Apr 19 2009

Cabra Reunion April 2009

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 The first ever Cabra Reunion took place in the Addison Lodge in Glasnevin, Dublin on the 17th April 2009. People travelled from  Australia, New Zealand, America, England, South Africa, various parts of Ireland and of course Dublin to be there for this great historic occasion. The evening got off to a great start as family and friends arrived at the venue. Shrieks of laughter, joy and surprise were very audible throughout the night as each new guest arrived. The athmosphere was electric. Martin Coffey welcomed everyone out and thanked them for their attendance and support. He then read out several email telegrams that had been received over the past few days from those who were unable to attend and wished to send their regards. Shouts of good cheer and applause arose as each telegram was read out, especially from the O’Neill Clan when the name of their sister Jo was mentioned. Jimmy Rogers was introduced and began to recite one of his epic poems about the Rock n’ Roll years of his youth. Then most people settled down to the more serious business of catching up with old friends, neighbours and family. The chat was almighty and the buzz was electric. Photographs were introduced at one table, a school certificate at another and stories galore circulated throughout the function room. Some people purchased the latest copy of Martin’s new book, ‘A Time to remember’. A big ‘Thank You’ to Ambrose O’Shea who managed to get the Cabra Reunion night a mention in the Evening Herald. A reporter from the Irish Times arrived on the scene and promised a great write up on the night. As the evening moved on a sing song arose to the delight of most people. It was great to see people circulating around, chatting and laughing with each other. Everyone worked together to ensure a great time was had by all. A big thank you to each and every person that attended, to those who sent emails of congratulation and encouragement and especially to the team of young ladies that helped out with the badges, books and photography.

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