Sep 13 2016

‘Every step of the way…’

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‘It’s well I remember the days when meself and the pals would ramble around to Dingle Road to try and get a glimpse of Dickie Rock. We knocked on his door once and his Ma’ said he was “Having a rest because he’s on Telly tonight…”. Be the jakers we were made up alright ’cause we’d nearly seen someone famous who was going to be on the telly. And then sometimes we’d go into my pal’s parlour where his Da’ kept their wireless so him and the Misses could sit in there every Sunday and listen to the programmes while we were all at the Pictures, well that’s what they said anyway, and we’d after been listening to “Ireland’s Top Ten”. We’d be bursting for Dickie to come on and sing “Every Step of the Way“, that was our favourite one back then. I remember one Young One grabbing a bit of the hedge from Dickie’s front garden and putting it into a Bachelor’s tin with water and then putting it up in her front bedroom window. And do you ever remember his bodyguard, Gickie McKeever and the muscles on him? And then when Dickie sang on the Eurovision, sure even the Ma’ thought he was massive. She said he reminded her of a young Bing Crosby but taller. I remember seeing him on the stage in Finbar’s Hall and the Blue Clavon were his group back then, some of them lads were from Swilly Road and one of them worked with the sister in Williams and Woods. Ah, do you know what it is , didn’t we have some great talent in Cabra all the same back then…’

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