Nov 10 2017

‘Dear Santy…’

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Dear Santy


Dear Santy,

I hope you and Rudolph are well. Do you remember seeing me in Finbar’s Hall last year? I was the boy with a plaster over me eye because the brother hit me with a Hurley Stick because he had told me to keep me eye on the ball but he missed it and hit me instead. I cant wait for Christmas Day. Can I please have a train set and a gun and holster for me present and an Orange in me stockin’. I have seven brothers and seven sisters and that’s why I’m sending this letter early because I want to make sure that you don’t forget me because last year I only got an Annual and an Orange. Me Ma’ said that was because you probably ran out of toys when you came to me. You write like me Da’ when you put all of our names on those little pieces of paper next to our presents. Last year we left out a carrot for Rudolph and a glass of me Da’s whiskey for you. The Da’ was given out because he said that someone had drank his whole bottle of whiskey and the brother said it must have been you. He said that he went to see you in Clery’s and there was a smell of whiskey off a your breath. We are having a small turkey this year even though it looks like a chicken but the Ma’ said it’s a baby turkey. I have to go to Mass on Christmas morning and the Da’ said I wont be getting any breakfast until after I get Holy Communion but I do be starvin’ at Mass. The Ma’ got the Chimbly Sweep in to clean our chimbly so you wont get dirty when you come down our fireplace. There are two Puddin’s hanging up in the back porch in pillow cases and the Ma’ said Rudolph’s not to go near them this year. Last year he took a few slices off a the biggest one, well that’s what the Da’ said anyhow. I’m after been trying really really hard to be a good boy this year.

Thank you Santy

Marty Coffey

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