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cabra-west-saturday-16th-feb-2008-img_0107-10.jpg The Evening Standard- December 4th 1953.

In a now thickly populated part of Dublin, once a wild wooded place, workmen are finishing this week one of the finest new churches to be built in the city in recent years. The new Church of the Precious Blood, West Cabra which, with its furniture will cost about £100,000 will be blessed on Sunday, on the eve of the opening of the great Marian Year. His Grace, the Archbishop of Dublin and Primate of Ireland, Most Rev. John Charles Mc Quaid, D.D. who blessed the foundation stone and foundations will perform Sunday’s ceremony. It will be followed later the same day with the opening of a Triduum for the Marian Year at which Rev J.C. Moloney S.J., Belvedere College, will preach. On that day Mass will be said for the last time in the temporary iron chapel which was formely part of the College of St. Columban, Dalgan Park, Galway, by Very Rev. V. Burke. The new high altar and communion rails have been the gift of Mr. Patrick Barrett. Other generous donors include Mr. Daniel Dowling, Mr. John Geoghegan, Mr. William Lucas, Mrs Reid and many others. The side altars have been donated by the Sacred Heart Sodalities. The woodblock flooring was supplied and fitted by Dwyer & Daly Ltd, 16 Nth Great George’s Street. The old tin church is about to be transferred to Templeogue Parish to continue its usefulness. Mr. John E. Mc Getrick was the foreman in charge of the building. The Parish Priest who has been paying £5 a day bank interest on the overdraft will now pay £7 per day due to the general rise in building materials. The first words of Mass will be celebrated on Sunday by Rev. Fr. Kilcullen, the first parishoner from Cabra West to be ordained to the Priesthood. It is hoped to provide an organ within the next year. Over the main entrance is a representation of the Chalice and Host with Angels in adoration carved out of Portland Stone. This is the work of two brothers, Albert and Oliver Power, stonemasons. The front elevation is completed with a 130 feet high bell tower.


kevin-barry-tribute-1.jpg Kevin Barry Remembered

On the morning of November 1st 1920 a young British soldier named Joseph Farrington was on duty in Mountjoy Jail when the 18 year old Irish patriot, Kevin Barry was hanged. A few weeks earlier the soldier had seen the youth being brought in after being captured while taking part in an operation against the British Forces at Monk’s Bakery in North King Street, Dublin. The young soldier was deeply moved by the proud bearing of the youthful patriot. Down through the years this memory has lived with him. So impressed was he by Kevin Barry’s nobility that he called his son after him. And now for the British Soldier a sponsored programme from Radio Eireann has rolled back the years. A Kevin Barry commemorative programme was broadcast by Walton’s the Dublin musical firm. Joseph Farrington had listened in to this programme and sent the following letter to its compere Leo Maguire. ‘As a youth of 20 I was on duty at the main gate of the North Dublin Union (then occupied by the 1st Batt. Lancashire Fusiliers) in September 1920, when this poor unfortunate youth was brought in after an encounter with British Forces. Later, call it fate, I was again on duty inside Mountjoy Jail on November 1st 1920 when the tragic end came to this youth, who in my opinion had a brilliant career in front of him. The death of Kevin Barry left an indelible stamp on my memory which can never be erased by time alone and to honour it, my son, born in 1934 was named after him. There isn’t a member of our household who is not familiar with the song of his capture and subsequent death. God rest his soul and if his mother is still alive, I am sure she was proud to hear such a tribute to her son’…Signed Joseph Farrington.


1911 Census: For those who may be interested: The 1911 census for Dublin is available to look at free of charge online. Just go to National Archives Ireland. The instruction are quite simple to follow. You can type in your family name and a list of like names will appear. Scroll through theses names and you will find your family name, address and age of householder will appear on the screen. You can open up an image of the original census return form for your family. This information and census form can then be downloaded onto you computer or you can print it off directly.


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