Oct 22 2011

A Cabra Cowboy

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This is my brother Noel Coffey. He turned 65 last Christmas Day. His family treated him to a ‘Cowboy Trail’ break in the New Forest. On arrival at the Ranch House Noel was given a mug of freshly brewed Coffee in an old enamel mug. After putting on his cowboy gear and gun he headed off to the corral to saddle up his horse. Now Noel being so used to galloping home on his make-believe horse from the Cabra Grand every Saturday afternoon, this saddling up business was no bother to him. Well I suppose it was a little bit like Norman Wisdom trying to mount a horse but Noel got there eventually. Off they headed through the New Forest, all the time aware of Comanche’s eyes watching them from behind a rock or  ready to drop on them from out of a tree somewhere. Cautiously and fully alert Noel kept one hand on his six shooter just in case. Up ahead a couple of coyotes ran across their trail or was it just two little Jack Russells? After riding all afternoon through enemy territory the Cowboys decided it was time for a lunch of Beans, Steak and Coffee. As they sat around the fire some of them dozed off for a little ‘Shut-Eye’ while Noel patrolled the area on guard duty. This was seen as how he was used to it being from Cabra and all that. After a while they were all back on the trail again and were soon riding into the sunset. In the distance could be seen smoke signals telling them that their dinner was ready. So soon enough they were all saddle sore and ready for the Bunk House.

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