Feb 25 2009

Coming Soon…’A Time To Remember’

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This book encompasses all those things that are great about Cabra and its people.Writing this book was only made possible through the generosity of many people and families from the area who have submitted their family photographs and stories  to the author. The finished product is a testimony to the love and respect that these people have for their parents and the value that they place on the preservation of their memories of a childhood of yesteryear. The mammy’s and daddy’s were exceptional people who endured great hardships down through the years but never neglected to love their children. Those children are now grown up and have become parents, grandparents and even great grandparents themselves. In this book they share their experiences of life in Cabra through the medium of photographs and stories. These are stories and pictures of a now bygone era that helped to shape the people of Cabra West and the greater Cabra area. Each picture of itself speaks volumes. This is certainly ‘A Time to Remember’ and reflect on the  families, friends and neighbours that helped to make us what we are today. This book will ensure that the names and faces of many families from Cabra will never be forgotten. In due time it will be available to buy in many bookshops. If you would like to purchase a personalised and signed copy from the author contact me through cabrahistory@yahoo.com. The price of the book will probably cost around 15 euro. If you are ordering from outside the Irish Republic please allow for P&P.

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