Dec 10 2014

Christmas Long Ago…

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Christmas Long Ago
It’s nearly Christmas time again
And sweet thoughts come back to me
Of years ago in Cabra West
And the way things used to be.
The Da’ arriving home from work
With a tree tied to his bike
And a turkey underneath one arm
Did you ever see the like?

Sure the Ma’ was always on the go
With so many kids to scrub
As she dipped us like a load of sheep
Into the metal tub
The fire was always blazing
It was such a great delight
As we tried to dry ourselves all over
I’m sure we looked a sight
All our letters to ‘Dear Santy’
Up the chimbly found their way
‘I’d like a gun and Cowboy suit
From you on Christmas Day
And we won’t forget poor Rudolph
The Ma’ will leave some Pudding out
And the Da’ has promised faithfully
To leave you a glass of Stout.

We’d be gaping out the window
With our noses to the glass
Watching all the neighbours
Heading off to midnight Mass
Get up to bed the Da’ would shout
Santy Clause will be here soon
If you don’t believe me have a look
I saw him pass the Moon.

Then up the stairs with eyes all tired
Into our beds we’d creep
All snuggled up like little pups
We’d try our best to sleep
Our dreams were filled with laughter
With prams and guns and toys
And hoping Santy wouldn’t forget
Us naughty little boys.

And then the magic hour would come
And the brother’s voice would say
‘Wake up because we’re going downstairs
I think its Christmas Day’.
We’d hold each other by the hand
And quietly we’d tread
For fear we’d wake the Ma’ or Da’
And be told ‘Go back to bed’.

And then with greatest wonderment
We’d see our Christmas Treat
The tree with coloured lights all shining
On our presents underneath
The Angel looking down on us
With a smile that seemed to say
‘Open up your presents
And have a Happy Christmas Day’.

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