Dec 15 2015

‘A Rainy Day in Cabra West…’

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Passing through Cabra West today with the rain pelting down in lumps had me thinking about years ago when as a young boy the sun was always shining, I never did remember it raining, until today that is. Then I was able to see myself and my pals running down from Finbar’s School and charging through all the puddles of water, slapping our feet down extra hard to make the biggest splashes ever. We had no coats or hats or even an umbrella to keep the rain off and we didn’t care anyway. It was all a part of the fun of growing up in Cabra West. And all the girls screaming at us for splashing them and their nice clean dresses and white ankle socks. Off we’d run delighted at the reaction we got. Best of all was standing near the BUs Stop and getting splashed by the great big wheels on the bus. Sure we’d be drenched to the skin and laughing our heads off. ‘Here young Coffey, wait ’til I see your mother…’ There always had to be one Oul One sticking her nose in and we’d be dying to splash her as well but we knew better. Sometimes we’d go up to the Bogey Fields because there was always a great big pool of water down in the hollow at the Handball Alley. The side of the hill was always swampy and slippy and you’d be sure of falling and slipping in all the muck, it was great gas so it was. I don’t suppose any of my old pals would fancy meeting up there tomorrow and doing the same just for old times sake…’

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