Aug 08 2012

Christ the King Church

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How often in my lifetime have I passed by this church and it was only the other day I actually got to go inside. I was attending a funeral of course. It’s a beautiful building and awe-inspiring. I somehow always considered it to be a small church, probably because of it not being on the grand scale of the one in Cabra West that almost appears to sit up in the clouds. I suppose in some silly childish way I always thought of it as not being my church and that maybe I didn’t belong in it. What a shame really to pass by such a beautiful place and not to know what it looked like on the inside. So now I’ve decided that in future I’m going to go into every church and public building I see and not just pass it by. Imagine if I died and went up to the Pearly Gates and Saint Peter asking me if I’d ever been inside Christ the King Church and I had to say no. Because I remember a boy in my class in Finbarrs School telling me that it’s impossible to tell a lie in Heaven. But you see I’ll be grand now because I did go in and I could tell Saint Peter all about it. I’d hate to be caught out in a lie in Heaven, wouldn’t you?

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