• Looking at a photo of the ruins of the Cabra open countryside baths takes me back in years to a time when this was our summer retreat.
    Myself and my pals would have a splash about and afterwards sit on the hills overlooking the baths enjoying all the talk we went on with in those days.
    Seeing the ruins of a place that was our lifeline to fun is so sad.
    Wish I could be back there again with all my old Cabra Pals.
    Rewinding the Past
    A place where once the kids all played
    In those happier times that life portrayed
    Across the fields we walked the paths
    To meet there by the Cabra Baths
    In Summertime we splashed about
    The fun we’d have was never in doubt
    To dry off we’d lay on the grass
    My friends back then were different class
    There was Jimmy Farrell and Hugh O’Neill
    The bond we had was so unreal
    But the baths were our summers back in those years
    And gave us freedom without worries or fears
    And now looking back at those days in the past
    We never believed that those times wouldn’t last
    But time it moves on and in years we grew old
    And old photos touch hearts as our memories unfold