Jul 26 2013

Do you remember…

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No matter who I talk to about years ago in Cabra they always mention the May and Corpus Christi processions. Weren’t they great times altogether. Most times the sun would shine and if it rained the priest used to tell us it was Holy Mary crying for the poor souls in Africa. We’d be bursting to get home and dig out a penny or a bit of silver paper for the Black Babies so Holy Mary would stop crying.

And they used to tell us that God was everywhere and He’d be watching us all the time. So when me and the pals would try and rob a few sweets out of Beechinor’s we new that God was watching us, never mind Mister Beechinor or one of the girls from behind the counter.

In school they used to tell us that if we ever found money on the ground to put it into the poor box in the church. Now that was something I found very hard to do because when you found money on the ground it didn’t belong to anyone, it was yours. One of my pals used to say that you should put half of the money in the poor box and spend the other half on sweets. Now that was something that appealed to me.

The things we were told as kids all the same. Never pick anything off the ground because the Devil might have spit on it. Never pick up a comb off the ground because it might belong to the Banshee. If you heard a dog howling someone was going to die. Put blotting paper in your shoe and it’ll make you faint. Put a leaf off a tree in your shoe and it’ll stop your feet from sweating…and loads more besides.

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