Jan 24 2014

Bobby Charlton in Cabra…

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On the 8th of December 2006 Bobby Charlton arrived in Cabra to witness the unveiling of a plaque on what has become known as ‘The Liam Whelan Bridge’. A great crowd of Cabrarians turned out for the occasion and to welcome Bobby into their area. The bridge is on Connacht Street and spans the railway line.

I was invited along to the unveiling and made sure to bring my camera. A young lady approached me and asked if I was the photographer. I wasn’t too sure why she asked me this as I had my camera hanging from around my neck. I told her I was a photographer alright. She then introduced me to several dignitaries standing nearby. They told her to make sure I got a visitors pass to the ‘Afters’.

When Bobby Charlton arrived a member the Gardaí called me over and made sure I was in a good position to take photos of Bobby Charlton and the unveiling ceremony. Then later on in the day while Bobby Charlton and Johnnie Giles were having a drink together I not only got some great photos of them but I also got their autographs. And then do you know what happened? This fella came over and told me he was a Press Photographer and asked me what newspaper I worked for. He said that he had arrived late for the unveiling. So I suppose it’s a case of the early photographer getting the worm…

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