Jun 28 2015

‘A 3d wafer please…’

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The Park (15)

When I was growing up in Cabra West I never saw one of these. As a matter of fact I never saw an ice cream cornet anywhere. It was always up to Mister Cafolla’s window on Fassaugh Avenue for a three penny wafer or if it was your birthday you might get a sixpenny wafer. I remember one time there was this Italian man used to come around the road cycling this three wheeler thing with a big box on the front that he sold ice cream wafers out of. On Saturday nights he’d be going around the houses cutting hairs as a barber. On the odd Sunday after dinner the Da’ might have a few bob going spare and he’d send some of us down to the Cabra Road for a block of ice cream. There was probably only about eleven of us in the house at the time and the Ma’ and Da’ of course so you wouldn’t get as big a wafer from the Da’ as you’d get from Mister Cafolla’s window…

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