Apr 25 2015

A Bray Day…

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I remember back in the 1960’s of a Sunday morning and the Da’ getting up at first light. You see he knew someone who rented out one of these little kiosks in Bray every summer and he used to ask the Da’ to do a few hours for him. So there would be the Da’ who cycled to work five and a half days a week and he now cycling out to Bray to do a few hours so that he’d get a few extra bob for the Ma’. Now his half day of a Saturday was usually spent either fast asleep in front of the Telly with the sports on or off doing a few DIY jobs for people he knew out in Stillorgan and he cycled there too. There was no Bicycle Lanes, Bicycle Helmets, fancy saddles or fancy gears and not even a lightweight bike to cycle. His one was a great big horse of a bike that got him to work in the hail, rain and snow without a complaint…

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