Sep 27 2011

Brylcreem or Margarine?

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This brings back memories of my older brothers at the weekend in our house in Cabra West. There would be killings as to who got into the bathroom first of a Friday night. And then more killings to get them out. ‘You’d better not be using my Brylcreem’…’I’m not, I’m using the Margerine’. A couple of hours later they’d all look like Tony Curtis with their hair drenched in Brylcreem and smelling of the Da’s after-shave that the Ma’ bought in Pelly’s chemist for him for Christmas.  As they were going out the door the Ma’ would shout after them, ‘I hope none of youse are wearing your Da’s good socks’. And off they’d go down the road as if they were heading to a gunfight in the OK Corrall.

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