May 01 2015

‘All along the banks …’

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Broomer Water 1

Isn’t it gas all the same the things that come out of some people. Take my son for instance…you see he calls to see me now and then and this time he was all excited about this new camera he had bought. Says he ‘You’ll love it Da’ and I’m going to give you a lend of it. You can wear it when you’re jumping out of a plane or deep sea diving…’ ‘Hold on a minute…’ I said to him ‘I won’t be doing either’. You see the camera he bought can be used underwater or on a gadget that fits on your head. Anyway he left it with me and there I was puzzling as to what I could use this thing for. Then I got a bright idea and decided to try it out under the water up at the canal. I was so excited that I had to go straightaway and try it out. So here’s a few photo from of what I saw underneath the water of the Royal Canal. And I’m very sad to say that I never saw one single fish in the place. Oh and neither did I see any old bicycle frames, prams, shopping trollys, dead dogs or anything like that. You see it’s all been cleaned out recently. Now I’ve put up a video on the front page called ‘Royal Canal Underwater 2015’, you’ll find the connection on the front page of this site. It shows the canal underwater up at Leixlip, have a look …

Canal Flora (3)


Canal Flora (4)


Canal Flora (1)

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