Feb 27 2018

‘Bull’s Eyes…’

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‘There was never a sweet in this whole world that tasted or lasted as long as a Bulls’ Eye. And if you got lock-jaw from sucking on it you could always take it out of your mouth and keep it in your pocket. Then when you wanted to suck on it again you would just put it back in your mouth and wait for about fifteen seconds for the fluff from your pocket to soak up the saliva in your mouth and then it would form a little ball and you could spit it out and go on sucking the Bull’s Eye. You could even give your pal a suck on it too and it still wouldn’t be gone. Mister Beechinor used to sell them in his shop on Fassaugh Avenue. For thrupence (3d) you’d get about sixteen sweets and they’d last you at least two weeks. I used to hide mine under my side of the mattress when I went to bed. The Hoppers would be crawling all over them while I was asleep, they’d be trying their best to suck blood out of them and when they’d get fed up they’d crawl up the bed and gorge themselves on my neck. The next day in school the collar of my shirt would be covered in red blood spots because we always wore our shirts in bed, we never took them off until Sunday morning, that’s when the Ma’ would give us a clean one each for going to Mass. And then we wouldn’t change that one until the next Sunday. The Bull’s Eyes had a real strong minty sort of taste to them. I liked Acid Drops too…’

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