Jan 07 2015

Christmas Pudding…by Jo

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The Pudding in the Post

The pudding back in the day we had a ball
The wooden spoon and spices and all
The stout the stir the table the call
The pudding stir taking turns before night falls

into the bowl carefully wrapped
Wax paper and twine and the trivet
It cooked for hours on end on stove and fire or skillet
Not a child was allowed to steal a bit of it.

The tradition still goes on to this day
Our Margaret the host of hosts
Stirred up plenty of puddings this year
and even sent me one in the post

It was devoured by the my soul mate and I
Not a single crumb went to waste
You just can’t a good Christmas pudding
and My sisters are all just great.

They all keep in touch daily
They have technology down to a fine art
I am still learning to use I this and I that and I pods
I need to go back to school and hope someone spares the rod

I hear from my brothers as well
One liners are great and I can tell
They too are great at all they do
Artists Musicians Designers are swell.

Ye cant beat the brood from Cabra West
and all the neighbors as well
around the world and coast to coast
Best of all ye cant beat Christmas puddings in the post

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