May 17 2014

Cabra to Camino…

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‘Ah that’s better…’

Do you know the way it is sometimes and you get this mad idea to do something? Well I was talking to Ray Skelton and he was telling me about a great holiday he had just come back from in Spain, a Walking Holiday. ‘Sure…‘ I says to meself ‘…didn’t the poor oul Ma’ always bring us on walking holidays up along the Canal and Glasnevin Cemetery when we were kids’ But Ray had this glint in his eye that said this was something special and encouraged me to try it. ‘Now…‘ says I ‘…if you haven’t tried it don’t knock it’. So off I goes and does me research on Google. Well the next thing I now is that I’m on a plane out of Dublin and headed to the north of Spain with a bag on me back and the passport in the back pocket.

This was probably one of the best ever holidays I’ve had. And of course I talked away to every stranger I met on the way telling all about growing up in Cabra West and about the Baths and the canal and Cattle Market. Sure I was in me element.

It was like walking up along by Ashtown and out into Blanchardstown from Cardiffsbridge, the way we did years ago. And sure didn’t I meet all sorts of people from different countries and we all speaking to each other and not knowing a word anyone was saying.  After ten days of walking I finally arrived in Santiago and had a well earned rest up for a few days. Now I have to say I did enjoy it and it wasn’t as easy as I first thought it would be. Now it’s a great big thanks to Ray Skelton for his advice on what to wear and how to go about it because without him I most probably wouldn’t have thought of going on such a holiday…


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