Feb 28 2016

‘A real cup of tea…’

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I always remember years ago when the Ma’ would make a pot of tea for her and the Granny. You see, the granny lived not too far from us and every Friday she came to visit the Ma’. Now one of my jobs back then was to stand at our gate and keep an eye out for the Granny coming down our road. As soon as I got sight of her I’d gallop into the house roaring to the Ma’ that granny was on her way. That’s when the Ma’ would begin the process of making a pot of tea. Now that teapot only came out if we had a visitor or my granny to the house. We normally used a great big kettle for ourselves at teatime. The Ma’ would put a drop of hot water into the teapot and swivel it around and then throw the water out into the sink. Then she would put one spoon of tea into the pot for granny, one spoonful for herself and one for the pot. And the next thing you’d know is that granny would walk in the front door. Another job I had was to make sure that there was two good cups put on the kitchen table for the tea and also two saucers. I wasn’t allowed to put out any cups that were chipped or cracked, granny had to get one of the good cups. And I wasn’t allowed to put the Da’s big mug on the table either, that was creamy coloured with a big blue band around it. The inside of it was all stained brown from the tea and the Da’ would warn you not to clean it out too much because the brown stains gave it a better taste or so he said…

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