Jun 13 2015

‘All along the banks…’

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I have waited a long time to get a photograph like this one, an old barge passing under Broombridge. Who would have ever thought of it in this day and age? But there it was alright, just cruising along under its own steam. And as it came under the bridge I wondered did your man onboard know the history of that bridge and the names of all the young kids who walked over it to the Cabra Baths. Did he know the name of any of the young boys who jumped off that bridge during a long hot summer all those years ago. Or did he know any of the people who threw old bicycle frames into the water, or old prams or even the name of any of the kids that slipped in and never came out of the water. I wanted him to stop the barge and say ‘Here young Coffey, can you tell me anything about that old bridge over there’? And I’d be so excited that I wouldn’t know where to start. ‘Here Mister, can I have a go on your boat’? that’s all I think would come out of my mouth, well for starters anyway. Then I’d start off and say ‘Did I ever tell you the story of the time John Wayne rode across that bridge after Geronimo…’? Can you imagine me all the same standing there on the canal bank holding my camera and all those thoughts running wild through me poor head. Sure that’s me all the same, as the Ma’ used to say ‘He’s off in a world of his own again…’


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