Dec 18 2014

Ashtown Tin Box Factory…

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Ashtown Box Factory 1952

An aerial view of the Ashtown Tin Box factory in 1952.

‘We used to head up over Broombridge and walk up along

the canal bank of a summers day to get the metal lids that

were often scattered around the place at the Tin Box Factory.

We would sometimes skim them across the top of the canal 

water like Flying Saucers. The sun would make them glitter as

they danced their way across to the railway side. And then when

we got back to our road we’d play the ‘Moul’ with them. We’d lift 

the little shore cover that was outside our gate and pitch the lids into

the shore as we stood at the edge of the path. Such a simple idea

and yet it kept us quiet for hours on end…’



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