Jul 23 2019

‘Boy’s Comics…’

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“It’s well I remember going out on a dark winter’s night swapping Comics with my pals. We’d knock on each others hall doors and ask them if they had any “Swaps”. Some of the Comics were a straight swap, one for one, but others were considered more upmarket and you’d have to swap maybe two or three of your Comics for a really good one in return. My older brother used to do the same with books with our neighbour, Mister Hayes. I’d sometimes be told “Here, take these books over to Mister Hayes and ask him has he any Swaps for me” and off I’d run into the night. There were some great stories in our Comics that just sucked you in to them and in next to no time there you’d be in your mind’s eye up on a horse chasing Geronimo across the hills or sweating bullets in the jungle fighting the Japanese. Myself and the brothers would all sit around the fire on a winter’s night as quiet as little mice reading our Comics…’


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