Feb 14 2015

Broombridge Now and Then…

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Broombridge Image

Isn’t it a strange thing all the same. I took the top photo the other day and as I looked through the lens of my camera I remembered taking the exact same photo some years ago. It was then that I start wondering if I could match the two of them up and how much water has flown under that bridge since then. The pale coloured plaque on the bridge in the colour photo is that commemorating Rowan Hamilton whereas it was originally on the wall to the side of where it is today. I wonder whatever made them put a bridge over the canal at that particular spot. Perhaps there was a footpath of some sorts there before they built the canal in the late 1700’s. Maybe Lord Norbury used it as a short cut from his house on Ratoath Road to his pals house in Finglas, who knows?  What’s most interesting for me in looking at these two photographs is the fact that time has almost stood still and practically nothing has changed from one photo to the other. This may give us some insight as to how the bridge looked way back then when it was first built…


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