 2014


    A Cry of Nature 13th January 2014 by/Tony Gorman

    Each day the people live in fear
    As rain it drowns the grasslands plains
    And tides are governed by the winds
    That surges like a sinners mortal sins

    But no penance comes from natures call
    It drowns the good and covers all
    And darkened skies that rules the day
    That hid the rays of sun away

    And pushed by winds and a deluge of rain
    Power cuts add to the grief and pain
    And in the darkness cries the weak
    As waters raise some help they seek

    And never knowing if help will come
    And death will be demise for some
    And in the darkness they will say
    A prayer to God to save their day

    But like the seeds in the earth below
    As the water recedes their strength will grow
    And a bright new sky will ascend
    To bring our dark days to an end

    And dry up all the sodden earth
    To open seeds and bring new birth
    To grow the flowers and bring us cheers
    And cast away fears and dry up tears

    And once more will our blossoms bloom
    And clear the sadness from our eyes
    Adding protective shields for future floods
    Averting ways so no one dies

    Take care all

  681. Sandra O'Callaghanon 14 Jan 2014 at 6:18 pm

    Hey all and greetings from Cork city. My mum lived in Kimmage, born 1932. She danced locally with her sisters, who were known as the THREE FLASHES, after Fr Harry (Flash) Kavanagh. I know this is a long shot, but if anyone has any information about them I would be extremely grateful.

    Kindest regards,

    Sandra O’Callaghan

  682. Joon 14 Jan 2014 at 2:35 am

    Hello Shay
    before I head off just want to say it was great to read all about the pawn shop and the 22 and ducking for cover in case anyone would see you esp in the pawn shops. The little plan in the Chemist Club now that to be sure i did on one occasion it was the bees knees to be able to get a few little odds and ends there when it was our turn. It was brillo thanks for that memory.Glad you shared the memory. I dont know anything about the shirt shop maybe others will recall that. My Ma used to like to go up to Georges street and Camden street and sent us or at least I was sent on the bus to go that way for some things. I think she favoured the south side.Sure that was also where the check books came in handy up in most of the shops there. Sloans was well used down there among the seventeen shops. Reids was a life saver betimes too.
    Willie all the best to you and yours J R hope the floods were not too bad in Wexford Hope you can get out for your walks. Keep well. Have to dash. See yiz all in Spring
    Hello to everyone not forgettin yiz all.
    Snow galore here but a very mild day and even a little thaw my end. Im still heading off to the sun soon. All the best
    p/s Martin thanks for the updates and all the best to your good self and fam this year too hope you are also in good health. Hope your family is safe in Lahinch too.

  683. SHAY JORDANon 13 Jan 2014 at 8:24 pm

    Willie and JR
    Thanks for your comments about the PAWN SHOPS.
    I was wondering did you ever go to the *Moorehead* (of course in Moore Street) in your teens and get a DA or Tony Curtis haircut. I never did hair wasn’t very thick but I went with some lads on Sat Morning. The queue was a mile long cant remember how much they charges but it wasn’t cheap. Later on it was the Crew Cut and most barbers could handle that so *Moorehead lost out.

  684. SHAY JORDANon 13 Jan 2014 at 7:28 pm

    Foot Note to my story about getting your First new Suit.
    Most of the things changed when the Sloans Loan Company came out.
    Thing was I think you could only exchange their Cheques at their nominated shop on the Quays. I remember when the New styles camo out it was off to Sloans to get a White Sorts Coat then it was the Trench Coat in the winter. All the girls had the Chemists Saving plan you paid in weekly and got your stuff when your number came up (Remember the Ma getting her Max Factor Gift Box).
    Anyone remember the name of the *Shirt Shop * in Nth Earl Street/Talbot St.
    There you picked your shirt and they put it under the counter and you paid about 2/6 Week till you paid the lot. They gave you a little book so when you picked up your Shirt you started all over again. I recall the popular Singers having their photos in the Winter with the latest new style of Shirts. I think they got them for nothing *Dickie Rock had his picture in the window *Dickie Buys his shirts Here.
    Another thing about that corner the Lane by the side had I believe the first amusement arcade in Dublin. The Clergy had an awful row about it as it tempted all the women wasting they housekeeping money . The Clergy got their way as it got closed down a few times. I think in later years the gamblers got their way they we had Slot Machines all over Town.
    All the Best for Now. .SHAY#
    Can anyone contribute to my memories and prove I’m correct and not *Losing It * altogether Ha Ha.

  685. SHAY JORDANon 13 Jan 2014 at 3:36 pm

    I believe you are right about *Franks* Pawn Shop .
    You see we used to play one against the other, if you wore your welcome out in Dorset Street it was off around the corner.
    I think I recall that I needed a coat for some reason so the Ma pawned something.
    Then she took me up to The Ivy Market (was that up Thomas Street ).
    Anyway it was all second hand stuff we already had tried that market behind Moore St.
    I felt terrible trying on some else’s cast offs but that how it was in those days.
    The First *Bought Suit* I had was my First Holy Communion Suit guess that’s was the same for all Cabra West Kids. I was so proud walking down the Convent Church that morning. Only thing was all us kids were starving as in those days you had to *Fast since the night before (some kids passed out)
    But give the Nuns their due they had a lovely breakfast of tea and cakes (no chance of hot bacon and eggs then). But we were grateful of anything we thought we were rich.
    Anyone else got stories of their First communion in the Convent.
    That’s all for now ..Shay
    Oh PS Still not had my Op yet it was postponed again till 28 this month.The first delay was due to a heart problem but hopefully that’s been sorted PG.

  686. Joon 13 Jan 2014 at 5:35 am

    Hello all,
    Great to read the updates. Catch up with you all again soon. Patty looks like Lahinch took a hammering as well as many other places. Meantime taking a Winter break.No not going to ski on the slopes im heading for some sunshine and a much needed break. Be back in Spring.
    Oh will be looking forward to our Poets new book when I get back. Hope you will sign a copy for me Tony. We can work out ordering and shipping etc and Ill send payment Via Patty or direct to you. What ever works best ok.
    Greetings to everyone and all the very best to one and all.
    Cheerio for now. Mary best wishes with your move and catch up in Spring.

  687. Mary Tarnowskion 12 Jan 2014 at 12:34 am

    Hi All.
    I know you all thought I just did a runner away from all of you. Well I hope my Internet will be back on sometime next week and then I can get back to normal. I have moved house and this has caused havoc. I moved all of a mile away. You think I was hundreds of miles away. But not to worry.
    First things first….I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and Fun packed New Year. I sure enjoyed both and then I went to Dublin for 4 days. That was a great trip and great to spend time with family.
    As soon as I can, I will read all the post. I will be in touch again so long as I get my Broadband back . Good night and God Bless. Love to you all. Mary H.T.

  688. willie lynchon 10 Jan 2014 at 8:36 pm

    Hello gang, yes the weather is NJ is nuts, more snow ta day, didn’t even know it was coming. But just like Jo, we can deal with it, PUT THE FIRE ON PUT YOURS LEGS UP GRAB A BEER /WINE /Coffee OR TEA, AND LET THE REST OF THE WORLD GO BY. We have the tech ta take care of all that weather now. The snow reminds of the rain hitting the bedroom window at home, on the wintery nights. Nice ta be under the covers safe and worm. Shay what a great story there about the pawn shop, TG I was never inside it, but what great stories ya came up with, Thanks a mill, the part hoping no one see’s ya out of the 22 bus Ha, that way great and so bloody real man. The TV’s yes I remember it well watching Black and white SNOW. That pawn story is a book honest. Me youngest of 8 kids I was sent for the shoe Dockets ta Becky on Dingle road (Post office side of dingle). Came a long way God bless the Ma. Rita McMahon Great news from you, the face book is great if used in the right way. Good Luck Girl keep it goin patsy. Jo as I was reading your post, It brought me back ta the days,……. when the ma’s and da’s lined up outside of the telephone box at CABRA Cross, waiting on the son’s & daughters calling from across the oceans. Even when I came to the states in 1974, we saved up to make a phone call home. I don’t know what you do JO. But I have Comcast cable that’s TV/INTERNET/and home phone. I thinks its about $225 a month. Anyway I have the international rate, on my bill 300 minutes for $20 and 5 cents a minute after that. I just got off the phone with brother Thomas In Edge ware London. Well this may help ya, But with your money Jo you don’t have ta worry about this $$ stuff ha. Well my love to all here there and everywhere. Give it the best and enjoy the moments. Stay well. Willie L

  689. Pattyon 09 Jan 2014 at 7:58 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site Thanks for all your news and Martin that photo of your grand daughter in Lahinch is just unbelievable.Chilling out at the mo trying to get rid of a head cold take care everyone bye for now.Patty.

  690. james rogerson 09 Jan 2014 at 12:04 am

    Frank worked in the pawn shop in Gardiner Street, i can still hear him rattling off the prices, it was a penny for a large sheey of brown paper, Weavers opened across from where i use to live in Dorset Street. I rememberr a conductor on the 22 getting reoprted for calling out at the stop near Gardiner Street, the pawn shop special, people may have gone to the pawn on monday morning but they had their pride, When i went to Perth there was one pawnshop, when i left in 08 there was one on every cornor. One of my mates had a small one, i wrote a song about the goings on in there one day.
    I can only remember a few lines.
    Went over to see Ian and Sean, with an object i wanted to pawn, as my car pulled into the rear, music an d song greeted my ear, it sounded like the kop.
    Oh the craic was ninty in Rocheis old hock shop.
    To Scotland Ian and Sean were bound, high roads low roads up and down, customers there was none, how does this bloody business run. we had a visit from a cop. Oh the craic was ninty in Rochies old hock shop.
    Jimmy R.

  691. Joon 08 Jan 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Hello Rita
    Delighted to hear you are finding your Cabra OZ families too. I think the Ollie I mentioned lived up the top of Carnlough Rd and if I recall right has a sister called Grace and another sister who was in Mrs O’Farrels class with one of my sisters in school I cant recall her name but for some reason Olive comes to mind I might be wrong but that rings a bell. Maybe they are from other OMalley families but thought I would share that as you jogged my memory again. We are cold here too not doing too bad just the same. Others have it much worse looking at the Weather else where.I cant complain.I bet our resident poet Tony could put a really good handle on a weather poem for us all. Especially on Irelands Green shamrock and Englands Red Rose.With the floods I bet the shamrocs will be growing all over Europe by march cause everything has been uprooted by the floods. Willie I recall Jimmy shand family singing a song with that Title around the days you were playing your Accordian in the Doyles house. Jimmy Shand and his fam were big in Scotland back in the day and I recall we got a taste of Andy Stuart every New yrs eve too as our Da was big into the auld bag pipes.
    Well now I better not start getting full of wind talking about them auld bag pipes. I am in enough trouble as it is. Getting older and no wiser but still glad to say hello to one and all. Good luck Rita glad you are still finding family and 5 generations too well done.
    Regards to one and all

  692. Rita McMahonon 08 Jan 2014 at 1:14 am

    Hi All,
    From Freezin Ontario -35c minus with the Wind chill…….today……as I read it’s bad in costal areas over your side of the pond.
    Well just keeping my fingers busy on the keys and checking out the Ancestors again. I remember Jo mentioned the name Ollie O’Malley last June ,well just today I learned he is a son of my Uncle Gerry and lives in Australia so some more of the puzzle comes to light. I am now in contact with lots of cousins on FB who came to came to Canada in ’57 from my uncle Joe’s family and uncle Jack (John) family who live in Ireland/UK so the O’Malley name lives 5 generations all over the World. I am lucky to have found your site and remembering that family lived in CABRA all those years ago. Tks again for all your help.
    Wishing You all a very Healthy & Happy 2014…….Ms. Rita

  693. Joon 07 Jan 2014 at 3:34 am

    Hello all
    Good grief The weather everywhere is really bad. We were looking at photos of all the Floolds in Dublin and Lahinch and so many places in UK. Hello SHay nice of you to be thinking of us too here in the USA thank you. The East coast and mid west is bad but Im not doing too bad here in the wild west We also have family in Las Vegas who are doing much better than us all. We are able to get about and do all the usual routine day to day getting around kinds of things. Im still able to drive locally. We are doing grand. Hope yourself and Babs are well. Willie likewise hope you and Bev and fam are all well too. A huge hello to everyone so many now if I name you all Id be here writing too much. So for now all the best and hope everyone will be ok no matter where you are. Greetings to everyone.
    Hello Mary H T I got to chat to all my sisters and yours over the weekend All in good form. So new yr greetings once again to you and yours and to all on the site here.
    Thinking of everyone. Health and happiness and safety to all.

  694. SHAY JORDANon 06 Jan 2014 at 4:51 pm

    Hi Willie
    I do seem to remember the Pawn Office with the name *Wearver* .But I think it was always referred to as *Franks*. He was the guy who *Priced you valuables at he table if you were a regular he dropped your money each week. Used to be a laugh as ll the old *Dears haggled with him. I had a watch which I bought for 35 bob at first I got 10 bob but over the weeks it dropped to 5 bob(actually lost it when I never kept up the interest payments). My God it was terrible to see some Women Pawning the Bed Clothes. When you were in the queue waiting for them to open if the 22 Bus went passed you hid your face in case someone spotted you.
    There was a Bike shop up on the corner of Berkley Road I heard some people put a deposit on a bike or electrical Stuff 7/6 down. Then they took it to Franks and got a few pound.
    I’m sure everyone has a story to tell about the Pawn Office . No Government Benefits you help out in those days. Even in later years most things in the house were rented TV s / Washing Machines we all couldn’t even buy the radio (for some it was 5 bob and catch me when you can. I had a awful job trying to get the Da to guarantee for me bike and he certainly wouldn’t let us have a radiogram. First time I watched a TV was in the *Doyles House on Dingle Road it was the Perry Como Show and *I Love Lucy*.
    they even had some coloured plastic on the TV to make it looked Coloured* (waste of time.)..
    All the Best for Now Shay
    PS Willie hope you and Jo are not going through a bad time with all that Snow.

  695. Joon 06 Jan 2014 at 2:22 am

    Hello all,
    HOpe all are safe and well with such dreadful weather conditions everywhere.
    Great to read updates. All the very best to everyone.
    Greetings to one and all.

  696. willie lynchon 03 Jan 2014 at 1:32 am

    Well martin talk ta Johnny Weaver not sure of last name??, was that the name Of the Pawn on Dorset st, my god did I ever hear that name over and over as a kid. I remember looking out the 22-bus window at the three Balls over the shop. Martin I have ta tell ya, I love that picture on the post page,….. All the kids at the baths. It’s so real man its bloody magic to see. I wonder where they are ta day, I do hope they have it as good or better then we do. Don’t worry about a penny for the wedding martin, talk ta your rich Yank uncle Willie he should have plenty Right,……Not really I’ve no more or lsee then you all here,…….. but we are suppose ta right been the yank N all. Jo and Laureen will tell ya what I mean,….. The other yanks here, we have no more or less then anyone else. I remember well,….. going down ta Oliver bond Flats where my oldest brother lives he had (11 kids). They’d shoot out as i was comin,… (hay da,…. here’s uncle Willie your brother,……. the yank). Jezz I use ta curl up at times listening ta them. My wife loves ta hear them talk,…Like Maureen Potter God rest her. My God that Oliver bond knows how ta run that system,. Man are they smart or what. But it’s not for me never was. So So much problems there, you wouldn’t know whose who there,.or whose with who. I do the family thing and then I’m gone till the next time. OK they say we are having snow around here in NJ,…6 to a foot, but God only knows right. Jo you should have plenty there also. Love to all. Dinner is ready 7pm here, the cars are in the garages, so let it snow and do what it wants. SING: Theres a fire in the Kitchen and tea on the stove. love to all,. Willie

  697. willie lynchon 01 Jan 2014 at 10:27 pm

    Good day to all the gang, Happy New Year, Yes I did play last night New Year eve at a place called Thatcher McGhee’s in Denville NJ. It’s a real fun and nice place, owner is from Loughrea Galway, and he has two places Denville and Pompton Lakes Both in NJ. Man the Kids make ya work all they want ta do is dance, singing and playing my heart out, tried ta day woke up at 12 noon, jezz I missed the Liverpool game, but got Man U and Spurs, I was so glad for spurs winning, nice ta see the under dog win, God bless that new manager good for em, and he’s on LITTLE MONEY. Anyway Gang, Happy new year to all far and wide, our love and best wishes are with you all from New jersey USA. Jimbo R enjoy the moments My friend and PG I’ll get ta see you in May 2014 I’ll be home for a wedding, maybe martin -Liam & Olive we can meet at the halfway house, who ever can make it that day. JO I so so sorry to hear about that lovely lady God be with her, its a shame, some times we talk to ourselves and wonder RIGHT, what’s it all about Alfie. When ya see the news,…….what in Gods name are the Humans doing, and where do these terrible people come from hurting each other. Well Jo,……….. I told Jimbo R, …I wanted em to come on my winter cruise years ago from Florida, I know he would have loved it, and the single girls/ladies / cuergers ha,….. Would love em. But maybe down the road. MARTIN I want to thank you for all the people you brought to gether. I know I’ve said it before but once again a big thank you. JR I hope ta see you in may I should have 7 days home if god is willing. Liam O”N a great note on the 60th years Of out Church to think I was 7 years old, so I spent 7 years in the Tin church, I can still see it inside and out. I was born in the house 90 drumcliffe rd. Thanks again Liam for that post. Olive keep doing what you are doing get out there and see shows etc, go away with the gang, we can’t change the passed, wish we could but there is some one pulling strings upstairs, I wish now and then he’d lucent some strings. I don’t know about the rest of ya, But Christmas and new years, our kids are taking over. Yes I still put the tree up and the Santa on the lawn, with two little trees and lights on the front steps. But the likes a food / beers/wines etc, they all do now, even with their own money witch is a nice thing. Now I only wish they could play & sing, and just send me the checks. Not really I still love it, it’s still a trill. Listen again folks I’m getting long winded here. All the best for years to come. Willie L ANDDon’t for get if you are passing by upper or lower whitehouse station NJ , dooooo drop innnn.
    (Willie, I’ll have to get a loan from the Jewman to get me suit out of the Pawn for May. I’ll see if he can give me a bit extra so I can buy you a drink…MC)

  698. james rogerson 31 Dec 2013 at 10:16 pm

    Well it’s countdown to the years end and what ever will be will be, no one is promised tomorrow, when you think back to our young days, we galloped up and down the road on our pretend horses, we swung on trees like Tarzan, every day a new adventure, the girls skipping and swinging on the lampost, O’Grady said do this, rounders never a moment to be bored.
    73 years later and the fire is still in the belly, never bored, mind you the conversation has changed a little, now it’s the aches and pains, who’s attending the hospital or dr, what medication you’re on but we laugh about it, was down the beach monday morning is was so beautiful, i never tire looking at the beauty we have, the full tide, the waves breaking on the beach, the sun beaming down, the quiteness as the ferry from France glided in to the port, my very slow pace along the beach, oh! for my pretend horse, oh! for my old mates from Killala Road. my best wishes to you all for 2014 lets hope it’s a very good year for everyone home and away.
    Jimmy R.
    (Hello JR, I watched a cowboy film the other day. I counted 27 Indians attacking the wagon train. Eleven are shown being shot and falling off their horses. Now the thing is this, when they finally head back to camp there’s still 27 Indians. What do you think of that!!!…MC)

  699. Joon 31 Dec 2013 at 5:31 pm

    Hello to one and all. Not forgetting anyone. Happy New year and health and peace and all the best for the coming year.May we all have plenty of recovery rest and refreshment too.

  700. olive carron 30 Dec 2013 at 10:29 pm

    hi i wrote a large letter 27th but it went off somewhere so i try again .Shay i do hope opp goes on and you be much better .also that your wife is well at moment.
    J R glad you felt better for such a nice day.we have to enjoy each one as it comes eh . with storms etc take all the good days we get x
    Patty. Jo. Martin .Tony.Liam and all on site ,hope you all had a great Christmas and P G all have a great 2014 .
    We had double edged Christmas ,my son ,wife and daughter came to visit for 6 days from Perry Common in b/ham and we had dinner in one of my girls house great craic on ,st stephens evening12 of us went back up there for a game of cards .shattered next day ha… but at back of our minds was the fact ,that on fri 19th my brother Philip,s daughter had gone into a coma and was on a life machine ,which was turned off27th and her funeral will be in morning ..We dont know why yet ,she leaves 3 sons 25 17 14 and the dad of youngest 2 died last oct R I P so our prayers go out to them and her dad sisters and brothers x x x x
    I am really glad that i am booked to go away to cannaries on 9th for 2 weeks J R you would love porto rico so sunny ,be like Austraila x x x i hope this goes to post
    cheerio for now

  701. SHAY JORDANon 28 Dec 2013 at 6:58 pm

    Jimmy R
    So good to read your letter and very glad to hear your coming on.
    Its a great feeling to wake up and realise that you can join the living again.
    We had a very bad 2013 and will be glad to see the back of it.
    I had a bit of a shock 3 weeks ago went for a Pre Op but on the ECG it was Panic Stations. Funny thing was I felt fine and couldn’t see what the fuss was all about.
    The Daughter was with me and she looked at the ECG results and said I was very lucky . She is a Staff Nurse at another Hospital lucky to have her as she does all my injections.
    Anyway after 3 weeks of medication the Op is back on ,so PG things will turn out well.
    Don’t worry JR after a few walks I’m sure your appetite will return and the weight will come back on. Same thing happened to the Misses I had a terrible time trying to get her to eat. It took a while but everything is fine now and is back to normal weight(lost over 2st).
    So good luck JR hope to hear you are back to normal self soon.
    All the Best .Shay

  702. Joon 28 Dec 2013 at 4:08 pm

    Hello all,
    The frosty air J R i can just picture your setting lovely great to hear you are in good form. Keep the good walks going Spring will be back and youll be fit as a fiddle. Hope everyone had a nice Christmas ours was short and sweet. The little ones loved thier pressies and all played and were happy. We still have snow and its still very a very pretty sight picture post card looking.
    Meantime wishing you all a very happy and healthy new year. Hello to all my family and to you all on the Cabra site. Always lovley to keep up to date with you. Time to rest and relax then in the new year we will visit the rest of our family and have some extra Christmas fun and new year fun too with them.
    Wishing everyone all the very very best for the coming year.
    Kindest Regards to you all

  703. james rogerson 26 Dec 2013 at 11:59 am

    Boxing day 2013, woke up this morning to blue skies and the sun shining into my bedroom, i lay there still as the night, something was not right, am i dead i thought, i did journey through the twilight zone during the night, saw myself sitting on the kerbside outsid my house on Killala, two things crossed my mind, i never learnt to dance like Fred Astair and i never really fell in love, but back to the present, there was something different, for the first time this year i had no aches or pains, so i lay there and wondered, up showered and shaved and down the stairs opened the windows to let the frosty air into the house, there was a layer of frost on the door, a perfect morning, December can be beautiful with the right setting. Will try and take my first walk on the beach in months, i’v had a rough few months, the heart failure, losing my independence my appetite and two stone, i have no taste for food at all, maybe it’s the medication but it’s good to feel ok if only for a day. I trust you all had a wonderful time, christmas never did anything for me but for some reason i always felt great on boxing day and today i feel great. so where ever you are on this lonely planet, give yourself a nice hug, you.ve earned it.
    Jimmy R.
    (JR, great to hear from you. What a great feeling to wake up with the sun shining down…MC)

  704. Joon 24 Dec 2013 at 5:43 pm

    Teeshee Tiny

    Yep tiny tree this year
    filled with hope and cheer
    Tiny hands did it all
    toddlers can be to tall.

    Tiny hands and tippy toes
    placed it there for us
    Back in the day twas into town
    and always on the 22 bus

    Christmas eve was our time to shop
    to get last bargains and shop till we drop
    The messenger boy from Rieds would come
    The hamper the life saver filled to the top.

    This Christmas eve is time to slow down
    The snow is very pretty like a blanket on the ground
    The peace from untouched stillness
    Is a complete joy to be aroud

    This year we got an extra gift
    An Angel expressed a whole new wish
    Twas a tiny whisper to a mother
    This special gift wrapped like no other

    Hush now to one and all
    as many travel far and and wide
    Listen to the soft voice of your Angel
    that is very deep inside.

    Angels are not just on top of trees
    or singing carols on high.
    Listen to your Angels whisper
    cause they are always close by.

  705. Rita McMahonon 24 Dec 2013 at 11:15 am

    So nice Martin, tks for the prayers they certainly work and this site has certainly made me find lots of Cabra family around the World. Just listening to RTE radio in Grafton St, sure would make you home sick. See weather isn’t the best as is the same here in Canada. Merry Christmas everyone xo Rita O’Malley

  706. ella bryanon 24 Dec 2013 at 3:47 am

    Hi just got home from Christmas shopping and what a mad rush out there you really have to watch those crazy drivers in the parking lots. Shay hope things work out for you soon and that all will be back to normal. Martin hope you and the family are all well and it is nice to know that you have done so well on this site. Hello to all on this site and wishing you all a Merry Christmas and all the best of Health for the New Year. The pictures of the Church etc were all special to see. We had about five to six inch of snow last week but all turned to rain but not before we had to clear it away from the sidewalks but we were lucky in Toronto it is very bad what with the big ice storms so we cannot really complain. Bye for now. God bless Ella

  707. Joon 23 Dec 2013 at 6:42 pm

    Greetings to everyone and a very Happy New year too one and all. Great to read the updates. Hope all are well. Shay great to hear from you too. Hello to all the Liams and nice to read the updates on the 60th and see all the info on the Parish too. Great stuff. I was actually christened on the south side but most if not all the siblings were christened in the Precious Blood chapel.
    Great to hear how you are all doing around the world and in Cabra West this Season.
    Roll on a new year think we are all more than ready for it.
    Happy New year to you all and hope as always that everyone has a peaceful and a good Christmas too.
    Off I go again snow galore in my neck of the woods wont be going too far maybe just to see the grandchildren who are not too far away and in the new year will go outa town to see the rest of them.
    Cheerio all
    love to all my family too
    Kindest Regards and Greetings to everyone

  708. Liam O'Neillon 21 Dec 2013 at 8:14 am

    Hi Shay,
    The Regal Rooms was the name of the picture house you asked about, The Kosmo Pub was beside it. Happy Christmas!!!!!!! Liam

  709. Martin Coffeyon 20 Dec 2013 at 11:45 pm

    Well it’s that time of year again when we all prepare for the visit of Santy. It’s still such an exciting time even now after all these years on. I can’t wait to see what he brings me. Now I’ve been extra good for the last few weeks and I’m hoping he’ll bring me a Cowboy Suit with a gun and holster. I’ll sit backwards on one of the kitchen chairs and pretend I’m on my horse, ‘Hi Ho Silver Away…’.

    Well folks, wherever you are at this time of year I’d like to wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Christmas and a life filled New Year. We’ve come a long way since 2007 when this site was first set up. Through this Cyber Space we’ve met so many great and wonderful people that we may never have met otherwise. Thank you all so much for filling my life with your wonderful memories, stories, poems and songs. You have all given me such great support with the site and with my books and with my photo exhibitions.

    I recently lit a candle for all of the people from the site. I was visiting the church in Cabra West and sat for a while in one of the pews where I went through every name I could remember connected with this site. I then lit the candle in thanks to my God for allowing such special people to come into my life. So may your God bless you and keep you safe in the warmth of His heart.

    MC xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  710. SHAY JORDANon 20 Dec 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Love that Model of the old Tin Church remember it well going there all the time.
    As we lived on Mulroy it was quite easy to go to top of our road.
    I recall Father Burke telling us of his ambitions to Build a Church that Cabra West would be proud off.
    If I recall every House got a Brown Envelope which would be collected on Friday night.
    Jayus the poor Ma only just had enough money to feed us for two days.
    Then it was off to the Pawn Office on Monday to get a bit more to last a bit longer.
    Even the School Children were pestered for penny’s for The Black Babies.
    Father Burke would have got more standing outside O Gormans and Matt Whealans Pub. I don’t think The Oasis was around in the 50s (cant recall when that was build).
    Another thing about the Tin Church we used to have a Football Pitch on the left side.
    That was the start of the Roads League my Dad was Football Secretary and the Ma used to wash the Shirts. My Uncle used to make the collection Boxes and us kids used go around the spectators to pay for the upkeep of the team.
    Remember we had a final which was play in the Technical School Grounds,all that excitement you would swear it was an FAI Final.
    The Da was very good all that Gold Writing (cant spell what its called *dunce*) .
    Well he used to write out all the award certificates they were Presented with a little trophy. A few Lads went on to play for Senor Teams I wondered if Gerry Daly or Terry Conroy or Conway started out from roads fOOTBALL.
    Well must go now been dragged out for Christmas Shopping .
    All the BEST ……..shay

  711. liam o kellyon 20 Dec 2013 at 5:50 am

    I would like to wish each and everyone of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  712. SHAY JORDANon 20 Dec 2013 at 12:54 am

    Hi All
    I wonder can any help me for the name of the picture House next to the Theatre Royle.
    I think it was called the Regal but I may be wrong.
    I remember going there in Christmas week 1955 (I was 16yr) to see *The Lady and the Tramp*.
    It wasn’t a Christmas film but it had a Festive feel about it .
    We had be waiting over a week for the promise of a White Christmas but just as we came out about 9pm it started Snowing.
    You would have thought we had seen enough Snow in 1947 to last a lifetime.
    When I got a job at 14yr I always went to TOWN on Saturday Afternoons to the Pictures. I done this to review them before they made it to the Grand for the Ma to see.
    Best Christmas Film in 1954 was at the Capitol it was *White Christmas* Bing /Danny /Rose Clooney Vera Ellen . that was some great weekend .
    I had saved a few Bob and after the Pictures I threated myself to tea and cakes in Woolworths. that week I even bought myself a new Watch in Lawrence’s Shop in the Arcade in Henry Street.It was a dear watch at the time I paid a deposit and paid the rest weekly (they held it till you paid it all). Mind you that watch served me and Eugene well in later years (when we had no job). it went into Franks Pawnshop many a time. Unfortunately we lost it by not keeping up the interest payments. It was about that time we thought enough is enough and we came over here . But it was only supposed to be for a while till we got on our feet. I guess that is the story of many an emigrant. Hear we are 56 years later my how time does fly but we have our memories of the Old Dublin we loved (we are strangers to Modern Dublin)
    All the best to All…………………SHAY
    PS No Im not really Melancholy just Nostalgic for the missing family members at Christmas Dinner.

  713. Liam O'Neillon 19 Dec 2013 at 9:10 pm

    Hello everyone,

    Nice to post again. also good to see Martin out and about again. Cabra West Parish celebrated the 60th anniversary of our church last Sunday.

    It was a great event with lots of memories exchanged with the visiting priests and the Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin who celebrated Holy Mass and also baptised a new member of our community in the wonderful new font.

    Lots of credit to the Parish Committee and Fr. Neil Dargan. Our Parish priest Fr. John Greene is to be commended for his leadership of this great event.

    I do wish you all a peaceful Christmas, to our emigrant’s and immigrant’s may you be blessed with health and happiness in 2014.

    looking forward to reading about all your adventures after Christmas,

    Remembering all our parents in our prayers, take care and God Bless All,

  714. SHAY JORDANon 19 Dec 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Hi All
    Well Christmas is nearly upon us and my thoughts go back to our Childhood to the stallholders in Henry Street. Or even going down to the Quay on Sunday morning to see what old Hector Grey had to offer. I reckon that was equal to todays Poundland the shop was a kids paradise. Then of course we have to recall all the lovely Christmas Window Display it was Mc Birney’s on the Quay then a walk up Georges Street to see Cassidy’s .It was a pity we could only look and be envious of what the Rich Kids were getting.
    There was always some rich Family on the road were the Kids came out on Christmas Morning on a New Bike /Pram or even the full *Hoppalong Cassidy all Black Outfit with Twin Holsters.
    That’s enough of my reminiscing of days I was hoping to be recovering from an Op over the Christmas. But we had a set back at the Pre Op so its been put back and Im on medication to sort it out .
    PG they can sort it out without too much trouble but funny thing is had no symptoms and was totally surprised. The daughter is a Staff Nurse so she is giving me daily injections a lot more gentle than the hospital nurse.
    We shall be glad to see the back of this year so Please God 2014 will be a lot better .
    than this year
    That’s all for now ,hope to get back on line before Christmas .
    All the Best …………Shay

  715. Tony Gormanon 18 Dec 2013 at 10:27 pm

    Happy Christmas to all on site
    and have a lovely New Year

  716. Robert McManuson 18 Dec 2013 at 9:03 pm

    Hi everyone,

    I’d like to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!
    Special Christmas Greetings To Liam O’Neil, might even see you in the New Year Liam as I may get over to Dub in the first half of the year.

  717. SHAY JORDANon 18 Dec 2013 at 7:04 pm

    Good Im back on Site after a week of failure ,will get back later to bring you up to date.

    All the Best .Shay
    (Hello Shay, I never doubted for one moment that you would give up on this problem you had trying to connect to the site. Well done…MC)

  718. SHAY JORDANon 18 Dec 2013 at 7:02 pm

    hi all just testing my log in.in the past nothing happened on submit.

  719. Pattyon 18 Dec 2013 at 2:23 am

    Hello Martin and to all you lovely friends Have a very Happy Christmas and a very Happy and Healthy New Year.Catch you all again soon Bye for now Bye Patty.

  720. olive carron 12 Dec 2013 at 6:56 pm

    well i got to see WICKED last evening.and what a show every thing was brilliant songs,dances and the costumes were just so great,we were wondering why we dont hear the songs from it as some of them so lovely.
    And to keep up the Christmas spirit we are have a [girly] weekend in hotel in Ashbourne./so easy to get lifts there and back /and there is an ABBA show on dinner etc ,33 of us going so look out Ashbourne haha
    Oh and got an email saying that rest of money due for our January hollidays is due today ,so we on countdown xx going to peorto rico in canaries.for 2 weeks .
    wont feel it now with so much going on over Christmas .we will need a rest ha
    hope every one is well
    cheers OLIVE XXXXX

  721. olive carron 10 Dec 2013 at 9:40 pm

    hi all
    Tony love your bloody fingers .to me its my bloody p c i have to write 3 words then wait for it to come up on screen and when i go wrong takes double time to sort as [my bloody fingers ]are useless .

    Well love to all.I started my Christmas last friday by going to Erins Isle ,they
    were putting on AN EVENING OF BIG BAND MUSIC. it was brilliant .was so many songs we danced to all our young years .so we dance again with gusto..funny when you with pals dancing you forget to be old ha ha
    Iam going to see a show tomorrow called Wicked so Christmas is still on .and the cards have started coming in T g so at least i am remembered for another year .. decorations not up yet .as one of the hard things to do without drowning in memories x and its the time when you know we AREold as have to wait for help botteming house before hanging decorations x
    Well hope every one well and keeping on kepping on .
    JR sorry we didnt meet up in Wexford but P G next time
    Shay hope all hospital appointments went ok
    Willy photos on F B are great show what a good time was had by all .dont work too hard over christmas and N Y .
    Hi to all the girls hope you and yours are well .
    Iwill finish up with a funny kids tale .

    you know how when they ask for something and you training them to allways say please and thank you and you ask /whats the magic word/ well Calum 2andhalf asked for jellies when i said whats the magic word he says abrakadabra haha he got his jellies but dont they make you laugh

    well cheers for now willl let you know what show was like x x
    love Olive

  722. Tony Gormanon 09 Dec 2013 at 9:12 am

    Hi Martin
    I hope you and your family are well.
    Thanks for deleting my mistake, my fingers were too fast hitting that submit button.
    Do you suffer from the finger syndrome, when you write something on your computer and go to correct a mistake but your finger hits the submit key before you correct it.

    Bloody Fingers 7th December 2013 by/Tony Gorman

    You feel like Dougal in Father Ted
    When that submitting button looms
    Your head is in a tizzy
    As the keyboard play its tunes

    Your head says don’t press it
    And you pull your hand away
    But your fingers sneak back towards it
    In their own impulsive way

    And before you have a chance
    Your finger hits the key
    And you wonder why there’s a part of you
    That doesn’t respond to me

    Then you look at what that fingers done
    Your mouth’s open you’re all aghast
    And you hope you can amend it
    And try to do it very fast

    Yes” we know fingers get distracted
    So I’ll bring this to a close
    Please excuse me for signing off
    As they’re heading for my nose

  723. Tony Gormanon 07 Dec 2013 at 8:00 am

    Hi Martin
    I hope you are well
    I discovered I sent you the wrong version of my poem so if you can delete the first one and leave this one I’ll be back on track.
    Take care

    Nelson Mandela (Tribute to Great Man) 6th December 2013

    Imprisoned in a bodily way
    While freedom filled his heart
    As white it reigned supreme
    To set two worlds apart

    His stance to end apartheid
    Was an unselfish sacrifice to give
    To be locked away for years and years
    To make his ideals live

    He shone out like a beacon light
    In a protest to show all
    That democracy would rule someday
    And racism ways would fall

    His cell was opened, his freedom won
    And the whole world recognised
    This man of a special magnitude
    Had opened up their eyes

    To bring a world of equality
    And end a racist hate
    And change a nation watched by all
    Leaving both races to collate

    His passion and forgiveness
    Was how he showed the way
    He etched his sacrifice in life
    To ensure that it would stay

    But the years of toil took its toll
    Though his smile was always there
    Like the good things that he won for all
    It was something he could share

    Prisoner 466/64 was freed from Robben Island
    27 years there had passed
    And yet he held no animosity
    For the injustice that was cast

    But sadly he has passed away
    His fighting days are through
    So remember please South Africa
    What Mandela done for you

    Freedom at last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By/Tony Gorman

  724. Joon 06 Dec 2013 at 5:11 pm

    Hello all,
    Just a little hello to say hope you all have a nice Christmas. Hope everyone will have the health and strength they need as the joy and love of family and friends keeps us all going. Not forgetting loved ones everywhere.
    Thinking of you all.

  725. willie lynchon 27 Nov 2013 at 3:09 pm

    Hello all I tell ye for me life at 67 in the fast lane. But enjoying everyy moment Tg. Jo & Mary T, olive and gang, lily winnie is magic,…… My god waking up to her little voice in the morning is magic. what a GOd send. I wish i had the other two grand kids from long Island in NJ. All i want ta do is walk them to school. I had Lily shopping with me at the suppermaket picking up the turkey 22 lbs and other stuff, Jezz gang it takes ya three weeks ta get down one Isle, the little one waving at everyone, jezz ya think she was in Moore street selling her penny apples. Happy thanksgiving to all, its a great holiday over here in the states, we have 21 for dinner & three people for afters. we have most of the holidays at the house enough room for all. In the back yard we get the hurley sticks out after dinner. anyway love to all, i didn’t get time ta read post,……… PG this weekend i will. Our love to all the gang everywhere, From the yankee Lynches, listen gang please stay well don’t worry about the small sttff. Hoping J R is getting better. Next year Jimmy R Oct another trip home. I’m working on it now it will take a few weeks. .always willie L

  726. Joon 26 Nov 2013 at 6:10 pm

    Hello Olive
    oh I nearly fogot Congratulation on the newest Arrival too.
    I still say Life is all about Arrivals and departutes. Making the best and the most of our journey is indeed what it is all about. There is no getting over any loss there is no getting around it either but we sure do learn to get through it and to keep pressing on. I am greatful for you all at the cross Roads otherwise sure we would all be going around the bend it if wasnt for the love and support of family and lovely kind neighbours and freinds including everyone here on the site too.
    That is what keeps us all going. I am with you and Ella all the way my thoughts will be with everyone as Christmas and other special occasions come we sure all miss loved ones and think of them too. Thanks for great memories that keeps us going too.We are all fortunate that we have so many precious memories to hold on to.As we share the memories. Glad some of those memories make me roar with laughter too inspite of the tears sometimes we laugh till we cry other times we cry till we end up laughing too. Its all ok we still do ok just the same and life is kind to us overall.
    now I have caught up on all my email and hope everyoyone has a lovley christmas too. Keep well and keep cosy and cheerio for a while.
    Kindest Regards and warm Wishes to all this Christmas and into the new yr.

  727. Joon 26 Nov 2013 at 3:00 pm

    Hello Olive and Ella
    So kind of you both to share your thoughts. Great to hear from you both. Tony G as always lovley poem. Always sad to hear or fam and freinds and neighbours passing away.Great to hear from one and all. The same here our grandchildren had a loss too in their extended family and they too have been sad cause thier cousins mam died. We also wish and hope all will be comforted in their loss. Lovely tribute Tony your poems speak volumes. Patty glad to see your lovley little hello too.
    Its a busy time for one and all as we approach all the holidays here. The Thanksgiving and the Christmas both back to back here. So im heading off to the grandchildren to day.This is just a little hello in between the busy time ahead.We also have a little b day for one of the grandchildren too. they keep us on out toes.
    It also brings a little joy back into thier lives as The Birthday and Thanksgiving is this week. So that is nice for one and all. A big hello to everyone Shay hope things are going ok for yourself and Babs too. J R hello and really not forgetting anyone. Best wishes to one and all. Hello to all the neighbours in Cabra West too. and everywhere.To all the Liams and all the Marys and everyone on the site
    Have a lovely Christmas all. At the close of another year I want to wish one and all every good wish and peace this Christmas.Hello Martin wishing you and yours a lovely Christmas too. Hope you are over the winter ills and also hope you have a nice christmas too. Willie and the boys and girls in NJ hello to all too espl Lily
    Lorainne hope you and Mary and Beatrice had a great time too. photos of you all were fab. Oh nice to see all the photos of the locals at Reids farewell and of the Sherridan cousins photo nice one of the lads too.
    Twas lovely to hear from everyone and see all the lovely photos of you all at the reunion too Sorry I couldnt make it. Cheerio all Joan you are always in our thoughts too. Niamh likwise.A huge hello to all my family who sometimes pop in to the site too.

  728. Pattyon 26 Nov 2013 at 2:43 pm

    Hi Everyone New Babies being born Happieness and the passing of life Sadness it happens every Day Life goes full circle.Imagine the Sheridan cousins meeting after all these years and they only a stones throw away from each other thats wonderful.Take care and best wishes to all.Patty.

  729. ella bryanon 26 Nov 2013 at 12:39 am

    deepest sympathy to all who had friends and family pass away and we will continue to remember then in our prayers also those who are ill we will pray for a quick recovery. Charlie Murphy of Dunmanus Road was laid to rest last week. R.I.P. Perhaps someone will remember him and include him in their prayers. Ella

  730. Pattyon 25 Nov 2013 at 10:57 pm

    Hello Martin and all on the site Lovely poems from Tony and Jo just wonderful.Its good to hear from everyone keep well and nice and warm these winter nights.Bye for now Patty.

  731. olive carron 25 Nov 2013 at 10:52 pm

    evening to all on site
    Jo reading your LOCKET poem made me smile .I have one i wear a lot, it has O J on back,as i was OLIVE JACKSONwhen Frank bought it for me Christmass 1954,was 1 pound 15 shilling and he only earned 1pound2/6 .it was years later i found out he had one most of it playing cards in work.ha it has a photo of each of us taken in 1952,and my eldest girl has ;booked it for herself when i.m gone ;
    I also smiled because when we went to Birmingham i lived with my fathers mother NANNY NUGENT she was a howl we all loved her .she married George Nugent when my dad was 5 and his brother 3 .she had been a widow since dad was nearly 3 and told us she only married again because people told her she would go mad if she didnt once she had KNOWN a man hahabut she had a locket about size of old penny but didnt have closed in side so had photo on each side one of granddad Sam other side George and when she fell out with George she would turn Sams side out and say ;this is my real love .we thought it so funny x
    bit of news i had another great grandson born this morning FINN .both doing well T G
    we had a great time in Wexford there was 14 at our table so craic was mighty as we friends for years .there was 180 in party all togethet .was glad to come home for a rest ha
    My eldest son and wife and daughter comeing to us for christmas if i have anything left to treat them as there was 3 birthdays and new baby this mnth as well as haha still looking forward to seeing them x
    Hope you all ok on here and JO are you still up and down U S A Shay hope you and wife well and hello to every one
    cheers for now

  732. Tony Gormanon 22 Nov 2013 at 10:25 am

    A Tribute to My Cousin Tom O’Connor (Who sadly died on Tuesday 19th November 2013)

    A family man, a brother, and a friend
    A Trojan horse who fought up to the very end
    His medals and his trophies showed the way
    His enthusiasm energised on the field of play

    His smile would brighten up the darkest day
    His laughter rang to clear the gloom away
    Helping others was the way he paved his life
    To bring them comfort erasing any form of strife

    For him helping others was just a normal thing to do
    His humour in his last hours seen him through
    For God he sent his angels in his honour
    To guide the way to heaven for a hero and true friend “Tom O’ Connor”

    With My Deepest Sympathy
    His Cousin
    Tony Gorman

    Tom married one of our beautiful Cabra girls Dorothy Jenkins from Bannow Road and lived there for a number of years
    He was a true blue in every way from helping those in need to pulling on the Dublin shirt
    that he wore with pride many times in Croke Park.
    My memories of Tom were of a larger than life character that no matter what the circumstances were he always had a smile.
    I remember meeting him one day after one of his GAA matches and he looked like he had been hit by a bus but Tom put aside his battle scars saying with a smile that he had a great game.
    I know if there is a heaven Tom will have a team of players on their heavenly pitch and he’ll run the legs off all those lazy Saints up there.
    So to all of Tom’s family and friends let us raise a glass and toast a very special person.

    To Tom (RIP)

  733. Joon 22 Nov 2013 at 7:35 am

    The Locket

    Looking through the little window pane
    The railway the hills and a little locket with a chain
    Holds pictures of family no need for a frame
    The locket still worn priceless photos remain

    The only piece of gold to survive the dustbowl
    survived the great depression and Winters stone cold
    some one wears the locket full of precious gold
    The photos within are the connection to the old

    The generations long past ploughed in fileds of gold
    some traveled miles to dig deep in holes
    Some ended up with copper others with black lungs
    Many ended up with fools gold thier stories yet to unfold

    Of all the stories anyone could tell
    The locket beats them all no matter where it fell
    It always ended up in the right hands
    The stiff neck its on holds the key as well

    The photos within its tiny oval holds a whole family
    Each day the photos rotate and no one turns a wheel
    The individuals all a reminder that they are strong as steel
    No one could ever forget them or how they make one feel.


    The Hamper

    The pudding and Fruit cake and lots of biscuit tins
    Afternoon Tea USA assorted and a host of other things
    All came from Reid’s the messenger boy knocking at the door
    You would think It was Santa himslef as everyone would roar

    The auld cardboard box filled with the basic needs of life
    plus the assorted extras were a luxury in sight
    You would never see that much food from day to day
    but our mammies made it last all winter and did so with all their might.

    The people up the top of Carnlough liked Hampers as well
    you would hear all the auld wanns yapping about what the shopkeeps could sell
    Everyone depended on the Hamper for the Christmas day
    putting a few bob into the account any and every which way.

    The people down in the Key hole would remind each other to save
    and pass on the word to others as fast as they could every day
    some would not be able to put away a half crown
    but they did try thier best and hoped for the rest as Christmas time came round

    The turkey was a tradition for some a goose now and then to be sure
    A pigs cheek for one family was the norm and a bit of spiced beef out of this world
    A pudding was always to be stirred and for days it was done till it was pure
    a bottle of stout was the great preserver the rest was up to all who needed a cure

    We bid farewell to the Reid’s and sing their praices indeed
    They sure are in our memories and all they did kept us alive
    In a community filled with poverty and yet also filled with pride
    There is no doubt about it their family was part of our Cabra West Beehive.

    They sometimes were the honey that made life sweet
    They kept us going at Christmas and sometimes day to day on tick
    Indeed we had no bones about having to shop in that way
    Twas also his way of doing business and sure that did the trick.

  734. Joon 22 Nov 2013 at 6:07 am

    Hello all,
    Lovely to read all the updates. Greetings to one and all. Hello Shay hope all goes well. Glad everyone got home safe from the reunion too and hope all are well.
    Almost thanksgiving at this end and sure before we know it Christmas will be here too. How time flies. Great poem Tony we all love to read your great poems. Will also look forward to your book. Keep us all up to date on when its available.Well done.
    Hello once again to everyone and all the very best for now.
    Not forgetting you all and like Mary up to my eyes with home fam children and grandchildren.Will look forward to hearing how you all are and will pop in again soon.
    finished with our travels for now and slowing down for Winter.Twas lolvey to see all the photos of everyone and all the lovley updates on how everyone has enjoyed getting together.
    Cheerio all and all the very best to everyone.
    Kindest Regards to all.

  735. Tony Gormanon 19 Nov 2013 at 2:47 pm

    Hi to all
    You all seemed to have had a great time, I wish I had of been there.
    What lovely pictures of all those beautiful ladies that I knew back in the old days.
    Hopefully one day we’ll meet up.
    I hope you never had to eat any meat from where Karney’s moggy’s back eye rested.
    yak !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks Mary I’m glad you like what I write it means a lot to me.
    My next book coming out in spring 2014 will be the best I have written and hopefully people will get a lot of pleasure reading it as I have focused my poems on bringing peace of mind to those that read it.
    The book will be called Poems of Reality “The Bees Knees of Poetry”
    This will be my last poem book.
    I’m sure you’ll like it Mary
    I hope you get good results from the hospital, Stay strong we’re all thinking about you.
    Lorraine Kelly have you a brother called Sean and did you go to Cabra Technical School?
    I’m sure you are all thinking about the reunion now and looking at those photos to remember it by so I wrote the poem below just for you.
    Olive keep an eye out for a horse tied up outside a bar in Wexford, chances are it will be JRs.
    The Gathering

    Take a time in your life and gather friends from back then
    And let the conversation be based on the past
    And the stories you hear in your mind will be clear
    As your night disappear very fast

    But you’ll remember that night, everything went just right
    And friends came from places far and near
    Some recognisable you’ll say even though their hair’s grey
    And some have gathered some weight around their rear

    Some sad stories be told a consequence of being old
    And some stories are of people not there
    And you’ll smile and you’ll think as you have one more drink
    It’s nice having some stories to share

    But the night goes too fast as your time doesn’t last
    And you’re saying goodbye to them all
    And you’ll remember that night as you board on your flight
    All those neighbours who rallied to the call

    Now the gathering’s has passed and your back home at last
    And you look at your computer to see
    And you scroll up and down with your close friends around
    Showing them all the photos that’s on cabrahistory

  736. Rita McMahonon 19 Nov 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Love the Photo/Story of the Sheridan Cousins.
    And Thanks to this Site for it was the start at finding my O’MALLEY Clan
    over here in Canada and the UK and IRELAND, Looking
    forward to meeting my Uncle Joe’s granddaughter before the Christmas and she
    didn’t know any of her Fathers cousins so it should be good, feel like an
    orphan who found long lost family.
    Still on the search for more especially info on the Ancestors.
    Keep Warm everyone and hope the Winter won’t be long and hard to you
    all, not going to say season’s greetings yet even if the trees/deco are popping
    up all around the place, I will wait till the 1st at least.
    Slan for now Rita O”

  737. Liam O'Neillon 19 Nov 2013 at 8:43 am

    Hello to you all,

    Hello Mary H.T, it is a very cold and frosty morning in Cabra West. I love this weather, reminds me of the slides we made on the roads, especially sliding down Broombridge.
    It was good to enjoy the company of you all in the Addison. Willie and friends made some cool music and Martin & Mary were indefatigable.

    Good news about Christmas parcels for Cabra. An Post have moved their parcels facility to Bannow Road (the old Fas building), so Santa Claus will not have to over exert his reindeer this year.

    Application also for a Multi- Denominational school (195 pupils) beside the new An Post Office on Bannow. Someone is anticipating an influx of families, ergo pupils, best of luck to all.

    Tony, give us a poem, ah go on..I just love them, Jo and Mary et al are also cool wordsmiths but I really am looking forward to your next offering: a refusal will offend, so thanks for all your wonderful contributions during my short time on the forum.

    JR, looking out for a Christmas Carol from yourself. best of luck to you and your family.

    Shay, will keep you and yours in our prayers this Saturday evening in Christ the King Church, a celebratory Mass marking the 80th anniversary of the Church will be held, it will be a nostalgic time for us seniors, His Grace, Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin will do the honours with tea and buns after, think of us next Saturday at 6.00pm.

    To Olive and Jo, Lorraine and Beatrice and particularly Robert McManus and family, keep well and warm this winter.

    Martin, keep wrapped up, looking forward to seeing you and Mary soon.
    God Bless All.

  738. Mary Tarnowskion 17 Nov 2013 at 4:43 pm

    Hi Everyone.
    I am going to be very busy now and will not have time to get posting as much as I would like. So don’t thing I am gone off you all…….just a heck of a lot in front of me. Nothing to do with Christmas. I will be looking in to keep an eye on the posts.
    Hello to Olive, Tony, J.R. Lorraine, Jo & Martin,Shay and Liam, and anyone one else that knows me.
    Hello Shay, I have the candle lit for good news from the Doctor for you. Look after yourself and Babs. I am sure you are in good hands with the Doctor you have.
    Hello Liam O’Neill. Are you well? Not seen a lot of your posts…..hope you are not gone off us. Hope you will be at the computer writing as I speak.
    Tony, Love the poetry and it is as special now as with the first piece you wrote.
    JR. Hope you are taking good care of yourself. Keep the songs coming.
    Olive with the ever growing family you have…..no wonder you are as young as the best of them. Put a photo up of baby SAM. I would love to see him.
    Jo, I am exhausted from working my hands to the bone. But I am fine and hope you are also. You will be worn down by all that travelling. I’m tired for you. Take care now.
    Martin, that news of Reids closing was like being hit over the head with a sledge hammer. My Dad would have been really horrified. He didn’t drink…..but like everyone in Cabra, Reids was the only shop he would buy booze from, for all the celebrations and commiserations in our family.
    Lorraine if you are looking in????? will you contact us to let us know how you are. I will email as soon as I can.
    That’s it folk for a couple of weeks. Get ready for Christmas in plenty of time, then you can get on with the cooking, cleaning and shopping at your leisure.
    Bye Bye.
    Take good care.
    Talk soon.
    Love Mary H.T.

  739. olive carron 15 Nov 2013 at 9:45 pm

    hi MARTIN MARY and all on site.
    Glad we all had great night .and it was lovely to meet Patty again and people i hadnt seen for some time also put faces to names at last ,
    JO am glad you getting to see family as often as you do and at least there is Emails Skipe and the humble phone ,as when we went away even just to U K. we had to ring from phone box to a box on Fassaugh ave ,and my kids found it hard to believe that you could phone and anyone who answered would go around to Mulroy and tell them we be ringing again in 15 mins /but it was true .yes .So we wrote every couple of weeks to keep each other up to date .We have nearly all of us been there done that eh so T G for I T
    Shay hope you get on o k and that your wife all right too and remember you have your own speical RAY type angel up there minding all of you .and for what its worth all on site will be saying a prayer for you
    Iam off down to Wexford with gang from P O might even bump into J R if he out and about so hoping you are well Jimmy .
    my brother Philip has a new grandson last week so the Jackson clan keeps going on and on he will be SAM Jackson and he just missed been born on our dad SAM JACKSON s 50th years dead strange eh
    well i be on again next week .hope everyone else is well
    cheers Olive
    (Hello Olive, don ‘t forget to bring your Factor 15 with you…MC)

  740. shay jordanon 14 Nov 2013 at 7:31 pm

    Hi All
    Well its great to see all the Photos at the Reunion now I can put a face to the names .
    I see that we are losing a bit of our History with *Reid’s Shop closing down
    Yet again another victim of the ever grown Supermarkets.
    I remember coming home from School and hate to say grapping an apple from the stall.
    We were chased by *Archie Reid* (who knew where we lived) he told the Da so you can guess the result.
    I remember the *Downey’s opening their shop the difference was they had a *Drinks Licences. But a lot of Folk stayed loyal to the Reid’s .
    Well as most of you know from my letters this year has been not been a good one for us. I’m afraid the sad news continues as Im awaiting an Operation got to see a Consultant next week (this has been a terrible year ).
    Please God just hope things work out and we have a nice Christmas and a better 2014.
    All the best for now ………………Shay
    (Hello Shay, imagine your poor Da’ walking into Reid’s and being told ‘Your lad was at it again’. Is it any wonder…Hope things work out with the Consultant. In the past few years 5 of my 7 sisters have had some form of cancer and thankfully they’re all doing well so far. Look after yourself…MC)

  741. Joon 12 Nov 2013 at 6:12 pm

    Hello all
    Lovely to see all the photos on U tube. Joan you look smashing too. Great to see yourself and Chrissy and so many more and the O’Callaghan clan too.
    Hope to get over in the Spring

    Sorry to see Reids shop closing but as always they do things in style. Noticed lots of familiar faces too. Wish them well for us. Gosh we loved or I loved when the messenger boy came to our house from the Reids with the Hamper.I still remember Mr Reid in his brown shop coat. He was good to me no matter when we rambled in there.

    Hello to one and all and everyone everywhere.
    Hello to all the Liams and all the girls and all the lads in NJ hope the cruise and the travels went well.

    Glad all the Spanish ladies are back on solid ground too.

    Mary H T you should be well rested now after all your galavanting
    hope all are well in your neck of the woods.

    Hows the boys in Wexford J R and Michael Gorman hello and anyone else we know down there from Cabra West.

    Hello to all in Canada you had your thanksgiving its our turn soon

    One more Road trip and then we are done The weather is holding up so we are off to Las Vegas again
    Bye and all the best to one and all and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the USA

    hello to shay and Eugene and everyone in the UK too.

    Tony G
    Don’t forget its turkey time at our end feathers will fly if I don’t see a new poem when I get back Remember many a turkey Hanging from the ceilings back in the Day.
    Sawdust on the floors in the butchers and the feckin turkeys all drippin blood down on to the our heads as we walk into the shops. The worst memory of all is knowing a black cat was sitting on the cheese and the rashers in MR KEARNEYS window over night and the mammies all buying their rashers and sausages and cheese from the same batch Enough said. I wonder if it was even their cat mmmm we had a black cat too and so had many a neighbor ha ha makes me wonder where the cat went at night haha
    Cheerio all.
    (Jo the crack was ninety on the night…MC)

  742. Pattyon 06 Nov 2013 at 4:24 pm

    Hello Martin and all on the site Just home from a lovely week in Benidorm and as usual im catching up on the site.We had a wonderful night on the 25th it was great meeting everyone.The photos taken of the whole weekend are brilliant.A great success and thank you.Take good care Martin.Best Wishes to all Patty.
    (Welcome home Patty…MC)

  743. Joon 05 Nov 2013 at 6:32 am

    Great to see everyone

  744. Martin Coffeyon 04 Nov 2013 at 11:33 pm

    Hi Folks,

    I made this slide show of the Cabra Reunion 2013 and can’t remember how to put it up on the site. So until such time as it takes for me to remember please try this link:


    Thanking you all and hope this works…MC

  745. Joon 04 Nov 2013 at 12:36 am

    Oh more photos please if anyone has more I would love to see them

  746. Mary Tarnowskion 04 Nov 2013 at 12:13 am

    Hello Everyone.
    Martin, I hope you are feeling better by now and you had some birthday celebrations with your family over the weekend.
    Thank you so much for the best weekend ever. Your organizational skills get top marks. I loved everything you put together for us. That will never happen again, will it?
    Friday 25th was just a real hum-dinger of a night. I can’t remember the last time I danced all night…….well I think it was in Peters Hall when I was sweet 17???????. Willie and the boys really made it ROCK & ROLL. A big thank you to Willie for all that playing and travelling. You must have been worn out by the time you got home. It was a joy to meet you at long last. What does a P….r mean? I hope it was something nice.
    Lorraine, we had a ball together….you, Beatrice, Kathleen, Liam O’Neill,& my brother Willie & his wife Deirdre. We all made a lot of noise. Great fun though. It was great to meet you Olive, I know I said it before, but I will say it again……I was delighted to make your aquaintense at last. You have a sharp mind and a beautiful way with you.
    Patty and Maureen I loved meeting you both and we all had a good Jig together…didn’t we? I have to apologize for not meeting or introducing myself to more of you. What am I like? Sorry!
    Liam O’Neill I am telling on you……you had the time of your life with us women and all that you didn’t drink stuff…..I believed you! Just like my Dad, I thought you were, T. TOTAL. It was great catching up with you again after all these years.
    There is so much I want to say about the weekend that I would have to write a book. Now Martin there’s your next job. We can all add to it for you. It would be a scream…..wouldn’t it.
    On the 24th I met my friend Lorraine for the first time in seventeen years, at “The Gresham Hotel” We were like two aul wans chatting away over dinner of Fish, Chips & Mushy Peas. Fancy having that at The Gresham????? It was a great night. Thanks Lorraine we must do it again soon. You are the same person who left Dublin all those many moons ago. And then we had another night out with our sisters before you left for Germany. That was fab as well. Now I am beginning to sound boring…..so I will say no more.
    All you people living at home ……if you want a nice place to go to for a meal,, where you can get Vouchers on line, go to” CLUB 52″ in Abbey St. The food and the service was excellent. No. I am not getting paid to advertize!
    Jo you were great to phone Phyllis & me while I was there Thanks so much.
    The people who were missing from the night was Tony G. & J.R. I was so looking forward to meeting you Tony…….but, I will get to see you sometime in the future. J.R. I truly hope you are well and not letting the cold weather into them old bones.
    Stay warm and safe and then we all might get together soon. In Ireland of course!
    Martin & Mary you are a fab couple and it was a pleasure meeting you as a couple. Stay safe and sound. We want more gatherings in the near future please. All my family are loving their books. Hope they are selling up to being a best seller.

    That’s it folk. I am sure you have had enough by now.
    I usually leave someone out……if it was you just tell me off.
    Good night & God Bless
    All my Love
    Mary H. T.
    PS. Willie we are all on our way to the ship in Miami…..are you ready for us???? Is America ready for us I ask?????

  747. Joon 03 Nov 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Good morning all

    We have snow today and I am glad to say My husband and I had a lovely day up in the mountains yesterday. All the last signs of fall were gone the joy of seeing some ever greens and winter scenes was still a sight to behold. The last fall leaves were all around our feet some crunchy some wet but the smell of the lovely pines filled the air. Seeing people horse riding along some trails and some Dads and boys and families fishing too was terrific. We got to see a host of enjoyable activities on our way as we stopped of at different rest spots. We had our own little picnic basket by a lake too. Snow on the mountain peaks just spectacular. Blue sky and peace and tranquility galore. There is a lot to be said for being closer to the sky and that kind of peace and beauty. T’is a tonic.
    Meantime snow is now here at our own place today. Its a pretty sight and all tho some people dread the side effects of snow and the cold I still love it. Ill see how this winter goes. It will add a whole new meaning to doing the shuffle and rock and roll. I will of course manage the shuffle and will of course manage to rock my chair and roll outa bed I am quite sure everything else will fall into place. I just go with the flo.
    Now that too may become a Winter tale.
    Lovely to chat to you too Mary get your rest and hello to one and all.
    Get Well Martin hope you are feeling better soon.
    Hello to all who look in to the site too. and all the regulars.
    Let it snow let it snow let it snow
    Regards to all

  748. Carmel Brownon 01 Nov 2013 at 7:28 pm

    Hi Martin
    Sorry to hear you are sick, hopefully by now you are feeling a lot better. Just want to thank you and your wife for the great time I had at the Adison Lodge and the convent, it was great to see some of the people I knew but I missed the ones that could not make it. Thanks again for all the work you do on this site, I enjoy checking in and it brings me a little closer to home.
    Carmel Hanna Brown.

  749. Joon 01 Nov 2013 at 4:22 pm

    Hello Mary and Phyllis
    great to chat to you oh I forgot to say hello to Kathleen. you all have a great time.

    Hello Martin get well email on the way to you.

    Hello to all the Spanish ladies too and to all who had a good aul time up at their desks in the Convent at at Mass too. Hello to all the lads too all.

    Tony G the winter tale is in Progress. Keep up the great writing keep the mind and the pencil sharp. Hello to your brother too and to all in Wexford. Hope you and yours are all safe after those dreadful storms. How close did it come to your neck of the woods.
    As always we all love the poems they sure do speak volumes.

    Hows things up there on Canada Rita great to hear your fam history is coming along so well too.

    Hello to all in Ireland NZ OZ UK USA and everywhere. not forgetting anyone.

    Safe travels to Willie and the boys and to Loraine and all who are on the Rd and still traveling.

    Cheerio all

  750. Mart Tarnowskion 01 Nov 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Hi Martin.
    I hope you are feeling better today. I was so sorry to hear you were ill.
    My birthday was a great success. I don’t want to make you jealous…..but it was wonderful to spend the night in Dublin with the family.
    I just might come over next year again.
    My friend and your friend has just phoned from the U.S.A. Jo. It was a big surprise for me and my sister Phyllis.
    Thanks Jo. It was fab talking to you. I will be in touch soon.
    I am leaving to return home to U.K. tonight.
    Lots of love
    From Mary H.T.

  751. Joon 31 Oct 2013 at 8:06 pm

    Hello to the 2 Halloween birthday babies
    Hope you both have a good time.

    Hello all.
    This auld witch is hitting the hay today. Some auld ghost or Goblin brought a bug.
    Cheerio all
    Have a good Halloween all.


  752. willie lynchon 31 Oct 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Yes all the night was magic, way toooo short; I wish I had more time. That trip from Galway and back to Westport mayo was hard on me the next morning / day. I had some one drive me all that way, he’s a cab driver in Galway, Jezz he would not take a penny from me, for all that driving. Him and his wife take the cruise with me every year out of Miami. But still a job he’s a job he’s a driver by trade. I wouldn’t have it that way. I left em a few hundred its all I had in my wallet at the time. I knew he was messing with me, when I asked em ta stop at a ATM. Such nice friends I have, even at home. The night was out of this world, seeing Liam O’,..Mary T, what a pisser that one, also great ta see our Patty out with you all, our Patty is just like Mary T …Patty Halpen and the rest. I think you should all come on the cruise In Feb. 2014 out of Miami. The whole week is like that, honest a God boys and Girls,……its just like that only in the sun, its just fun and what a laugh. Let me know if anyone ones thinking of it. It’s also wintertime so get out of the north and go south. It’s on my travel page on my web site. I just got home yesterday my rear end in dragging, oh man is it ever. But was a great ten days at home. Talk more soon when the eyes open wide again. ONCE AGAIN MARTIN AND LIAM O’ I’ve been everywhere lads, but times like that with family and friends, those time are the best, you can’t buy that stuff i tell my kids that all the time. Love you all Willie L talk more later.

  753. Mart Tarnowskion 30 Oct 2013 at 9:59 pm

    Hello MARTIN.

    I will be out in Dublin Town with my Family to celebrate my Birthday.
    I will be in touch again soon.
    Thank you so much for the Reunion weekend. It was quite amazing!
    Love to you and your lovely wife Mary.
    Enjoy your Birthday with your Family
    Love Mary H. T.
    (Hello Mary and a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you too. I’ve been laid up since Sunday night with a sore throat and chest infection. I was supposed to meet up with Willie before he headed back home but I couldn’t lift my little head off the pillow. So I’m sitting up in bed with my laptop for company. Thank you once again for all your support…MC x)

  754. Tony Gormanon 30 Oct 2013 at 8:45 pm

    It seems all had a fantastic time at the reunion, how I wished I was there but sadly I couldn’t make it.
    Martin the pictures are great I hope there’s more?
    Mary you never took your cabbage to show the nuns, I hope you told them your secret for growing big ones.
    Liam I’m glad you liked my last poem, there’s a lot of people that it will apply too at some stage of their life.
    Jo don’t put too much cinnamon on those apples and if you do don’t sneeze or you’ll go achoo.
    All the ladies looked sparkling in the photos I hope you gents know how lucky you are having such beauties.
    Well the storm called Jude hit our shores with his big club knocking down quite a number of our local trees.
    With saints like that who needs devils.
    Hey Jude don’t make it bad 28th October 2013 by Tony Gorman

    In silence it came
    As soft falling rain
    As the wind built up in the trees

    When once it was quiet
    In the dead of the night
    And all around just a hint of a breeze

    But morning had come
    And the rain had begun
    And the winds had turned into a gale

    The rain was intense
    Showing nature’s incense
    And our lives to these forces were frail

    And the storm broke on high
    With a deluge from the sky
    And the rivers spilled over their banks

    They filled homes, streets and fields
    Busting all man’s flood shields
    Just nature fulfilling its ranks

    But the saddest of cost
    Was some lives were lost
    As the seas showed the storm surges might

    They lashed off the shore
    Echoing the gales awesome roar
    Wrecking everything that was in sight

    It was an awesome display
    As the storm moved away
    Of how nature is mightier than man

    There’s not much we can do
    As we try to ensue
    And repair what it wrecked if we can

    We can fly to the stars
    Or take samples off mars
    Or Skype across the world to each other

    But with nature we fear
    When it roars loud and clear
    We can’t beat it, we just sit and we pray and we shudder

    Take care all

  755. Joon 30 Oct 2013 at 2:13 pm

    Hello all,
    Great to see the photos. I just got back from Las Vegas. Been on the Rd again. The snow will be heading our way soon so no more road trips. Will have to fly in Winter if we are able to go anywhere else. Meantime lovely to see all the photos and glad you all had a nice time. Hello to all around the globe.
    Happy Birthday to Mary and to Martin and a Happy Halloween to one and all everywhere. Nice to read your poem Tony G. Hello to all the Liam’s too. Jimmy great to read your hello too. Keep well. Hello to Willie and the boys
    Hello Shay and Babs and Eugene Olive Joan Ella Rita and everyone whos names wont fit in to a small post. How are you too Tony Dunne hope all are well down under. Thinking of everyone even if I have not mentioned your name as I said the list would be endless. Oh and Patty Lynch and my own family of course too. Lovely to see the HOGAN girls Kathleen Mary and Phyllis yiz all look smashing. Mary you must have been thrilled to see all your family and your pal Lorainne and Beatrice and the neighbors too.
    Glad Willlie and Deirdre made it too.
    Well cheerio for now everyone and all the very best to one and all.

    Led and Ink.

    Inspiration is the best
    Desperation is a test
    either way we can be inspired
    wide awake or when tired

    Health or wealth doesn’t matter
    Pens and pencils can clatter
    New or old sharp or dull
    A poet’s head is always full

    The books can be bound
    read without a sound
    Pages like leaves
    will forever please

    Winter Spring Summer
    and not forgetting Fall
    Writing is a must
    Mine can be off the wall

    No matter where I roam
    or even where I write
    Early in the morning
    Or late at night

    Inspiration or Desperation
    Life is full of busy
    things keep escalating
    I am too old for dizzy

    Some say life is to short
    stay awake for it
    I think they are right
    life takes true grit.

    Led is my pal betimes
    Ink can blot spill or glow
    This life has much to give
    Everything else is overflow

    The books can still keep coming
    From friends and poets alike
    There is something about the wild west
    Where learning was the best.

    Branches can grow every where
    Roots they go very deep deep
    When you are from Cabra West
    Your spirit never sleeps.

  756. james rogerson 29 Oct 2013 at 6:56 pm

    Well it’s that time of the year again that remind us of our childhood day, a penny mask or a bit of soot spresd on our faces we knocked on the door, help the Halloween party, if you were lucky you got a few nuts maybe a apple, in the house it was snap apple blindmans buff, ducking you head in to the basin, the 3 saucers, one with water, one with soil i forget what was on the third one, was it a ring? the threepenny piece in the caulcannon, trying to open the coconut with a hammer. to day there’s not a piece of fruit in the house, it’s squirty skulls, twisted guts, body parts jelly eyes, lolipop skulls, i was going to give it a miss this year cause of my illness, i cant walk from the lounge to the kitchen but i’m knackered and have to lie down. i’m glad to hear you all had a great night, i was telling my sisterin law in WA i would have loving to have been on thestage with Willie belting out Neil Diamond and Elvis, but the truth is i cant even whistle Dixie now. Such is life, was it George Harrison who sang All things must pass.
    Jimmy R.

  757. Liam O'Neillon 29 Oct 2013 at 3:25 pm


    to everyone and sincere thanks to Martin and Mary for a tremendous social week-end in Cabra. Friday evening was very enjoyable with great music from Willie Lynch & Co.

    Someone kept filling my glass with “ARTHUR”, being a non drinker I did my best not to let the side down. It was a once off and roll on the next one. Willie and Deirdre Hogan, Kathleen,Mary and Phyliss, with Beatrice & Lorraine Kelly contributed much to the entertainment for me.

    Jo, I met Patricia and Margaret (hope names are right), two wonderful ladies indeed.
    Also spoke to Pauline, Olive, Ambrose and lots of other Cabronians.

    I had a quiet and reflective time in St. Catherines, thanks to Mary Irvine and Martin.

    Holy Mass on Sunday the 27th was a happy occasion also. Good feedback from Fr. Neil re our members. Hope you all arrived home safe and sound.

    God Bless All,

  758. liam o kellyon 28 Oct 2013 at 5:45 am

    Congratulations on a very successful reunion. Sorry I couldn’t be there
    The photos are great. A very happy birthday coming up. Things are great down under and all the family are in good form. Looking forward to a bit of warm weather. I did write on your guest book a few weeks ago but it disappeared into unknown territory. I will keep in touch.

    Liam O Kelly

  759. Mart Tarnowskion 28 Oct 2013 at 4:27 am

    Good Morning from Blanchardstown.
    It is almost 3am and I can’t sleep. I have been a busy lady this weekend. I went dancing on Friday night 25th October 2013 at the” Addison Lodge” Dublin. The band was amazing. I wished I could have stayed there for a few more hours. Willie Lynch and his band of musicians played a mixture of Rock, pop, Irish, and lots more types of music. There were songs sang by Willie Lynch, who has a rich, soft, tone to his magical voice. He also played on Key board as well. He set the tone for the rest of the night. We danced till the early hours non stop……We drank plenty and laughed loads. I made new friends and met old one. My feet haven’t touched the ground yet.
    I loved meeting with Olive. She looked wonderfull and was a joy to behold. I wished I had given more time to chatting instead of dancing. But the music kept my feet on the floor. I also met my life long friend Lorraine and her sister Beatrice. We behaved like teenagers from the sixties with sixty year old legs.
    My sister Kathleen was with me and my brother Willie & his wife Deirdre came along, to our surprise. Willie had a hip op a week ago and wasn’t expected to be there. He is made of tough Cabra West stock.
    I am now falling asleep and will continue later.
    Night and God Bless.
    Love Mary H.T.

  760. Rita McMahonon 28 Oct 2013 at 2:48 am

    Great to hear you had a wonderful time at the re-union and seen some photo’s on here as well as I discovered a Cabra site on FB with so many more, what a great time you all had and to put faces with the names I see on here. Peter Byrne would you have a Niece over here in Canada called Maggie if so I may have met you at your brother’s Sean funeral, he was from Cabra as was his good wife Margaret RIP. And Sr. Ann what wonderful work you are doing, I myself are not from your neigbourhood just as I say from the capital “Marino” just teasing!! but thanks to this site I was able to contact the O’Malley side of my Clan and learning more all the time as my father had 3 brothers John, Jerry, Joe who lived in Cabra so lots of their children/grandchildren have been contact and am getting info for the Family Tree. You all Keep safe over that side of the Pond with the bad weather on the way and Slan for now. Rita O’Malley McMahon

  761. Martin Coffeyon 27 Oct 2013 at 11:33 pm

    A great big THANK YOU to everyone for their support over the weekend. A special mention must go to Willie Lynch and his band for supplying the music and entertainment on Friday night. One lady in particular that I must mention here is Mary Irving, the principle of St Catherine’s School who facilitated us on Saturday by opening up her classrooms to our visiting group and giving us a guided and well informed tour of the school. I know for some, this visit to the school has helped to heal some of the hurt and wounds that were suffered here all those years ago. I certainly include myself in this.

    I should also mention Rev Fr. Neill of the Precious Blood church who officiated at the Mass on Sunday morning. He gave us a great mention and encouraged the members of his congregation to support our site. We remembered all of those who were unable to be here with us on this occasion and those Cabra people who have passed on to their eternal reward.

    It is always a great pleasure for me to meet you all at times like this and especially those who have travelled so far to be here. This weekend has certainly brought home to me the great love you all have for your families, friends and neighbours with whom you shared you life with while growing up in Cabra. All of the stories that I heard, both sad and funny filled my heart with delight.

    Now, roll on the next Reunion…MC
    PS: Also have to say thank you to Liam O’Kelly for phoning the Addison Lodge on Friday night to wish us all well. Also thank you to Jo for sending a text message on the night wishing she was with us…MC

  762. olive carron 27 Oct 2013 at 10:39 pm

    evening one and all
    would like to say thank you to Martin for friday evenings great night.It was lovely to put faces to names ,Mary T was just as i imagined her full of life and i enjoyed meeting Pauline Johnston after so many years ,and as allways Patty Lynch and Patty o neil and sisters are great fun .
    Martin and Mary were as allways very welcoming .
    It was great hearing Willy sing and others in band were brilliant .so i had grand night ,sorry i could not get to anything else but as usual its getting lifts to things but theres allways next year
    Happy birthday to Mary and Martin and many more xxxxxx
    cheers Olive

  763. Joon 25 Oct 2013 at 5:00 pm

    Hello to one and all

    This auld witch is now getting on her broom and taking flight.

    my ghost will have to haunt you all tonight.

    Watch out for spiders and witches and especially that huge fly on the wall or the one in your Drink

    Love to one and all
    and a Happy Birthday next week to Mary H T and MC too.

    Ill be going south

  764. Sr Ann Crawleyon 25 Oct 2013 at 1:13 am

    Congratulations on the Cabra West Website. I just love looking at all those wonderful photos and reading about our friends and neighbours which I have always cherished.
    I am one of the Crawley family from 19 Killaka Rd. I left cabra 1961 to become a Sister of St Joseph of Peace in the UK. I became a nurse midwife and have been on various Missions over the years. Presently I am in my fifth year in Haiti helping our many poor people who have been badly hit by the dreadful earthquake, severe rain storms and hurricanes. Haiti is surely the poorest countries in the world.
    I look after children suffering from hunger and malnutrition and help rebuild houses for the homeless poor. We have a hospital here that cares for the poorest of the poor and have many volunteer surgeons and doctors come to help with the patients.
    I know you will remember a prayer for our Haitian people and maybe if someone out there still remembers me I will be only too delighted to hear from you.
    I see my brother Thomas Crawley ( Fat Crawley) gets a mention in Martin Coffey writings!
    Blessings of Peace to you all. Sr Ann Crawley

  765. peter byrneon 24 Oct 2013 at 10:49 pm

    A big hello to cabra and esp. broombridge were I grew up. If anyone out there remembers me, give us a shout.

  766. Robert McManuson 24 Oct 2013 at 2:53 pm

    Hi Cabra forum folk…hope you all have a great time at the reunion Fri. Really wish I could be there but can’t make it this time…maybe next one!

  767. Liam O'Neillon 23 Oct 2013 at 2:01 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    Just read Tony’s poem, the genuine feelings expressed in those words tugged at my heartstrings, God Bless Tony.

    Jo,I am looking forward to meeting your siblings, if they are as friendly and joyful as you they are blessed indeed.

    Mary, weather forecast for Friday is for scattered flowers and a light caressing of soft Dublin rain.

    JR, hope you have your tonsils tuned, you have a lot to live up to!
    best wishes to all who can not make the do,

    Anne, in response to your query re Kerry Rivers/Street names in Cabra, D.C.C on New Cabra Road, The Library at Cabra Cross, The Resource Centre on Dowth Avenue are options you might try. Welcome to Cabra to you and your family.

    Now. where is my good suit for Friday?
    Well done to Martin Coffey for his excellent skills in organising this website and subsequent community events for us all…hip hip!!!!!

    God Bless all..Liam.

  768. Joon 22 Oct 2013 at 9:02 pm

    Thanks Willie
    You sing a song for me too and thanks for everything. Have to meet ya in New York on one of those 17th of the month dates. where every 17th is Paddys night.Love to all the Lynch clan esp Lily the love of your lives,
    Love Jo.
    (If I can sit still for half a minute on the night I’ll take loads of photos and put them up here for all to see. I’m so looking forward to seeing and meeting everyone and especially the good ould Sing Song. Wish you were here. The site is 6 years old this year…MC)

  769. Joon 22 Oct 2013 at 5:13 pm

    Halloween on Hungry Hill
    Betcha J R MC and Tony G all got up to all sorts up there on Hungry Hill when they were kids. No doubt Rooney and Jordan families likewise. ONeills and Hogans and everywhere and everyone in between likewise. I think there was double Celebrations in the HOGANS n COFFEY household, Think they had Barny Brack for their b day cakes. I do recall MC AND MARY H T have b days on Halloween no wonder them two scare the living daylights out of everyone. Just kiddin love yiz.

    Hello to everyone no doubt we all have assorted tales and memories of Halloweens gone by in our house we still have our colcannon I love to still make it. A million chisslers will knock at our door too tho im not always home I go to my grandkids but I leave a scary treat outside for the kids if they dare touch it it. I leave huge bowl of apples bobbin up and down in the water and I dash cinnamon all over them some kids have no idea if its pooop or whatttt on them.

    Hay Tony G I bet you would get as much milage out of the Cinnamon apples that look like PPPPPOOOOOOOOP go for it let the mind run with that codswallop
    Don’t mix it with the reunion I might be in trouble or deep Poooop
    I suppose I could be a witch and say a whole lot worse and do a lot worse to the kids on Halloween WHERES ME BROOM when I need it.You see if I had a broom Id fly over for the reunion but now I just have to be a witch and bitch about not being able to go at all. Need some cheese to go with me wine /whine
    Bye all
    Righteo Ill be waiting for me witches Brew and the reunion crew to send photos and keep in touch all. Hope all my family get to go and meet up with you all. Liam O be sure to say hello to me skin and blisters and the brothers when they get there. Youll hear them before you see them and the same goes for the HOGAN STAND too.
    Anyone else for Coffey. Hope lots of fam neighbours and friends get there and all have a blast.

  770. Joon 22 Oct 2013 at 4:13 pm

    Hello all,
    Have a great time when you all get together. Hope all are well and hope all who are traveling have a great journey and a safe trip. Sorry I cant make it this time tho may get over again next year. Will of course try to see who I can the next time I get over.

    Meantime be sure to read all the Telegrams Martin.




    dress up



    Sutty faces
    black polish
    roaring red lipstick

    Loads of kids
    some in disguise
    Eyes like saucers

    Halloween howls
    Laughter at times
    shuffles and pitter patter

    gates banging
    Knockers loud
    each one distinct

    lamp post check
    peeking into bags
    Contents like Gold

    Colcannon dinner plate
    Barney Brack ring
    Fortunes to tell

    Wax paper wraps
    Thru’pence tanner or penny
    Match stick tale

    just some thoughts
    Our old trads
    mostly our house

    Longest Road ever
    little tired feet
    Loads to munch

    Happy Halloween to one and all
    the above are just a few things that came to mind on Halloween in my head

  771. Tony Gormanon 21 Oct 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Mary, Jo, Olive, Shay, Barbra, JR, Patty, Liam, Rita, Willie, Carmel, Richard and all who look in at the site.
    Sadly I cannot get to the reunion as I have a number of commitments which prevents me next weekend.
    I know everyone will have a great time like I did at the 2010 Reunion.
    It was nice to talk to you on Monday, enjoy yourself on Friday and have a lovely Holiday.
    I have missed your poems so get your pen moving on a Winters Tale.
    I hope you tell those nuns how to get the best cabbage next year as it takes more than a prayer to get them as big as the ones you grew.

    I wrote the little poem below relating it to those that read it as I’m sure there are a lot of people that it represents.


    A Walk through Life (a reflection of all) by/Tony Gorman/ 20th October 2013

    I had no fear when first I came
    In a seed of planted love
    I never knew from where I came
    I guessed from up above

    I learned to think and use my mind
    And learned to talk as well
    My words were first in baby tones
    In time my words would gel

    My balance came with strengthened legs
    Where once I use to crawl
    My baby fat it disappeared
    In time I grew up tall

    My parents taught me everything
    That they had learned before
    And as each year passed me by
    Each day I learned much more

    My mind it stored all I learned
    To use at times of need
    I used my knowledge wisely
    In my thoughts and words and deed

    I channelled love in different ways
    To all within my heart
    My soul mate took the greatest share
    I hoped we’d never part

    I still had lots to learn in life
    Of its turmoil, fears and tears
    It’s something we don’t think about
    Until its cruel head rears

    Then we feel the hurt and pain inside
    And our heart will grow so cold
    To lose the ones that means so much
    Along our roads to growing old

    And loneliness becomes to us
    A way to pass each day
    And we learn the hardest lesson
    That nothings here to stay

    And as my steps get slower
    And my memories they grow dim
    And my friends in life have passed and gone
    And each day is looking grim

    I think about my soul mate
    Who is waiting up above
    And death will be no problem
    For I’ll be off to see my love

    Take care all

  772. shay jordanon 21 Oct 2013 at 3:26 pm

    Hi Martin
    I’m sorry we cant be with you all next Friday and Saturday.
    I would have loved to meet all the Faceless Friends I know here , over the last few years.
    I also would have loved going up to The Convent School .
    In my mind I vaguely recall my class (think it was on he left as you go in)
    Also to visit Sister Mary Oliver’s Grave which I believe is in the grounds.
    I have told my brother about the reunion and maybe his or his wife will be there.
    Also her cousin Mary who is married who was lead Singer of the *Chimes Showband* fro Bannow Road.
    I’m sure you will all have a great time listening to *Willie Lynch and his Band.
    I’m sure Jimmy Rogers will give a few 50/60 Songs .
    GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL HAVE A GREAT 2 DAYS(Cant wait for a the feedback and Photos)
    Ta Ra for now .Shay

  773. Mary Tarnowskion 20 Oct 2013 at 11:13 pm

    Hello Everyone.
    The Event is nearer and so are the flights for all of us travelling to Dublin soon. All I want to know, is, will the weather be mild? I like to be warm……..so please order the heat. The kind that you don’t have to pay for please……oh yeah, and I don’t like the rain.
    I had to have an early Halloween Party for six of my grandchildren today. It was so lovely here this afternoon for it. I hide presents outside in the garden for the little darlings. It is nearly as good as Christmas. The budget is low and therefore I get lots of little bits and pieces. Oliver had a colouring set. It was a”Toy Story” box, with Woody and Buzz Lightyear on the box. His brother Charlie, who is now 18mths old, was so excited when he saw Woody, he ran off with the box and Oliver went to pieces. Kids eh? what would we do without them. I am still laughing about it.
    Hi Liam. Keep me and my sisters a seat please. My brother will not be able to come. He has had a hip operation and is not good enough yet to go out.
    Thanks Jo, I got your mail. I will answer soon, before I go to Dublin. Promise.
    JR, are you sure you can’t make it? I know you are not as fit as you used to be…….but you haven’t seen the rest of us……..come to think of it. we, haven’t seen what each other looks like either. But I don’t care what we look like…….it is all about keeping the spirit of “Cabra West” in us alive and kicking.
    I will see you all on the 25th folks. I can’t wait.
    See you all soon.
    Love Mary.H.T.

  774. Joon 19 Oct 2013 at 12:35 am

    Hello Liam O’Neill
    You hit the nail on the head. you will indeed enjoy all the wonderful people coming to the Reunion. My thoughts will be with you all. Have a great time. Oh to be the fly on the wall. Meantime I will catch up on here again soon. Sorry cant make it this time. Regards to one and all and you all have a great time. Martin be sure to post some auld photos of the events.
    Keep Jamming Willie you are the best and give all my family a hug too for me. Safe travels to one and all.
    Mary an email on the way to you too.
    Regards to everyone
    (Be the Jakers JO the excitement is rapid…MC)

  775. Annon 17 Oct 2013 at 12:27 pm

    Hi All,

    Just wondering if anyone can shed some light on something for me, I’m new to the area and have noticed that there is a range of street names in Cabra that are linked to places in Co Kerry, e.g. Dingle Rd, Ventry Rd/Pk, Glenbeigh Rd, Killarney Parade, Faussaugh Avenue (though the Kerry place is spelt Fossa). As I am originally from Kerry I was just wondering if there is some kind of Kerry-Cabra connection or if it is just coincidence.

    Appreciate your suggestions on this.

  776. Liam O'Neillon 16 Oct 2013 at 11:38 am

    Hello Willie,

    Don’t be bashful, your fame has preceded you to such an extent that tickets for this event are like gold dust. Hello Mary, sorry you mislaid your other post, happens me all the time. Looking forward to the visit to the “CONVENT”, also the “ADDISON” and of course our local Church of the Most Precious which is 60 years opened this December, celebrations are also planned.

    To all our friends who will not be at the reunion, you will be well remembered and rightly so. The cards of life have been played, scattering true friends of our childhood across the globe, wherever you are on the 25th October, remember our wonderful hard working and caring parents who loved us all.

    God Bless,

  777. willie lynchon 14 Oct 2013 at 11:15 pm

    Hello gang, well the school around the etc,……. is still the same. How good is that feeling going home. My god,… time is nothing. Well Liam O’Neill take it easy on me lad,.. I’m on my own, with a few lads who never played ta gather before. We might need Harry Littleman on the Tan-bo. Now Jo and Rita would you two come outta that, ya have bags a money, jezz Girls ya”ll be dead long enough. Go for it. Tell me What d ya need,…… give me your number. Mary T the wife said the same thing on the honeymoon: you’re a star; I was singing little things mean a lot to er. But I haven’t heard her say it since. We are 38 years now, God help that woman living with me ha. As Joe Lynch said on Sunday radio, you’re living with LYNCH. well All is coming ta gather now I was talking to a band gear place in swords ta day. I swear I was renting GOLD, its just wires / Paper and wood its made out of. But they see the yank in me so the cost goes up up and away in yourt Bu. When My two Girls Irish step danced for 15 years. They know the yanks we always paid more then England /Canada etc. But it was money well spent, as the ma would say. it was priceless time and memories. you can’t buy that stuff or get the years back. Listen I’ll let ya go, any one need any thing from the states say it now. Time is running. Love to all. Willie L

  778. Rita McMahonon 13 Oct 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Fab weather Jo for this Thanksgiving weekend up here in Canada sad to read about Hanlons Corner on the news, it’s everywhere Crime and other people get hurt. Hope you Cabra Folk all have a great re-union weekend.

  779. Mary Tarnowskion 12 Oct 2013 at 11:25 pm

    Hello Again.
    Martin I have just seen the plan for the Cabra get together weekend. A smashing plan it is too. I should have known and trusted in you that there would be no early mornings involved.
    Looking forward to meeting up with you all.
    Hello Willie, you are the star of the show. How cool is that. Hi Lorraine. I will be in touch soon.
    Love Mary H.T.
    Good night and Gad Bless

  780. Mary Tarnowskion 12 Oct 2013 at 11:15 pm

    Hello to you all.
    I have written a long message to everyone and” The Cyber Ghost” has got it. I am not liking my computer as I keep losing my connection. Yes I wanted to get angry and swear and throw a tantrum, but I hadn’t got the will or the energy to bother. However, I refuse to write another long monologue. That is it for now except to say I will see you all soon.
    All my love
    Mary H.T.
    P. S.
    Hi Martin. Thanks for the info of Saturday noon meet at the school. The timing is great.
    Hi Liam, Hi J.R. I wrote a story to you, but you will not miss it because you are not now going to get it. Sorry.
    Hi Jo. Hope you are all well in the U.S.A.
    Hi Tony. Where are you?
    Hi OLive and Rita and anyone else who’s looking in.
    I am all excited about catching up with the Cabra Crowd in Dublin soon. Safe home all you traveling people.

  781. Joon 11 Oct 2013 at 4:00 pm

    Hello all,
    Great to read all the updates. Sounds great for the reunion weekend. Wish I could go too. Meantime love to all and hope you all have a great aul time. Oh to be the fly on the wall. Great that so many of you from around the globe can make it.
    Greetings to all everywhere. So to one and all have a great time. I am sure the Willie Lynch fan club will be there just like the NEW YORK one back in the day with all my gorgeous sisters and Lorainne. and I have no doubt they will all be there again and bring all their families and extended families and neighbours too . Sure wish I could get there meself.
    Anyway greetings to you all.
    Kindest Regards to one and all.

    Hello to Joan and Paddy Mc Grath
    I just wanted to say a special hello to you and your families and let you know I am thinking of you all.
    I will be in touch Joan.
    Love Jo.

    Hello Mary I hear there will be a HOGAN stand at the reunion too well done have fun. sorry I cant make it.
    Love Jo.

    JR Shay Eugene and all the lads and not forgetting our Poet Tony G hope you are all well too and make it to the reunion too. Shay a special hello to Babs too and your family you are not forgotten.

    To all the girls on here too Ella Olive Rita and so many more and all the Marys and all my sisters and the family and to all who are still searching for family and friends and family relations all the very best to you all. Rita I noticed you mentioned an Early fam I do recall the name too but don’t think I remember much else.
    Greetings to you up there in Canada. Bet you have cold weather by now too.

    Snow coming my way soon again its all ready on the mountains peaks sunny crisp dry day today so its nice still the last Roses of summer hanging on the garden. Last apples falling too. Time for Coddle stew apple pie and tarts and a bit of good auld colcannon too
    Happy Halloween to one and all and to MARTIN HAPPY BIRTHDAY and have a great Reunion with one and all guess I wont make it till spring or Easter next yr such is life
    cant make it this time. Wish I could.
    Cheerio all

  782. Liam O'Neillon 09 Oct 2013 at 2:23 pm


    Great news that Willy will be here for the re-union. Really looking forward to hear real music from one of our own! Welcome Home Willy Lynch!

    (Yes Liam it should prove to be a great night with the music supplied by Willie and the lads. Also just had it confirmed that St Catherine’s will open their doors on Saturday 26th at around 12 noon for anyone interested in visiting the classrooms and grounds…MC)

  783. willie lynchon 07 Oct 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Hello All I’m so sorry for now posting, but I’m up to my eyes with work family etc. anther few year I’ll be retired PG like most of ya. Anyway just letting ya know I WILL BE THERE ON THE 25TH, THAT’S FOR SURE. Maybe have a few friends with me ta play a few memory lane songs. Gang this is not a showcase night for me, I’ve done that all my Yankee life here and proven myself like a cabra west lad in the north /east of the states New jersey. Lets just have fun and forget about stage, lets just sing our songs if someone wants the mic its all yours, you start it and we will all help ya along, as we all did in the parlor for memory years. When we didn’t have a toy, just the old box car that also helped with picking up the turf from the depot. I just can’t wait to see the gang for real. Love ta you all. Willie L

  784. james rogerson 05 Oct 2013 at 5:18 pm

    Hello Mary.
    I know how you feel at this moment i’m in a state of Zombieness deads but with some movements, what i’d give to be wandering over the Broomer now with my mates and bathers and towel under my arm, we would go missing for hours, sure the mammies would never worry, they’ll come home when they get hungry, the games of cowboys on the rusty railway heading down to cross guns bridge.
    Getting chased by the gochie, jumping in and out of the empty carriges, i never heard the anyone say i’m bored, then our home made bows and arrows heading off across the fields like our celtic warriors before us, unlike them, i never killed a bird or fish or any wildlife, we also had large sheilds painted up like the crusaders and thick round sticks as swords, and with each other did battle, in the autumn we had our sling shots, our pea shooters, we were better armed than Rambobut time takes it’s toll and now the bones are brittle amd muscels gone to jelly climbing the stairs now is like trying to scale Everest, i’d need a stuntman to stand in for me for the reunion w/end, ah well back to memories of days gone by when we could float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.
    Jimmy R.

  785. Pattyon 05 Oct 2013 at 3:55 pm

    Hi Martin and all on the site Roll on the 25th Im really looking forward to meeting everyone.Take care and bye for now.Patty.

  786. Mary Tarnowskion 04 Oct 2013 at 9:50 pm

    Hello Everyone.
    The summer has gone and I am in deep depression. I so hate the winter months. Dark mornings, short days and cold and wet and indoors most of the time………I think I’m off my head. (No need for you all to agree with me.)
    At least we have the reunion to look forward to. So, Martin, I thought there was one gathering on the Friday night. We are having the big night on Saturday night Yeah? So two nights at ” The Addison Lodge” I must have missed something along the way!!! I am sure we will all be able to manage two nights at the Bar and meeting up with all the folk from Cabra West. Have you any idea what time we will be meeting up on Saturday morning & Sunday Morning? I am not good at early mornings …..but I will be there whatever time you have arranged for us all. I can’t wait.
    Liam, I loved your post on your trip to Lourdes. Bartres brought memories back when my Mam & Dad took all the girls together to Lourdes. My Dad paid for us all. It was a lovely time and a memory that will last a lifetime. Funny though, I never went back. I know My sisters have gone back time and time again. I must dig the photos out and send them to Martin to put up on the site. We could have a Lourdes Page….what do you think Martin? I heard about “The Luas” coming to Cabra West. About time too! It will be so wonderful for the people of Cabra West. Will they get rid of the buses or just have a lesser bus service?
    Martin. Thanks for letting us know you were in attendance at Ambrose’ wife Anne’s funeral. I am sure the family would have really appreciated that.
    Hi Jo, JR, Tony, Olive, Rob & Lorraine and the rest of Cabra folk wherever you are.
    Looking forward to meeting up soon. Oh Patty, I always forget you. Sorry.
    Must be off now.
    Good Night & God Bless.
    Love Mary H. T.
    (Hello Mary, I’m waiting to have the school and church dates confirmed. Some people cant make it on Friday night but can on Saturday night and vise versa so I decided to spread it over the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you there…MC)

  787. james rogerson 03 Oct 2013 at 12:34 pm

    The chronicles of narnia, the lion the witch and the wardrobe, you probley all seen the movie, better still we probley all lived the story, moving from the city to the outskirts of middle earth was adventure enought, but growing up in the war years we didn;t venture to far from home, on our road there were no railings dividing the gardens so galloping up and down was about it. Then the word spread a new swimming pool was opened, people piled out of their houses and set out on the road to seek the holy grail, as we we crossed over the hump bridge it was like we were entering our wardrobe and on the other side we entered middle earth, this strange new land of mystery, there was no taking a shortcut, wasn’t there a sign saying beware of the bull, so like pilgrims on the road to Damascus we followed the crowd, unlke poor Moses we found the promised land, beautiful green hills a river flowing throught them, then our own Oasis of greY concrate and a large square filled with water. we sat on the wall with the mammy and watched girls and boys and grown ups frolicking in this magic basin, a whole new world full of adventures awaited us as we were the hobbits in Tolkien middle earth. Then sad to say we grew up, some stayed otheres sailed to the four cornors of the globe, never forgetting our magical place, middle earth on the other side of the hump bridge. I wish i had the energy to travel up there and meet some of the old gang and the old triangle would go jingle jangle along the banks of the Royal Canal.
    Have a good trip Carmel.
    Jimmy R.
    (Keep them comin’ JR…MC)

  788. Liam O'Neillon 02 Oct 2013 at 8:57 pm

    Hello Everyone,

    Hope you all are well! Martin has prepared a nice programme of events for the 25th. I am really looking forward to it.

    Like you all the past few weeks have been vey busy. Went to Lourdes for the 33rd consecutive year. I am very lucky and fortunate to be associated with the late “Paddy Conway Lourdes Voluntary Group”. Paddy was a very close friend who contributed so much to our Community.

    It was a bright sunny morning Sept 9th in Bartres, just outside of Lourdes where Fr. John Greene celebrated Holy Mass for our many friends and schoolmates who passed through the portals of St. Finbar’s Boys School seventy years ago. We had tea and hot cross buns afterwards, another reminder of our Pal’s whose laughter and tears remain embedded in our memory.

    God Bless All,


    PS. Did you know that in October 2017 ( just around the corner ) you will be able to step on to the LUAS at Hamilton Station (Broombridge) and be able to feed the ducks in St. Stephen’s Green 10 minutes later! Wow! bring it on…

  789. Joon 01 Oct 2013 at 6:18 pm

    Hello all
    Hope the reunion goes well. Mary I am sorry to hear about Ambrose wife passing away. Our Deepest Sympathy to him and all his family. Martin will you let him know we all said hello from USA. Thank you. He will be in our thoughts.
    Special hello to Joan too a letter on the way to Patty for you too Joan. Love you too.
    Hello to everyone
    Thinking of you all.

  790. Carmel Brownon 30 Sep 2013 at 5:07 pm

    Hi Martin
    What are the dates for the reunion.
    (The plans for ‘Cabra Reunion 2013’ are as follows: Meet in the Addison Lodge from 7pm for a big hello on Friday 25th October. On Saturday morning meet at St Catherine’s School on Ratoath Road for a look around our old classrooms and to visit the Nun’s Cemetery. Saturday night meet up at the Addison Lodge from 7pm for more craic and fun. Sunday morning attend a Mass in the Precious Blood to celebrate the lives of all of our families, neighbours and friends who shared our lives as we grew up in Cabra. Now that’s the plan at the moment and hopefully everything will go off without a hitch…MC)

  791. Joon 29 Sep 2013 at 10:19 pm

    Hello all,
    Just a little hello for now hope all are well. Been out of town and back again. Wishing everyone all the very best. Not forgetting you. Can’t believe how time just keeps whizzing by.
    Cheerio for now lovely to read all the updates.
    Take care all.

  792. Mary Tarnowskion 29 Sep 2013 at 5:51 pm

    Hello Everyone.
    Yes, I’m back. Great reading some of the updates. Olive lovely to see you posting and giving us all a laugh with the “SKY MAN”
    Martin, sorry to hear about the HACKER who got into your computer. Nightmare people! One of these days they will do some serious harm…… At least your taking care of the “prized” computer and you will be back in full flow soon. That Liam O’Neill is very handy to know. I wish I lived near him.
    Hi Liam. I am trying to catch up with all the posts…but need a month to gather my wits. I have my tickets booked for flight home on 23rd October. I look outside at the beautiful sunshine and I can’t remember what October’s weather might be like. Freezing, I suppose! Hope all is well on Carnlough Rd.
    Lorraine, I will be in contact soon.
    Jo, I owe you mail also…..I will catch up eventually with all of you.
    I was on The “I grew up in Cabra” site via FB. I saw some sad news about Ambrose O’Shea’s wife Ann, passed away. So sad….
    Prayers and thoughts to you and your Family at this sad time. R.I.P. Ann.
    I will catch up with you all again soon.
    Love Mary H.T.
    (Hello Mary, I’ll be in attendance at the funeral of Anne O’Shea on Wednesday morning and will remember you all to Ambrose and family…MC)

  793. Martin Coffeyon 28 Sep 2013 at 8:44 pm

    A great big ‘Thank You’ to Liam O’Neill for sending me in the right direction to have my computer repaired and back better than ever…MC

  794. Martin Coffeyon 25 Sep 2013 at 9:35 pm

    The good news is that my computer is in a private hospital and the Specialist hopes to operate by the weekend.

  795. olive carron 25 Sep 2013 at 7:01 pm

    hi me again .
    this might make you smile,
    on monday afternoon i had a repair man in from sky t v my pictures were breaking up, so he put on new connections and then went down to check on sky dish which is up high on back wall,got all tangled up in washing but just laughed about it ,good job was only sheets not bloomers ha
    when he came back in he said most of your problems are the BIG tree in garden 3 doors away,do you think these people would be aprochable about trimming it right back or cutting it down , so i says /no i wouldnt dream of asking them its been there since they move in 32 yrs ago.
    then honest next day about 11 am a big lorry with tree surgeons drives up and 3 men with LARGE saws start cutting tree down and in 40 mins was gone just leaving short stumps we were gobsmacked and my son in law says not even a tree would go against you hahaha
    they should not take on an old cabra one eh
    but wasnt it strange .we have not seen neighbours yet to ask who made decision to fell it but my T V grand now
    cheers for now OLIVE
    (Olive, the man up above must be from Cabra as well…MC)

  796. olive carron 23 Sep 2013 at 11:37 pm

    evening everyone.
    well this weekend its not so much about being. from Cabra as being a DUB.
    as SHAY was saying allways great fun when G A A in city and we were swamped out this weekend .As we drink in a G A A club there was not even standing room in ERINS ISLE finglas last evening but as we had guitarists on and great sing song and everyone was in great form.so its good for spirits when we win ALL IRELAND ,as someone asked are you sure there is a recession on .haha
    also its so great when you hear and read that all supporters mix in grounds and dont kill each other /there was as many red/green as blue and blue tee shirts in one square on hill 16 .
    dont know if anyone went to soccer matches years ago in England but Frank went to VILLA WEST BROM and BLUESgrounds whenever MAN U were playing and wore his big red and white badge and they all mixed .never any hassle .still things have changed but as i said was a great for the DUBS .
    Shay great news from drs .hope it keeps on and on xx
    JO hope you still traveling and that hubby ok now .
    did anyone see our JIMMY R on a demonstration down in wexford well he was looking fine tg he in the wexford newspaper .
    Mary glad you are keeping busy but hope if you are getting SUN like we have here that you getting out and enjoying it isnt it lovely .
    Ihave a great granddaughter getting christened on sat so hope the sun is still shining x
    hello JOhn i wonder were you in club same time as my brotherVINCENT JACKSON from mulroy road.
    Martin hope you get p c sorted .my daughters pc she works on was hacked into was only that she noticed something odd on screen she rang bank and they were in procces of moving companys fund to somewhere in asia.it would have been end of them as its only a small firm so and sos but taking IT people days to sort out p c .
    Tony keep the poems going and every UP THE DUBS x x x x x x
    cheers OLIVE see you on 25th oct

  797. shay jordanon 22 Sep 2013 at 6:30 pm

    Forgot to tell you my Scam got into my E-Mail Contacts and everyone got a message that I was stranded in a Middle East Capitol and needed money.
    Nobody fell for it TG there was no way we would go there.

  798. shay jordanon 21 Sep 2013 at 6:03 pm

    So sorry to hear of your Computer trouble did you log on to something to trigger the hacking.
    Some years ago I had a similar problem it originated in Nigeria (most Scams do).
    My one was a official looking Virgin Media notification telling me that my system was been updated. It then said failure to comply would result in my Account been closed.
    Must admit I wasn’t Computer Literate Son -in -Law was my teacher (still is ).
    But even the most clever ones can be hacked ,just look at that Banking Scam this week.
    As I say there go for the Grace of God it could be any of us lets hope you know an expert who can retrieve your items (Without costing you too much).
    All the Best ……….Shay

  799. james rogerson 20 Sep 2013 at 11:04 pm

    Is anyone watching peaky blinders on bbc2, great show, stayed up last night to watch a movie burn after reading, great cast, 24 hours later i’m still laughting, well the winter drifted in for a couple of days but the w/end is forcast for hot weather. I went over to the strand last week to meet up with and old neighbour Noeleen Stanley,,, she looked drop dead gorgous, it was a karoke night, i had to sit there listening to the singers and wishing i could still belt out a number. Big w/end of football, sat it’s the semi final Fremantle v Sydney, played in Perth.WA. sunday it’s Dublin v Mayo, two best teams, so it should be an open game end to end stuff, Croak Park has to be one of the best arenas in the world. IN 1982 i played in the hurling final , came on as a sub, i wasn’t a hurlers rear end, WA v Victoria, a magic moment, we were beaten but the party in the nightclub in Melbourne was fantastic. Hello to all, a man walked into a park with his problems, he could leave them there providing he took someone else problem, he left with his own, there are days of laughter, days of tears.
    life can be kind and very cruel but we are made to get up and get on with life, we always have our memories, no one can take those from you. enjoy.
    Jimmy R.;

  800. Robert McManuson 19 Sep 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Hi Martin,

    If you don’t already have Malwarebytes it is certainly worth downloading, I believe it may get rid of the infection you have on your PC, certainly worth a try and its free.

    There are many reported instances of this scam on the internet and this is one recommended solution…Good Luck…Don’t Pay!



  801. Martin Coffeyon 19 Sep 2013 at 2:41 pm

    I’ve just returned from a short break away to discover that my PC was hacked into. I’ve lost many hundreds of photos and now find I’m locked out of the computor unless I pay over 100 euro to have it unlocked. I’m using my laptop to write this. This is a scam by some East European gang trying to scam money out of people. They have a screen that says the computer owner has been found guilty of accessing child pornography and downloading illegal movies and music. They even have a official looking Garda picture on it.

    So please be patient with me on this if it seems that I’m not responding to people.

    Martin x

  802. John conroyon 19 Sep 2013 at 9:52 am

    Martin you bring back memories of Cabra to me. I moved to Tallaght in 1975 but my family still live on Carnlough road.
    You may remember the Drama and the Mater-Dei youth club.
    Could i meet up with you for a cup of coffee (Pun not intended). I am presently working on a project researching the Fruit and Veg market on Mary’s lane just off Capel street.
    would love to discuss how you source people etc.

  803. seandunneon 16 Sep 2013 at 4:38 am

    hi my name is sean dunne formally o