Mar 06 2013

Deaf Village, Ireland.

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What a very pleasant surprise to find such a beautiful setting for such a beautiful venue.

This is the Deaf Village Ireland situated in the grounds of the old St Joseph’s School for deaf boys on Rathoath Road in Cabra West. Inside the door and left is a huge glass wall behind which is a 21st century swimming pool. At the reception you will find the most welcoming smiles from the staff who love you to ask questions, as I did today. I was driving through Cabra West and remembered hearing about the Village on the six o’clock news the previous evening so I decided on behalf of the Cabra History.Com website to pay it a visit. Of course I arrived unannounced, introduced myself and started asking all kinds of questions. Now I have to tell you that the whole atmosphere of the Village is one of new, bright, welcome and enjoy your visit. Unlike times past when the surrounding walls kept us all out,  this new complex appears to reach out and welcome you in. It is certainly breathtaking   to walk around the grounds and to see what remains of the old boys’ school and to feel a whole new atmosphere of modernity and fresh thinking. Congratulation to the Village from all our readers on this site and long may it remain open and welcoming to us all.

The old and the new.

All that remains of St Josephs’. This part of the old school may be used as a museum…

A view  through the old gates looking out onto Rathoath Road.

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