Jul 18 2015

A New Cabra Bridge…

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A New Bridge

‘Most of you will be familiar with the old bridge that you cross on your way from Quarry Road as you walk along Connaught Street down to Phibsborough. It became known as the Liam Whelan

Bridge in honour of  Cabra’s great footballer. Well in recent times it’s being going through some major surgery. You see, there’s a new type of train that’s going to be travelling through Cabra and

the old bridge  is not modern enough for the train to go under. So the old bridge is being demolished to make way for the new one. Now does that sound familiar or what? Sure don’t I hear that now on a

regular basis and people telling me I’m too old fashioned in my ideas. ‘You need to catch up with the 21 century…‘Well I don’t see what was wrong with using the old trains in the first place, at least we were able to jump on them when we came out of the Cabra Grand after seeing the Lone Ranger doing it. Sure the only change I’m interested in nowadays is the change in me oul pocket…’

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