Jul 08 2017

‘Amazing Story…’

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Kevin & Ambrose (2)

‘Now, here’s a story for you, myself and Kevin Kennerney​ dropped by Diamondville 102 to see Neil Diamond OShea himself. Kevin was telling Ambrose about this fella from Australia, a Neil Diamond Tribute Artist, who phoned Kevin’s music shop in Canada and ordered a special “Neil Diamond” guitar. Ambrose ups and says, “I bet I’ll tell you his name…”. “Go ahead” says Kevin. “…Peter Byrne”, says Ambrose. “Now, how did you know that”? says Kevin. Ambrose says “Follow me” and out to the hall we went. And right there, up on the wall is this signed poster that Peter Byrne had sent to Ambrose, all the way from down-under. But the amazing thing is, in the poster Peter is holding the very guitar he bought from Kevin’s shop.  Now, is that a great story or what…’

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