Sep 30 2014

A mug for a mug…

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Now I have to tell you that a mug like this one was never thrown out in our house. When the handle would break like this one the Ma’ would call it a ‘Soup Mug’, you know, for the stew. The Ma’ and Da’ brought three of these mugs with them when they moved to Cabra West from their tenement flat (Apartment) in Gardiner Street. We had them for years and the Da’ wouldn’t drink his tea out of anything else only ‘His Mug’. ‘You can’t drink out of that, it’s Da’s mug…’ Now one time an old tramp kind of a man used to always call to our house. The Ma’ said that he was an old soldier and he lived in the ‘Gorman’. Well when he came to our house the Ma’ would tell him to come in and he’d sit on the end of the stairs and the Ma’ would send him out a mug of tea and a slice of bread and margarine.

And do you know what it is, we never knew his name. Well now I’m just going to have to take out the oul Time Machine and go back and ask him. That means I’ll have to ask the brother if he knew the man’s name. Do you know the brother is great altogether at remembering things, he even remembers what he spent his Confirmation money on…

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