Dec 19 2012

Dear Santy…

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It certainly doesn’t seem so long ago since I got one of these from Santy. There was also a passenger carriage with it that it pulled along the track. The key to wind it up is on the far side of the engine. There was no need for batteries or electric plugs. I could play with it anywhere I wanted, in the back yard or out the front with my pals. I also got some Cowboys and Indians on horseback and a covered wagon.

Do you remember tip-toeing down the stairs so as not to wake the Ma’ and Da’? And rubbing your eyes trying to adjust to the darkness of the night? We’d all hold onto each other as we made our way down the darkened stairs, shivering in the cold of the early morning. I can still feel the excitement and anticipation as we reached our kitchen door that was always left slightly open to allow the lights from the Christmas Tree guide us into a wonderland of pure childhood magic. The wonder and awe of walking into that room with the coloured Christmas lights throwing dancing shadows across the ceiling as they mingled with the aroma and smells of pine from the tree.

Santa knew us all by our individual names because he wrote them on little pieces of paper that he carefully placed on each of our presents. The lights from the tree allowed us to see our names. Oh the excitement was almost too much for such little children. I remember taking my train up and holding it in front of the coloured lights on the tree and when I turned the key in it’s side it suddenly came to life. The wheels began to whirr as the inside spring began to unravel itself. What pure magic!!! I still love Christmas as much now as I did when I was a little boy.

But will I tell you something, just between the two of us…what I miss most about Christmas when I was small is my Ma’ and Da’. Santy always brought him a pair of socks and a packet of ten cigarettes and the Ma’ always got a pair of silk nylons and a purse with a ten shilling note in it. And do you know they were as much kids then as we were as they laughed and joked when tearing open their presents from Santy.

I want to take this opportunity to wish you all a very merry Christmas and may Santy bring you all that you dream of and deserve…MC x



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